Rejecting the Matrix: Breaking the Chains that Bind the Mind

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  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    Given the Overall Understandable FACT , that the Human DEVELOPMENT Starts at BIRTH , with the “Educational EXPERIENCE of the Outside – WORLD” , Runs to the STAGE of “Personal PREFERENCES” , While Being Constantly Fed an “LIFE – Explaining NARRATIVE / RELIGION” , to Possibly “RECOGNIZE” , that Our “DETERMINING POWER” , is “Not a Projected Obscure GOD Beyond” , but that the “Determining POWER” ; is “In Us” , the “THOUGHTS of our Imaginative FANTASY” ; We are “FIXATED onto the “Educational STAGE of Experiencing the Outside – WORLD” !!! By PRACTICING this “METHOD , We are Held in a “Kind of SUGGESTIBILITY” !!! Being the “CATTLE of RABBI OVEIDA” !!!