US Hacking, Spyware Targets Include Mass Media, Phone, and Energy Companies

US corporate government wants to control and drain as much of the world as possible.  Reuters, The Register, and others summarize some of its methods:

“The U.S. National Security Agency has figured out how to hide spying software deep within hard drives …. giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world’s computers, according to cyber researchers and former operatives.

That long-sought and closely guarded ability was part of a cluster of spying programs discovered by Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based security software maker that has exposed a series of Western cyberespionage operations.

Kaspersky said it found personal computers in 30 countries infected with one or more of the spying programs, with the most infections seen in Iran [a US corporate target since 1953], followed by Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria. The targets included government and military institutions, telecommunication companies, banks, energy companies, nuclear researchers, media, and Islamic activists, Kaspersky said.”

These hacking and spyware operations date back “at least 14 years and possibly up to two decades”.

Other outlets note:

NSA Hackers Infected Hard Drives with Impossible-to-Remove Spyware

Spyware Linked To NSA Discovered In Hard Drives Across The World

The Only Way You Can Delete This NSA Malware Is to Smash Your Hard Drive to Bits

There’s no way of knowing if the NSA’s spyware is on your hard drive

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  • kimyo

    compromised hardware is why i believe bitcoin is unsafe. also, it means that one cannot design a secure voting machine using off the shelf hardware.

    it’s not just hard drives, almost all motherboards contain bios backdoors.

  • FlingerOfTruth

    The only way not to be compromised security wise is to stay off line the software your talking about is Inslaw / Promis.

    Warning the connections tied to this software can take up years of your life to follow here is a small teaser

    “He told friends that he “had traced the Inslaw and related stories back to a dirty CIA `Old Boy’ network” that had begun working together in the 1950’s around the Albania covert operations.”


    ” After the installation of a CIA-created “back door” into the program, Israel, using its lifelong Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, reportedly sold the software to “unfriendly” nations and then secretly retrieved priceless intelligence data.”

    It goes from the Old Boys to the Boys of 9/11 and keeps ongoing to current events worldwide.

    A good read :

  • In addition, 3-28-2016 CIA Agents to Troll Alternative Media Sites in Huge Propaganda Program

    In an expansion of Operation Mockingbird, the agency are now creating fake user accounts on various internet forums and social media channels, arguing politics with real users in an attempt to stifle and subvert genuine communications between users.

    JUNE 10, 2013 NSA has been spying over every windows user before 9/11 they built backdoor in All windows software by 1999.

  • The hackers now can say that it is going to be a need for speed 2. A new member in malware family. We are getting to be fall in more risky as the Spyware is taking over a control on our private documents. That’s so much disgusting