Obama Requests Support for Possible War Against Russia

Eric Zuesse

According to Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Economic News), on April 23rd, U.S. President Barack Obama is “demanding the active deployment of the Bundeswehr [Germany’s armed forces, including their Army, Navy, and Air Force] to NATO’s eastern borders” at Poland and the Baltic republics, to join the quadrupling of America’s forces there, on and near those borders of Russia. (This is an extreme violation of what Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to when he ended the Soviet Union and its NATO-mirror organization the Warsaw Pact, but it’s actually culminating a process that began shortly after he agreed to America’s terms, which included that NATO “not move one inch to the east.”) 

Furthermore, DWN reports that on April 25th, the U.S. President will hold a “summit meeting” in Hannover Germany with the leaders of Germany (Angela Merkel), Italy (Matteo Renzi), France (Francois Hollande), and Britain (David Cameron). The presumed objective of this meeting is to establish in NATO’s countries bordering on Russia, a military force of all five countries that are headed by these leaders, a force threatening Russia with an invasion, if NATO subsequently decides that the ‘threat from Russia’ be ‘responded to’ militarily.

NATO’s surrounding Russia with hostile forces is supposedly defensive against Russia — not an offensive operation. During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, America’s President JFK didn’t consider Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev’s plan to base nuclear missiles in Cuba to be ‘defensive’ on the USSR’s part — and neither does Russia’s President Vladimir Putin consider America’s far bigger operation, of surrounding Russia with such weapons, to be ‘defensive’ and not offensive. The U.S. Government, and NATO, act as if Russia is surrounding them, instead of them surrounding Russia — and their ‘news’ media transmit this lie as if it should be taken seriously, not as its being a lie; but, in actual fact, NATO has already expanded right up to Russia’s western borders.

Obama is thus now adding to the economic sanctions against Russia that he had imposed allegedly because of Russia’s alleged ‘seizure’ of Crimea from Ukraine after Obama’s coup overthrew Russia’s ally Viktor Yanukovych who led Ukraine until the coup in February 2014.

Right after Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia, Obama slapped sanctions against Russia (even though Western-sponsored polls in Crimea, both before and after the coup, had shown higher than 90% support by Crimeans for rejoining with Russia), and nuclear weapons were prepared, both on the U.S.-EU side and on the Russian side, for a possible nuclear war. 

This is no mere restoration of the Cold War (which was based upon the capitalist-communist ideological disagreement); it’s instead getting forces into position for a possible invasion of Russia, pure-and-simple — raw conquest — though no major news-media in the West are reporting it as being such. 

That preparation doesn’t necessarily mean a nuclear war will result. Russia might accept whatever the demands of ‘the West’ are, and thus lose its national sovereignty. Otherwise, ‘the West’ (the U.S.leadership, and the leaderships in its allied countries) might quit their evermore-ominous threats, and simply withdraw from Russia’s borders, if Russia stands-its-ground and refuses to yield up its national sovereignty.

Basically, the U.S. leadership decided to take over Ukraine, and refused to acknowledge the rights of the Crimean people to reject being conquered by the U.S. — and Russia’s leadership decided to protect them against the type of invasion that subsequently occurred in Ukraine’s former Donbass region, where the opposition to Obama’s coup was even more intense.

Supposedly, ‘the West’ is asserting that Russia is somehow in the wrong here; but, since even the head of Stratfor has called what Obama did in Ukraine “the most blatant coup in history”, and since the fact that it was a U.S. coup has been documented extensively on cellphone and other videos, and in the most thorough academic investigation that has been performed of the matter — and was even acknowledged by Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko, a participant in the coup, to have been a coup — and since evidence survives on the Internet of the U.S. Embassy’s preparations as early as 1 March 2013 for the February 2014 coup; and since even the U.S. government’s hired polls showed that Crimeans rejected overwhelmingly the U.S. coup and supported rejoining Russia; the question still needs to be answered: What basis of ‘the West’s’ aggressive actions threatening Russia’s national security is there, other than such lies by the West, against Russia’s President? And, that’s a very worrisome basis — worrisome regarding, essentially, dictatorship in ‘the West’, rather than regarding any dictatorship outside ‘the West’. The dictatorship here seems clearly to be coming from the West, against the East.

Back in January, Russian President Vladimir Putin called-out American President Barack Obama on Obama’s big lie, that America’s “ABM” weapons to disable in-flight nuclear missiles were being installed in Europe in order to protect Europe against Iranian nuclear missiles, but now the U.S. acknowledges that Iran doesn’t have, and won’t have, any nuclear missiles, and yet Obama is stepping up (instead of ending) those ABM installations — even though the alleged anti-Iranian reason for them is gone. The only actual reason they have been installed, Putin argues, is in order to enable a blitz nuclear attack against Russia, which will include disabling Russia’s retaliatory capacity.

Any in-depth news-report about Obama’s organizing for a possible invasion of Russia, needs to deal, therefore, with the key question: What basis of ‘the West’s’ aggressive actions threatening Russia’s national security is there, other than such lies by ‘the West’? And, if there is no honest answer to it, then the only rational response by Western publics, to what Obama and his foreign allies are doing, is to recognize what is actually happening and to take action against their own leaders, before this increasingly high-stakes confrontation — of no benefit but only extremely high costs, to publics around the world — becomes terminal. In that instance, Western publics need to defend themselves against their own nation’s leaders. This is a situation that is frequently encountered in dictatorships.

The key questions are not being asked in the Western press; they are being ignored by it. Unless these questions are publicly dealt with — and soon — the answer, to them all, could well be terminal. Consequently, any ‘news’ medium that fails to address them is less than worthless; it is sheer propaganda that merely parades in the mask of being a ‘news medium’: the potentially terminal questions are then being ignored, and lies are promoted instead, which distract the public from the most urgent public-affairs issue of them all, in our era, not draw the public’s attention to that overriding international-affairs issue.

The closer that things are getting to a nuclear war, the more difficult becomes either side’s backing down from it — and this is especially the case with the aggressor (most especially when it falsely claims that it is being aggressed-against, and this is the reason why the lies urgently need to be exposed).


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • colinjames71

    In light of this news, then, it would seem that the first meeting of the Russia-NATO Council since the “seizure” of Crimea that just took place could be seen as subterfuge, deception being a key component of US strategy. Making peace overtures with the left, all out war preparations with the right. Nuclear escalation in addition to force increases, I might add. Doesn’t bode well.

  • Carl_Herman

    The .01% oligarchs only move in one direction, and can only be stopped through their arrests when enough of “We the People” recognize their crimes centering in unlawful Wars of Aggression (while always planning more), bankster-looting, and corporate media lying.

  • kimyo

    i cannot picture a scenario wherein the m.i.c. benefits from boots on the ground in russia. if anything, such an action would only serve to expose u.s. weaknesses (aircraft carriers, bluster serving as strategy, last year’s fighter jets). if it does happen, it’s probably going to be a pixar production (poorly) directed by ben affleck.

    our generals couldn’t deliver anything remotely resembling victory in vietnam/iraq/afghanistan. i can see nuclear conflict with russia way before i see boots on the ground.

  • Nexusfast123

    They are smoking some strong stuff that must soften the brain. They would need a couple of million men on the border and the full mobilisation of Europe. No Western army has fought a fully mechanised military and much of the military in Europe is no more than paramilitary. Russia has strong force multipliers that would shatter an attacker. Also the Russians are now proficient again in combat and will no doubt deploy a layered tank, artillery and missile defence. On top of that Russia would not allow attacking formations to group and would use tactical nukes. General Montgomery had two rules of war – first, don’t march on Moscow and second, don’t invade China.

    • El Sid

      I blame all those mobile phones.

      Monkeys are drawn to moving images.

      See loads of them on the tube every morning: Trapped by the screen; ooh, stroke the monolith, 2001 Space Oddysey-style.

      That and all the video game playing at the Pentagon. Why don’t you all go out and run a bit, I say.

  • yEshUA ImmAnUEl

    “It is well to show kindness even to foes if they are in danger and seek help ; shame be on him who is averse to doing so!”

  • yEshUA ImmAnUEl

    “If through my suffering alone all these poor creatures may enjoy peace, I shall deem my life a blessing.”

  • yEshUA ImmAnUEl

    “The first duty of man, they say, is love to God and man.”

  • animalogic

    What a criminal disgrace ! The Western Imperialists (led and motivated largely by the Anglo-zionists) are literally engaged in, the formerly popular–vulgar– pursuit of bear baiting. They ignore the fact that a dragon sits behind the bear.
    For criminal insanity it’s hard to think of an analogy. Even assuming the absence of nuclear options, it’s almost impossible to imagine any reward great enough to justify the gamble.
    Perhaps they expect another “colour
    revolution” ?
    I hope I’m over reacting….but these cheap criminals fill me with fear…

    • freddifish

      Something needs to be done ASAP. I seen this coming years ago as the West (USA more so) started up the propaganda machine against Russia and China. Not sure if it’s to try to cover up the eventual global economic crash as this may be the only time left for them as it looks like Trump may just be elected and if so they know war is off the table or if they’ve just gone stark raving mad.
      It’s turning into a weird year… Turkey’s going nuts and Israel is loosing support from the UN and the States for it’s continued aggression aimed at Palestine, refugee’s are making a mess out of the EU.
      I don’t think you are overreacting in the least and now is the time we NEED to rein in our “elected” leaders before they start something and then demand our children and grandchildren die for their cause not ours. Unfortunately all everyone seems concerned about is blacklivesmatter and people that can’t decide which freaking washroom they should use. Truly sad times.

  • Southernfink

    Brilliant article!!!

    As always, the MSM fails to inform her audience by cottoning on the fact that while Russia isn’t perfect, she’s not the nation that’s been going round the world for the past 15 years invading, bombing, droning, assassinating under trumped up charges while claiming to be exceptional and thus unaccountable.

    Another thing that the US does is introduce those sovereignty shredding free trade agreements to her ”friends” all nations that become a member immediately become her vassal states, blindly obedient to whatever whim Washington has in mind.

    Russia’s crime is to have an independent economic and foreign policy, and they have a wealth of state owned assets that the Neocons would love to have privatized.


    The snot nosed brainwashed presenters on the MSM have the audacity to call Obama ” The Leader of the Free World”……When I think of Obama I have to think of someone who has studied constitutional law…..like a safe cracker studies the lock on a bank vault.

    Beyond all this is something else again, ”the deep state” who design the policies that Obama is carrying out.

  • Erika Rehfeld

    This demand does not only mean to break an official known promise and agreement between Russia and the states being part of NATO but it is a humilation of Germany to ask for their troops to support such an illegal action. If the troops of the Sovjet Union would not have left the GDR there would have been no chance for NATO to operate so far east as it is doing now. The German people and especially those of the former GDR are thankful for that Russian decission which then seemed to offer them some kind of freedom. Now NATO under US command is behaving like a martinet telling the Germans to offend and mistrust Russia, to help the USA and its tool NATO to impend a friendly neighbour. That is unacceptable. Even more it uncovers some kind of barbarous greed which could be described as psychopathic indications.

  • marley engvall

    Let’s pray that cooler heads prevail between now and September.
    Please join me at the World Trade Center PATH station on September 11, 2016.

  • ICFubar

    We will all know when a nuclear first strike is in the works when all of those dictatorial sycophants who created the situation in Washington D.C. and other centers around the world are evacuated to “safety”. They need this war to cover the coming collapse of their debt-money ponzi scheme having reached its zenith after 350 years and now rapidly starting to come undone. Only now humanity has armed itself with weapons that could bring about the extinction of all life above the microbial. As a species we have to ask ourselves how intelligent do we really think we are to have allowed a system where psychotics are elevated to such positions that they would destroy human kind as a whole rather than loose any small amount of their power and control that they wish to expand upon to every inch of the planet and all life on it?

    • john john

      well said

    • Southernfink

      Why are politicians not held accountable to their political oath in the event that they have broken this?

      Exactly who’s function is it to make sure that they adhere to that oath?

      • ICFubar

        Politicians it seems serve power centers. It also seems the apex elites have apportioned for themselves almost all of the power structure of the state that matters. The public has become disenfranchised as becoming even more evident with the two main political party’s administrations “fixing” who their nominees will be. The Republicans are in a bind with Trump, but the party elites have said they will back the Democrats Clinton, as an apex elite choice, if they cannot control their own nominee selection. So to answer your question of who or what keeps politicians to their words of oath, currently no one and no institution as most all political apparatus is compromised as far as the people and having a representative democratic republic is concerned. Politicians have it left to themselves as to who they will serve and what part of their oath of office they wish to honor as I see it.

        • freddifish

          Very well stated. ICFubar in our very near future and since I have children of draft age it terrifies me even more then it has in recent years.
          No damn way I want them slaughtered in a pointless conflict for an absolutely dead ideal that serves so very few and does nothing for the betterment of mankind.
          The elite had better have damn good hiding spots and be prepared to spend their lives their because a war will sign their death warrants.

          • ICFubar

            I had a friend in high school during the Vietnam genocide era. His father was one of a few very top mining engineers in the world then He up a moved to Canada with his family so that his son would not be drafted for a war he felt was totally unjust. Just a heads up if the draft is reinstated or if you have relatives in another country that like young adults and would harbor them… because you are absolutely correct in your assessment.

    • Baby_Jesus

      These are the same people who would not be caught dead (or alive) in a foxhole or taking a bullet for a fellow G.I.

      • ICFubar

        Perhaps this loss of cohesion among the people is an engineered tactic .Divide and conquer.

        • Baby_Jesus

          Don’t get angry and especially don’t be long winded about voicing your anger and dismay with the system in public. Doing so is viewed as unpatriotic, subversive, overly pessimistic, if not a sign of a twisted mind in need of medication and a straight jacket.

          This is woven into the culture within our sacred borders, but outside our borders is where we act out our latent aggressions, out of earshot and eyesight of the general population. Violence within our borders is advertised only when the perpetrator is unconnected to any institution whose reputation is at stake,a loner or group of mislead miscreants.

          If it’s not engineered then it at least qualifies as LIHOP(letting it happen on purpose).

  • A good and thoughtful article by Eric Zuesse and similar sensible comments here. Not much that I can add except that the Russian nut is much tougher to crack than these half-baked NATO play soldiers can possibly imagine and if they try and fail they will in effect have committed suicide for their nations, largely because they have been used as a proxy force to wage war against the Russian enemy who has been designated such because it refuses to become a vassal of the United States. Even though the toxic leadership of the US and the EU think they and their families are going to escape Russian retaliation by scurrying to their underground cities, the surface populations will be destroyed absolutely and completely and the United States will fare no better.

  • Julia Zalazar

    just want to know why your article is identical to those in Russian Insider and Global Research and where can I find the original thank you

  • James Trusty

    If the West is counting on Russia capitulating, then their leaders are delusional. Russia will not only refuse to ever surrender but will also make America feel true deep pain before she and China turn America into an object lesson eclipsing that of Sodom and Gomorrah….

  • Black Swan

    Delusional psychopaths, ” There are two types of people in this world, those who worship the ideal of centralized command authority and those who donot. Those who value freedom regardless of risk or pain, and those who value slavery in a desperate bid to avoid risk and pain. The meek and unquestioning masses who strive to avoid risk end up feeding the machines of war, despair and tyranny. They live by the rule of fear, they dream of a society or pure predictability, and zero responsibility. They are willing to sacrifice almost anything to attain this position of artificial comfort.” Brandon Smith