Crashed Egyptair Flight

I have had occasion before to praise Sam Kiley, Sky News security correspondent, who often seems to be fighting a one man battle against rampant Islamophobia and alarmism in the media. He has just given an extremely sensible analysis. He counselled against rushing to brand the crash as terrorism without evidence, discussing both mechanical failure and pilot suicide. He added that even if it was terrorism it was not necessarily Islamic terrorism. He quoted Anders Breivik and the fact that early reporting speculated that massacre was Islamic terrorism. Kiley even went so far as to state it was a possibility that, if it were terrorism, it could be carried out by a fascist group attempting falsely to implicate Islamic groups and stoke Islamophobia. Kiley also outlined the possibilities for various Islamic groups to be involved.

His summary was as balanced and sensible as it could be possible to make. Indeed Eamonn Holmes felt it necessary to ramp up the terrorist narrative by stating there have only ever been 68 mechanical failures on Airbus 320 aircraft. That is true, but it is a very much larger number than the number of terrorist incidents on A 320 aircraft.

I do not know what happened. I do know that it is remarkable that anybody as balanced as Sam Kiley – who four years ago stated on Sky News that Israel was perceived as “moving towards an apartheid state” – continues to be employed by the mainstream media. I frequently criticise corporate media journalists for doing a bad job. When one is doing a particularly good job I should in fairness note it.

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  • SteveThom

    Here is an article that shows how easy it is to get an explosive device onboard an aircraft:

    Without full body scanners, this device will be able to defeat the current airport security measures in most of the world’s airports.

  • May 18, 2016 EgyptAir Flight MS804 Vanishes from Radar with 69 On Board

    An EgyptAir flight carrying at least 59 passengers and 10 crew members went off the radar after departing from Paris and heading to Cairo, the airline said in a brief statement.

  • I admire and respect Craig Murray. With regard to any plane crash, it is always helpful to know who was on the plane. With any act of terrorism, the initial suspicion should always be Saudi Arabia. Whether it’s ISIS< Al Qaeda, or other fronts, the trail almost always goes back to Saudi funding of extremists and the lack of any restraint on Saudi behavior. The 28 pages that we will never see would sink the not so magic kingdom. But, we know enough without that material.

    • Figarone

      All the blueprints of a FALSE FLAG operation, courtesy of France’s DGSA + America’s CIA + British MI6 + Israel’s Mossad. Only gullible and stupid audiences will swallow the incoming bullshit propagated by the mainstreamedia

      Wondering if NATO and/or IAF warplanes were operating in that area during the incident, including EW and AWACS plaes and navy units (and air defense systems can show that info). The Russian Federation may be able to clarify this possibility since their early warning systems were able to detect the presence of a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter-bomber during the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 incident back in 2014.