Disturbing Claim – FBI Interrogated Former Senator for Wanting “28 Pages” Declassified

While extremely disturbing, I can’t say the following is particularly surprising.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) is criticizing the Obama administration as having tried to strong-arm a former senator who is pushing to declassify 28 pages of the 9/11 report dealing with Saudi Arabia.

He recounted how Rep. Gwen Graham (D-Fla.) and her father, former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Bob Graham (D-Fla.), were detained by the FBI in 2011 at Dulles International Airport outside Washington. The message from the agents, according to the Grahams, was to quit pushing for declassification of the 28 pages.

The FBI “took a former senator, a former governor, grabbed him in an airport, hustled him into a room with armed force to try to intimidate him into taking different positions on issues of public policy and important national policy, and the fact that he wasn’t intimidated because he was calm doesn’t show that they weren’t trying to intimidate him,” Sherman said in an interview with The Hill’s Molly K. Hooper.

This actually makes perfect sense. As I highlighted in last year’s post, The New York Post Reports – FBI is Covering Up Saudi Links to 9/11 Attack:

Former Democratic Sen. Bob Graham, who in 2002 chaired the congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11, maintains the FBI is covering up a Saudi support cell in Sarasota for the hijackers. He says the al-Hijjis’ “urgent” pre-9/11 exit suggests “someone may have tipped them off” about the coming attacks.

Graham has been working with a 14-member group in Congress to urge President Obama to declassify 28 pages of the final report of his inquiry which were originally redacted, wholesale, by President George W. Bush.

“The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11, and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier,” he said, adding, “I am speaking of the kingdom,” or government, of Saudi Arabia, not just wealthy individual Saudi donors.

Sources who have read the censored Saudi section say it cites CIA and FBI case files that directly implicate officials of the Saudi Embassy in Washington and its consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks — which, if true, would make 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war by a foreign government.

This is Your Government: Protecting the criminals from the people.

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  • Rana

    “28 pages” = CIA’s PsyOp targeting ignorant and gullible audiences

    Wondering how KSA was able to destroy Building 7 (WTC7 or Salomon Brothers’ Building) without using planes…

    Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog = just another cyber-presstitute trying to make some money by propagating government-sponsored bullshit


  • ClubToTheHead

    Cass Sunstein so opposed internet propagated conspiracy theories that he
    proposed a government funded counter conspiracy team designed to prove that
    there are no government funded conspiracies on the internet.

    Now, which conspiracy is real and which is merely a diversionary

    counter-conspiracy conspiracy?

    My bet is that the 28 pages are the real thing.

    • Batraccio

      If you thing those “28 pages are the real thing,” then you might be just another gullible and stupid brute that allows your government to manipulate your way of thinking.

      Being said that, let’s see if you can demonstrate to audiences that KSA was indeed involved in the demolition of Building 7 (WTC7 or Salomon Brothers’ Building). If you cannot provide decisive evidence, then you will be just another moron who blindly believes in the official 9/11 fairy tale.


      • ClubToTheHead

        Just as might you.