NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Speaks Candidly About Illegal and Criminal NSA & FBI Programs of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment in the USA & Abroad

We’ve documented US government use of harmful and deadly experiments upon the public (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here for just a few, and that the US tortures people in Orwellian violation of six binding areas of law).


KarenSKaren Stewart, with companion and protector, Mariska, the Anatolian Shepherd

In Karen’s own words: Born in the late 1950s, to an Air Force Officer and his wife. We lived all over the country and in Germany during his career. I had an interest in foreign languages and art, so I got the equivalent of a double major at FSU in German and Fine Art. When I graduated college I applied to the National Security Agency to work as a linguist (translate and report foreign material of interest to the government), and after a stringent background check, was hired in 1982 by NSA. I lived in Columbia, Maryland with my husband. I worked at NSA until 2010 when I was railroaded out of NSA just two years before I could retire because I had dared ask the Inspector General to investigate a matter involving work credit and promotion theft. I moved to Florida in 2011 to get away and wait for the lawsuit (appeal to forbidden retaliatory firing) to be adjudicated by the Judge Lawrence Gallagher at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in Baltimore.

Ramola D: Thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview. I have been reading scripts of your Renew America interviews and have listened to your conversations on Wheel of Freedom and Boiling Frogs Post with much interest.

To encapsulate somewhat, it sounds like a complaint process you began internally with the NSA Inspector General about an Intelligence report you had authored but wasn’t credited for led to all sorts of repercussions—threats to give you an unfavorable psychological evaluation contrary to routine periodic psychological test results, being cheated out of a double promotion, being transferred to a menial job to punish you for pursuing an IG complaint, then termination, and NSA Security then stalking you, surveilling you, harassing you. Was that how it started?

Karen Stewart: Yes, an intelligence report series I authored in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom was purposely mis-credited to an unremarkable, under-educated woman who was sleeping her way through male managers above me in the Weapons and Space Directorate, in order to get ahead, and they rewarded her sexual favors to them with a double promotion for my seminal work which had engendered a large project that others estimated had saved hundreds of lives if not more. I simply asked the NSA Inspector General to look into a claim by a promotion board member that my Technical Lead and my Office Chief had lied to the promotion board to get the wrong person promoted.

I had no idea that the full might of NSA Security and the Inspector General’s Office would come down on me to utterly destroy me and my career for simply asking that an egregious wrong be corrected. I was astonished at NSA Security feigning of oblivious ignorance of the evil done to me while refusing to interview my witnesses or look at proof, when NSA routine internal propaganda always encouraged fair play and bringing problems to light and even touted their dedication to the Federal “No Fear Act”, which specifically encouraged employees to report wrong doing with no fear of repercussions.

But their immediate attack-dog approach to fabricating wrong-doing on my part (coaching the villains who had done me wrong to accuse me of leaking the first information ex-NSA executive Thomas Drake had actually leaked) in order to derail and discredit my legitimate request for IG assistance belied that façade. It was truly a nightmare trying to deal with the cadre of well-rehearsed, pathological liars that populated NSA Security, the likes of which I had never known previously existed at NSA.

I had passed my initial interview polygraph easily in 1982 and had always passed my re-investigation polygraphs with no problem for more than 20 years (until Security decided to demand a polygraph just before which I was screamed at and threatened due to my pursuing recourse for my stolen work credit and double promotion), and never had had any situation occur previously in regard to my behavior that necessitated the interest of NSA Security much less their involvement.

Over the years, I had indeed heard the occasional story of Security stupidity, such as Security hassling a female employee for dating a foreigner – who was a Canadian citizen, fully cleared to work at NSA, which is where she had met him, yet they hassled her as if she were dating a North Korean spy, so you knew Security was rather 1-dimensional like police tend to be.

But I had not yet heard the vicious NSA Security persecution stories from others until Security decided it would be better to wrongfully destroy me as well as my career than admit that Weapons & Space’s managers were trading promotions for sexual favors and correct that situation. (Worse yet, all these managers were now compromised and subject to blackmail).

You’ve said the persecution and harassment actually followed you from Maryland to Florida, and escalated into covert EMF and Directed-Energy-Weapon (DEW) attacks. You are the second NSA whistleblower, I think, after Mark Novitsky, to speak openly of harassment with DEW attacks—although others have reported extreme harassment too–and I am learning Thomas Drake has, too. Were you aware of any of this kind of illegal and criminal surveillance and assault with DEWs when you worked at NSA?

Karen Stewart: Once word spread about my situation during the workplace harassment (2006-2009), a handful of others volunteered their own NSA Security wrongful persecution stories.

In one case, Security hounded a woman in order to drive her out of the agency merely for dating the wrong man! Her boyfriend worked at NSA also. The man’s mother did not like her and did not want her as a daughter-in-law, so she told a female friend who was an executive at NSA. The executive suggested falsifying claims to the FBI that the young woman had given her classified information regarding 9/11, so she did. The FBI found no such evidence and dropped the issue. NSA Security however, viciously hounded the woman out of a job anyway as a favor to the executive. Several such insane attacks were related to me after I was targeted but I had not heard such stories before.

NSA’s stalking harassment of me lasted the first time from 2006-2009, with Security involving duped civilians in Columbia, MD where I lived, the last four months of that time period. The effort collapsed however once I began approaching the civilians and telling them the true story. Apparently fights began breaking out in the neighborhood meeting house in Phelps Luck when the proxy stalkers realized they had been played for fools.

At no time had I ever heard of electronic harassment being used by NSA before it began happening to me in 2015 though.

And I would venture to say that the vast number of NSA employees working legitimate targets (foreign threats on foreign soil) would have a hard time imagining that NSA has this deeply depraved and rogue, unaccountable, evil side.

Were people inside NSA aware of other aspects of your harassment by NSA Security? Did your colleagues learn about these electronic harassment programs mainly from you?

Karen Stewart: Those closest to me either saw the harassment by Security at work, experienced it second hand because of their relationship to me, or having known me many years, trusted my judgment and integrity to believe me, or they had heard a similar NSA Security harassment nightmare story from another co-worker.

But at that time no one I knew had heard of electronic harassment and I would venture to say most NSA employees now either have not or think it’s a myth of some kind. (And even now, disinformation about this is finding a place in Wikipedia to dissuade non-victims from heeding our warnings that we are watching our own government ramping up for a holocaust of its own citizens.) I have been keeping certain NSA friends informed about the addition of the electronic harassment and they are horrified. No one understands what sense it makes to do this to any human being, much less why a government would dedicate such vast resources to gratuitous torture and murder of its best citizens.

The real NSA Security in my experience looking back, was all about covering up the abuses of upper management not about correct, fair, or lawful no matter the internal propaganda. And they could well be the most effective blackmail force within the NSA, sending loose women to compromise managers for the agenda of those running NSA Security or their masters, whoever they actually are.

In a discussion face to face with ex-NSA whistleblower, Russell Tice, arranged by a mutual friend, we compared our wanton persecutions for doing our jobs too well. At that point, around 2010, we did not know about electronic harassment either but by then we knew there were many stories about recent (then) Security stalking harassment cases.

Did NSA Security change in any way after 9/11? Is it possible these covert programs are being hidden even from employees? Would people from inside whistle-blow if they knew?

Karen Stewart: Russell Tice credited the change in NSA Security from a much more professional group before 9/11 to a rogue, criminal element with the promotion by former Director of NSA (DIRNSA) General Hayden of a middle manager, L. Kemp Ensor III, to operational head of NSA Security.

This middle manager was later rumored to be an actual psychopath obsessed with paintings of Dante’s Inferno (people being tortured) which he displayed on his office walls.

NSA is segregated into many compartmented areas as well as by topic and target area. For instance, you could not necessarily just walk into another office, many had restricted access – unless you worked the project, you could not enter the office. So any such project that targeted American citizens such as electronic harassment would have been deeply hidden not only because it was blatantly unconstitutional and criminal but its existence would have cost NSA many good people leaving NSA employ in protest. Because they would not have been legally able to tell the world about such a program without being subject to arrest for divulging classified information–even if it was evidence of a crime, which is yet another proof of the blatant flaws in Congressional oversight programs.

Have you been approached by major media yet to tell your story?

Karen Stewart: I attempted to contact media during the first stalking and harassment campaign in 2009, and Siobhan Gorman of the Wall Street Journal even informed me that my story about being aggressively stalked by NSA Security was very similar to not only other “whistleblowers” but to stories other journalists told each other about also being stalked and harassed by NSA Security after they had written a less than flattering story about NSA.


I was on the verge of giving my story to Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post that same year when NSA demanded that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) judge, Lawrence Gallagher, at the EEOC in Baltimore, order a gag order on my EEOC appeal to NSA’s planned wrongful termination of me at the 28-year point in my career.

Since I was facing imminent termination (based on outrageous Security lies even they could not speak with a straight face), I could not spare the money to fight the order.

But obviously I am breaking it now because NSA did so itself in order to play the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Tallahassee FBI for fools. NSA’s 1-trick pony in persecuting whistleblowers is viciously slandering the person based solely on NSA Security lies and fabrications. This was used to elicit the help of the FDLE and their civilian vigilante group “Infragard” to participate in criminal, organized stalking. This was NSA’s immediate reaction to my lawyer’s subpoena in February 2015 of evidence corroborating the identity of NSA executive Eric Hagemann, now retired, the man who I had seen leaving my home after a break-in shortly after I had contacted the NSA Inspector General (2006) about investigating the theft of my work credit and a double promotion in 2004/2005.

Karen Stewart, also artist and caricaturist, offers this caricature of the NSA burglar she saw who broke into her home within a couple weeks of her IG complaint, whom she saw 2 days later at NSA.


“Eric packed up and fled Laurel, MD after the subpoena, his retirement photo business, Solstice Photos went dead. He must have done some REALLY bad things in addition to what he did to me. When I tried to look him up in Searchlight (NSA directory) by profession after seeing him at NSA in 2006, only one computer/electronics executive had replaced his prestigious Flag-Badge photo with a silly photo of a Meerkat, Eric Hagemann. So I remembered the name.”

(The pictures from the Solstice Photo website show a static site.  The Justia Trademarks show that Eric Hagemann owns Solstice Photo.)



And with the start of NSA-ordered electronic harassment in November 2015 (apparently, by former Deputy Director of NSA Bill Black, Jr. of Pasadena, MD) and the involvement of the criminal class in Tallahassee in these DEW attacks, I told my lawyer that I felt it necessary to go public now before NSA and their proxy thugs (and I include the FBI in that description) could kill me as clearly is their intent.


16th Deputy Director of NSA, 2000-2006, Bill Black, Jr./Wikipedia

Prestigious “Flag Badge” Photo of Bill Black, Jr., 16th Deputy Director of NSA, whom Karen suspects put her in for electronic harassment right after they had a heated discussion on Twitter about 9/11 in late Nov 2015.  ” (On Twitter,) I said I had been told by two separate analysts who worked that topic that NO ONE had had to die, it was entirely preventable, but that NSA management refused to allow them to issue the pertinent warnings. ”

My lawyer … had at my behest written to the EEOC to alert them to new NSA criminal harassment but was ignored. So, the EEOC certainly bears the blame for my being forced to go public, whether from the EEOC’s incompetence or complicity with the NSA agenda.

As of yet, no such journalists with the mainstream media (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX or any major newspapers) have shown an interest in my story though without syndicated columnist Sher Zieve being brave enough to write two columns on this topic, I would not be speaking with people as I am now.

Are you aware there are thousands of Americans currently—and thousands worldwide—who have been reporting DEW/EMF assaults and uber-surveillance, and organized group stalking as something they have experienced for years? (From before 9/11 apparently, although numbers have increased since 2001 and the Patriot Act.) We also know Intel agencies and the Department of Justice are working with Military groups, as per Memoranda of Understanding on joint development/use of these classified EMF “non-lethal” neuroweapons on innocent Americans (research from Dr. Nick Begich here)—without charge, without due process. Is NSA one of the groups doing this to civilians, do you think?

Karen Stewart: I first learned of “organized stalking” in 2009 when it was happening to me. For 2 ½ years NSA Security goons and contractors had stalked me, then suddenly it became my neighbors. I did not understand the transition until I found David Lawson’s book “Cause Stalking”. I was shocked at the lack of morality or common sense which that phenomenon showed was present in the general population. Then to learn this was happening across the world was a shock to my very core.

Neither I nor any of my NSA friends (to my knowledge) knew anything of “electronic harassment” while working for NSA and I really have just started learning about it with my becoming such a target. The number of people being so attacked and tortured is mind-boggling as well as heart-wrenching. It is like the walls of hell have come down and hell is invading earth.

In regard to NSA and possible military cooperation in using weapons of war (Directed Energy Weapons) against American citizens, that appears true based on my recent experience.

During the years 2011 through 2014, I got on with my life in Florida while patiently awaiting the adjudication of my EEOC lawsuit and did not pay much attention to NSA in the news, but last year I did learn that the Naval Security Group aka “Silent Warriors“ (their Directed Energy Weapons command) had moved their headquarters to Ft. Meade, Maryland, which is where the NSA HQ is located as well.

Since Admiral Rogers is now the Director of NSA, I do wonder if that marriage between Navy and NSA has led to the inclusion of “Silent Warrior” mobile Directed Energy Weapons into the arsenal of NSA’s criminal brown shirts and enemies of Democracy–NSA Security, during the years between their first attack on me and the second.


Photo Stalker from Naval Security Group, April 2015, photographed by Karen

I had originally thought, based on my experience (2006-2009), that only NSA Security used this harassment technique on NSA whistleblowers, journalists, or anti-NSA activists, which was bad enough by itself. But then I met a whistleblower from the Department of Justice who knew NSA was involved in her being targeted for slander and stalking harassment as well, so I realized how broadly the Federal government was using criminal harassment with NSA more than happy to help with its ever increasing network of compromised or gullible law enforcement officials and ready-to-roll civilian stalking groups.

In the last year, the DOJ whistleblower has reported to me that she is now also being targeted for electronic harassment. So that would appear to support the idea that with the collocation of the two at Ft. Meade, that NSA and the Naval Security Group are indeed cooperating in the use of mobile versions of weapons of war from the ‘Silent Warrior’ arsenal. And since the 9/11 tragedy allowed NSA to focus inside the USA for the first time in its history, and a much broader demographic of the civilian populace is reporting being targeted by such devices than NSA-related whistleblowers, reporters, and critics, is it not logical to infer that NSA has a huge role in this new, treasonous war on Americans and others?

If this is the situation, it is quite obvious that our legislative branch needs to take a hard look at its own unforgivable, grossly negligent, lack of even minimal oversight of NSA, NSA Security, and other Intelligence Community entities who could indeed be in the position to threaten, control, blackmail or murder anyone in U.S. leadership who does not fit their agenda for themselves, or who simply “displeases” NSA Security.

This leaves us wondering if the intent of NSA Security was to subvert NSA proper, and in so doing to have NSA subvert the United States government while trying to maintain a façade that we still live in the representational Republic our Founding Fathers intended, often mistakenly less precisely called a Democracy.


Excerpt from article by Xkeyscore, Intellihub News: National Security Racketeering Analysis

You may know of the late Ted Gunderson, Special Agent-in-Charge/LA, FBI’s 2011 affidavit regarding these harassment and organized stalking programs as FBI- and NSA-run. Intellihub News has an article by Xkeyscore currently on the FBI’s expanded COINTELPRO programs—where there’s a lot of disclosure on how “Targeted Individuals” get special, extrajudicial and libelous treatment from the FBI—falsified records, major defamation and smear campaigns in the community. John Whitehead also writes about the FBI’s part in this. Have you experienced FBI harassment as well?

Karen Stewart: I was horrified and stupefied enough in 2009 to learn of “organized stalking” when my neighbors in Columbia, Maryland bought into the outrageous smear job NSA and likely FBI sycophants did on me there and gleefully joined into the (paid) mass bullying effort with not one of the gullible civilian fools asking why legitimate law enforcement would abandon rule of law and due process in favor of civilian-based mob rule and harassment.

That’s when I met the previously mentioned stalking victim in the vicinity who was a contract lawyer with the Department of Justice who was experiencing the same slander and stalking campaign that I was for reporting criminal behavior by another contractor. She was aware that NSA and FBI were involved in her wrongful persecution.

I knew FBI had had some involvement in mine as well, but was not sure if they were complicit or just played for fools by NSA Security. They did seem to be lied to by NSA after I tried to get the IG to do his job and did seem to investigate me in their oafish way but seemed to disappear when they could find no evidence of any wrong-doing on my part, though that did not sway NSA Security.


Possible NSA Management Level Stalker/April 2009/Photographed by Karen

From Karen: In 2009 I slipped out of the house in the wee hours in Maryland to impersonate a stalker, i.e., oversized hoody covering my features. Waved down this man who oddly enough, stopped in the dark, and rolled down the window to a supposed total stranger in suspicious garb, whom he could not identify. I drew his attention to my right to get a photo from the camera in my left. He was shocked/horrified to see who had gotten his photo and spent the next 15 minutes furiously texting someone. The car he was driving turned out to be that of a black male stalker from the neighborhood. A couple weeks later, he saw me “see” him in a local bookstore café and literally jumped up and ran out the back door. Could he be a top level NSA (Security?) manager running illegal stalking harassment?

But with the second campaign in Florida beginning in early 2015, it was quite evident from the start that the Florida FBI were indeed complicit. Phone calls to the national FBI phone line were cut off as soon as I identified myself and registered letters to FBI Headquarters in Washington DC as well as Jacksonville, Florida were stolen and never delivered either.

So, it does look like criminals have infiltrated the FBI just as they infiltrated the watch dog


Possible FBI Stalker/Photographed by Karen

entities at NSA, such as the EEO, the IG, the Counsel General, etc., to make sure complaints never get heard.

I had indeed heard of Ted Gunderson and greatly admired him. I learned about COINTELPRO and “Zersetzung” while investigating organized stalking. It’s no good thing to learn that the FBI thought the Stasi practice of “Zersetzung” was actually something to be emulated in the form of the COINTELPRO program in the 1960’s and 1970’s. That was a deeply shameful time in our history but little did we know that our own government was capable of so much worse.

Many observers note the NSA has grown so unwieldy yet so powerful in its capabilities with surveillance technologies—including Neurotechnologies—that with the CIA, FBI, DHS, they are operating like rogue government agencies accountable to no-one: they pursue secrecy, commit crimes of covert assault and harassment against Americans of ethicality, integrity, community spirit—people who are not and have mostly never committed crimes of any kind—and they are getting communities to assist them.

So we have a very strange situation here, where abuses of power are occurring. Why is that? Why have our mechanisms of oversight and accountability failed?

Karen Stewart: In regard to our government turning on us with such unthinkable programs, the replacement of honest, dedicated personnel in watchdog entities first, is how you successfully subvert a government.

Then that evil leadership is now accountable to no one, then purposely allows the country’s economy to be debauched so that only the government and the entwined super rich corporations and individuals have money, thus making ordinary citizens so desperate for funds that morals are given a backseat.

Then that ill-intended leadership purposely allows enemies of the country to overrun and infiltrate the country, causing widespread angst among the population. At that point, the evil people may then freely target those who oppose or sound the alert to the sedition they intend, by labeling patriots as traitors or threats.

But I think that our grandparents and great-grandparents never would have fallen for this gratuitous slander of individuals (much less abuse) or even tolerated any authority abusing its position so outrageously. Their morals were clear, people knew right from wrong as where many Americans today are in a quagmire of muddy morality, having jettisoned common sense, reason, and any interest in our Creator and his instructions for attaining and retaining his wisdom and blessings in this life. They would have sent such Federal gossips and hate- and fear-mongers, packing, then demanded to know what was going on and demanded to have an end put to it.

But we now are a people who don’t know our own history and origins, so we don’t know who and what we are. We have set ourselves adrift from God, who ordained our creation to be a light to the world, a blessing to it, but now we are becoming a curse and accursed as well. The blessings are drying up and the protection that went with that is as well.

As a retired NSA Intelligence analyst, what is your advice? What would be the best way to tackle this scourge and criminality openly and lawfully?

How do people convince their neighbors and communities they shouldn’t be assisting these rogue Intel and military programs and these crimes of EMF assault and covert murder, let alone stalking and harassment?

Karen Stewart: My assessment of how we got here is this, the usurpation of a free nation’s government for a dictatorship can be accomplished when the population is so frustrated by their years of political and economic impotence, by their leadership betraying them at every turn, by endless broken promises, that for money and an opportunity to take out their frustrations on a scapegoat or whipping boy, they eagerly jump at the chance to “punish someone, anyone”, no matter that the individual fits no profile of a threat or enemy to the country or them whatsoever.

This appears to be a sociopathic state induced upon a population to groom it to betray itself and walk itself into servitude, having silenced or murdered anyone with integrity, character, or discernment among them.

But with few or no exceptions, this is a now a global phenomenon in part because the disinformation campaign by those intending evil, has been so successful.

The whole world is now under a terror threat, the whole world is under threat of an economic collapse, so now there is a “join the mob or die” mentality growing in many places which is always antithetical to free thought and free (responsible) living.

Certain humans, i.e., organized stalkers, are now forming packs like animals and going on hunting frenzies like pack animals with no second thoughts. And like animal packs, the most vicious rise to the top. The devolution of civilization is obviously progressing faster than we ever imagined it would.

How to combat this? Certainly more, more, more, articles to engender awareness and discourse. There was actually a lull in the second round of organized stalking against me last year when I put a link to an article by Sher Zieve (to which I contributed general information) about NSA corruption on the back of my car. Many of my stalkers looked it up, and I was able at times to see their faces when they realized that they had been played for fools. NSA had to think up a new batch of lies to tell new people after that, and it took them a few days to do so.

So information can sway the more intelligent who were fooled into thinking they were doing something patriotic (though you have to be pretty pathetically gullible to think a legitimate government would sanction criminal harassment). Seeing something in print will sway some people before speaking to them will.

One frustrating aspect of confronting this criminality is the NSA/FBI is apparently using National Security Letters and FISA court warrants, and showing people false criminal and investigation records with fabricated information and lies, and in secret (imposing gag orders with threats of fine, jail time), as they defame and destroy individuals–how do we fight back, as law-abiding Americans who would like to see our Constitutional Republic and basic rule of law restored?

Karen Stewart: People have to band together and defy the illegitimate NSLs, the Federal gag order to keep secret Federal crimes against American citizens quiet.

Though apparently some stalkers rebelled and refused to continue in my case, they did nothing to demand the fraudulent effort stop, so whatever moral stance they took, aided me little. I almost blame people who know the truth but do nothing more than the people doing the evil.

Organizing and having numerous people sending many logically presented letters to the same leaders on the same topic will begin to tip them off that these stories are much more than random ravings by the occasional crackpot, that the perpetrators want society to believe until it is too late for everyone. The explanation by the perpetrators that these stories come from mass delusions is belied by the non-existence of mass delusions of such a nature as well, so mental health care professionals in the know need to debunk these lies publicly.

In larger cities, you may be able to find others being targeted and approach local leaders, media, or even individual perpetrators with a group they cannot ignore. Remember, such harassers are rank cowards and hate to be culled from the anonymity of their fascist gang. The group can also provide mutual support as many of the TIs are ostracized for various reasons by family and friends.

And most importantly, connect or re-connect to God in prayer, where we should be strengthened and renewed, as well as receive our marching orders.

I wanted to mention neuro-experimentation before we close. You may be familiar with the John St. Clair Akwei lawsuit, which details invasive Signals Intelligence including Radiation Intelligence which the NSA collects—essentially, people’s brainwaves and EMFs. Magnus Olsson, the Swedish activist, has written about how the DoD/CIA/NSA have all been pursuing Neurological Research. Robert Duncan, ex-CIA scientist, has detailed CIA mind-hacking projects, brain-mapping, brain-computer link, and no-touch torture projects in his books, including Project Soulcatcher.

Then you have the President’s Bioethics Commission chaired by Amy Gutmann turning a deliberate blind eye even when people come forward to inform them of non-consensual experimentation on their bodies and brains.

Why do you think our Government is engaging in covert experimentation and research programs with such impunity?

Karen Stewart: The Protect America Act (PAA) and the NDAA I have always thought were horrific ploys more than mere mistakes. You do not take away the rights of the citizens to protect them from the enemies whom you are purposely allowing access to them. This is outrageous illogic. But people are acceding, losing their freedoms and quite willingly because their fear is overwhelming their ability to think.

Maybe it’s the fluoride in our water making us sheeple, maybe it’s the lack of modern America’s former generally homogeneous national Judeo-Christian social philosophy and morals that have been lost in the Right versus Left discourse of the last 50 years, which had kept us united as a strong, cohesive culture and a benevolent civilization (mostly).

But we have lost our humanity and moral compass to the point where we have created leadership by psychopaths, and they are indulging in the worst that humanity can imagine in the melding of science and depravity, i.e. electronic harassment.

Remember, as the quality of a society declines, so therefore does its leadership. The first step in reversing this, lies in your mirror.

Inexplicably, mainstream media still refuses to cover this vital issue of our times, even though hundreds of thousands are affected, both here and abroad, possibly via Intelligence agreements—and our government completely ignores our outrage.

But this situation has to change. Your speaking out as an NSA insider who has also experienced this will surely help change this scenario—I thank you enormously for that, for your courage in speaking out, and for your tremendous insights and advice.

Karen Stewart: When I learned of the vast numbers affected, I at that moment understood somewhat why Jesus sat and cried for Jerusalem, I felt like that for this vast population of innocents being subjected to demonic abuse by counterfeit humans who have lost every vestige of their humanity.

Why the voices of human beings crying out for help is being ignored I cannot fathom, but if my story about being an unwitting insider targeted out of petty vengeance can help those who were likely randomly or speciously targeted, then let it go out for discussion and elucidation.

Then let it come back as a battering ram to get the attention of those who CAN disassemble the 21st Century sadistic torture holocaust under everyone’s noses. The Bible says we are “wonderfully and fearfully made” (in God’s image) and we need to remind our leaders that they have no authority to revoke the immense value of each of our lives for their perceived “entertainment”. We are not their property, only a Satanic form of government would delude itself into thinking that and America was not created for evil, it was created for good – with each of the original 13 colonies dedicating their founding to God and Jesus Christ and advancing God’s kingdom on earth, so with this covenant to God broken by our evil leadership, God will and must act soon, I believe. I pray Psalms 91 and 94 daily as a place to start.

You mentioned a wonderful program of group prayer on Wheels of Freedom—would you like to share that initiative—perhaps, with others reading this, we can all work to affect our collective consciousness field and fully change this situation in our country, and the world.

Karen Stewart: I have called previously for a seven-minute prayer to be said every Sunday at 7 pm for the deliverance of all electronic harassment victims from this evil.

Maybe that will be the fuel for the pushback against this evil even if no mainstream media ever pick this story up. If you are of the Judeo-Christian belief system, feel free to start your prayers like I do with the recitation of the above Psalms, then add what you will.

Consider it, please, all who take the time to read this. And thank you Ramola for your passion and your determination, that takes courage beyond measure. God bless you and deliver us soon.


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How Secret Policing With Deadly “Non-Lethal” EMF/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically Inside the US, & Globally by Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen

Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement & the Military to Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons? by Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen

Bio: Ramola D’s short fiction collection Temporary Lives, (University of Massachusetts Press, 2009), was awarded the 2008 AWP Grace Paley Prize and was a finalist for the 2010 Library of Virginia Fiction award. Invisible Season, her first poetry collection, co-won the Washington Writers’ Publishing House award in 1998. Against the Conspiracy of Things, her second manuscript of poetry was a recent finalist for the 2013 Benjamin Saltman Prize, Red Hen Press. A Discovery/The Nation finalist, and five-time Pushcart Prize nominee, she is the recipient of a 2005 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in poetry. Her fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, and writer-interviews have appeared in various journals and anthologies, including Kweli Journal, Kartika Review, Urban Confustions, Greensboro Review, Los Angeles Review, Short Review, Blackbird, Prairie Schooner, Agni, Green Mountains Review, Indiana Review, Writer’s Chronicle, Indian Express, and been reprinted in Best American Poetry 1994, Best American Fantasy 2007, Full Moon on K Street: Poems About Washington, DC, and Literal Latte’s The Anthology: Highlights from Fifteen Years of a Unique “Mind Stimulating” Literary Magazine. Her fiction was shortlisted under 100 Other Distinguished Stories in Best American Stories 2007, and included in the anthologies Enhanced Gravity: More Fiction by Washington DC Women Writers (Paycock Press, 2006), All About Skin: Short Fiction by Women Writers of Color (University of Wisconsin Press, 2011), and Extraordinary Rendition: (American) Writers on Palestine (Oregon Books, 2015).   Ramola holds an MFA from George Mason University and a BS in Physics and MBA from the University of Madras. She has most recently taught Creative Writing at The George Washington University and at The Writer’s Center, Bethesda. She is the founder and editor of Delphi Quarterly, an online journal for writer, poet, and filmmaker interviews. She currently lives in the Boston area with her husband and daughter, and runs art and creative writing workshops for children while working on a novel, short fiction, poetry, and children’s books.

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  • ICFubar

    It is really over as the psychotics now rule the roost and good people do nothing to stop them. Karen Stewart’s story could be any of ours as people who do not tow the line and demand justice and just laws as the foundation of civilized life.

  • Mike Meyer

    Thank you Karen for sharing the details of your predicament.
    This article is a blessing and very helpful in understanding what has
    occurred and is taking place in my own life experience.
    Your action is an expression of Love and Kindness.
    Deep sincere gratitude for you BEING ALIVE !

    In Solidarity

    • MilitaryCoup

      Thanks you. I’ve also been exposing my 9 years of daily gang stalking, torture, and death threats compliments of FBI Infragard’s cointelpro operation. I like the letter to Trump your name was added to along with hundreds of other real whistle blowers. Here’s a link to it and keep exposing these cockroaches, thanks!


      • Dennis Bitoon

        Hi, MilitaryCoup: I am currently being attacked as a targeted individual in Los Angeles, California. Gangstalking, electronic harassment, tinnitus in my left ear, microwave DEW weapons, gaslighting. You name it I’ve been there for almost 10 years now. Please add my name to the list.

  • sean

    see the book 1996 by Gloria Naylor

  • Kima Bee

    She had me until “We have set ourselves adrift from God, who ordained our creation to be a light to the world…”

    • MCB

      Oh dear! The author invoked “God”, so therefore you must employ the guilt by association fallacy and invalidate the entire op-ed piece…..

      • Driven ToWin

        Dude, if she’s not living in reality, why would any adult believe anything out of her mouth?

        • MCB

          I don’t view her personal religious belief system to be the crux of the matter on this topic. And you trying to invalidate her entire op-ed piece because of her religious beliefs is a straw man.

          • Driven ToWin

            No, that’s not a straw man, if you want to sound intelligent, you might want to learn the meanings of the terms that you throw around. If someone doesn’t know the most basic of reality vs not reality, I have little doubt they know what is real in any other instance, like said man she thought was following her, of course he had an odd reaction, he prob stopped/slowed to ask if she needed help in any way and she went all whacked out trying to record him and such. Plain and simple, people who on the most basic level, who aren’t believing the world we live in for what it is, do not deserve to be believed in any manner, they don’t know real from fake.

    • Driven ToWin

      Exactly, if she’s willing to lie to herself about reality, she’s willing to lie about a whole lot more. At that point she lost all credibility.

      • wehaveseenthisb4

        You’re not listening. If it’s not in your experience it can’t be happening? A true listener would speculate that the betrayal and horrendous experiences she has endured have quite natually caused her to reach out to a god for help against an entity that has a memory as long as US tax dollars hold out.

        • FBIkidnappedMe

          They’re just a government employee attempting to discredit her. This is the case with every site that exposes unethical, illegal and corrupt government agencies. I’ve been targeted and harassed for almost 9 years now and there’s nothing subtle about it. When I go anywhere in pubic I’m mobbed by a combination of retired military, ex-soldiers, police, and what appears to be very poor desperate people used as bait attempting to incite a violent response from me. My aunt died last week and at the funeral home our gang stalking sadistic government invited themselves in to make threats and act out theater. Words can not express how sick and evil the people who run this program are. I’m looking forward to the day when the American people show up at these government agencies and gut these traitors where they stand.

    • cettel

      That phrase came from the interviewer, not from the interviewee. Why are you even raising it as if it were an issue? The issue is what happened to the interviewee.

  • Jo

    This is happening to hundreds of thousands of us. It’s a silent Holocaust; indeed, the creators were probably imported in Operation Paperclip, when the US brought Nazi scientists here. It is unfathomable that we have become so twisted in morals and ideals. Thank you for having the courage to speak out and the writer for having the courage to spread the truth in these troubling times.

    • Dow Jones

      Sure blame the Germans…or the Koreans or of course Putin. However, USSA you did it to yourself in the mire of hubris and eternal war that incubated the most evil society in the history of humanity. Face it and do something about it instead of this whining victim BS.

      • Jo

        I am doing something about it – I have called my Congress members, written letters to nearly every Congressional committee, protested at the White House, gone to ethics committee meetings, etc. etc. etc.

        I have never supported war and have tried to do my part to protest it. Many of us have and still do. However, it is quite difficult to stop a war machine. Especially after 9/11, the money is flowing like never before. Some of us will only pay 1/2 our taxes this year because the other half goes to war-related budgets.

        In regard to the Whistleblowers, I have heard them speak at public events. I believe they went into intelligence to help protect the country. Many say they became whistleblowers because they swore to protect the Constitution and then blew the whistle when they realized that was not what they were doing.

        I suggest you get off your mighty horse and try something productive rather than call people you do not even know ‘whining victims.’ Blaming us? Well, my uncle always said, point one finger and 4 come back at you. Take a better approach, DJ, and all the best to you. I quite think we’re on the same side, no??

  • Dow Jones

    I do enjoy these disgruntled former GESTAPO employees’ tales of betrayal. Dare I ask what kind of morality and fairness ex out of favor minions expect from the most psychopathic collection of filth on the planet? Cavort with scum and expect to get shafted. Crime does not (always) pay.


    I’ve been stalked and terrorized by the government for over 8 years. I’ve exhausted every possible means to stop it. The government has gagged my family and is forcing them and all neighbors to say sick and purely sadistic things. The FBI refuses to speak to me and shuts down the Federal courthouse on my visits, intercepts every visit to law offices, intercepts all mail and all phone calls. I’m unable to work or have any relationships. I am completely isolated. I have customized TV programming (haven’t watched in years) customized radio and customized internet searches. The number of people stalking me is unimaginable. Children are also being used to make death threats.

    When the government gets caught committing felonies they commit one hundred more. After being caught committing hundreds of felonies they commit a thousand more. My earlier comments expose many of the governments false flag operations in addition to the CIA’s fabricated presidential puppet as well as their fabricated boogeyman. They say that violence is a last resort. After being tortured nonstop for 8 years with the intent to murder I can honestly say that violence is the first and only resort for the US government. Now is the time for the people to take back our government with brute force or we will all be enslaved to self elected tyrants.

    • Carl_Herman

      Advocate for “brute force” elsewhere; you are not welcome here to incite crime here.

      If you’d prefer to invite those with Oaths to uphold the law, then do so; it certainly applies if your testimony is accurate.

      • MCB

        This guy is a troll Carl because I’ve seen this same post before – almost verbatim – on Alex Jones’s personal facebook page which I am on as a “facebook friend.”

  • Driven ToWin

    It got murky when I read this sentence “their morals were clear, people knew right from wrong as where many
    Americans today are in a quagmire of muddy morality, having jettisoned
    common sense, reason, and any interest in our Creator and his
    instructions for attaining and retaining his wisdom and blessings in
    this life.”
    Then she lost all credibility when she stated “it’s the lack of modern America’s former generally homogeneous national Judeo-Christian social philosophy and morals”
    She grew up after the ring wing had taken over the country during the cold war and falsely believes that’s what our nation was founded upon. No adult in their right mind should believe a word out of anyone’s mouth that is not living in reality, that does not know reality from fairy tale. She has a persecution complex and paranoia, nothing more.

    The level of insanity that it takes to make this statement is astounding: “We have set ourselves adrift from God, who ordained our creation to be a light to the world…” Flat out insane and no credibility whatsoever.

    • wehaveseenthisb4

      One sentence and concept you disagree with and you totally dismiss the contents of the article including corroboration from named sources. For some reason, and I’m betting I might be able to guess the reason, you just don’t seem to be trying very hard.

  • lolana

    Interestingly, “Cause Stalking” by David Lawson does not come up in Amazon searches, but it does come up on Amazon, through a Google search. On Amazon, it says the search does not match any products.

  • Q

    Thank you Karen for sharing your story with us! I too am a targeted individual. My former employer started this campaign against me in June 2012. More people need to come forward with their own stories of this heinous crime!

  • Martin Bott

    This gang stalking essentially is the system of persecution developed during the Nazi time in Germany. After 1945 Germans exported this system to many other countries. First in a couvert way, to infilytrate and subvert the targeted countries.
    In recent years Germany is offering its services to organize political persecution in other countries quite openly. This of course allows Germany to infiltrate and subvert countries acepting these services.
    Its a strange idea to allow another country to decide who ist put on the black list of a country, and who is being pushed up the ladder.
    And this is the secret behind Germanys enormous influence today.
    Martin Bott

  • Bobby Vincent

    Thank you Karen. I am following David Voigts on FB, i am willing to stand under oath and or polygraph, to support my legal time line word document, sent to Ella and you. up for first opportunity, now, i have had one media offer on the west coast, i was not fast enough to reply. i am employed in Boulder Co, but willing to drop my jobs for travel and interviewing, or media.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    So FL here. Used to enjoy counting FDLE Dodge 300’s on my 6 mi. drive to work and back. Think I topped out at 15+ one day.

  • Courtney

    Are you fucking stupid?

    Impulse or urge was it to go after a group of men over their sex lives!

    That is like invasion of privacy!

    They saw fit, someone else, to go above you in a job… That was all.
    You can’t go backwards and push forward!

    Honestly lady, wtf. No offense. But what were you thinking?

    Just an urge, or impulse?

  • Josh Stern

    I’m a Targeted Individual being attacked with “non-lethal” DEW – 24×7, 365 days a year. Some of the tech is experimental. When I defeat 1 variety, they try something new. Most of the weapons directed at me cause pain/discomfort by creating oscillating magnetic fields which cause pressures in bodily fluids -e.g. blood, CSF. – due to the magnetic properties of saline liquids. These operations are incredibly well funded, like many DOD/FBI activities. They can claim it as national security and DOD research at the same time, and they also have money from CIA front companies & criminal ops. What I wanted to say for Karen Stewart is that in my case, the “real neighbors” were moved away somewhere before they started. How? I don’t know – probably offered a lot of money in exchange for secrecy and told some phony stories, possibly involving eminent domain for national security. The “neighbors” around me are a kind of FBI hired actor made up to look like the original people. They come in crews – usually a 3 month shift. It is supposed to be undetectable, and normally people wouldn’t notice – someone who looks almost identical, in same house, with same clothes etc. One sounds like a lunatic to claim it’s not the original people. But in my case, I was expecting something big when it first went down, so I made careful observations and they were in a rush. Some houses wound up with different sets of small children – missing and added. Other habitual behaviors simply ceased. Some appearances were hard to match – e.g. a 6’4″ Soviet Georgian guy can become a 5’9″ American guy who matches by also having a shaved head, but is not too similar otherwise. Most matches are a lot better than that. But they change every 3 months or so, so it’s easy to notice. I don’t know about Karen Stewart’s case, but it’s quite possible the people harassing her are not actual civilian neighbors, but rather hired good squads. I would guess that to be the case..

  • david claywell

    HELP FOR YOU HERE, counter tactic join the fun the organized gangstalking tactic called direct connection broadcasts your emails and text to everyone. Use to think this was a very BAD thing until I got the CONCEPTUAL COUNTER PLAN. Read all of this, looking through cybercrime law only the recipient of the email or text can complain no third party intercept; therefore send the text or email to yourself and say whatever you want LEGALLY. record a sound file saying there name first and whatever, include a picture if you got it. REVERSE TARGETING.
    A progression from the above is the ULTIMATE COUNTER TACTIC, include large downloadable file and send to yourself. Send from one smartphone to a receiving phone, what happens on the receiving phone is happening to all third party intercept smartphones. YES, do a group send of 20 text message to yourself include downloadable files, attach picture text, max out the text range using the space bar just to get the file as large as possible. With one group send you can send 20 text files with attachments all need TIME, TIME, TIME to download. Never stop sending, send 400-600 text an hour. In on day I send 4,880 text messages all 345 KB. Locked up the keyboard on the receiving phone, download screen kept popping up, totally out of control. THE NAME OF THIS GAME IS TO MUCH F*CKING INFORMATION, OVERFLOW THE PHONE.
    Oh does the person get mad when the smartphone is unable to be used for hours. You got them with the ULTIMATE COUNTER TACTIC 24/7 ANYWHERE ANYTIME.

  • david claywell

    Anyone smart enough to help break the virus on my email account davidwclaywell2017@yahoo.com or my phone 423-208-5599 this would be the smoking gun I need to prosecute ALL.
    Please help living in Chattanooga TN call with info.

  • ExposingTruth

    The NSA has gang stalked me for over a year now. They moved into my apartment complex (241 Ottawa Bend dr. Morris, IL) In the Units above and below Apartments- 304E & 104E were I liked 204E. They tried to fry me to death with Direct Energy Weapons, and when that did not work, the drugged me and poisoned me several times. I often found my place broken into and when ever I would seek help they would disconnect my phone (which they had hacked). They came to my job (Schneider intermodal of Chicago on kostner ave.) and told so many lies the people did not know what to believe. They force coworkers, family members, and friends to secretly be inadvertently involved in there evil schemes. They told them it was a clandestine government operations and they would go to prison if they told anyone else the evil things they were doing.
    Thankfully, a few of them were willing to go out of their way to let me know what was going on, and the felt bad for me and wanted to help but was told that their freedom would be taken away through FISA court system and they would make sure they go to prison for a long time. They drugged me and payed civilians to set me up to defame my character, as they secretly filmed it on their smart phones or another device. They even payed off a few homosexuals, to harass me and lie on me as if I was gay ( I am 150% straight with 2 children). One of the older homosexual men that was paid a large sum of money, actually came up to me crying. He confessed that they had paid him to do some evil things to me and he really needed the money; however, he could not go through with it because he found out that I was a nice person. They have stalked me on several different jobs, even the one I work now as a CDL driver. They tap your phone, try to study your behavior, and will not hesitate to use their rehearsed tactics on you. It is easy for any aware person to see there behavior and emotional responses are fake and much sociopathic (although to them it seems like they are blending in).
    They Called my brother and told him that they had a issue with the way that I spelled my name which is casye (which is the way it is on my birth certificate: pronounced k-say) instead of Casey (pronounced k-see). This was the reason for they wanted him to tell them everything they needed to know about me. He soon was able to see that they were being deceptive and using him to assist with their demonic plans. After we did research on it and found many sources of innocent people with similar stories as mine. They quickly found out about it and decided to distort the truth coming out by blocking the websites, the NSA also is paying large sums of money to individuals to pretend that they are mentally ill and that gang stalking is a mental health issue. They have flooded the internet with these people and their posts on ever media forum used by targeted individuals/victims of NSA clandestine harassment operation. My story is real and I have not only physical proof but a multitude of people willing to validate my claim. The NSA have also been heavily involved in human trafficking, and the importing of opioids from Afghanistan. This is how they fund much of their off the grid operations. I can prove everything that I have mentioned in this conversation. Contact me at kingbird321@outlook.com for an exclusive with proofs of what has been going on and list of the many of the pseudo-business organizations that aid in their demonic operations: by hiring undercover gang stalkers, or by laundring human trafficking/opioid/heroine and other criminal profit producers such as forced prostitution and forced pornography by drugged and beaten victims (which includes women/homosexual men/children/ and a reliable source of mine just informed me, stolen animals).

  • Return of MLK

    These so called agents that do this are not human, they are demons with skin. If you notice, they only do this to genuine good hearted people. Only “SOULLESS DEMONIC INDIVIDUALS” get some sort of sick, sadistic, demented pleasure out of others torment. These satanic beings not only torture innocent children, adults, and pets but, they have even been known to master bate while watching other psychotic psychopath government agents torture a helpless souls.
    They have done so many evil things to me, I don’t know where to start. The worse part is they can easily manipulate others into participating in their demonic activities. I personally have had enough. The next soulless demonic agent that comes up to me wanting to spark a sick conversation, I will do my best to send to hell -immediately- by any means necessary. Government officials and other law enforcement obviously will not do anything about it, so my advice to all of you: Stand your ground! It’s your constitutional and God given right. (I bet it start getting news coverage then). I’m not mean at all (if the tone comes over that way), I just know after 2yrs of being tortured, demons don’t understand or respect diplomacy…on fighting fire with fire. So give them a early taste of hell.
    God bless you T.Is