David Swanson and Daniel Ellsberg on War and Peace

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  • Dana Visalli

    Great to see these two heroic figures. I find it bizarre that Ellsberg ‘had hopes’ in 2006 for rational politics. I also disagree with Swanson that ‘if Obama was killing white people’ with drones he would be removed from office. I think Swanson knows this is not true; he seems extremely intelligent to me; it seems more a matter of momentary convenience to say such a thing. Humans with too much power will kill anyone who irritates them. This is one of many reasons not to concentrate power (i.e. send the monetary/energy resources flowing from you life) to people 3000 miles away whom you have never met and eitherknow nothing about, or alternately know too much about. The system as it is currently constructed is brutally dysfunctional. What we need are human beings who are dedicated to the biological integrity of the planet.