Extraordinary Stitch-Up at Nevada Democratic Convention

I had heard much about the way that Hillary was able to use control of the Democratic Party machine to suppress the challenge of Bernie Sanders. I had not fully understood it until I saw this truly shocking video of the Nevada Democratic Convention, a stage in the awarding of that state’s delegates to Hillary or Bernie. After the announcement of a narrow win for Hillary, which to many seemed improbable, the chairwoman of the Convention, Roberta Lange, a member of the National Democratic Committee, absolutely refused demands for a recount. She then closed the Convention after calling for a voice vote, again uncounted, on a rules change to allow her to do that.

Twice as many Sanders delegates to the Convention were disqualified by the Committee,for “administrative reasons”, as the supposed majority for Clinton, which even after those disqualifications did not appear to reflect the apparent balance of delegates present.

I think watching the video will tell you more than anything I can say. When adverts appear keep watching past them as it seems to be in several parts.

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  • diogenes

    Hitlery is the candidate of the Demonazi Party and that’s that. Anybody who says otherwise is a commie and gets sent to the gulag. This is America and we believe in democracy, freedom and justice for all, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Seig heil Hitlery!

  • Tim Chambers

    My feeling is that Hillary Clinton is totally out of tune with the zeitgeist, that Sanders and Trump are in tune, and that Trump will win against Hillary in a landslide. Trump may be bad for the country, but how much worse could he be than Clinton? Perhaps this will be the election that finally shows us the Clintons’ backside. That would be good riddance. And it might just revive the democratic wing of the Democratic party. That would be a good thing.

    • diogenes

      Until we understand that the “Two” Party system is wholly owned and operated by the oligarchic 0.1%, the one-in-a-thousand who own and operate “our” country and “our” “democratic” political system, there is no hope. BS about “reviving the democratic wing of the Democratic party” is just dope. Smoke some more, fool.

      • Tim Chambers


      • wunsacon

        I agree. But, “fool” was unnecessarily harsh.

  • Tim Chambers

    Just to set the record straight, I have no illusions about either party. I worked as political consultant for years, attended party meetings and saw what it was all about. Sanders has never been known as a naked political opportunist. If he isn’t trying to revive the “democratic wing of a Democratic Party” taken over in 1980s, on behalf of business interests by the Clinton’s D.LC., perhaps you could suggest what he is about. The 1%ers Manchurian Candidate? That’s Hillary.