Welcome To Hell: The Giant Fort McMurray Fire Is The Worst Blaze In Canadian History

Fort McMurray Fire - Photo by DarrenRDThe gigantic wildfire that has forced the evacuation of the entire city of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta has been nicknamed “the Beast“, and mainstream news reports are telling us that it is now approximately 25 percent larger than New York City.  88,000 people have already been forced out of their homes, at least 1,600 buildings have been destroyed, and smoke from the fire has been spotted as far away as Iowa.  To say that this is a “disaster” is a massive understatement.  Northern Alberta is “tinder dry” right now, and authorities say that high winds could result in the size of the fire doubling by the end of the weekend.  One-fourth of Canada’s oil output has already been shut down, and the edge of the fire is now getting very close to the neighboring province of Saskatchewan.  This is already the most expensive natural disaster in the history of Canada, and officials fully expect to be fighting this blaze for months to come.

At this point, only rain is going to stop this fire.  Canadian authorities insist that they are not going to be able to defeat this raging inferno no matter how many resources they throw at it.  The best that they can hope for is to try to steer it away from heavily populated areas until the rain comes.

Nobody knows precisely how this tragedy is going to end, but everyone agrees that it is going to last for quite some time.  According to the Washington Post, this fire has the potential to keep on burning “for months”…

The images are ones of devastation — scorched homes, virtually whole neighborhoods burned to the ground. And Canadian officials say they expect to fight the massive wildfire that has destroyed large parts of Alberta’s oil sands town for months.

There’s fear the growing wildfire could double in size and reach a major oil sands mine and even the neighboring province of Saskatchewan.

I have relatives that live up in Alberta, and this is the biggest thing to hit that part of the world in many, many years.

This massive fire is making headlines all over the planet, and some of the video footage that is emerging is so shocking that it can be hard to believe.  Some of the terms being used to describe the devastation are “hell”, “the end of the world” and “Armageddon”

“It was something like Armageddon,” said Morgan Elliott, who traveled with his fiancee, Cara Kennedy, and their baby, Abigail. “Everything was burnt, houses gone. Leaving the city, it was like a scene out of a movie. It reminded me of the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ where you’re going on the highway, and there’s just abandoned vehicles everywhere; hundreds of cars, just abandoned vehicles.”

In this YouTube video, you can watch vehicles attempt to escape Fort McMurray as hot embers from towering flames just a few feet away rain down on them.  What would you do in this kind of situation?…

The amount of resources that has been committed to fighting this fire has been unprecedented, and yet it just continues to rage wildly out of control.  The following comes from CNN

The blaze is moving in a northeast direction and could reach the border with Saskatchewan by the end of Saturday, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said.

The response has been massive. Notley said more than 500 firefighters are battling the blaze around Fort McMurray, with the help of 15 helicopters and 14 air tankers. More than 1,400 firefighters and 133 helicopters are fighting blazes across the province.

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans simply are not going to care what is happening up in Alberta because it is in Canada.

But let us not forget that 2015 was the worst year for wildfires in all of U.S. history.  Last year more acres burned in the United States than we had ever seen before, and 2016 is already shaping up to be another very bad year.

In fact, according to the National Interagency Fire Center we are already more than a million acres ahead of the pace that was set last year.

I just checked the U.S. Drought Monitor, and much of the western third of the country is still extremely dry.  Conditions are certainly ripe for another horrible wildfire season, and so let us pray for lots of rain between right now and the end of the summer.

Because all we have to do to see what a worst case scenario looks like is to watch what is going on in Fort McMurray right now.

To me, this is the closest thing that we have seen to “hell on Earth” in a very long time…

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  • tom

    Enthusiasts of the Gaia hypothesis may find it intriguing that global warming, brought on largely by the burning of excessive amounts of oil, has led to a huge fire that is now damping down the further supply of oil. Negative feedback – Gaia’s got it!

  • ICFubar

    Despite the anthropogenic climate disruption, as it is now re branded, believers that will chime in on this natural disaster there are real people in need of assistance having to flee for their lives, possibly loosing everything they have worked for. I urge Canadians to come to the aid of their fellow citizens in any way they can to help them through this crisis until they can begin to start rebuilding their lives. It is the Canadian thing to do so let’s all pitch in and get that wallet open.

  • ICFubar

    Despite the anthropogenic climate disruption, as it has been re branded, believers who will blindly chime in on this natural disaster their are real people having to flee for their lives, possibly loosing all the have ever worked for. We need to come to the assistance of our fellow citizens until they can begin to rebuild their lives. It is the Canadian thing to do so get that wallet open. This plea is also to the corporate as part and parcel of the Canadian fabric, so get those cheque books out. The government (the taxpayer) will donate equally to the individual, so double your donation.

    • danhunt

      To even suggest climate change has been called a crime by the right wing numb-heads. Eternally foolish.

  • ICFubar

    Despite the anthropogenic climate disruption, as it has been re branded, believers who will blindly chime in on this natural disaster there are real people having to flee for their lives, possibly loosing all that they have ever worked for. We need to come to the assisatnce of our fellow citizens until they can begin to rebuild their lives. It is the Canadian thing to do so get those wallets open. This plea is also to the corporate as part and parcel of the Canadian fabric. Our government (the taxpayer) will match any donation, so double your impact.

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    “Wherefore is the knowledge of the Soul which is in the heart of Man greater? Because the whole firmament, with all the essences, nature, virtue, propriety, inclination, operation and effect of all the Stars is therein conjoined and complicated, so as there is nothing in the whole power of the Spirit of the firmament or Soul of the World, which the soul of man also hath not in himself, and in the exaltation of itself, can give it of itself.
    Yea, the whole Light of Nature is in the soul of the Microcosm, which is the wisdom and power and vigour of all things of the whole world throughout all the elements and things procreated of the elements. For she is the Astrological Spirit, containing in herself all kind of sciences, with all their species, chemistry, medicine, Physic, all arts, tongues, all workmanships and all studies existent throughout the whole shop of Nature.”

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    “Great virtue is in the Body, if it be excited. Greater in the Soul of the firmament, if it be excited. Greatest in the Divine Spirit, if it be excited.
    By excitation all things are laid open, which are hidden and placed in Ignorance. For both Divine and Natural Wisdom sleep in us, and each light shines in darkness, and without excitation man wants the having.
    Great and excellent is the knowledge of the human body, extracted from the elements, and disposed into this form.
    Greater and more excellent is the knowledge of the Soul, taken from the firmament, and inserted into the body.
    Greatest and most excellent is the knowledge of the Spirit inspired from the mouth of God into the first man, and by the mysteries of multiplication equally communicated to every one of us.”

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    “But why is the knowledge of the Spirit of God greatest in us? Because He from Whom we receive this Spirit is greatest and most eminent above all. For in this same Spirit all the divine wisdom and power from whence that saving knowledge flows forth, that is, Theology, treating of supernatural, celestial and divine things, and is conversant in the Magnalia and mysteries of God placed above Nature, and tends even to the inexhausted and unspeakable profundity of the Deity, in which profundity, the very original matter, cause and end of all the works of God, and of things acted in time from the beginning of the creation even to the end of the consummation of the world, eternally and essentially lay hid. For all things came forth from Him; all things were made by Him, and all things consist in Him.”

    • danhunt

      Oh, hush!

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    “Everything that is most Inward is most precious and most noble. — Moreover, by how much anything is more inward, by so much it is more nigh and near to us, but also so much the harder to be found and known. Because of the too much aversion and alienation of our soul from divine and heavenly things ; and by reason of the too much tenacity and adherency of our love to the creatures of the world.”

  • andrew1212

    Maybe instead of buying overpriced F-35 jet fighters, the USA and Canada should be buying new fleets of waterbombers to save our citizens and towns from wild fires.

  • danhunt

    Heaven forbid anyone mention Climate Change!