David Cameron Is Absolutely Right!

Cameron spoke the truth – Nigeria and Afghanistan are “fantastically corrupt.” They are indeed the “two most corrupt countries in the World”.

The bit he omitted was that both are so as a direct result of British military and imperial occupation of their country.

Of course when the Tories describe somewhere as “fantastically corrupt”, they mean “brilliant personal enrichment opportunity for me.” And not just the Tories. Tony Blair will be in there like a shot.

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  • MrLiberty

    Not only did the “sun never set” on the British Empire, but the stench and the lasting residual effects of the giant fecal stain left around the globe by US and Western European colonialism will likely never be fully removed. One simply cannot look upon any “enslaved” nation and criticize their current failings. Even the child reared by horrible parents may end up working a lifetime to try and undo the damage done during childhood. It takes a culture of freedom-loving to foster the kind of people who will work to maintain freedom and liberty if given the chance. “Slaves” will inevitably go back to a version of what they know even when freed (not that this should be taken in any way as a justification of the enslavement). Western nations are certainly NO examples of how to do things correctly as they do simply enslave their own populations now that they lack vast overseas empires to enslave. And indeed, the failings of these overseas nations become the justification for new adventurism and enslavement as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc. clearly shows.