War Is A Lie — Seattle, April 15, 2016

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  • This dovetails with your great article Mr. Swanson.

    Apr 14, 2016 Complete MSM Blackout as Americans Protest Their Fake Presidential Election Process

    Over 500 people have been arrested now for “unlawful demonstration activity” as protests against our rigged presidential election process continue on Capitol Hill this week with over a thousand people showing up in just that one city alone, maybe more.


  • So is the entire police state or as they were once referred to as the ‘Revenuers’ from days gone by in our history of the 1920’s. View this informative video or at minimum listen why you are doing other things to understand the system of fraud as a whole.

    No, the Police Don’t Work For You


    Police Have No Duty To Protect Individuals

    Before the mid-1800s, American and British citizens – even in large cities – were expected to protect themselves and each other. Indeed, they were legally required to pursue and attempt to apprehend criminals. The notion of a police force in those days was abhorrent in England and America, where classic liberals viewed it as a form of the dreaded “standing army.”


    CONTINUE DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: http://CopBlock.org/Library

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    Great talk, David; thank you.

  • yEshUA ImmAnUEl

    “Evil hates the light and will not come to it because when it comes to the light it is destroyed. This light is the realization that there is no enjoyment or pleasure in evil deeds. Evil loses its power over us when we understand its illusions and snares. All evil is night, and darkness. The desires and lusts of the flesh is darkness and night also, but the truth never comes to man as long as he clings to his sensual fleshly desires.”

  • yEshUA ImmAnUEl

    “Intuitive discerning of the relation of True Opposites to contradictory opposites which will lead the true seeker safely through the mazes of the Labyrinth of inverted reflections, and enable him to destroy the Minotaur of sense and seeming.”

  • yEshUA ImmAnUEl

    “Now while my senses are wholly absorbed in the external, I never consciously discern mental pictures. They are an entirely unrecognized factor in my mental machinery. And, in the present age, all inner vision is sternly remanded to the realm of fantasy as the next door to insanity, and proof positive of morbid conditions of body and mind. Therefore, if I would ever know the truth of the inner vision, I must endure the infamy of being one who dreams dreams, and sees visions. (However, a very little experience and reflection soon con- vinces me that the mutual polarity of thought and mental picture explains all phenomena of dreams, clairvoyance, premonitions, etc., etc.) “

    • MEMO to government trolls: you are wasting your time here

      • yEshUA ImmAnUEl

        “To the soul there are no days or years, but one eternal now.”

        “What is time and space, after all, but merely mental conceptions by which we attempt to measure the Infinite?”

  • Mr. Swanson, your work is admirable but there are fatal problems with
    the application of your ideas. The reason the US didnt bomb Syria and
    murder Assad is because of the Russian air force presence, not American
    civil disobedience and votes in the British parliament. The reason the
    US destroyed Iraq in 91 and 03 is because the Soviet Union was no longer
    around to counterbalance the US super power. You see, weakness
    attracts aggression and military strength keeps the peace. This will
    never change. Peace movements succeed only because of the prospect of
    armed struggle. The 1960s peace movement could not have ended the
    Vietnam War without armed resistance of Vietnamese in Vietnam who went
    down fighting by the millions while John Lennon sang Give Peace a Chance
    in Central Park. Martin Luther King could not have changed things
    without the Malcolm X alternative waiting in the wings and the deadly
    contest with the nuclear armed Soviet Union and Red China that put
    enormous pressure on the American establishment to clean up its act
    while it was screaming about human rights abuses in Communist countries.

    • yEshUA ImmAnUEl

      Do you know where you come from?

    • yEshUA ImmAnUEl

      Do you know why you are here?

    • Russia’s air force didn’t change anything between Obama’s decision to bomb and his decision not to.