.01%’s Bozo ‘democracy’: War Criminal lying Clinton v. Racist WrestleMania Trump! America’s choice: Staged fear-show for slaves OR arrests to end Wars of Aggression, bankster economics, corporate media lies, and implement OBVIOUS solutions worth $1,000,000 for each US family. Your vote, America?

hat tip for article idea: diogenes

This article explains and documents four points:

  • The US fails to meet the definition of election because electronic “voting” machines provide no evidence of people’s votes (there are a dozen or so other ways elections are stolen).
  • Americans receive a non-choice between two tragic-comic non-leaders.
  • Americans have the power and obligation to demand arrests of current .01% “leaders” for obvious crimes centering in war, money, and lies.
  • Americans have access to powerful solutions for peace, economic prosperity, and truth. This section documents two simple and obvious reforms worth $1,000,000 for every US family


The US 2016 presidential stage-show is not an election because 25%+ of the “votes” are from electronic “voting” machines that do not provide countable receipts. Obviously: the definition of election includes verifiable vote counting, and without that component we have to call the American system of selecting representatives something other than democracy with elections. Several videos are in this article, with Princeton and Stanford as leading universities pointing out that election fraud is the obvious motivation to produce “counting” machines that provide zero evidence of what they claim to count. Please consider this 2008 2-minute parody from The Onion as the closest documentation we have to the facts:

But that’s the fourth most important fact of this non-election stage-show, as the third most critical element is the non-choice of Americans between Clinton, a lying War Criminal, and Trump, a cartoonish racist buffoon. Since the .01% oligarchs assassinated President Kennedy, Dr. Martin King (and here), and Robert Kennedy, only the ignorant, willing puppets, and committed evil have applied for role of “president.”

Clinton: From the time she was First Lady (FLOTUS) to Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton observed US policies of poverty and war that murdered ~500 million human beings. Intentional policy for neo-colonialism directed against “former” colonies for resource/profit extraction, along with lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression make her one of the most evil actors in modern human history, guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and treason (pre-meditated attack on US military to lie them into Wars of Aggression).

I am neither over-stating or under-stating the above facts. The fact that she is a psychopathic evil human who is female rather than male is irrelevant to her crimes, as this sharp 1-minute makes clear:

To be clear on Clinton’s psychopathy (apparently normal social veneer covering viciously destructive actions), in this sharp 5-minute video from Tomato Bubble and Realist Report from 2014, Presidents Bush and Obama, Secretary of State and presidential-hopeful Ms. Clinton, presidential-hopeful has-been John McCain, and former Secretary of State and Bush family friend James Baker all psychopathically joke about these unlawful and lie-started wars:

The above crimes trump, so to speak, her obvious federal felony violations of operating a private government through her personal e-mail while Secretary of State. She lies continuously about these facts, including that she received and sent classified and confidential information.

Trump: In the following links and short videos, please note Trump’s:

Trump is similar to Roman Empire oligarchs’ desire to ascend to Emperor. Explaining the tragic-comedy staged show Americans see today, the Roman historian and government insider Sallust (contemporary to Julius Caesar) blasted the decline of virtue in government:

“To those who had easily endured toils, dangers, and doubtful and difficult circumstances, ease and wealth, the objects of desire to others, became a burden and a trouble. At first the love of money, and then that of power, began to prevail, and these became, as it were, the sources of every evil. For avarice subverted honesty, integrity, and other honorable principles, and, in their stead, inculcated pride, inhumanity, contempt of religion, and general venality. Ambition prompted many to become deceitful; to keep one thing concealed in the breast, and another ready on the tongue; to estimate friendships and enmities, not by their worth, but according to interest; and to carry rather a specious countenance than an honest heart. These vices at first advanced but slowly, and were sometimes restrained by correction; but afterwards, when their infection had spread like a pestilence, the state was entirely changed, and the government, from being the most equitable and praiseworthy, became rapacious and insupportable.” – Conspiracy of Catiline, The Argument

1-minute satirical campaign ad from JoyCamp, letting Trump speak his mind:

1-minute on a Mexican-American judge and the wall:

5-minutes on banning Muslims and Americans “should be afraid”:

4-minutes comparing Trump to Idiocracy’s President Camacho:

4-minute video of Trump’s choice of hobby time for staged violence, attention, and ego-service in the “Battle of the Billionaires” that is brilliantly perfect artistic representation of fake theatrics we can expect from President Trump and his associates:

This false choice between Clinton and Trump as the .01% oligarch’s Left and Right arms is perhaps best communicated in this 1-minute from the Simpsons:

Or perhaps American democracy has become as staged as a Bozo the Clown show for children:

2nd most important aspect of this election: Americans have the responsibility and power to demand arrests of the oligarchs for obvious crimes centering in war, money, and lies. The best term to describe the current government is a “rogue state”:

rogue state: A nation regarded as breaking international law and posing a threat to the security of other nations.  ~ Oxford Dictionaries

rogue state: … ruled by authoritarian regimes that severely restrict human rights, sponsor terrorism, and seek to proliferate weapons of mass destruction. The term is used most by the United States… A common presumption applied to rogue states is that they do not necessarily behave rationally or in their own best interests.  ~ common understanding of the term from Wikipedia 

Articles linked in this list fully explain, document, and prove factual claims:

Demanding arrests as the required and obvious public response:

The categories of crime include:

  1. Wars of Aggression (the worst crime a nation can commit).
  2. Likely treason for lying to US military, ordering unlawful attack and invasions of foreign lands, and causing thousands of US military deaths.
  3. Crimes Against Humanity for ongoing intentional policy of poverty that’s killed over 400 million human beings just since 1995 (~75% children; more deaths than from all wars in Earth’s recorded history).

US military, law enforcement, and all with Oaths to support and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, face an endgame choice:

In just 90 seconds, former US Marine Ken O’Keefe powerfully states how you may choose to voice “very obvious solutions”: arrest the criminal leaders (video starts at 20:51, then finishes this episode of Cross Talk):

1st most important aspect of this election: Americans can receive:

  • almost instant-end to unlawful Wars of Aggression once they’re recognized for what they are.
  • economic benefits of ~$1,000,000 per US household through monetary reform and public banking (details below).
  • truth from media for real democracy through informed choice.

The top three benefits each of monetary reform and public banking total ~$1,000,000 for the average American household, and would be received nearly instantly.

Monetary reform is the creation of debt-free money by government for the direct payment of public goods and services. Creating money as a positive number is an obvious move from our existing Robber Baron-era system of only creating debt owed to privately-owned banks (a negative number) as what we use for money. Our Orwellian “non-monetary supply” of adding negative numbers forever causes today’s tragic-comic increasing and unpayable total debt. You learned these mechanics of positive and negative numbers in middle school, and already have the education and life experience to conclude with Emperor’s New Clothes absolute certainty that accelerating total debt is the opposite of having money. As a National Board Certified and Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teacher, I affirm this is also exactly what is taught to all economics students.

The public benefits of reversing this creature of Robber Barons are game-changing and near-instant. We the People must demand these, as .01% oligarchs have no safe way to do so without admission of literal criminal fraud by claiming that debt is its opposite of money.

The top 3 game-changing benefits of monetary reform:

  1. We pay the national debt in proportion to removing private banks’ ability to create what we use for money as debt in order to prevent inflation. We retire national debt forever.
  2. We fully fund infrastructure that returns more economic output than investment cost for triple upgrades: the best infrastructure we can imagine, up to full-employment, and lower overall costs.
  3. We stop the ongoing Robber Barons who McKinsey’s Chief Economist documents having ~$30 TRILLION in tax havens, and the Fed finding the US top seven banks creating shell companies to hide $10 trillion. This amount is about 30 times needed to end all global poverty, which has killed more people since 1995 than all wars and violence in all human history.

Public banking creates at-cost and in-house credit to pay for public goods and services without the expense and for-profit interest of selling debt-securities. North Dakota has a public bank for at-cost credit that results in it being the only state with annual increasing surpluses rather than deficits.

Top 3 game-changing benefits of public banking:

  1. a state-owned bank could abundantly fund all state programs and eliminate all taxes with just a 5% mortgage and credit card.
  2. a state-owned bank could create in-house and at-cost credit to fund infrastructure. This cuts nominal costs in half because, as you know, selling debt securities typically doubles the cost. For example, where I live we’re still dismantling the old Bay Bridge in NoCal from the upgrade that cost $6 billion, but the debt-service costs will add another $6 billion when it’s all paid.
  3. CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) stash “rainy day” funds no longer required with a credit line from a public bank. In addition, the so-called “retirement funds” currently deliver net returns of just a few percent on good years, and negative returns on bad years (herehere). California’s ~14,000 various government entities’ CAFRs have a sampled-data total estimate of $8 trillion in surplus taxpayer assets ($650,000 non-disclosed assets per household, among California’s ~12.5 million households).

$1,000,000 of benefits per US household:

  • California’s CAFR data of ~$650,000 of assets per household is evidence of huge cash assets of similar magnitude in every state.
  • Paying the US national debt of ~$18 trillion saves ~$180,000 per household.
  • Ending state taxes in California to pay a budget of ~$170 billion saves each household ~$15,000, with similar savings in every state.
  • ~$30,000 per household savings annually: the American public would no longer pay over $400 billion every year for national debt interest payments (because almost 30% of the debt is intra-governmental transfers, this is a savings of ~$300 billion/year). If lending is run at a non-profit rate or at nominal interest returned to the American public (for infrastructure, schools, fire and police protection, etc.) rather than profiting the banks, the savings to the US public is conservatively $2 trillion (1). If the US Federal government increased the money supply by 3% a year to keep up with population increase and economic growth, we could spend an additional $500 billion yearly into public programs, or refund it as a public dividend (2). This savings would allow us to simplify or eliminate the income tax (3). The estimated savings of eliminating the income tax with all its complexity, loopholes, and evasion is $250 billion/year (4). The total benefits for monetary reform are conservatively over three trillion dollars every year to the American public. Three trillion is $3,000,000,000,000. This saves the ~100 million US households an average of $30,000 every year. Another way to calculate the savings is to figure those amounts per $50,000 annual household income (for example, if your household earns $100,000/year, you save ~$60,000 every year with these reforms). This savings represents a 60% raise for every US household’s income.
  • Related, if the ~$30 trillion hidden in tax havens by the .01% have $10-$15 trillion from Americans, and we count the Federal Reserve report that the US top seven banks have over $10 trillion stored, then the average US household could clawback ~$200,000 to ~$250,000.

Famous Americans already on record for these reforms:

Please understand that I represent likely hundreds of thousands of professionals making factual claims with objective evidence anyone with a high school-level of education can verify.

The Emperor’s New Clothes obvious pathway out of these mechanics of our “debt system” is to start creating debt-free money (a positive number) for the direct payment of public goods and services, and create public credit for at-cost loans (a negative number). I have three academic papers to walk any reader through these facts; an assignment for high school economics students, one for Advanced Placement Macroeconomics students, and a paper for the Claremont Colleges’ recent academic conference:

Teaching critical thinking to high school students: Economics research/presentation

Debt-damned economics: either learn monetary reform, or kiss your assets goodbye

Seizing an alternative: Bankster looting: fundamental fraud that “debt” is “money”

Let’s examine just some of the facts of the current US economy that demonstrates its criminal status:

For Americans still zombiefied to “believe” in America, please embrace the reality that 40% of US children live at least one year of their lives in under-measured poverty, while oligarchs most responsible literally laugh in grandiose glee of the poverty they euphemise as “income inequality.” Please absorb this 1-minute reality check:

More game-changing economic data that confirm what we receive for economic leadership is literal criminal fraud:

15-minute video of obvious solutions: Mark Anielski and Ellen Brown’s powerful 15-minute response to an interview at the Seizing an Alternative conference (and here, with videos here) with former World Bank economist Herman Daly and co-author John B. Cobb of For the Common Good (video should start at 1:04:43):


1) Of $60 trillion total debt, a conservative current interest cost of 5% is $3 trillion every year. Two trillion dollars of savings if the profits are transferred to the American public rather than to the banking industry is probably low. St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank: https://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/TCMDO

2) The US GDP is ~$17 trillion. Three percent growth is moderately conservative.

3) Of the US Federal government’s ~$4 trillion annual budget, about $1.7 trillion is received from income tax.

4) Tax Foundation. Hodge, S, Moody, J, Warcholik, W. The Rising Cost of Complying with the Federal Income Tax. Jan. 10, 2006: http://www.taxfoundation.org/research/show/1281.html


Note: I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History, with all economics factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences. I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.


Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History; also credentialed in Mathematics. He worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at Carl_Herman@post.harvard.edu

Note: Examiner.com has blocked public access to my articles on their site (and from other whistleblowers), so some links in my previous work are blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to http://archive.org/web/, paste the expired link into the box, click “Browse history,” then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive. I’ll update as “hobby time” allows; including my earliest work from 2009 to 2011 (blocked author pages: herehere).


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  • Brockland A.T.

    Actually you could sum up the apoplexy of this article in one sentence: “50% of Americans polled think Hilary should run for President even if indicted.”


    • Carl_Herman

      I bet not, Brockland. If Americans were given fair and accurate briefing of the facts, zero percent would choose a lying War Criminal over $1,000,000 in benefits, an end of horrific Wars of Aggression, and stopping lies about everything important from corporate media.

      You misrepresent our condition.

      Given the option, almost all of the .01% minions would choose to reclaim their hearts and humanity.


      • Brockland A.T.

        That explains your opposition to proportional representation; you seem the think people in an abusive system can just change their minds and become good again. Apparently you think everyone with the same facts will interpret them the way you want them to, when they obviously don’t.

        The closest historical example of mass rejection of corruption and abuse was the 1914 Christmas Truce, which didn’t last. In fact, much work has been done to help people overcome empathy and compassion as soldiers and citizens of Empire regardless of their level of information awareness.




        Its not possible to speculate in sentimental terms of human decency when dealing with psychopaths (naturally without conscience; nature argument) and sociopaths (trained to blind conscience under certain conditions; nurture argument).



        Plus, you offer no mechanism for their expression to normal moral reasoning; every institutional mechanism in society is corrupted. They can’t just change their minds and act nice while holding abusable powers and beholden to a system of abuse. Its not just in war, but in everyday consumerism.

        Although only a minority of the population, at 1-2%, antisocials wield disproportionate influence over the rest of the population. Its no surprise the final numbers of the 1% (and 1% of the 1%) have worked out the way they have; very likely sociopaths and psychopaths at the top are dueling it out and its safe to assume there are few if any normally empathic people up there.

        One of the strengths of proportional representation is that it makes it harder for antisocials to hide in a political party and for sympathizers in the electorate to effectively vote for them.


        “political office-holders are not all psychopaths. Nonetheless, recent evidence does
        suggest that electorates, as currently constructed, are demonstrably bad at
        distinguishing between suitable and psychopathic candidates for public office.

        They often reward Vonnegut’s “nut cases” for their public campaign behavior. and for
        misrepresentations of their performances while in office.

        To some extent, this can be attributed to ideological fervor of the hopelessly unreflective. But that can’t explain majoritarian support for psychopathic personali­ties,
        since most voters are not ideologically driven. I suggest that our electoral system is
        a more pernicious-because more permanent—-contributor to the erosion of effective
        government. ” (Page 88, R. Nunan, Philosophical Perspectives on Democracy in the 21st Century. Springer 2014).

        A social force multiplier for more normally socialized people is required.


        Americans have been nurtured to a high level of sociopathy. The most common reason for Americans not to vote is ‘conflicting schedules/no time’. The next is no interest.


        Not knowing, is a product of not wanting to know, and perhaps, not wanting to act, knowledge or not abetted by no small amount of shadenfreude and narcissism.

        Its probably no surprise there’s a bunch of superhero movies now and Trumpism is the hottest political thing; people want and are encouraged to want a superhero strongman to act for them so they don’t have to.

        There is insufficient humanity to recover from the Obamas and Hilarys of the world let alone their masters, minions, and popular sympathizers to overcome the monster machine society they preside over. They consider themselves more human as the ability to gain and hold power over others – not get along with others or come together for some great common good (by morally reasoned definition) – power over others, forging and wielding social capital, is their supreme expression of what it is to be human.

        There’s little to misrepresent. A failure to recognize and respect democracy for its own sake is America’s and now the West’s fatal flaw.

        • Carl_Herman

          Brockland, you forget my response to your proposal of proportional representation: I support it as the best mathematical formula I’m aware of, AND until the .01% are arrested along with their corporate media there is zero chance of removing their unverifiable counting machines and dozen other ways for election fraud.

          I am not opposed, as you state, and suggest you’d better embrace allies working to remove the criminals rather than attack them.

          Your call.

          • Brockland A.T.

            You made your call when you never followed up on calls to arrest Hilary Clinton. Or more properly, indicting Hilary Clinton.

            At least indicting Hilary as a prelude to (very likely justifiable) arrest is a somewhat doable and perhaps vital stop-gap measure to save your country from… itself, for starters, at the very least.


            It wasn’t even your idea; following up on Luke Rudkowski is probably something you had to do for legitimacy.

            You attacked me the very first time I presented proportional representation on one of your threads, for no discernible reason. It was never presented as a contradiction. You chose to make it so.

            Necessary defense led to a long running flame war you couldn’t put out as you could never answer reasoned arguments except with smarm or vitriol lacking substance.

            My ally is truth and reason. Freedom’s ally of choice over political and partisan people who can’t see beyond being political and partisan.

            Your calls for arrests generally are a call to irresponsibility or learned helplessness. After the emotion – then what?

            If you were Dilma Rouseff’s chief adviser in Brazil she’d be dead and blood running in the streets, Anglo-Zionist supremacists foreclosing on the government, because the Car Wash investigation really did try and go after real criminals before it became hijacked by the corrupt. Her answer to coup was democracy and procedure, not more arbitrary anarchic measures like arbitrary arrests masquerading as order.

            Trump is a one-percenter; what would one arrest him for, precisely? Having money? Not starting a war-of-choice? Not personally exploiting illegal labour?

            Megan Kelly is a corporate media shill; exactly what is she to be arrested for? Being a telegenic blonde woman who isn’t shilling for your stated cause?

            And what is your cause, really? Burying anything remotely resembling real opposition to tyranny in a wall of text?

            Attacking rationally complimentary posts advocating for more democracy is, in effect, a defense of tyranny. Tyranny you yourself call for every time you make calls for arrest without due process. The problem for you seems to be, less the unfair system but that people you agree with are not in charge of it leveraging the unfairness – partisan politics, not social justice.

            Like any other exceptionalist cultist, is OK for YOU to make arbitrary calls because YOU know the truth and only YOU have the precise prescription which must never be challenged (even when its not challenged, unless you decide that’s what it is).

            Arrest the has-beens of bygone eras protected by the criminals of the here and now? La-la land safe scenarios are very easy to promote. Where are the viable positions and solutions not appealing to empty emotionalism?

            50% of Americans believe Hilary should run even if indicted. OK.

            That’s alarming. But not as alarming as your statement:

            “… Given the option, almost all of the .01% minions would choose to reclaim their hearts and humanity.” – Carl Herman.

            !!!??? How reality based is that Hollywood Saturday morning cartoon ending?

            Proportional Representative democracy, democratic reform advocacy, gives The People their government back in spirit.

            However far the reality, a more efficient democracy where reason has a better chance of prevailing can be realized. The start of a long road, and the real Long War that needn’t burn terribly hot to get the job done.

            Republic and Democracy are complimentary, not opposed. Yet you go on, demanding arbitrary measures, determined to defeat tyranny with more tyranny and believing the reasoned won’t find that questionable.

          • Carl_Herman

            I apologize, Brockland A.T., for anything I wrote that was inappropriate.

            This said, I stand by my call for lawful arrests to stop OBVIOUS crimes centering in war, money, and lies of obvious leaders (Rep, Dem party leadership, Fed leaders, corporate media Boards/CEOs). These are not “arbitrary” but an immediate necessary measure in face of ~ a million children dying every month, ongoing looting of trillions, and lying about everything important.

          • Brockland A.T.

            I apologize for anything I wrote that was inappropriate as well.

            Read your own stuff, though. The power to arrest is a powerful one, and this isn’t America of even 10 years ago. What’s obvious to one observer may mean something else entirely to another. Even what is lawful.

            A popular sense of fair due process may be the last obstacle to tyranny.

        • diogenes

          It’s as easy to rig the vote for proportional representation as any other vote. The problem we confront goes much deeper than your panacea reaches, which means your solution is out of touch with reality. Since you are obviously intelligent enough to do so, confront the facts, all the facts, unpleasant as it is, and start from there.

          • Brockland A.T.

            Translation of your comment: Do nothing. You’re not even suggesting taking action to mitigate cheating at the ballot box (by eliminating voting machines and/or setting better security standards) as a first step to electoral reform.

            You’re saying let the corruption continue, don’t fight for your country. Defeatism. The message of the Anglo-Zionists to intelligent opposition that can’t be conveniently killed off. Let the End Times roll.

            The root of the democratic process is the electoral system; its around the electoral system that The People and the elites come together to validate the social order.

            Proportional representation is an idea whose time has come.


            Peace does not come through social collapse and violent revolution; that path enshrines the tyranny of endless war.

            Too many Americans don’t know/don’t want to know (and of those so committed, especially don’t want others to know) the pragmatic alternatives to violence.

            They’ve been brought up to expect and accept corruption and violence as ‘God’s Plan’ or some other lame excuse. What if its not Gods Plan (from a religious standpoint) or within the healthy limits of normal human expression (secular standpoint)? What if its just deeply ill and flawed human beings pulling a murderous con abetted by a flawed democratic system designed to favour antisocial cultism?


            Efficient democracy allows a more level playing field against organized antisocials and their various strains of antisocialism, whether the aggressive doers of harm or the passive do-nothings.

            The battle of good against evil is old as Creation, when there came those capable of seeing the difference. Those afflicted with psychopathic and sociopathic personality disorders don’t see themselves as ill, but a superior form of life. The irrational paradox of perverting and destroying life to prove this superiority is not a paradox to them.


            Of course, if you do have a well-reasoned alternative course of action other than more efficient and better democracy, feel free to explain how it works.

          • Carl_Herman

            Although it’s up to you, Brockland, I suggest that you stop speaking for people. You translate our points into straw man arguments.

          • Brockland A.T.

            I speak to people. At no time was their right to criticize or rebut my positions denied, but answered in kind.

            A strawman argument is an attack on the person making an argument, in place of addressing the actual argument.

            Against yourself, both were invited and both were met.

  • HarpDiem

    Can’t tell whose side you are on.

    • Carl_Herman

      Are you trying to be funny, or did you not even read the article title to tell what side anyone briefed on the facts is on?

      What side are you on, HarpDiem?

      • Brockland A.T.

        I think he’s referring to the lack of brevity in your brief, and consequent likely ineffectiveness in promoting the pro-liberty cause.

        Its not exactly a barn-burning presentation for generation sound-byte.

        • diogenes

          Do you have a problem concentrating for longer than 30 seconds at a stretch? Do you demand that everyone conform to your debility? Would you like all discussion rendered in sentences of three one-syllable words?

          • Brockland A.T.

            Brevity is the soul of wit, and the purpose of communication is to be understood.

            Herman’s article reads like a syllabus. It is likely meant to be a syllabus.

            One may find some points interesting and even vitally useful – if one is willing to sit down and read through a syllabus.

          • Carl_Herman

            Don’t join the Bozos, Brockland, or encourage others for the same.

            Don’t attack “vitally useful” facts as a “syllabus” unless you want those facts marginalized.

          • Brockland A.T.

            You’re supposed to be a teacher, and you don’t understand the importance of the syllabus?

        • Carl_Herman

          Ok; I added a summary at the beginning of the four points of the article that you found difficult to follow. Thank you.

          • Brockland A.T.

            No problem.

      • NobodysaysBOO

        I THINK that IF you would go to South L.A. and buy a small home in an hispanic neighborhood and move YOUR FAMILY into this home for 6 months you would change your take on INSURGENT ALIENS of any flavor illegally in the USA.

        • Carl_Herman

          Ensenaba a una escuela en South L.A. por 14 anos, bato. Los padres de mis estudiantes trabajan mas duro do lo mas de Americanos. Se mueven de Mexico porque no hay trabajo en esta colonia de los estados unidos.

          Ahorita, estoy enseñando en una escuela con muchos estudiantes con familia de Mexico. Entiendes que los estados unidos se robo a Mexico ~40% de su país, verdad? Documentación: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2016/05/us-illegal-history-rogue-empire-requiring-arrests-present-stealing-half-mexico-1848-despite-congressman-abraham-lincolns-proof-president-polks-obvious-lying-trea.html

          Please don’t speak for me, pal, especially to suggest something you have never done yourself so know nothing about.

          Please don’t blame the victims of the US’ closest colony: Mexico.

          • diogenes

            Awesome, Carl.

          • NobodysaysBOO

            Just another Mexican bandit.

          • NobodysaysBOO

            !ESTUPIDO !
            I am from the south side of SAN Antonio TEXAS aka MEXAS , fought in EVERY gang fight at Highlands High School got shot at by MEXICAN street BICYCLE gangs by the time I was 10 years old RIGHT tell me about spicks FOOL !

          • Carl_Herman

            You fought in every gang fight and in the same breath call them “spicks”?

            Hmm. Wonder if there’s a connection there.

            Have it your way, fool. Call me stupid for respecting the forces that drive gang behavior and being brothers with gangsters while encouraging them to become rebels in a cooperative way. Call me stupid for respecting this community of hard-working people looking for brighter futures for their children. Call me stupid for empathizing with darker-skinned people who feel they’re being punked, lied-to, and used as work-animal labor within a history of almost half their country stolen by the US in the mid-1800s.

            Fight as long as you want, fool. Hate as much as you want. Call others stupid. OR, whenever you want, try connecting with the bigger pictures and diverse people in common work for ALL OF US to have the great lives possible.

            Your choice, foo’.

            You’ll have what you care to work for.

  • Steve Hudson

    I think you are full of shit and an a-hole for calling Trump a racist, Herman.

    • Carl_Herman

      Explain how this isn’t a racist statement: “Mexico is not sending us its best. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” This states that only “some” Mexicans in the US and Mexican-Americans are “good people,” with the majority being involved in drugs, crime, and rape.

      Then explain how important ending unlawful wars and bankster looting is for you, Steve.

      • Steve Hudson

        You explain to me how it is racist. He nowhere says that all Mexicans are rapists, etc. Don’t you assume that some Mexicans are good people? All he is doing is stating fact, the general purport of which is that a lot of the illegals are criminals. You jump on the pc bandwagon and call him a racist, which is worse–more unfairly judgmental–than anything Trump said. What you say is a lie. If he were a racist it would have shown up in his hiring in his companies and other such factual matters.

        • Carl_Herman

          I will, Steve. What if a leader of another country said exactly the same thing about Americans? Imagine that for a moment, then the tone and text of “And some, I assume, are good people” as if among the majority of criminals there might be a few good people. You speak for Trump, though. What has he said in follow-up? The one item I found is that he doubled-down.

          “A lot of the illegals are criminals” you say? How do those statistics match with Americans?

          But have it your way if personality is where you want to focus. You ignored my question; I ask again: explain how important ending unlawful wars and bankster looting is for you, Steve.

          • Steve Hudson

            Focus on personality? Tone? I think Trump’s tone and personality are perfectly fine. As far as I am concerned ALL of the illegals are criminals. Trump was OBVIOUSLY talking about ILLEGALS, not about all Mexicans. With “some” he was talking about the class of illegals. You DISHONESTLY assume that he was referring to all Mexicans for your own propaganda purposes. The establishment press and people like you, having no counter-arguments to Trump’s common sense, patriotic, correct assessments, try to paint him as a racist. The real racists are the hate-filled Mexican invaders, many of whom are criminal thugs. Race is not the issue, but legality, sovereignty, nationhood. Like Trump said, if we don’t have a border we don’t have a country.

            As for illegal wars and bankster looting, I think Trump as lot better chance of reining them in than any other candidate that has come along.

          • Carl_Herman

            Have it your way with “hate-filled Mexican invaders” or “hate-filled” Muslims, or whoever else you choose to hate, Steve. Have it your way to conclude my voice is “propaganda” given the scope of this article and emergency of the US leading global war on millions of victims for neocolonial empire. You’ll earn what you care to support, what you work to have.

            Trump is a joke. Real leadership demands arrests to END illegal Wars of Aggression and bankster looting.

            Grow-up, Steve, to demand arrests rather than “hoping for change” with Trump.

          • Steve Hudson

            You grow up, stupid asshole. As I said, you are FULL of shit, and I’d add out of contact with reality.

          • Carl Herman

            Awesome, Steve; think, speak, and take action for what you see as most important.

            Hold Trump up as true leadership, rather than demand arrests of the Right and Left arm puppets of American War Criminals.

            Call me a “stupid asshole,” “FULL of shit,” and “out of contact with reality” given the documented facts I provide among hundreds in alternative media that Trump parrots lies of propaganda and fear for US empire.

            Thank you for voicing your choice; Life will provide you exactly what you care to uphold.

            And thank you again for motivating to provide more context on what I see for Trump; I appreciate your honest feedback.

            Best wishes with Trump as your “leader;” remember, you can upgrade your views at your command.

          • Nick Smegg

            If Trump isn’t racist (which I don’t think he is) you are most certainly full of unjustified venom.

          • Steve Hudson

            Venom is justified. You fight fire with fire. Piss-ant PC zombie Herman childishly and dishonestly calls Trump a racist without justification, which I showed. Some of the illegals are criminals, some are probably good people; that’s a fact.

          • Carl Herman

            Good, Steve, go ahead and take this remarkable documentation of US empire and focus on your opinion whether a statement from Trump is racist or not. Find what you care about most, and go for it, along with insulting anyone who disagrees with your opinion, however reasonable, in insult to American 1st Amendment Rights. Again, and finally as I doubt further conversation with you will yield anything other than further insults: What if a leader of another country said exactly the same thing about Americans? Imagine that for a moment, then the tone and text of “And some, I assume, are good people” as if among the majority of criminals there might be a few good people. You speak for Trump, though. What has he said in follow-up? The one item I found is that he doubled-down.

            “A lot of the illegals are criminals” you say? How do those statistics match with Americans?

            Yeah, Steve, you’ve certainly chosen to comment upon a “piss-ant PC zombie childish and dishonest article without justification.”

            Hey, I’ll try once more: have you ever spoken to Mexican-Americans to discover their views on this topic, and the larger one of how they came to the US?

            And what do you say about the US stealing almost half of Mexico after lying to violate treaty? Will you embrace the facts? Documentation: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2016/05/us-illegal-history-rogue-empire-requiring-arrests-present-stealing-half-mexico-1848-despite-congressman-abraham-lincolns-proof-president-polks-obvious-lying-trea.html

          • Carl Herman

            Oh, and thanks for the motivation for me to compare Trump to Rome’s most tragic-comic emperors. I added a quote from your praise of Trump’s “leadership.”

  • diogenes

    “bozo democracy” — where have I heard that before? 😉

  • Nick Smegg

    A good article but spoiled by the racist charge. This is like the antisemitism jibe used to shut down criticism of israel. If you want to end ‘Bozo democracy’ – great phrase – try not to use the language of those promoting bozo democracy. We are having a referendum in Britain over EU membership. The EU-brigade trot out accusations of racism whenever they can because they have no valid argument.

    • Carl_Herman

      Nick: take the powerful points of illegal and lie-started wars and run with them! This is exactly what you have in the UK, and part of your job will be to offer choices of what semantic/semitic tricks people use to make the issue less clear.

      Regarding racism, where I live in California, Latinos are the majority. Imagine how the accusation that most of them are rapists, drug dealers and criminals was perceived. If you find the racist charge unfounded, explain how this isn’t a racist statement: “Mexico is not sending us its best. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” This states that only “some” Mexicans in the US and Mexican-Americans are “good people,” with the majority being involved in drugs, crime, and rape.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    Good ideas but where do you GO to arrest BUSH? Who in the US government has enough BRAVERY to arrest Chainey or the DANCING JEWS that DID 911 and HANG them on national TV? I really like your article; however. there is NO chance of major .01% CRIMINALS brought to justice without a BRAVE ,STRONG person in the drivers seat.

    The constant RACIST, RACISM, ANTI-semite , abortonist ,ect NAME CALLING is just so obvious for those with no factual history to debate and NO VISION THINGIE for the future of the USA.

    INSURGENT CRIMINAL ALIENS are the MAJORITY in California requires a new WAR to DRIVE them OUT, of our gettos and neighborhoods , schools , work places and jails we CITIZENS BUILT and constantly pay the cost of these FREELOADERS YES they are LOTS of MEXICAN nationals here doing CRIMES.

    OBUMMER is the worst RACIST OF ALL TIME!

    Go and arrest the .01% CRIMINALS and their operatives INCLUDING the insurgent CRIMINAL ALIENS.

    The quote I remember is ” Those that can do things do. Those that can not do things TEACH”

    Vote for TRUMP to DO SOMETHING we a drowning in alien TRASH!

    PS: It IS refreshing to see an author of a blog or any article actually respond to any comments from ordinary CITIZENS or commenters much less allow comments at all, THANKS

    • Carl_Herman

      NobodysaysBOO: when the illusion is broken, Americans will quickly step-up for the honor of arrests.

      Voting for Trump is returning to the Right arm of fascism; he is a parody of leadership. I suggest placing your voice to demand he arrest War Criminals if you wish attention on Trump.

      • Brockland A.T.

        Trump already said he’d ‘look into’ prosecuting Hilary.


        In typical third world fashion, the response was to make a call to arrest Trump not even one month later.


        Notice, however, Trump never used the ‘arrest’. He’s not even prepared to say Hilary’s guilty.

        A correct due process attitude, especially for one in his position. At least in this instance, possibly driven more by political head games than justice, but Trump is aware of legal niceties.

      • NobodysaysBOO

        911 was an failed illusion and a crime , the criminals got a free pass, the same people will do it again as long as it works and stays hidden a vote for hillary is a vote for Isralie rule over the USA. Hillary will bring war ,poverty ,and a continuation of the idiot OBUMMERs failures and TREASON against the CITIZENS. There is no choice but TRUMP.

        “Voting for Trump is returning to the Right arm of fascism” ? OLD NAZI STUFF again?

        How can Mr.TRUMP arrest anybody YET?

        • Carl_Herman

          If Trump isn’t speaking truth, then you’re “hoping for change” against a history where we’re played as suckers believing in hints and empty promises.

          Without demand for arrests, which we can and should all voice, citizens fail in basic responsibility in face of overwhelming state crimes centered in war, money, and lies.

          The US is a rogue state; to not call it out is a lie.

  • madrino

    Freedom and democracy are are all but dead in the world. Only constant vigilance can protect freedom. Patriotism today is nothing more than waving a flag by empty heads that don’t want to search, read or hear about reality. The vast majority of people around the world are just happy in their perceived reality show.

    The cashless world and control of the internet of things will lock down the masses in service to the owners of the creation of money and credit which is back by nothing, and will be enforced by ignorance.

    • Carl_Herman

      madrino: you blame the victims. Given fair information, the people will reject these psychopathic .01% monsters.

      They are programmed, not empty-headed.

      • madrino

        You are right. I am totally wrong. I was ignorant as most everyone else. I had the luck of seeing my university’s Afghan Studies Department create the propaganda for what we now call Al-Qaeda in 1979-80 and a history professor that deprogrammed us (“everything we learned about history is wrong”).

        • Carl Herman

          Thanks, bro. Yeah, given the facts, almost each and every one of us can see reality clearly, and want peace, cooperation, and the freedom of all of us.

  • cettel

    a crucial article.

    • Carl Herman

      Thanks, Eric, and thank you especially for your crucial documentation in so many areas to contrast basic rule of law, truth, and justice versus what our oligarchs give us.

      I also want to say that you model the transformation Americans need to make from “their” party to recognizing that the US was/is captured by a Left and Right arm of vicious criminal fascist oligarchs. Thank you so much for your leadership, bro 🙂

  • MCB

    I some what disagree with Carl that Trump in his totality can be summed up as bigoted or racist by some of his political statements. Politicians will say and do almost anything to get elected. I have a higher threshold for what I consider to be racist or bigoted. With that being said, I’m not here to harangue Carl on the point of Carl’s assertion because he backs it up and he is ALWAYS consistent. Thanks for another great piece Carl.

    • Carl Herman

      Bro, with all love and respect, Trump is a buffoon, clown, fool compared to the leader YOU would be given opportunity to debate him 🙂

      And that said, thank you for seeing the bigger picture.