FBI Director Covers His Webcam with Tape

We noted in 2013 that the most important privacy step you can take is to cover your webcam with a post-it note or something else that will prevent government employees or hackers from recording you.

FBI Director James Comey agrees (from a speech last week at Kenyon College):

Technology and privacy experts – such as the ACLU’s chief technologist, Christopher Soghoian – point out the hypocrisy.  After all, the FBI itself hacks into people’s webcams.


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  • I remember reading about that very thing as well many years ago. I have had mine blocked when I discovered that as well. Wait there is more most folks do not know.

    July 26 2013 Is Your Cable Box Spying On You?

    Behavior-Detecting Devices From Verizon, Microsoft And Others Worry Privacy Advocates. “Watching the watchers” is taking on a whole new meaning. News that Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) may be developing a television set-top box with a motion sensor and video camera has rekindled the debate over technology that can record so-called ambient action.


  • Brockland A.T.

    Well, getting ripped by the interior decorator is clearly a scandal.