Poll: Trump Beats Clinton … But Sanders Beats Trump

bernie sanders[Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout]

If the Dems Nominate Clinton, They’ll Lose

In a new Fox News poll, Trump beats Clinton … but Sanders beats Trump:

Trump has a 45-42 percent edge over Clinton, if the presidential election were held today.


Bernie Sanders has a 46-42 percent advantage over Trump in a hypothetical matchup.

Why would Sanders win?

For one thing – unlike either Clinton or Trump – people believe he’s truthful and on the straight-and-narrow. As Fox notes:

Clinton has a net negative honesty rating of -35 points.  That’s because a new low 31 percent say she’s honest, while a record 66 percent say she isn’t.

Trump does better on this measure, although he is still underwater by 17 points:  40 percent think he’s honest and 57 percent say he’s not.

In addition, over half say the phrase “has strong moral values” does not describe Clinton (57 percent) or Trump (58 percent).

Many think “cares about people like me” doesn’t fit Trump (55 percent).

More voters than not think the “cares” attribute doesn’t work for Clinton either (46 percent yes vs. 51 percent no).


Most think Clinton (71 percent) and Trump (65 percent) will “say anything to get elected.”  And majorities think the main reason the former secretary of state (57 percent) and businessman (56 percent) are running is for themselves — rather than for the country.

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  • ICFubar

    scissors, rock, paper….but the people loose no matter which wins

  • No one should believe any of those polls. Those polls are unscientific.


    In the absence of scientific polling that accounts for the electoral college, here is an OK estimate of who would win by electoral college:


  • diogenes

    For a decade after the Civil War, the chairman of the Democratic Party’s National Committee was August Belmont, the most powerful banker on Wall Street and the Rothschild’s agent in America from 1840 into the mid 1880s; he sold them Confederate bonds on Wall Street during the Civil War. The Democratic Party has ALWAYS been the property of Wall Street. Wilson’s major backers were Bernard Baruch and Paul Warburg, the creator of the Federal Reserve. FDR was the scion of the oldest banking family in Manhattan; his ancestors were important in Manhattan banking before 1700; one of them floated the Continental dollars with which upstate New York troops were paid during the Revolution (New York City was pro- Crown). Today the Democratic Party will throw the election sooner than nominate Bernie. It’s a done deal.

  • cettel


  • ClubToTheHead

    Trump is the winner. A few delegates more and there’s no way the Republican Party can take away his victory.

    Congratulations, Trump insurgents. Job well done!

    But now that the GOP anti-Trump oligarchy is close to being toppled,
    the rats are leaving the ship and they’re looking to vote for Hillary to
    defeat Trump in the general election.

    They’ve blown their own cover. We can see who they are now. The
    anti-Trump Republicans who would vote for Hillary are owned by the big
    money donors just like Trump said.

    The Republican Party regulars who rejected Trump in the primaries are
    now going to try to force Hillary Clinton on you by voting for her in
    the general election.

    So before they can vote for Hillary in the general election, you
    Trump insurgents must take her off the Democratic Party ballot by voting
    for Bernie Sanders in the remaining primaries before those Republican
    Party regulars can perform their intended malevolent obscenity of voting
    for Hillary in the general election.

    Don’t settle for a Hillary win by anti-Trump Republican cross voters.
    You can do it by voting for Sanders in the remaining primaries.

    So, for all the Republican Party Trump insurgents that hate the
    Democratic Party, and Hillary, just as much or more, here’s your big
    chance to dump the disgusting big money, job outsourcing pig Hillary out
    on her ass.

    Because Trump is the winner, he doesn’t need your votes anymore and you can safely give them to Sanders.

    The victorious Trump insurgents need to vote for Sanders in the
    remaining primaries to shake up the Democratic Party oligarchs in a way
    they will never forget. The same way they have shaken up the Republican

    If a large number of Republicans are defecting to Hillary, then now
    is the historic opportunity to dump the oligarchic puppets of both
    parties, and prevent a Hillary win by anti-Trump Republican votes.

    There is still time for the insurgent voters to knock Hillary out of the box with a vote for Bernie Sanders.

    An election between Trump and Sanders would shake up the Duopoly like
    nothing else ever could. Imagine if the Duopoly actually had to pay
    attention to the voice of the people instead of the voice of big money

  • JosephConrad

    Hillary or Trump will shatter the future of this nation and the World.
    Israel is on the verge of plunging the Middle East into a fiery furnace of Hell.
    Putin is the sole source of stability and sanity in which the sea of Chaos is rising.

  • Here is a bright spot in all of this Sham Wow puppet theater for the masses in fly over country.

    May 20, 2016 Reality Check: Democrats have a Super-Delegate Problem


  • May 18, 2016 – What really happened in the Nevada Democratic Convention(The Video they keep taking down)

    Instead, the media is trying to spin it against Bernie, about the violence and them being upset. If you were present at this, wouldn’t you be upset? I’m not saying threats are warranted, but at what point do the American People say enough is enough?