Historic Breakthrough In Rocket Ship Technology

SpaceX – one of Elon Musk’s companies, along with Tesla and Solar City – just nailed the landing of a drone rocket on a barge:

This technology should make space flight cheaper and more reliable …

Full video:

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  • kimyo

    occasionally this website slips into steve-jobs-adoration-mode. one expects such from the msm, but as far as i can tell, musk is utterly unworthy.

    tesla’s california charging stations run on diesel generators. your local fire department is going to have to stand down and watch as your battery-wall-fire consumes your mcmansion. mostly, musk’s success is in using carbon credits to provide the wealthy with uber-ego-inflating toys at the expense of the hoi-polloi.

    if you examine the plans for hyperloop, you’ll find a whole lot of hoop-la with very little substance.

    i’ll grant them a ‘historic breakthrough’ if they stick the landing 3 times in a row (so far, 2 for 7). we’ve successfully launched hundreds of space payloads without needing this new, showy technology. leave the msm to promote space-x/tesla and ramp up their share prices, if you don’t mind.

  • Lynn Walker

    As kimyo (below) suggests, this site really can’t decide what it believes.

    For a group that maintains such a skeptical regard for mainstream knowledge and information it is a disgrace to observe how foolishly most of you still imbibe all of the science and technology news as authentic knowledge. It demonstrates that there is no clear worldview in play, only a fractured dissociation from the perceived fallacies in the predominant (and wholly fallacious) worldview. The result: persons who think they know much while missing the fact that they know nothing in truth.

    I monitor this site because it is one of the most relevant “non-MSM” information sources. Unfortunately, the information here is scarcely more reliable than MSM, it simply provides a different perspective. It would be considerably more valuable if it presented truth, but that’s a bit much to expect from persons who still don’t know or recognize truth. Without truth, one man’s perception and opinion is no better or worse than any other’s. Meaning: msm is crap, most of this is too. The only benefit this site provides is exposing information omitted in the msm. Conclusions drawn from that information is usually dubious due to the fractured and fallacious worldview.

  • jadan

    This is a remarkable technical accomplishment. We are fortunate Elon Musk has chosen the US as the place to do his magic. He’d have been lucky to assemble a team to fly a kite in South Africa. This just takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes! But one question, Elon! What makes you so confidant we can colonize Mars when we’re doing such a piss poor job colonizing this earth?

    • kimyo

      if you believe that musk is a magical visionary then you also probably believe that warren buffett is an honorable and adroit businessman who has his chef prepare kraft mac and cheese every saturday night for dinner. that it was beyond sagacious for steve jobs to build his i-ware with chinese slave labor and to conspire to cheat his best employees out of honorably-earned, well-deserved wages. that norman borlaug saved a billion plus from starvation*. that the oeuvre gifted to us by george lucas eclipses even the work of truffaut/rohmer/godard in the nouvelle vague. or perhap even that google’s eric schmidt just really does love diet coke

      we are not going to mars. we cannot transport the h2o required for even a single human being to survive the journey. (the iss does NOT recycle sweat/urine, except to produce ammonia) we cannot transport sufficient energy to mine for/melt ice on mars.

      musk is a delusional madman with hands full of carbon-tax-based cash, he is most absolutely not a ‘visionary’.

      * if this is accurate, it’s quite possible that norman borlaug is responsible for more suffering than any other human on the planet.

      • jadan

        When Mommy’s not looking, do you pinch little babies to make them cry? You’re a Grinch, Kimyo, a misanthrope with halitosis.

        • kimyo

          if all you’ve got is personal attacks, then you’re not really adding anything to the conversation, no?

          there’s an enormous risk in allowing the media to put a halo over musk’s head. the common thread held by the global warming and peak oil crowds is that we must rapidly replace fossil fuels.

          musk, a huckster if there ever was one, will shovel billions of dollars into undeliverable (except by pixar) projects. when these fail, he will suggest that we only need to spend another few hundred billion to get online. anointed as a god by the msm, none will dare to question him.

          we’ve seen the utter failure of corn based ethanol, compact fluorescent bulbs, single stream recycling. these projects have consumed insanely vast amounts of taxpayer cash. just say no.

          The Hyperloop: Another Great Transportation Failure?

          New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes: That’s the promise Elon Musk will be making with his Hyperloop high-speed transportation system, the details of which he is scheduled to unveil this afternoon. It may seem impossible to many, but not to Musk, who has already set out to colonize Mars.

          • jadan

            Obviously you’re not an engineer, but if you were you’d be impressed by Space X’s achievement. IMHO, Americans don’t have much to be proud of, but they can be proud of technical innovation. I’m not surprised you don’t like Elon Musk. I can’t think off-hand of anything you do like, based on your comments here….hence, “Grinch”

          • kimyo

            every space shuttle launched went up using re-usable boosters, yes? much less expensive to build simple / sensible / workable solutions than to try to fix a problem which doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

            if you really want to pin the tag grinch on someone, i think musk is a far better choice: this is what we die for – amnesty international report on cobalt mining (without which musk would have no batteries)

            UNICEF estimated in 2014 that approximately 40,000 boys and girls work in all the mines across southern DRC, many of them involved in cobalt mining. The children interviewed by researchers described the physically demanding nature of the work they did. They said that they worked for up to 12 hours a day in the mines, carrying heavy loads, to earn between one and two dollars a day.

            Other children said that they worked in the open, in high temperatures, or in the rain. As with adult miners, they were exposed to high levels of cobalt on a consistent basis, but did not even have gloves or face masks to wear. The children interviewed for this report complained of being frequently ill.

            Several children said that they had been beaten, or seen other children beaten, by security guards employed by mining companies when they trespassed on those companies’ mining concessions.

  • kimyo

    more proof musk is cut from the same cloth as jobs: Elon Musk apologizes for Tesla workers paid just $5 an hour by subcontractor

    Tesla relied on cheap foreign labor to build a hi-tech paint shop in California, paying workers as little as $5 an hour, according to a damning report that prompted CEO Elon Musk to launch an investigation.

    The electric car company used roughly 140 workers from eastern Europe, primarily Slovenia and Croatia, to build a paint shop in Fremont in northern California as part of its production of the Model 3 sedan.

  • kimyo

    if musk is such a visionary, why can’t he find private financing? Elon Musk’s growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies

    Musk and his companies’ investors enjoy most of the financial upside of the government support, while taxpayers shoulder the cost.

  • kimyo

    Tesla Compared To Enron, Ponzi Scheme In Scathing New Research Report

    Devonshire Research has issued a scathing report in which it compares Tesla’s financing model to a “common Ponzi, Pyramid and Matrix scheme”, and even goes as far as hinting Tesla could be the next Enron due to its opaque financial reporting.

    musk’s engineers should be feted for their accomplishments. but he belongs in jail. just as steve jobs did (conspiring across the valley to block highly skilled and inventive staff from being paid a fair wage).

  • carlin456456

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