What about violence from the Clinton campaign?


By Michael Collins
(Creative Commons 4.0)

Some rough housing at a Democratic Party convention in Nevada over the weekend shocked party leaders and the mainstream media. The official custodians of propriety demand that Sanders control his followers and denounce their actions. The double standard on this issue is simply appalling since the Clinton campaign represents failed policies that got 350,000 killed and future plans (the “no fly zone” for Syria) that will cost even more lives.

To be specific, Hillary Clinton’s policies, as secretary of state, helped launch the Libyan regime change operation. To date, 100,000 Libyans are dead due to that foreign policy fiasco. Clinton was the tip of the spear for the “Assad must go” movement resulting in major support for extremist jihadist fighters attacking the sovereign state of Syria. Why? Because Assad didn’t just amble off when then Secretary of State Clinton commanded him to he leave his office and nation. The death toll in Syria is 250,000.

In sum, Hillary Clinton’s past policies and efforts resulted in 350,000 dead people. She is the only remaining presidential candidate with a major death toll.

Clinton supporters need to accept the simple truth that their candidate vigorously supports violent policies that caused suffering, death, and the destruction of two nations. The essence of Clinton’s time in the Senate and as Secretary of State revolves around violence – supporting the Iraq war and the attacks on Libya and Syria.

Having said that, lets look at the smear campaign against Sanders due to the actions of some outraged supporters at a Nevada convention last weekend.

From Bernie Sanders can’t afford to stay silent any longer, McClatchy DC, May 19:

“Over the weekend, dozens of Sanders devotees lost their minds after the Nevada Democratic Party, meeting for its convention in Las Vegas, awarded a majority of delegates to front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“Convinced that the establishment had rigged the rules and that Sanders delegates had been excluded for unfair reasons, they booed and traded barbs with people on stage, including Clinton surrogate and keynote speaker U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer.”

What’s wrong with that? The Democratic Party has systematically discriminated against the Sanders campaign through any number of documented actions. DNC Chairperson, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D, FL), accused the Sanders campaign of intentionally hacking a DNC voter database and cut the campaign off from access.

Rank and file Democrats have every right to be outraged. They’re finding out what Republican voters are discovering, that primary elections are just widow dressing for the ultimate will of the party leaders.

Democrats have a special anti-democracy feature that is so outrageous even Republicans shy away from it: super delegates. The party selects 719 superdelegates who can vote as they choose, without any regard to the outcome of presidential primaries in their respective states. What’s that about? Isn’t that a reason to be outraged?

The McClatchyDC editorial goes on to make some points that are too pathetic to even repeat with the exception of their insistence that Sanders stand up to the mob.

OK, let me get this straight. Some pissed off Sanders delegates act out at a state meeting where they think they’re getting screwed and all of a sudden they’re a mob. Here’s the translation of standing up to the mob: smacking down rank and file citizens who have the unmitigated gall to think they have a right to be heard, to have their votes counted and to receive the respect due every single citizen in this country participating in the election process.

Hillary Clinton must apologize for the violence she perpetrated in Libya and Syria.

Hillary Clinton must retract her plans for support of more violence in Syria, particularly the insane “no fly zone” propose, and Hillary Clinton must swear that she will no longer support extremist jihadists disguised as moderates.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters need a reality check about the policies of violence they endorse by supporting this candidate. They can either reject the violence their candidate or embrace it and stop whining about a little shoving and shouting in Nevada.

Creative Commons 4.0

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  • diogenes

    To all appearances the “violence” at the Nevada Convention was mostly on the part of the Nevada Democratic Party machine which rigged that convention by eliminating participants and grossly bulldozing procedures just as it rigged the New York State primary by throwing hundreds of thousands of voters’ registration into the trash, including both of my NYC friends. Hitlery is murderous bloody-handed psychopathic filth and the Democratic Party is an enemy of American democracy. If they think Sanders voters will switch and vote for their stinking machine nazi, they’ll find out otherwise in a few months.

    • Clinton is following the George W. Bush election fraud playbook. It’s her nature. She has no shame. Her obsession with starting wars that cause death and destruction is pathological. At times, she makes Trump look intelligent, which is a nearly impossible feat. We are doomed.

      • novamathtestprep.com

        Not doomed yet. Bernie still has a chance. If enough ppl learn enough, soon enough, about Hillary’s law-breaking, national-security-endangering behavior at State, Bernie could still get the Dem nomination.

  • Bob

    The super delegates are the oligarch control system put in place to keep the Democratic Party “competitive” with the Republicans. Rich people would not support a party if the rabble was allowed to have the say, and by making sure they control the super delegates, they can retain control of both parties.

    • Arizona Eagletarian

      Right you are… but the time is now to change the political climate in our country. Maurizio Viroli, one of the foremost scholars on the writings of Machiavelli, just came out with a new book, How to Choose a Leader. http://www.amazon.com/How-Choose-Leader-Machiavellis-Citizens/dp/0691170142/

      • Thanks for the tip. The book looks excellent and well worth reading.

    • You are right on target. The Democrats don’t want the riff raff messing with the franchise. To paraphrase Madison, they had better hope that there is no afterlife.

  • diogenes

    Hillary Clinton is consistently violent to the truth. Let’s elect another liar. That’s what America needs.


    • thetruth

      Anyone that falls for this liar Hillary is quite simply living a bubble. The ‘comfort’ bubble where one believes that politicians do not lie to your face and that the government has got your back. Humans can be such malleable fools – its really quite astonishing. Hillary is a Political Career Con Artist, along with her Husband, and that’s all there is to it. It’s what they ‘live’ for.

      People want to vote for a woman? Great, then vote for one that does not lie and is an actual kind person – her name is Jill Stein.

  • Many Sanders delegates were quoted by name in reports as being elected locally but replaced in the lists at the state level.

    Turned out also the names Sanders campaign got were not hacked by them, it waseems the D.N.C. “mistake”. I smell a setup.

    But God is not mocked. Reap, sow.

    • Hillary and her supporters had better hope there is no final judgement and afterlife. God is not amused.

      • There is, and she has a special place in that special place that God made for the devil and his angels.