Be A Proud American

Be A Proud American

USA Has Been Destroying Iraq And The Country’s Population For 15 Years
Guest Column by Felicity Arbuthnot

The horrific war crimes, the worst in human history, of the Clinton, Cheney/Bush, and Obama regimes make Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seem mild and gentle.

Is Washington’s slaughter of Muslim populations and countries a policy in behalf of Zionist Israel?

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  • Criat Xavier

    The central task and supreme form of the revolution is the conquest of political power by arms, it is the solution of this problem by war. This revolutionary principle of Marxism-Leninism is universally valid, both in China and in all other countries.

    However, if the principle remains the same, its application by the proletarian parties is done differently, according to the different conditions in which these same parties are. In capitalist countries, if one does not consider periods of fascism and war, the conditions are as follows: within the country, feudalism no longer exists, the regime is that of bourgeois democracy; in their relations with the outside, such countries do not suffer a national oppression, on the contrary, they oppress other nations. Given these characteristics, educating the workers and accumulating forces through a long-standing legal struggle, thus preparing for the final overthrow of capitalism, is the task of the parties of the proletariat in those countries. There, the issue is to sustain a long legal struggle, to use Parliament as a tribune, to resort to economic and political strikes, to organize trade unions and to educate workers. There, the forms of organization are legal and the forms of struggle are not bloody (they are not war). Concerning the war, the communist parties of the capitalist countries fight against all the imperialist war done by their own countries. And if such a war occurs, the policy of these parties is to contribute to the defeat of their own reactionary governments. The only war they want is the civil war, for which they are preparing (2). But while the bourgeoisie is not really reduced to impotence, so long as the proletariat, for the most part, is not determined to take up arms and to fight, and as long as the peasant masses are not willing to give voluntary help to the proletariat, this war should not be unleashed. As soon as they are unleashed, however, the first step should be to occupy the cities and only then advance on the field, and never proceed in reverse. This is what the Communist parties of the capitalist countries did, confirms the October Revolution in Russia.