Obama Violates Nuclear Treaties while Iran Upholds Them

The IAEA issued a new report reconfirming that Iran is “complying with the P5+1 nuclear deal, and that Iran’s stockpiles have all remained below the limits set forth in the deal.”

The ‘deal’ has been selectively imposed, mainly by the US, as a propaganda and war-weapon against Iran, which the US has sought to reconquer since its proxy dictator was overthrown in 1979.  While forcing Iran to comply with the strict regime, Washington ignores nuclear violations and ambitions by its allies or proxies, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. 

The US itself remains the world’s leading violator of nuclear weapons law and the only country that has used nuclear weapons on people, including in human experimentation.  

New Pentagon figures show that, while accepting peace prizes and preaching disarmament, Obama has worked specifically to ‘dramatically‘, as Jason Ditz puts it, slow down the rate at which the US reduces its nuclear arsenal.  Instead, he has illegally allocated at least a trillion dollars towards ‘modernizing’ nuclear weapons, a move experts have said is “counterproductive” and “sure to cause an arms race.” 

At the same time, Obama has told residents of the impoverished US village of Flint to drink polluted water, and has violated international law by refusing to provide water at all to some residents of Detroit, many of whom have been affected by off-shoring of manufacturing in search of workers who are easier to repress. 

In better news, the US seems to be caving to international pressure to stop selling illegal cluster bombs to Saudi dictator Salman bin Abdulaziz, who, with US support, has been killing civilians in a war of aggression against Yemen.

Robert Barsocchini is an internationally published author who focuses on force dynamics, national and global, and also writes professionally for the film industry. Updates on Twitter. Author’s pamphlet ‘The Agility of Tyranny: Historical Roots of Black Lives Matter’.

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  • Rehmat

    As Iran’s Supreme Leader and former president has reminded Iranians that they cannot trust American leaders. While they present olive branch one day, they go back on their promises next day.
    American Jewish writer and author Steve Lendman had warned Iranian leaders that no matter how much president Rouhani bends backward – Washington will never settle less than a regime change.
    Last year, vice-president Joe Biden told his audience in a synagogue that the US has no problem with a nuclear Iran – but Netanyahu insists on a regime change in Tehran, and the reason of United States problem with Iran’s nuclear program.

  • This article belongs with this very good one. May 28, 2016 The Week in Review

    We at the Mises Institute wish all a happy Memorial Weekend, hopefully free from the horrors of the TSA. Regrettably, as Jeff Deist notes, the holiday is often used by politicians as an opportunity to “materialize at parades, picnics, and churches to give speeches about ‘freedom,’” unaware of how their own actions are a greater threat to it than any foreign entity in the world. It is capitalism that brings us peace and improves our lives. It is government power and those who cheer it that can destroy our lives. That can never be forgotten. No matter how entertaining this election season may be.