All Of A Sudden, Fish Are Dying By The MILLIONS All Over The Planet

Fish Deaths - Public DomainWhy are millions upon millions of dead sea creatures suddenly washing up on beaches all over the world?  It is certainly not unusual for fish and other inhabitants of our oceans to die.  This happens all the time.  But over the past month we have seen a series of extremely alarming mass death incidents all over the planet.  As you will see below, many of these mass death incidents have involved more than 30 tons of fish.  In places such as Chile and Vietnam, it has already gotten to the level where it has started to become a major national crisis.  People see their coastlines absolutely buried in dead sea creatures, and they are starting to freak out.

For example, just check out what is going on in Chile right now.  The following comes from a Smithsonian Magazine article entitled “Why Are Chilean Beaches Covered With Dead Animals?“…

Compared to other countries, Chile is almost all coast, and that geographical fluke means that the country is known for its beautiful beaches. But that reputation may be on the wane thanks to a new sight on Chilean shores: dead animals. Lots of them. Heaps of them, in fact. As Giovanna Fleitas reports for the Agence France-Presse, the South American country’s beaches are covered with piles of dead sea creatures—and scientists are trying to figure out why.

Tales of dead animals washing up on shore are relatively common; after all, the ocean has a weird way of depositing its dead on shore. But Chile’s problem is getting slightly out of hand. As Fleitas writes, recent months have not been kind to the Chilean coast, which has played host to washed-up carcasses of over 300 whales, 8,000 tons of sardines, and nearly 12 percent of the country’s annual salmon catch, to name a few.

Authorities in Chile are scrambling to come up with a reason for why this is happening, but nobody appears to be quite sure what is causing this tsunami of death.

In Vietnam, things are even worse.  At this point, so many dead fish and clams have been washing up along the coast that soldiers have been deployed to bury them

Millions of fish have washed up dead along a 125-kilometre stretch of the Vietnamese coast in one of the communist country’s worst environmental disasters.

Soldiers have been deployed to bury tonnes of fish, clams and the occasional whale that began dying in early April along the north-central coast, including some popular tourist beaches.

Vietnamese officials facing growing anger over the disaster have not announced the official cause of the deaths, which have affected the livelihoods of tens of thousands of families.

Elsewhere in Asia, there have been similar incidents.  For example, CNN is reporting that one lake in southern China is currently dealing with 35 tons of dead fish…

At least 35 tons of dead fish appeared in a lake in southern China, leaving residents stunned.

The piles of fish washed up in a lake in Hainan province on Wednesday, Chinese state media reported.

Residents expressed concerns on pollution, but local authorities said the fish died as a result of salinity change.

On the other side of the world, similar incidents have also happened in major lakes.  Here is one example from Bolivia

Thousands of dead fish have washed up onto the shores of a lake in Bolivia.

Just before they died, some of the fish had just hatched from their eggs in lake Alalay, in the central Bolivian city of Cochabamba.

No one yet knows the number of dead fish, but they have stockpiled five cubic metres (177 cubic feet) so far, so it’s possible there is over a tonne of dead fish in the lake.

And here is an example from Brazil

More than 200 tons of dead fish were removed from the Furnas Lake on Sunday (1st) in Alfenas (MG). According to the Military Police of the Environment, both fish raised in ponds, networks and those who are released, all of the tilapia species in the lake were affected. The damage to the psicultores is estimated at around R $ 900 thousand.

I could go on and on all day with examples such as these.

Just within the last month, 40 tons of fish died in India, 65 tons of fish died in Cambodia, 70 tons of fish died in Colombia, and millions of fish “suddenly died” in Indonesia.

So why is this happening?

I don’t know.

Could it be possible that these mass deaths are somehow related to the alarming earth changes that we see happening all around us?

Without a doubt, we have seen a dramatic rise in seismic activity during the early portions of 2016.  There has been a series of very destructive earthquakes around the world in recent months, and once dormant volcanoes are coming to life all over the globe with distressing regularity.

Of course humanity has done much to destroy the planet as well, and we continue to deal with the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  I do think that it is very interesting to note that most of these mass fish deaths have happened in nations that border the Pacific Ocean.

I am certainly not claiming to have an answer for why so many fish are dying.  All I know is that millions upon millions of dead fish are washing up on shores all over the globe, and people are really starting to freak out about this.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, and major disasters seem to be getting more frequent and more intense.  Just look at what is happening up in Alberta right now.

I believe that we are entering the “perfect storm” that myself and so many others have been warning about for so long.

Or could it be possible that I am just being overly dramatic?

Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…

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  • jadan

    Yes, Michael, you are being excessively dramatic at the same time you are completely disingenuous. The “perfect storm” is what you live for, it’s what your angry God is dishing out to His sinful human minions. And the worse things get, the more prescient You seem to be as humble messenger of all this death and destruction. But I’m glad that you don’t ignore Fukushima as most all the commentators do, who claim that climate change is the cause: ocean acidification and warming.

    Fukushima is an extinction event and this is not the result of your angry God’s retribution for gay marriage, abortion, etc, etc, It is a very bad policy decision made by leaders who should know better. Even as Chernobyl remembrance day stimulates woeful reflections on that terrible accident, the fact of Fukushima, the worst industrial accident in the history of the planet, is ignored and no mention is made that it is orders of magnitude worse than Chernobyl, and it is not yet contained!! The oceans are being poisoned, the biosphere is being poisoned, we are all ultimately the victims of our own bad policy decisions.

    And we are also victims of this disgusting pseudo-Christian ideology you are so vigorously selling to the fearful, confused, and ignorant people of this benighted country.

    Michael Snyder, you two-faced little weasel, you throw up your hands and piously proclaim you don’t know why the fish are dying, when the fact is that you and your religious co-conspirators have been warning about this all along, and you believe you know why, you pious liar. You haven’t got anything constructive to say, you’ve got no solutions, your whole purpose is to “wake” people up to the End Times message.

    You want them to build their lives on fear, guns, and freeze-dried escapism cloaked in real tree camouflage as they contribute to your “ministry” and become a religious ideologue like you are yourself. Nothing will be done to solve these problems that are converging into this “perfect storm” your fucking religion requires. Your religion is part of the problem. The fulfillment of your religion is death on a massive scale.

    • diogenes

      General Electric, who built the reactors at Fukushima, and Wall Street, whose predatory financial policies drive them, have a lot more to do with the problem than Michael Snyder and his B.S. As you say, Fukushima is the issue. Try not to get infuriated and slip off topic. Wall Street loves it when we do that.

      • Nexusfast123

        The location of the reactors, the siting of the back-up generators and ignoring the historical record of large earthquake drive waves also contributed.

        • diogenes

          Every single reactor on the planet is the same potential disaster. All that has to happen is lose power. Without power they can’t stay cool long enough to shut down and so they melt down. There are several reactors in California similarly cited, but it doesn’t matter whether they’re on an earthquake fault or not. They’re all toxic disasters and none of them are truly cost efficient when all costs are included. They are a DEADLY SCAM brought to us by the same fucking filth who are destroying our country from their headquarters on Wall Street.

    • Nexusfast123

      Good response to a guy that mindlessly revels in writing religiously laced doom-porn. There is no magic man in the sky and as you say we are reaping the consequences of our decisions.

    • wunsacon


      I find it difficult to assess the impact of Fukushima on the West Coast:
      – currently
      – if the spent fuel pools burn off

      What do you think of living on the West Coast, in these two scenarios (existing and possible)?

      • jadan

        I lived there 20 years, but would not live there today. Like Arnie Gunderson, I avoid Pacific seafood. Science has not assessed the impact of radiation on such a massive scale. It may not be the only cause of sea life megadeath, but it’s got to be a primary trigger because mostyt of ythis carnage has happened ( all of a sudden ) since 3/11/11.

        • wunsacon

          Thanks, jadan. Please disagree with my propositions and inferences here, however you see it.

          >> Like Arnie Gunderson, I avoid Pacific seafood.

          Me, too.

          BUT… the oceans already contain a huge amount of trace radioactive material. Fortunately, it’s diluted. It’s so diluted that the Geiger readings next or on the Pacific Ocean is about a third less than inland. That’s because there’s more trace radioactive material in the earth than in the water. So, really, as long as one doesn’t eat the food (which might bioaccumulate radiation), what’s the harm in living on the West Coast?

          Even as Fukushima continues leeching the fuel from units 1-4 into the sea forever, the threat to one’s health from radioactive exposure while living on the West Coast will stay essentially “a rounding error”. (That’s unless the spent fuel pools burn off, which I suspect is unlikely because IIRC they’re up a hill and therefore not at risk from a tsunami).

          What’s a bit scary though is:
          – Nuke plants operate all over Japan, all over fault lines.
          – Any more serious meltdowns from more quakes could cause a general panic and exodus of the wealthy from Japan.
          – The same could happen on the US East Coast, since there are something like 15 plants along the New Madrid fault.
          – Arrogance contributes to complacency and mistakes. With all the arrogance and corruption in this country, we’ll do nothing until disaster strikes. And our government’s planning — likely subverted by corruption and incompetence — will probably leave the poor to fend for themselves as during Katrina.

        • wunsacon

          >> It may not be the only cause of sea life megadeath, but it’s got to be a
          primary trigger because mostyt of ythis carnage has happened ( all of a
          sudden ) since 3/11/11.

          I suspect warming patterns (like what caused the multi-year drought in Cali) have more to do with it. Might just be a strong el Nino. Too early to say whether it’s “global warming”, since I imagine natural variation (IMHO) probably drowns out signal from global warming so far.

    • Leo News
      • jadan

        Excellent article!

  • diogenes

    In nine letters: F U K U S H I M A.
    In two letters: G.E.
    In one diabolical symbol: $.

  • mondo

    I don;t believe it’s Fukushima as many of these incidents are happening in the southern hemisphere. Id bet that it has to do with the geoengineering they’ve begun implementing south of the ecuador on a mass scale in recent years.
    They mention “salinity” as the determined cause? The toxic ingredients in the aerosols sprayed change have been proven to drastically change the PH of water & soil, mass killing fish and frogs in lakes & oceans, bees, birds, and insects on land. They did tests on whales last year and found “jaw-dropping amounts of aluminum” in their bodies and brains.

    • diogenes

      South of the equator is still the Pacific and the stuff F U K U S H I M A is dumping into the ocean is toxic in parts per billion — the most poisonous substance known. Thank you GE. Thank you AEC. Thank you moneynazis of Wall Street.

    • Dave

      It can’t be both? Oceans have been suffering for a long time under mankind and fukushima or geoengineering is just humanity’s way of making sure its dead.

    • Merrifield

      I also suspect geoengineering.

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  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    Think , Humans , Unfortunately took “RESIDENCE” ANYWHERE ; Where “KGAZARIAN – Infested , Related , Possessed , Administered Organizational INSTITUTIONS” are at their “SATAN – WORSHIPING DUTY” , to Annihilate the “Useless EATERS of MANKIND” ,— Leave their “ENDANGERED HOMES” !!! “Unified HUMANITY” ; is Going to RESOLVE it’s “EXISTENCE – THREATENING PROBLEM” With the High-Priests & PROPONENTS of “EVIL” , ONCE and FOREVER !!!

  • Pokelo
    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      Thanks for this Informative SITE !!! But there is No Plausible “EXPLANATION” ; Why the “POISONING” just Hit “VIETNAM” AND Far Beyond “CHILI” !!!

      • pokelo

        There is if you look at the relationship between electromagnetic forces and terrestrial elements. These die offs occurred during elevated levels of geo magnetic activity. Of course there is human caused die offs via pollution, etc.. but these large scale events are driven by electricity. Think Tesla-electric universe. Additionally, this can be observed. By learning to use the available instrumentation you can observe dozens of relationships with geological stability, storm intensities, volcanism,power outages, etc.. Here are the tools in one place.

  • January 25th, 2016 “Worst wildlife die-off ever recorded” anywhere on Earth underway on West Coast — Expert: “And we’re not just talking marine die-offs… yeah, it’s a really big deal” — “There are many more species that are getting sick” — “Facing possibility of extinction”

    Biologists are calling the mass death of west coast sea stars the worst wildlife die-off ever recorded Experts are also discussing whether it’s time to list the species as endangered… “They’ve gone from being one of the most common species in the Puget Sound to 2-3 years later, being incredibly hard to find; many more species that are getting sick.

    January 25th, 2016 Your Radiation This Week No 40 Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM.

    1,556 CPM, 311.2 Times Normal, Miami, FL. Beta, Gamma.

    1,476 CPM, 295.6 Times Normal, Colorado Springs, CO. Beta, Gamma.

    1,436 CPM, 287.2 Times Normal, Kansas City, KS. MIA Last High

    1,426 CPM, 285.2 Times Normal, Little Rock, AR. Beta, Gamma.

  • Jun 5, 2015 California’s Sea Lion Die-Off

    Thousands of sick sea lion pups are washing up ashore and dying along the California coast, with over 3,100 pups reportedly becoming stranded in 2015 so far — an amount greater than the reported strandings from 2004 to 2012 combined.

  • diogenes

    F U K U S H I M A

    in one word.

  • Joshua Greenwood

    Your late to the party Washingtonsblog. Look at this – I challenge everyone – LOOK AT THIS: it includes a list of ALL the mass die offs in the last 2 years. I challenge ALL to look at the entire list. Our world is dying people.