Trans-Gender, Non-Binary and Related Issues

Today I thought I might blog on a subject I understand nothing about. (Cries of “no change there then” echo around the internet). For the life of me, I have not been able to absorb what the controversies around transgender and non-binary actually are. I can think of no vaguely sensible reason why people ought not to be allowed to be what they wish to be. I am astonished there should be arguments about public bathrooms, and cannot understand why people cannot use whichever of these they wish to use too. There must be more to it than this, or people wouldn’t keep writing newspaper articles about it or asking POTUS. But the nature of the controversy is to me entirely mysterious.

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  • kimyo

    as with any reality tv show, the controversy is manufactured. doesn’t matter if it’s lgbt or abortion or whether poor/fat people are lazy or terrorists hate us for our freedoms, these all serve to distract from the true matters at hand.

    ex: the false dichotomy of ‘tax the rich (thieves)’ vs. ‘cut services to the (indolent) poor’. the dialogue becomes so heated that the fact that dozens of highly profitable corporations are paying no taxes gets zero attention.

    another: if the democrats had actually made abortion legal and easy to obtain back in the 60’s they’d have had nothing to run on for the last few decades.

    &another: what did more harm to the american worker? illegal immigrantion? or corporate ceo’s moving factories overseas?

    that’s why cnn/msnbc/fox et al. spends so much time talking about gay wedding cakes. if the noise machine were silenced, we all might realize that we all mostly want the same things from life, ie: opportunity and a level playing field for our children and grandchildren.