The Trump Doctrine

By David Swanson, American Herald Tribune

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Here’s a condensed version of Donald Trump’s recent speech that I’m considering offering on gold-ish plating for $19.98:

Nationalism, World War II mythology, and militarism must go unquestioned. But when they’ve been used in the past 25 years the results have been disastrous. We’re all ready now to admit that Iraq was a horror, and we can do that more comfortably by lumping it with the horrors of Libya and Syria, and by pretending that people in our government meant well. But U.S. militarism created ISIS.

Here’s how we fix this. First, pretend that the most expensive military in the history of the world has been skimping and struggling, and blame that on the economy, rather than recognizing that the economy is staggering under the weight of the military machine. I’ll fix the economy using magic, and that will fix the military.

Second, while I haven’t explained how more or different spending could have transformed disastrous wars into successes, let’s have future wars more heavily paid for by others. But I’m not really threatening to close bases or end NATO, because I’m all talk. In fact, let’s just fuel a global arms race by requiring other countries to buy more weapons. That U.S. weapons are already the top supplier to so-called friend and foe alike, including ISIS, shouldn’t worry you, because at least you won’t have to hear that phony humanitarian in the White House calling ISIS “ISIL” anymore, and because I’m planning to use magic.

Third, if you think Hillary can tell whoppers and demonize Iran at Israel’s bidding, wait till you see how fast I can fall in line. I can get so scared of Iranians that my hair blows off. In fact, I’ll start a war to out-do the last dozen disastrous wars, including the Iraq war that I pretend I opposed, and I’ll do it at the slightest slight to my honor as a noble duelling jackass in deep romantic love with the holy state of Israel which I may have spoken about with a slight tinge of honesty a month ago, but that was then.

Fourth, the North Koreans are coming to get us! And the Chinese! Let’s ignore the fact that Obama is to all appearances trying to start World War III in the South China Sea while I’m yammering on, he is in fact weak! Weak!

Lastly, we need a plan for something different from endless counterproductive war, and I have no idea what such a thing might look like, so here’s what I propose: more endless counterproductive war, with possible lapses as I fail to get countries to pay for their own bombings, and combined with a major increase in hatred and persecution of immigrants and minorities within the United States. As a result of this new approach, and magic, ISIS will cease to exist. So, trust me when I lie to you that military spending has been shrinking and leaving the U.S. behind other militaries. Elect me and, exactly as if you elected Hillary Clinton, you can expect every dime possible and more to be dumped into militarism.

It comes back to this: we must be more selfish, more jingoist, more nationalist, and — if that’s even possible — more militarist than ever. We must treat all of this shit as if it were a new idea that I just had. And yet I will hold out a tiny olive branch of hope that I might actually risk nuclear apocalypse a teensy bit less than Hillary, since I’m willing to talk about the slight possibility of peace with Russia. If Russia does what I want!

The key word is slight. I once talked about ending NATO, and now I’ve been so brought into line that I’m talking about inventing some new purpose for NATO to exist. Don’t feel too sorry for whatever poor country becomes that purpose — perhaps I’ll just keep it as Afghanistan, a place I haven’t even mentioned in this speech. Or perhaps I’ll just keep it Russia.

But I’ll drop all the Clintonian pretenses of humanitarian murder and respect for, while violating, the rule of law. So, at least with me, the summer peace activists and partisan sunshine war opponents will act as if they oppose wars again. How much of a difference will such a movement make in a nation with its leadership demanding fascistic hatred and greed? Probably not much. Perhaps a bit more if it were to get a head start by opposing Obama’s seven existing wars now. Of course, Democrats won’t do that. So, I’m not worried. Believe me.

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    Gordon drills down to the political bedrock on Trumpmania in his new NEO piece below, and takes no prisoners. We have been suspicious of Trump since the beginning, because we read him as a “constructed” candidate from the word go.

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  • Plopper

    The issue here is not the reality-show entertainer per se, instead the author of this article should focus his attention on the millions of imbeciles who blindly sympathize with Trump’s policies.

    Donald Trump is only reciting a script written by his advisers and financiers…guess who these people and institutions are….here is a clue: most of them embrace a Zionist-driven agenda.

    Now with that assessment in mind, it is time for you guys to do your homework.

  • ICFubar

    Nice. This has got to be the slickest campaign ever. My question come November is who will be deemed the greater evil, Trump or Clinton? That is if the world makes it to November.

    • Le Petomane

      You guys are not getting what he is saying. That speech is dripping with irony.
      He is saying things to the US population that I’m sure no Presidential candidate has ever said. He’s also telling us that he’s been told the positions he must take.
      By making this speech he is telling them (the neo-cons) where to stick it.
      Mr Trump doesn’t use English to it’s potential but he is addressing other Americans telling them the truth we all want them to here and they are perhaps understanding and agreeing with it and apparently accepting it.
      Mr Trump is being torn down by the establishment. There must be a reason for this.

      • ICFubar

        great moniker if you think farts are funny (most do)…I’ll ask you a question as a reply. Do you think America has become a plutocracy? If you do you comment is inconsistent . If you don’t then why for heavens sake why not?

        • Le Petomane

          Why inconsistent?
          The highest offices in the land have been corrupted by cave men with law degrees. Smart arses with ice in there veins. But I doubt that every successful business mogul in the States could be described that way.
          It sounds to me like Trump is at least a political outsider and as such could hardly be any worse than those in power now.
          The people who control America are the same people who control the money who are the same people who have been making war at the world’s and now America’s expense since 1913 and no doubt long before that.
          Mr Trump has said some outrageous things but just reading between the lines, it sounds like there is a human being inside there.
          Maybe I’m wrong but Hillary just represents more of the same which the world can not afford.

          • ICFubar

            You then think that the republic has devolved into a plutocracy but also think that these Apex Elites would allow an “outsider” (sic) to run in an election of such importance when these folks are adverse to any risk on this scale. Don’t fool yourself by reading between the lines while again praying for “hope and change”. What’s that adage “fool me once….”


  • Carl_Herman

    Yup, that’s our “false choice” between Left and Right arms of US fascism!

    Sharply stated, David; thank you.

  • truthtime

    This country is f*cked.