“Networks are Colluding” to Declare Clinton the Overall Winner Before California Polls Close

By Gaius Publius, a professional writer living on the West Coast of the United States and frequent contributor to DownWithTyranny, digby, Truthout, and Naked Capitalism. Follow him on Twitter @Gaius_Publius, Tumblr and Facebook. Originally published at Down With Tyranny. GP article here.

The writer of the quoted part of the headline above is Shaun King. Here’s the quote in full and in context.

When a grown man tells you he is about to start trouble, believe him.

What followed, if Matthews is to be taken at his word, is clear evidence that television networks are colluding together to call the primary for Hillary Clinton before she reaches the delegates needed to claim victory. By doing so, they will absolutely suppress the vote in the final states that will be cast ballots in the Democratic primary. Even by mentioning it now, that the networks have already set the date and time they are calling the race for Hillary, what Matthews has done runs the very real risk of suppressing voter turnout. It’s disgusting.

That date and time is 8:00 pm Eastern time, 5:00 pm Pacific time, on June 7, the night of the California primary. (Also the night of five other primaries or caucuses and the last-but-one night of Democratic Party voting.)

Here’s the Matthews quote from the video above:

MATTHEWS: This what I call “trouble,” [what] I’m about to start [saying or asking] here.

I’m told by the experts on numbers around here on NBC and elsewhere that come June 7, the day of the California primary — which your candidate [pointing to Jeff Weaver], I totally understand, wants to get to and maybe has a chance to knock off Hillary at that event, a big last hurrah — that at 8:00 that night Eastern time, that the networks will be prepared, including this one, to announce that Hillary Clinton has gotten over the top, that she will have won the nomination in numbers. It’s done.

What will that do to turnout, if that’s 5:00 Pacific time with three more hours to vote in California? Who will be least likely to vote, Sanders people from five to eight [o’clock] or Hillary. I’ve heard both theories.

Weaver answers the question in the only way that makes sense — that the announcement will be wrong, because the superdelegates don’t vote until the convention.

But that’s not the point here. Forget Matthew’s foolish question (“What will that do to turnout?”) and read the intro to it.

If Matthews is right, so is my headline, and so is Shaun King. The establishment, corporate-owned “networks are colluding” to declare Hillary Clinton the overall Democratic winner before California polls close. And they know it will affect turnout; they just aren’t sure whose.

An Establishment-Rigged System

After explaining in full what Weaver said above in short, King closes with this:

What the Democratic Party, and apparently the television networks, do not want people to know is that superdelegates, and not the American voters, are going to choose who this nominee is. …

This – all of this – is why supporters of Bernie Sanders so often say the system is rigged. It clearly looks that way.

It’s not just the Democratic Party that is tilting the table in Clinton’s direction, though. Notice, if Matthews is right, what the establishment networks are planning to do. Even Politico gives the game away (my emphasis):

Clinton could lose California, where the polls close three hours later, after she has already won the nomination [with the delegates won in New Jersey].

Whatever possessed Matthews to admit to all this? And will they carry through, the networks? Maybe not, after this. But still, maybe so. Either way, you have been warned. The networks are talking about, once again, making news, not just breaking it. What they will be breaking instead is their reputations as news organizations.

With every Sanders Democrat and independent watching … very very closely.

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  • jomicur

    With respect, I must note that the networks lost any credibility they had as news organizations during the Reagan presidency, if not earlier.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    Agreed. the networks are all about ad revenue not news. They can’t wait for the old man to go home, (“Why won’t he just quit? Don’t you think you should quit? Why won’t you quit?”), so they can get on with reaping the ad revenues from the 24/7 coverage of the guy on girl fight between t-Rumpter and Hillary.

  • MrLiberty

    The entire mainstream media is owned by a handful of globalist corporations who are in turn controlled by the ruling elite. EVERY bit of information distributed by them is carefully crafted to reinforce the primacy of all-powerful government, fiat currency, central banking, and the rest of the status-quo in the minds of the sheeple who cannot think for themselves. It has been that way for at least a century now. The two major parties are themselves simply mouthpieces and water carriers for the ruling elite and the policies that benefit them at OUR expense.

  • dayanmao

    So, the system looks rigged? Maybe because it Is rigged.

    • MrLiberty


      The system isn’t broken, its fixed.

  • DemandSider2

    Corporate media should stick to what it does best: Scare old people.