Pictures of Major Cities Before and After US Aggression, Proxy War


US foreign policy is intended to ‘help’ people like US slavery was intended to ‘help’ Africans (which US slave-drivers said it was).

(via Jeblary Bushton, @Jeblary2016)

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  • Just Watching

    Wait until you see what Washington does to South Africa.

    • Silverado

      What…are they going to do to South Africa? Spring Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius out of prison early?? The neocons can huff & puff and have a gigantic wish list and world dominational dreams. Electing Trump this fall pops that dangerous bubble too…

  • MrLiberty

    “A Global Force for Good.” LOL

    • Silverado

      The criminal neocons actually believe that. Millennials too. Talk about Big Govt propaganda, that Navy commercial is for the historically challenged that would believe anything from the govt they seen on TV like those over-the-top Navy commercials. It almost makes me want to sign up. On second thought no it doesn’t as I get the overwhelming feeling (ya I got em too) to…arm myself with a new gun celebrating real freedom & liberty right here in America where there’s nothing more important…

      • MrLiberty

        The only true enemy of freedom that is actually working every day to take away YOUR freedoms and to destroy the American way of life is the US government along with your state and local governments. NO foreigner, terrorist, or boogeyman of any sort can destroy America or its freedoms. ONLY Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court can – and have. Our soldiers have ALWAYS been fighting the wrong “enemy.”

  • Carl_Herman

    Until the American people see and feel this, until the American people have the integrity to demand arrests to end this, presidential candidates will spin this as defending our “freedom,” with corporate media pimping for more.

    • Marten

      Amen Carl…..the very first thing to do is getting rid of AIPAC

  • jadan

    Vote Hillary if you want more of this US imperial death & destruction. I’d rather have Trump than nuclear war with Russia.

    • TruthTime

      I hope it doesn’t happen, but I have this terrible feeling in my gut that the U.S. will step into the abyss after the election. Possibly through another disasterous false flag and illegal invasion of some Nation. If that happens, that will break the back of “America.”

      Another horrible thought is if that were to happen, a draft could make a comeback as America loses. The young and old shipped off to new American Vulksturm divisions as losses mount.

      Or a better reality occurs. I know my conscience is clear. Never Hillary. Never Trump. Voting Third Party. A vote of no confidence for the crooks and fools presiding over the U.S. Establishment.

  • Silverado

    And these same people, part of the “enemy within” that did all of this death & destruction through their unfettered lust for brown skinned people’s blood throughout the middle east, are the same people clamoring in this country through their corrupt left wing mouthpieces in the press for you to give up your guns. They’re the best reason to stay armed and vigilant in this country and quit electing these psychopathic neocon criminals looking to start WWIII like Crooked Hillary that should be locked up instead of elected…

    • Marten

      locked up ???? what about the “Firing Squad “

  • This will come home to US soil in years. It is almost as if people in the US need to experience something like nuclear terrorism, in order to understand what their government is inflicting to innocent people world wide.

    • AzOCAllDay

      Vote Hillary and youll get it.

      • MrLiberty

        If the GOP manages to undermine Trump and put in a Neocon again, we might get it one way or the other.

  • Dow Jones

    USSA genocide meister; everything it touches turns to shit. I see the fast approaching future when USSA inevitably collapses and turns upon itself. This nation will disintegrate and balkanize as the factions, militias, gangs and corpofascist private armies do to each other what the thugocracy in anglozionazi Washing town has been doing since the Europeons first genocided the native American peoples and began their evil jihad on humanity. Klingon will be perfect in the “White” house when the looters finally burn that criminal enterprise to the ground.

    Onward ever faster to the long awaited collap$€!