Must-Watch: How the 2016 Election Is Being Stolen

Sure, electronic vote fraud is easy as pie. And see this.

But top investigative reporter Greg Palast talks about how the election is being stolen the old fashion way:

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  • diogenes

    Meanwhile it begins to appear that there was serious voter rigging in the New York Democratic Primary and the boughten media has nothing to say about. And then there’s this fluff, with two clowns blaming the grotesquely diminished income and access to livelihood younger people in America are now experiencing on “baby boomers.” Spare us further links to these loud fakes and their poisonous lies.

    • They do not mention income or baby boomers in this interview. You might want to check yourself.

      • diogenes

        You might want to watch the video to the end. It’s not mentioned in the portion with Palast it’s mentioned in the next segment. Which leaves me entirely unwilling to trust anything I hear from this source. And Palast is talking about 15 years ago. Meanwhile the vote in NYC is being stolen flagrantly. Where is the vigilant free press. Talking about the 2000 election is not vigilance in 2016.

  • Bill Shevick

    I did not know Lee Camp was still fouling the earth with his retarded political “comedy commentary”.

    Since every serious alternative news presenter dropped him, I assumed he had died or moved to Cuba.

    • Carl_Herman

      I did not know Bill Shevick was still fouling the earth with his retarded “commentary”.

      Since every serious alternative news has serious comments on the topics, in this case the essential topic of honest elections, I assumed Bill Shevick had died or moved to Cuba.

      Seriously, Bill: choose your actions with care because you’ll have your future of choice.

      • Southernfink

        Hey Carl I’m unable to view the home page, Ninja firewall.

  • Hats off to Mr. Palast, hats off to Russia Today and hats off to WB for this interview proving how undemocratic the USA really is and showing yet again that the race issue is boiling underneath the surface. They say 120 000 voters in Brooklyn were turned away in the Dem primary this week…and yet the move ahead, total participation was 33%…and thats after decades of disenfranchising colored people via the absurd just us system….ITS TIME FOR A NEW REGIME IN WASHINGTON

  • My comments notwithstanding, here is what Israel Shamir, a man whose opinion commands respect, has to say about this Palast guy

  • This is how it is done especially for those who only sit behind their computer screens. If you do not physically participate in person you missed out on this from the last Presidential election cycle.

    How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency

    A compilation of footage that shows how the establishment used illegal tactics to get Ron Paul out of the presidential running. Everything from bias to voter fraud. It makes us sick and we hope Ron Paul and his family have a bright future ahead.

  • RNC 2012 FRAUD: Teleprompter reads results of the floor vote is ‘BEFORE’ votes are actually cast.

    Did RNC “Scripted” Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican Party?

  • ICFubar

    I wondered were Palast had got to. I knew he was having some major health problems and recovered. It was good to see he hasn’t lost his edge.