Website Redesign Complete

We created a mobile-friendly version of the site, tweaked some minor design elements, and optimized the site for faster viewing.

Let us know how you like the mobile layout, and whether the site loads faster for you.

Now that we’ve finished wrestling with code, we can get back to spending less time on tinkering under the hood and more time on investigative reporting …

Note: We think we’ve worked out the kinks … but let us know if you experience any bugs. Thanks for your patience!

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  • ShankyS

    Works great on my tablet. Let me check the phone …… Ah yes, that’s nice. Thanks.

  • Nice, fast load.

  • The banner image used to be an active link to which was nice to use as a refresh button or home button to always get back to the homepage of the site.

  • kimyo

    i almost wouldn’t mention it, but there is something odd about the new site – posts used to appear chronologically, now, on occasion, a post will enter the stream as new although it is 48+ hours old.

    a similar thing has just started to occur at zerohedge after recent changes there. it’s as if the pages have been virtualized in some way. i keep finding articles i haven’t read there, interspersed with older posts which i have read.

    ps: please please please block y3shuA imMANu3l.