71% of Americans Think the Economy is “Rigged” … They’re RIGHT

A new poll by Marketplace-Edison finds that 71% of Americans – including “Americans from across the economic and political spectrum” – think the economy is rigged.

They’re right

They’re also right about how broken and totally corrupt our political system has become …

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  • diogenes

    How broken and corrupt our political system has become, including our electoral process. The Democratic primary in New York was a disgraceful rig. I know two smart together people in NYC and BOTH found, when they tried to vote, that they weren’t registered, although they certainly were. Here in California, the official vote count hasn’t even been determined and published yet but the stink is overwhelming. And serious scholars at Stanford and at Berkeley have done statistical studies which show as a virtual certainty the rigging of the election counts in many states.

    Also overwhelmingly stinky is the complete silence maintained on this subject by the mainstream media, which thereby is now utterly convicted of treason to America. You might as well trust Goebbels as the New York Times or the San Francisco Chronicle or the LA Times or any of it.

    I would like to see Washingtonsblog find someone competent to seriously address the subject of the rigging of the California election. Meanwhile, there is:


    • jadan

      Sander’s silence makes no sense to me….

      • MrLiberty

        He too believes that government can solve all problems. Additionally he knows that government only functions with the blind consent of the people. Undermine their ignorant belief in the omnipotence of government and it all starts to fall apart. Sanders does not support a voluntary society. His version is premised on all-powerful government. He does not speak up because someday he hopes to hold the reigns of power in his hands (or see them in someone else’s that he supports). It is the same reason neither major party ever goes after the clear and well-documented crimes of the previous administration. They don’t want to set a precedent because they know that once their part is in power, THEY TOO will commit horrible crimes and know they will need to get away with them. In the failed two-party oligarchy we suffer under, one hand always washes the other, and nobody ever goes against their “team.”

        • diogenes

          The problem isn’t government. The problem is government corrupted, subveted, usurped and subservient to the unelected predatory real economic government of the financial-corporate oligarchy of the 0.1%, the 160,000 families among 320 MILLION of us who own 28% of America, a controling share in all key economic and social and cultural institutions and who operate them purely in the interest of their own greed and not of the public interest and the general welfare, and use government as their bully thug to enforce their vampire rule. Your constant blind attacks on government per se, rather than on the corruption of our constitutional government, abet the rule of this predatory oligarchy and hinder and prevent Americans from confronting and addressing our real problems. Whether this springs from your ignorance or blindness or failure to think the problem through, or from your own predatory purposes, doesn’t matter. Any way you cut it, it is no help. It is harmful. Please try to get a clue.

          • jadan

            Too true. And one should note that government is the only protection the people have against rich and well-organized predators. The problem is mass political stupidity and the failure to use the tools available. The anti-government gospel is utopian and self-deluded.That government which rules least rules best, according to the scion of freedom, T Jefferson. Rural, agrarian, 18th Century Oligarchs like Jefferson were not masters of the universe and their views need to be tempered by an understanding of the world they lived in. Unfortunately, the tools themselves as provided by the Constitution, are not sufficient. The bias against direct democracy is built into the electoral apparatus by the framers who mistrusted the “mob”. The government becomes the enemy of the people when populist political interests are shut out of the political debate. The people are denied their right to self-rule. Sanders is not saying what needs saying and not doing what needs doing. His failure to call out the rigged electoral apparatus shows a lack of understanding, a failure of nerve, or complicity….I don’t know which.

          • diogenes

            The problem isn’t merely the subverted American government’s failure to protect the people from the predatory operations of the financial-corporate oligarchy. It ENABLES this predation. Without the financial and corporate legislation underwriting their fraudulent monopolistic operations, they could not operate. I detail this in my essay, published elsewhere on this site, The Distribution of Wealth in America.

            You are quite mistaken, however, jadan, when you claim that the tools that are provided by the Constitution are inadequate. No lesser experts than Supreme Court Justices William Brandeis, Hugo Block and William O. Douglas say so. Even the electoral college can’t stop a sufficient majority of voters. But progressives fail to create that majority because their methods are STUPID. This issue also is addressed, with concrete specific suggestions, in my essay. I suggest you read it and think about it.

            Today it is clear that any genuine serious adult progressive action will need to focus, as one of the first items on its agenda, on putting into place paper ballots and closely monitored vote counts because it is increasingly clear that the election process in America has been seriously corrupted dating back at least to 1998.

          • jadan

            Create an electoral apparatus to enable direct democracy, in which voters have confidence that their votes are accurately counted, and the results would be the “political revolution” Sanders has been working for.

            Every politician blames the people. Not enough of you get behind me. You’re not active. Your democracy doesn’t work because you’re lazy. There is no chanting majority out there to create single-payer or this or that so this is the fault of the people. This is bullshit blaming the victims, which business as usual in our rigged system. Money talks and any progressive agenda is defeated unless it serves establishment interests. It’s not the fault of the Constitution, you say, and yet the government we have is the net outcome of this political vision, is it not?

            If there is no democracy, the Constitution is not sufficient to create political renewal. The reason we have no democracy is because the framers did not like democracy and they wanted to prevent mob rule, which is precisely the reasoning used by the undemocratic EU today. The Constitution must be changed. It hasn’t created government by and for the people. We need Article V. Don’t say the people are stupid and they just don’t know how to use the tools they have. That makes you an establishment apologist.

          • MrLiberty

            Wow, you both point out the failings of government, the failings of a paper “protection device” like the Constitution, the specific and direct role that government legislation has played in the rise of power of the ruling 1% and corporatist power structure, but cannot make the leap to realize that without this government power (ie – government itself) the big businesses would have NO real power over society as they would have to make their own way on voluntary purchases of goods and without government protectionism. There are thousands of books by great authors (one of the best is Murray Rothbard) that should help clear up this last vestige of desperate clinging you have for government power over individuals. I certainly do not have enough space here to help you guys out. But the two of you are doing a great job of making my argument for me so keep up the great work. You will get there eventually. There is an old joke – what’s the difference between a minarchist and an anarchist? Answer – about 6 months.

          • diogenes

            Yes, corporations and finance will just make nice once that mean old government is dead. We know that’s how predators have always behaved because history demonstrates it and that’s how they always will behave. And the reason why psychopathic predators always behave nicely when left to themselves is because if they don’t the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy will gang up on them and give them a spanking. Who do you think you’re kidding? It just goes to show, ideological blinders blind all kinds. Your “libertarian” drivel is as deluded as the next man’s Marxian drool.

          • MrLiberty

            Please provide an example of where a government “made nice” once they had power? I am not so deluded to think that there will be utopia, but you two are delusional if you are unwilling to acknowledge that EVERY problem you attribute to big business oppression of the citizens was enable by their alignment and direct use of the power of government. Business in a free market, free of government money, protections, etc. can ONLY become big and controlling by delivering a good product/service in return for money that is VOLUNTARILY given in exchange. How hard is that to understand? You honestly CANNOT provide a single example of a government, once in power, relinquishing any of that power or getting smaller and less controlling – because it NEVER happens. But I most certainly can provide hundreds of examples of businesses that have gone out of business because they harmed the public, deceived the public, provided inferior products to the public, etc. and were forced out of business because the market (not government) decided they had to go. When you get the courage, the books are freely available to clear up your delusions. Seriously, why would you EVER want to allow someone else to rule you freely? How could you NOT see how that could go badly – eventually? Now that is delusional.

          • ahuxley

            You are on of the few people I’ve come across that understands the reality of our dire circumstance.
            If someone took a hammer and bashed their neighbor’s head in, MrLiberty, above, would rush to universally ban hammers, not ever recognizing the value of hammers in constructive endeavors.
            Government is a tool, nothing more. Whoever has possession/control of that tool determines the outcome. Our government here in the U.S. has been utterly commandeered by the a rapacious elite and they are robbing us of our wealth and of our freedom by abuse of their ill-gotten control of “the hammer”.
            I cant tell you how refreshing it is to read your comment.

  • Coming Interim Commander+C.

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    Today’s United States is a more realistic version of the type of society that George Orwell fictionally described in his allegorical novel 1984. Like in 1984, the American public don’t know that they’re merely the tools of some unseen aristocracy who manipulate them by fear of ‘the other’, some ‘enemy’ group — manipulate the public via the media, which the aristocracy controls.