Amnesty International: “Slavery Still Reigns in US Prisons”

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  • Gommer Sprachts

    Slavery was never abolished in the United States since the Thirteenth Amendment was only applicable to free Persons and US citizens by definition are Financial Instruments (US Constitution, Article I, Section 2, 3rd Clause -first sentence)

  • diogenes

    Wage slavery is the lifelong reality confronted by 99% of all Americans. The prison system is part of this system, part of the threat that hangs over all of us, to keep us in line. The homeless population, of similar proportions to the prison population, serves a similar purpose. So does the large “reserve army of the unemployed” that the Federal REserve has always made it part of its monetary policy to maintain. We are living in Prison America. The 0.1% are the slaveowners, the 1 are the wardens, the 5% are the guards. Until we face this reality and confront it and act like citizens instead of cowering beaten slaves, it will continue to get worse, just as it has throughout the past 100 years and especially over the past 50 years. The turning point was on November 22, 1963. As long as we continue to deny that, and pretend it is not so, America will continue down this path. How long, Lord, how long?

    • MrLiberty

      Actually the final break from the gold standard in 1973 really began the horrible recent downturn. With NO restrictions on money creation the government put no limits on their abuse of us. Indeed, the Fed truly runs this Plantation.