9/11 Disinformation: Saudi Arabia Attacked America — Paul Craig Roberts

The forever changing 9/11 story is entering a new phase. Blame is being transferred from Osama bin Laden to the Saudi Arabian government.

There are 28 pages classified secret of a congressional inquiry into 9/11 that allegedly found Saudi financial support for the alleged 9/11 hijackers. Neither the George W. Bush nor the Obama regimes would release the classified pages. Only a few members of Congress have been permited to read it, and they are not permitted to speak about it. Nevertheless, Congress now has before it the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act which, if passed, permits families of victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue the Saudi Arabian government for damages. In other words, although Congress has no information except rumor with which to support the bill, Congress is going ahead. Obama says if Congress passes the bill, he will veto it.

The refusal to declassify the evidence against the Saudis and the veto threat have put many commentators in high dudgeon.

What is going on here?

One possible answer is that the public’s confidence in the 9/11 story is eroding as a result of growing expert opinion that challenges the official line. In order to redirect the public’s skepticism, a red herring is being pulled across the trail. The Saudi angle satisfies the belief that some sort of government coverup is involved but redirects the suspicion from Washington to the Saudis. The Saudi angle also fits the neoconservatives’ original plan for overthrowing the Saudi government along with the governments of Iraq, Syria, and Iran. If the American people can be worked up against the Saudis, the neocons can get their wish for “regime change” in Saudi Arabia.

We are probably experiencing a deep state disinformation play designed to protect the false 9/11 story. The public’s skepticism is now directed at Saudi Arabia, and the public’s outrage is directed at the US government for covering up for the Saudis. Possible reasons that the report can’t be released are (1) it is just disinformation created as a red herring and if made public knowledgeable experts would expose it and (2) it is disinformation fed to the inquiry by neoconservatives who seized the opportunity to set up Saudi Arabia for attack.

No explanation has been provided as to why Saudi Arabia, with its long and tight connection to Washington and to the Bush family, has any interest in enabling a terrorist attack on the US. The Saudis need American protection. They have no interest in making their protector look so weak as to be humiliated by a handful of young men armed only with boxcutters. Such a weak protector is no protection.

Moreover, the Saudis are fighting the war in Yemen for Washington. If the Saudis want to harm the US, why not leave the US to fight its own war in Yemen?

Here is a Saudi’s take on the alleged involvement of Saudi Arabia in 9/11: http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2016/05/26/state-sponsors-terrorism-us-planned-and-carried-out-9-11-attacks-but-blames-other-countries-them-out.html

Katib Al-Shammari says that the US planned and carried out 9/11 in order to obtain hegemony over the Middle East and placed the blame for 9/11 on an ever changing list of culprits depending on Washington’s goal at the time. First, he says, it was Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Then Saddam Hussein and Iraq. A New York Court blamed Iran. Now Saudi Arabia is given the villian role. The Americans, he says, always come up with suspicious documents and claim to have evidence that they never show.

Americans would greatly benefit from reading the perspective of others. Do read the Saudi’s explanation of 9/11. It makes more sense than the official story.

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  • YWontU

    But the US does not have hegemony over the middle east, does it? The US left everything behind and more, providing billions in helping Iraq establish a proper governance system and army that is capable of beating down the many muslim criminal warlords and their muslim gangsters that continually arise there.

    The fact remains that the Saudi muslims used 9/11 to declare war on the big satan america, and at the same time manipulate the USA into fighting its wars against those muslims targeting it, because many muslims believe that the House of Saud is jewish, and then there are the shia muslims too.

    While Saudi Arabia condemned the USA for the iraq war at the same time it assisted the USA to wage war on iraq. No doubt, the reasoning went like this: The US must take responsibility for the war on iraqis because the muslims must not know that it is the Saudis behind it all, it will just inflame their hatred for the House of Saud even more. So America is doing all this to protect muslims from muslims and getting a kick in the teeth for doing so.

    As for your reasoning that Saudi Arabia relies on the USA for protection and therefore would not attack the USA, muslims should apply the same reasoning to Israel, instead of accusing the jews for every muslim atrocity, it is wearing thin now. In fact, Israel is more dependent on the USA than Saudi Arabia.

    wiki: Former President George W. Bush and current President Barack Obama have close and strong relations with senior members of the Saudi Royal Family. (Such close agreements don’t easily reach the public.)

    In particular the two countries were allies against the Soviets in Afghanistan and in the expulsion of
    Iraq from Kuwait in 1991. (Once again, American politicians were helping to protect Saudi Arabia, so after all, it was not America’s idea to arm the talibans but Saudi Arabia’s.)

    During the Iraq War, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, criticized the U.S.-led invasion as a `colonial adventure` aimed only at gaining control of Iraq’s natural resources. But the same time, Bradley writes, the Saudi government secretly allowed the US military to “essentially” manage its air campaign and launch special operations against Iraq from inside Saudi borders, using “at least three” Saudi air bases.

    Bradley, John R. (2005). Saudi Arabia Exposed : Inside a Kingdom in Crisis. Palgrave. pp. 210–11. [the Gulf War was] aimed only at gaining control of Iraq’s natural resources. While that argument could be made quite strongly by anyone else, it is a bit rich coming from any member of the Al-Saud family. During the Iraq war, Saudi Arabia secretly helped the United States by allowing operations
    from at least three air bases, permitting special forces to stage attacks from Saudi soil, and providing cheap fuel. The American air campaign against Iraq was essentially managed from inside Saudi borders, where military officers operated a command center and launched refueling tankers, F-16 fighter jets, and sophisticated intelligence-gathering flights.

    • Rufus Peckham

      I second the fact of House of Saud being jewish. Kemal Attaturk is also accused of being jewish.

  • YWontU

    Instead, it is Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, Iran and Turkey that are establishing the middle east and the rest of the world. ISIS and Turkey are stealing iraq and syria’s oil, not the USA.

  • Rufus Peckham

    The funniest dis-info campaign after they killed Bin Laden the nth time at his compound and listed off the books he had in his possession. All of which are books many of us who read stuff like Washington’s Blog, Winter Actionables or followed Ron Paul cherish and own…
    If D.C. is behind framing Saudi Arabia for 9/11, then it is obviously a lie… (we knew that much already)