Why Anyone Who Votes for Hillary Is Ignorant, Stupid, and/or Psychopathic

Eric Zuesse

This is the result of her action: https://theintercept.com/2016/03/11/drugs-dams-and-power-the-murder-of-honduran-activist-berta-caceres/

This is how she did it: http://www.globalresearch.ca/hillary-clintons-six-foreign-policy-catastrophes/5509543?print=1

And this is what she says about it, in retrospect: http://www.salon.com/2016/04/15/hillary_clinton_is_lying_about_the_criminal_u_s_backed_coup_in_honduras_it_should_be_as_scandalous_as_libya/

If the Democratic Party, for which I have voted throughout my life, nominates Hillary Clinton for President, then I (being neither ignorant, nor stupid, nor psychopathic) will consider the Democratic Party, and the people who vote for it, as being now run by psychopaths, and as relying upon votes from individuals who are ignoramuses and/or idiots — I’ll never again support the national Democratic Party. I haven’t been, and will not be, a Republican (and anyone who is, after Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, is beneath even basic decency), but if Hillary becomes the Party’s nominee, then the Democratic Party is just as rotten, from its top on down, as the Republican Party is — and, with Hillary as its Presidential nominee, anyone who would be denying the fact of its rottenness, under such a circumstance, would necessarily be either ignorant, stupid, or psychopathic. That’s an undeniable scientific fact about the Party, if it runs a person such as that, as its Presidential nominee.

After the Nazi Party ran Adolf Hitler as its nominee in Germany’s 1933 election, is there anyone today who would vote Nazi who isn’t ignorant, stupid, and/or psychopathic? Of course not. For the masses of people in Honduras — the murder capital of the world after Hillary stanched up and defended and kept in power its fascist coup-regime in 2009 — their country is approximately as terrifying as Hitler’s Germany was terrifying to Jews. All decent people will feel repugnance at the very thought of Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee, and no intelligent person will trust anything she says, because her record shows her true character, which is plain repulsive.

For example, she recently said “The Legislature—or the national Legislature in Honduras and the national judiciary actually followed the law in removing President Zelaya”, but even her own U.S. Ambassador in Honduras, Hugo Llorens, right after the coup, wrote to her the contrary (and she ignored what he and all decent persons were saying — and her refusal to call it a “coup” enabled U.S. government funds to be released to prop up the dictators, despite the universal condemnation of them by other countries):

The actions of June 28 can only be considered a coup d’etat by the legislative branch, with the support of the judicial branch and the military, against the executive branch. It bears mentioning that, whereas the resolution adopted June 28 refers only to Zelaya, its effect was to remove the entire executive branch. Both of these actions clearly exceeded Congress’s authority. … No matter what the merits of the case against Zelaya, his forced removal by the military was clearly illegal, and  [puppet-leader Roberto] Micheletti’s ascendance as ‘interim president’ was totally illegitimate.

She still brazenly lies through her teeth. And ‘Democratic’ suckers and psychopaths still take seriously what she says, and vote for her. If that’s not repulsive, what is?

As Jonathan Watts recently noted, in Britain’s Guardian:

Environmental activists are more likely to be killed in Honduras than any other country, according to a study by the NGO Global Witness. More than 80% of murders go unpunished. Part of the problem, according to the InterIACHR, is that the military has taken on roles that should be left to a civilian police. They tend to work in conjunction with powerful interests, while human rights activists are criminalised.

Due to the widespread condemnation of the Honduran Government for the murder of Berta Cáceres, the Honduran Government is allegedly now trying to build a case against someone else within her own environmental organization to prosecute for it.

Without the Obama Administration’s support, the coup-regime wouldn’t have lasted out the year. Hillary even tried to block the democratically elected President, Manuel Zelaya, from being returned to the country. It’s clear where her heart is: it’s with the money, not with the people.

She should be in prison, not in the White House.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • fuster

    geez, as if that funkhead Zuesse has any standing to call other people Ignorant, Stupid, and/or Psychopathic

    it’s not as if he isn’t so completely crazy and full ofs hit his own lousy self.

    • Lynn Walker

      Seems to be a thread.

      • Carl_Herman

        fuster and Lynn: try to focus on the point of Clinton’s record and the Orwellian state of her being pushed by media and party leadership for president rather than arrested for obvious crimes centered in war and money.

        She should be arrested, with Bush and Obama, for unlawful Wars of Aggression all started on lies, right you two?


        Documentation of war law, and the lies to start these wars: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2016/03/clinton-bush-obama-stand-500-million-innocent-dead-intentional-policy-war-arrests-now.html

        • Lynn Walker


          There is no defending Clinton or any of the others, they should all be arrested and executed for crimes against humanity.

          Of all the authors on this site, you are the only one with whom I do not take exception. Let’s be clear, most to the writers here evangelize for some type of political action or candidacy, which means they are enlisting us to participate in our own destruction with no relevant avenue for remedy. Deliberately or unwittingly, they support the status-quo by encouraging us to participate within a framework the elite control.

          The remedy lies outside of politics entirely and this is the central point of every argument I make here.

          Your articles are superior to Zeusse’s because they do contain not only critical elements, or revelations of corruption and wrong-doing, but also the suggested positive remedy, arrests and the imposition of justice which are not tied to the folly of political involvement.

  • Joel W

    Couldn’t the same thing be said about the Democrat party and its voters 4 and 8 years ago as well? I mean, is Obama any really different than Hillary?

    • Lynn Walker


      • cettel

        Well, Lynn, since so many of my articles have documented Obama’s being just the way I’ve been describing Hillary here; and since this article itself states clearly at the end, that, “Without the Obama Administration’s support, the coup-regime wouldn’t have lasted out the year,” what exactly is the basis for your calling this article “unprofessional, emotional, mad-man reporting”? At least my article documents its charges; your accusation doesn’t document anything except your bile.

        • Lynn Walker

          You have substantiated wrong-doing by the candidate, Clinton, but nowhere have you supported the conclusion that those voting for this person meet your litany of negative descriptors. I very easily infer that those voting for this candidate, as those who vote for any candidate, do so because of the perceived personal benefits that candidate represents. In this regard, Clinton supporters are no more or less representative of the supporters of any other candidate, which is to say that most are being fooled while a tiny pool of big supporters take all of the gain. Your characterizations of Clinton supporters are not unique to this candidate, which you do imply, and more tellingly, disclose you as an emotional, non-neutral observer. You are editorializing, not reporting. I criticize you as unfit for journalistic reporting for this reason.

          As an editorialist, which you may actually see yourself as being, you deserve the same list of descriptors you assign to Clinton supporters. Anyone who claims lifelong support to the Democratic party, while just now suspecting that they don’t represent the American people they purport to represent, has, in my opinion, existed in a state of cluelessness for so long that any editorial opinion is irrelevant and should remain unspoken.

          Politics is the realm of the cheaters and the cheated. You don’t criticize politics or those who participate in the folly, only those individuals who don’t represent your desires. You are not focused on helping others free themselves from tyranny, you simply want to corral others into agreeing with your chosen form of public enslavement.

          Furthermore, endless criticism, lacking in positive suggestions for remedy, are as psychologically destructive as the fear-mongering produced by other journalists and politicians. It is effectively the same action. You do nothing to improve our knowledge and understanding with your persistent criticisms.

          You are not even accurate. According to your reporting, the US and it’s allies are wrong (bad), the Russians and their counterparts might actually be right (good). This is childishly naive, there are no right or good parties in domestic or international politics. All are predators, liars and plunderers. You deceive with your reporting.

          The unfortunate fact is that politics is entirely corrupted by money and therefore the most rich and powerful control whoever participates. You, like the majority of the authors and readers of this site are hopelessly infatuated with the belief that we just need the right candidate, the right policy, the right party. So long as you pathologically insist the solutions are political in nature you remain ever-defeated.

  • Lynn Walker

    Why I don’t read Eric Zeusse’s “articles”: read the headline. Is this journalism or an editorial? I’ll make up my own mind, I don’t need an unprofessional, emotional, mad-man reporting telling me how to interpret the news. WASHINGTON’S BLOG: regain your lost dignity and remove this non-intellectual, pseudo journalist.

    Hey, Eric, anyone who pays attention to, participates in, or believes in politics is ignorant, stupid and psychopathic.

    • unheilig

      You don’t read the articles, fine, then don’t spew vituperation and call it “comment”. And at least do him the courtesy of spelling his name correctly.

      • Lynn Walker

        Eric Zeusse is spelled ‘E’, ‘r’, ‘i’, ‘c, ‘space’, ‘Z’, ‘e’, ‘u’, ‘s’, ‘s’, ‘e’.

        Check the prescription on your reading glasses.

    • Carl_Herman

      Hey Lynn, first and foremost try looking at the facts Eric points to. Did you even do that? Do you feel qualified to comment without considering the facts to conclude Hillary Clinton’s “believers” would have to be either ignorant, stupid, or psychopathic?

      Try that, and then tell us how valid Eric’s title is.

      If you can’t, or won’t, then you join the ignorant, stupid, or psychopathic.

      Need more facts for your consideration? Try these: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2016/03/clinton-bush-obama-stand-500-million-innocent-dead-intentional-policy-war-arrests-now.html

      • Lynn Walker

        The only validity in Eric’s title would be if he acknowledged the characterizations were of himself. In the sense that each of us outwardly projects on others the faults and defects we perceive within ourselves, Zeusse reveals his own predilection for foolishness and irrational thought.

        • Carl_Herman

          Lynn, I like the title for its accuracy. When we contrast the facts of what Hillary does with what a voter perceives, do you see other options than:

          1. ignorance (unaware of the Orwellian contrast between what the voter believes to be true and actual facts),

          2. stupidity (not able to see the facts even when presented; although this is probably best described as cognitive dissonance),

          3. psychopath supporter (very few in numbers, but correctly reading the facts).

          Lynn, I personally conclude we need bolder speech in good-faith experimentation of what can release humanity from these .01% psychopaths.

          I appreciate your reading, thinking, and self-expression. We seem to need many more of us aware of the facts and taking actions as we best imagine.

          • Lynn Walker

            I like your explanation. Bolder speech? Definitely!

            Still, I am committed to change that matters and encouraging people to select a candidate who is “better than the rest” will not produce gains. This game is replayed over and over again, to our ultimate demise. I firmly believe that only when a critical mass of the population completely abandons all hope of a political solution to our problems will people finally turn to a solution that can effect a change. Encouraging people to still give politics a chance is self-defeating.

            I always appreciate your insights.

  • ICFubar

    Those criticizing Zuesse’s article need to spend some time in Honduras to see first hand what their icon has wrought. I agree that the whole national political scene is rotten to the core and filled with self serving sycophants and a lot worse. It is as Sheldon Wollin describes, a system of “inverted totalitarianism”. Some people though will just not admit it until they have to face it right in the face because they are either ignoramuses, idiots, beneficiaries from that system or psychopaths themselves.

    • kimyo

      Those criticizing Zuesse’s article need to spend some time in Honduras to see first hand what their icon has wrought

      so, anyone who finds zuesse’s ‘work’ to be of questionable merit must be a clinton supporter? please.

      • ICFubar

        Read and understand,,,I wrote “article” not works.Like the one you supposedly read here, about Clinton and the state of American national politics. I believe Zuesse is very correct in his assessment that Clinton is unfit for POTUS, let alone dog catcher, and that the entire national political apparatus is corrupt to the core, the exercise of government now having come to closely resemble Wollin’s definition of inverted totalitarianism. Yes the hyperbole of calling those who believe in the purity of national politics as ignoramuses etc was meant as an attention grabber but not too far off the mark. It is all a sham meant to disguise the corporate assuming all the levers of power that matter in a functioning democratic republic..

        • kimyo

          zuesse’s ‘tell’ is what he doesn’t talk about. he’ll crank out 50 articles (or, roughly 5,000 paragraphs) on clinton.

          but he never mentions diebold (the means by which she will be installed). why?

          he never mentions any third party candidates. why?

          he’s always asking/answering the wrong question – ex: why did sanders lose? cause people are ignorant.

          the apt question: why are the people ignorant? the follow-up: what can we do to correct this?

          • ICFubar

            you make a very good point… Zuesse was very active in the Democratic Party for a long while and has had his illusions broken by Obama as a hope and change man, what with what his admin has actually wrought; so his venom for the party and against H.C (totally justifiable) may be on some personal shattered belief level. I remember him denouncing his party affiliation a few years back. He does write on other issues but you are correct that he is often focused on the Dems when writing on the ….what to call it… proposal cycle for White House caretaker.
            And I agree that a few friendly column inches for other worthy candidates would be very welcome and would go a lot further than just bashing the “system” and its sycophants continually.

    • fuster

      stupid comment. Honduras is much the same as it was for decades.

      Zelaya was just another creepy, lying, egotistical member of the oligarchy and was interested in changing nothing other than remaining in power.

  • unheilig

    Hard to disagree. This is just one example of the woman’s psychopathology. Is there anybody on the planet not sickened by the obscenely huge bribes she accepts from Wall Street? Or her stomach-turning celebration at the public torture-murder of Qaddafy? (To cite just two further examples.)

  • truthtime

    There are two choices for America: We can have a democracy or an Empire.

    Seeing as ‘they’ don’t want to give up the reigns of Empire, like Hillary and her ilk (The Defense Industry, the bankers, the corrupt two party system, the pentagon) – the inevitable decline will continue until its last dying breath.

  • Carl_Herman

    Eric: thank you. This strong article title has gotten influential attention on other sites. You are pointing to “Emperor’s New Clothes” obvious facts. In this case, yes, anyone wanting more Clinton is either confused about those facts, unable to process facts, or among the 5% or less among humans who work with her as a psychopath.

    • Baby_Jesus

      I think there are a myriad of psychopath worshippers and wannabes embodied within the ignorant/stupid group.

  • Baby_Jesus

    What does it mean for a pack of wolves to be lead by an Alpha Female?

  • ArtBell

    After Bill Clinton bombed Serbia I could see the Democrats were just as warmongering as the Republicans. Obama’s drone strikes and actions in the Ukraine and Syria only prove the US is a one party political system.

  • Mr. America

    @Eric Zuesse – I agree….. #BERNIEORBUST

  • Jason Hall

    (and anyone who is, after Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, is beneath even basic decency).

    Offending every Iraq veteran will get you zero kudos. Whether the war was justified or not, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been fought.

  • Gchen2778@gmail.com

    For those of you out there who says ANYONE but Hillary. . . This is who you want.

    I am terrified that we may have a psychotic, narcissistic, misogynistic megalomaniac who cares nothing for our veterans, POWs, their families and all the different immigrants that make up this nation as a candidate for President. We were ALL immigrants of this country at some point. I’m terrified that he would call POWs who were captured and tortured for years in DEFENSE of our country “failed soldiers” when he himself dodged the draft. “FAILED SOLDIERS.” I’m terrified that he calls a entire group of people RAPISTS and DRUG DEALERS and MURDERERS because of where they come from. I’m terrified that he’d ridicule a grieving GOLD STAR family. I’m terrified that he PRAISES Vladimir Putin, who brutally and routinely EXECUTES his opposition especially pesky journalists, as a great leader. I am terrified that this supposedly brilliant businessman has filed for BANKRUPTCY 4 times and that he has a college that cheats its students out of their tuition. I’m terrified that he routinely LIES about everything so often that reporters have trouble keeping up with the debunking of each incredible baseless statement he makes. I’m terrified that when faced with opposition, he immediately resorts to NAME CALLING like a four year old. I AM TERRIFIED that he has no experience, no diplomacy, no respect and NO HUMANITY for the country that he claims to want to represent when he really only cares about people who look like him and fits in with his group. I’M HORRIFIED that people are actually contemplating this man as our LEADER and REPRESENTATIVE to the world.

    The Clinton’s are by NO means perfect, but this country had the BEST ECONOMY in DECADES under Bill and Hillary has ACTUAL EXPERIENCE by actually serving this country politically for the last 2 decades plus. Yes, they may be the lesser of two evils but one side is ACTUALLY EVIL.

    YES, I’m being dramatic but we are fighting for the SOUL of OUR COUNTRY.


    • Claxton

      Right now at this very moment I can care less about any of Crooked Clinton policies. ALL I care about is fixing a broken system that allows people to take away the value of my fellow countrymen and women vote. There is NO faster way to loose my interest more importantly my TRUST then lying to me. You rally the youth to get out of there moms basement and get more involved in politics , only to cheat them ,silence them and then bully them when they point out unfairness in the system. The Crooked Clinton supporters have no moral compass and they feel that they do. That is what has become very dangerous at this point. “The lesser of 2 evils” “Let the means justify the ends ” is what I feel is the ideology driving the crooked Clinton supporters belief and that is very sad.They have no solid ground to stand on debate wise ,and I feel Crooked Clinton itself knows that . Just look at all the fear mongering that has been thrown around all the bullying and insulting each other intelligence that you all resort to. And each day she refuses to even acknowledge is just her digger a deeper hole for herself. There are 4 YES 4 presidential candidates in the race still. Just remember THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT

      #bernieorBust #anyonebuthilliary #Nevertrump #Jill2016

      • Australian

        I am not an American citizen but a proud Australian ,however if Hillary wins the election America is Doomed and so is the rest of the world Trump is not perfect neither is anyone on this Earth ,if Americans don’t vote for Trump ,then America will go down the tubes

        • Australian

          If Hillary wins she will rent THE WHITE HOUSE and sell the NUCLEAR CODES to the highest bidder

    • Peter

      “misogynistic” -and just like that, you reveal yourself to be an idiot.

      Hillary has done more to discredit women who accuse men (read: her own fucking HUSBAND) of rape than Trump ever has.

  • Peter

    Glad to see you get the wake-up call, Eric. I imagine it’s a harsh one, but it was sorely needed.

    The Democrats are about as democratic as the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. It’s nothing but a bed of liars and crooks organized into a modern-day Tweed Ring, and it sustains itself on ignorance, division, corruption, and delusions.

    Say what you will about Republicans, they never gave arbitrary individuals the power of entire states in a primary, and they don’t show support for thugs, rioters, and generally destructive idiots.

  • Ahsoka Tano

    What are the people who choose not to vote at all? These are people who complain about who their president is and didn’t even bother to vote because it was Bernie or bust. You can’t complain when you didn’t get off your ass and vote because you didn’t like either choice. Vote for trump if you want but vote. Don’t vote, don’t bitch. Vote, bitch all you want. I wasn’t aware that America was so horrible that people are willing to leave when they don’t get what they want, they run like cowards. People continue to listen to these ridiculous theories being paranoid about everything. You are aware America wasn’t founded by Columbus rather Indigenous people were their first and Columbus had them enslaved and slaughtered? Does that mean you’ll leave the country because originally we’re not meant to be here it wasn’t our home to begin with. Every country around them world were built on war, slavery torture, death. No one is perfect, you want perfect go to sleep and dream because that’s the only way you can have your perfect world, your perfect presidential candidate. This is politics, many hate it but these people are willing to take on that role and they have the constitutional right to do so. Politics has many flaws.

  • Dr. A. B. Plato

    Always sad to see people compare Hitler with people like Hillary instead of Stalin, in that:
    1. Some of Hitlers associates did, like Hillary, kill their way to the top.
    2. Hitler, throughout his career never when in for the wholesale internment or killing of the average German.
    3. Despite the thievery of his officer corp at the end of WWII Hitler anything he thought would not be beneficial to the average German or Aryan in general living in other countries.
    Whereas Hillary:
    1. Has a murder toll of her own associates in the 40’s and of people she generally disliked in the 60’s.
    2. The kind of murder she is usually involved with are of people she has a personal grudge against, or who put themselves in the way of one of her schemes, i.e., Brightbart and Chris Stevens are typical examples of her victims.
    3. Even if she were merely a dupe in the torture and murder of Chris Stevens her “…what does it matter?” comment when questioned is beyond disgusting and, as someone else said, definitely psychotic.
    Yet, for some reason which I, as a sane person, find nearly impossible to comprehend has, apparently, millions of people who voted for her.
    Yet, in all the stories about Hitler and the German people I’ve never heard a researcher or student of WWII say that the average German was insane to have anything to do with Hitlers attempts to bring Germany out of the post-WWI poverty enforced upon them following that war. But what other explanation can there be for a people who knowingly, at some level I’m sure, are aware of this women’s hatred of the middle class and absolute ruthlessness for power and wealth at any expense and I’m reminded of one of Stalin’s comments about death, i.e., “…the death of one man is a tragedy but the death of ten thousand is just a number.”
    None of this says anything good about the transformation of the American people into: a.) The official second-dumbest country on the planet, b.) Who allow a drug and murder rate unequaled in any other country, and c.) Who would sink, or allow themselves to be lead down a road that is obviously terminal to the country most of us were born in.
    Nevertheless, I have to worry about Mr. Trumps Presidency. Given the inherent uncontrolled violence on the Left and their willingness to use murder to get what they want, I have to wonder just how long it will be before some “lone gunman” deal with Trump in the manner they, apparently, know best.
    My only hope is that our Secret Service will be more on their toes than they were with that miserable little illegal alien Barry Soetoro.

  • Katherine


  • Bruinschuss


    People who have propped up both the Democratic and Republican parties for generations have been completely blind to the consequences of foreign policy decisions. Or else they find a way to justify atrocity for whatever team they happen to pick. It’s the use of domestic agenda to gloss over abhorrent foreign action. Obama can bomb however many wedding parties and persecute however many whistle-blowers he pleases, so long as gays can get married and people feel that black lives really do matter.

    Meanwhile nothing changes.
    It’s an utter farce. The American people need to put aside their party alignment and look hard at the demonstrated ethics of their elected class.