Soros-Obama-Merkel-Erdogan Win Control of Europe

Eric Zuesse

On Friday, March 18th, a combined effort by George Soros, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and Tayyip Erdogan, has arranged to get the EU to abandon previously sacrosanct fundamental human rights of refugees, and to transfer $6B+ to Turkey, in return for placing the refugee burden onto Turkey and getting Turkey to cooperate so as to assist the breakup of Syria, which will enable a gas-pipeline and an oil-pipeline to be built through Syria to enable Qatar’s gas and Saudi Arabia’s oil to be pipelined through Syria into the EU, so as to replace Russian oil and gas, which now fuel the EU.

Here, in my rush translations from the original German-language reports at German Economic News (Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten) are the key reports and headlines:

Turkey deal: Germany could take majority of refugees

[Translated by Eric Zuesse from] German Economic News  |  Published:18:03:16 02:56 Clock

The most important consequence of the EU summit is not in the official statement. A plan long discussed, now finalizing: Germany takes the majority of refugees from Turkey, and oil and gas pipelines will replace Russian oil and gas to Europe by Saudi oil and Qatari gas.

Europe’s energy supply should result in future Syria. (Graphic:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.40.37 PM

According to Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the leaders of the European Union mutually agreed with Turkey to cut Russia out of the EU gas market, cut Qatar [a U.S. ally] in. They agreed in the early hours of Friday on a refugee-&-gas-pipeline package to be approved by the Turkish government.

This agreement will substantially correspond to the Pact of Angela Merkel with Turkish President Erdogan. But it apparently comprises only a small portion of the agreement prepared between Germany, Turkey and the USA.

Gerald Knaus, director of the Soros-funded think tank “European Stability Initiative” (ESI), for many months now has been advising Chancellor Angela Merkel on the refugee crisis. His ESI submitted the plan in October.

The original plan consists of two parts: On the one hand, Germany should, during the coming year, “grant 500,000 Syrian refugees asylum, who are now in Turkey.” Other European countries may participate, but on a voluntary basis. At the same time Turkey will take from Greece “all new migrants.”

Knaus, himself Austrian, told the Viennese daily the press, that “in the background, a more radical idea has already been largely negotiated” which will “probably very soon be announced“: Knaus said that a “coalition of the willing” will take 900 Syrians per day — “no matter how many Syrians come to Greece.” This would be about 300,000 people per year — slightly less than in the original Soros plan.

The reason for Europe’s acquisition of hundreds of thousands of refugees is obvious: The proposed EU summit one-to-one solution would not be enough to relieve Turkey significantly. Moreover, it’s not lawful from the perspective of the Geneva Convention, as human rights organizations have complained since the start of the Soros proposal. The coalition of the willing currently consists of Germany, Portugal and Sweden. Austria has not yet agreed. Presumably Merkel will move some other countries also to participate. Thus, the plan could be presented as a European solution.

From an organizational standpoint, Knaus thinks that consideration in Turkey of the plan will succeed in an agreement being reached. Knaus holds this to be essential. He told the newspaper Die Welt: “The acceptance, by the public, of receiving the refugees is essential. Had we in Europe started earlier with a quota solution, we’d be farther along today. I think that also Sweden and Austria would have been on our side. Unfortunately, the process in the past year fell out of control. We had no idea who is coming into our country. This fueled fears. “

The Soros plan is apparently agreed with the US government. Angela Merkel supported in this way the geopolitical plans of the Americans, who have a special interest in developing their energy policies in the region. They are planning the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). Construction of TAP is pushed by the United States. This will run from the Turkish border via Greece, Albania and the Strait of Otranto to Italy. Thus, one of the main refugee routes to Europe, which is particularly overloaded after the closure of the Balkan route, will be cleared for pipelining gas into Europe.

Further destabilization of the TAP region is therefore not in the interests of the United States. They also want to ensure that Europe is supplied via a pipeline that’s under US control, not under Russian control. The US and Russia are fighting for the European energy market.

It is interesting in this context that a competing Russian pipeline through Syrian territory could also result. The surprising retreat of the Russians from Syria might suggest that there could be an agreement between Russia and the US: In this way, the geopolitical interests of both Great Powers could be safeguarded. The relationship between the pipeline projects and the war in Syria has the raw material site analyzed in order that all parties want to solve the dependence of Saudi oil.

In this connection the role of the Americans is also in the media largely ignored regarding the visiting US diplomat Victoria Nuland in Idomeni. Nuland’s pithy sayings (such as “fuck the EU”) and her role in Ukraine, made her try to become known as a Goodwill Ambassador for Europe; she Thursday visited the refugee camps in the northern Greek Idomeni, reports Kathimerini .

The Turkish news portal Haberler reports what Nuland said in Idomeni: “More needs to be done for these people here. Athens has made a direct request to Washington. In this difficult situation, I’m here, for American-Greek solidarity. We will work together to solve the problem of distribution of refugees within the EU. In addition, we want to help ensure that the deal between the EU and Turkey is fair and transparent. It’s time to better accommodate the migrants. “

On 11 March, Nuland met with representatives of the Greek government in Athens to discuss the full range of bilateral and regional issues, including the request for assistance of Greece to the United States, in solving the migration problem, reported the US State Department .

This context could explain also why Angela Merkel has waited so long to go to the German public with a real plan for the refugee crisis — even though they have long been familiar with the Soros plan and he apparently also laid the basis with the Chancellor for Turkey jointly to launch the proposal at the EU summit: this was to help Merkel not to inflame sentiment in Germany before the state elections. Because the message that Germany could possibly be the only country to take a large number of refugees, would have a serious impact that has led even without this perspective to tectonic shifts in favor of the AFD [anti-immigrant party].

Knaus sees the Ankara-Berlin axis as being crucial for geopolitical orientation against Russia. He said in an international interview that Germany made the mistake of placing undue reliance on the EU Commission: “Germany has early understood much. But it made the mistake of relying too much on the implementation by the Commission. Germany should have taken matters into its own hands earlier.”

Knaus sees the role of Germany as partners with Turkey and the USA. Here lies the common interest to host the refugees: “Germany does not expire like other states in an anti-Islam rhetoric. At the same time it sees Ankara, in a delicate geostrategic position between anti-Muslim governments in Europe and a strong Putin. A successful and connected partnership between Berlin and Turkey may be worth a lot for Turkey and its approach to Europe.”

This closes the circle for the TAP pipeline: The Americans want to snatch the European energy market away from Russia. In the absence of our own energy policy, Europeans are currently completely dependent on Russia. If both pipelines – quasi in a duopoly of the Americans and the Russians – are built, the energy policy space for the EU would increase significantly.

That led to the present situation, a murderous war that’s driven hundreds of thousands from Syria and Iraq. It had to be, from a geopolitical point of view of the parties — Russia, the US and the EU — regarded as collateral damage.

After all, the Soros plan would in fact lead to the result that the right of asylum would be respected so that immigration to Europe is not completely disordered. What guarantees that the EU gets Turkey to treat the refugees humanely, is completely unclear. It also is unclear whether the acceptance of refugees in Germany can be satisfactorily prepared. It also remains open whether the EU will have, as a result of the apparent cleavage of the project, neither the power to play as a political union, nor a role that goes beyond that of simply a large, attractive market.


EU and Turkey Reach Agreement on Refugees

The EU and Turkey have agreed on a deal. The deal enters into force on March 20. From then on, refugees who arrive irregularly in Greece will be returned to Turkey.

German Economic News  | March 18, 2016, 19:08 Clock


“Shabby EU-Turkey deal is a day of mourning for asylum”

The human rights organization Pro Asyl has sharply condemned the deal with Turkey. Today is a day of mourning for the right of asylum. The organization announces that it will file lawsuits.

German Economic News  | March 18, 2016, 19:00 Clock


EU deal: Turkey does not agree to respect human rights Angela Merkel and Dutch Mark Rutte at the summit in Brussels. (Ph

The deal with Turkey stipulates that Turkey serves as large refugee camps for the EU. Turkey seems to have succeeded to determine the standards for the treatment of refugees and migrants. A commitment to respect for human rights was deleted from the final document.

German Economic News  | March 18, 2016, 18:13 Clock


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • truthtime

    Turkey gets free Helicopter Money and Erdogan goes Full Fascist.

    The U.S. sure does like to share a bed with Fascist bedfellows.

    • Nexusfast123

      The US has always been on the edge of fascism as a nation, As the US empire declines the country will go full retard to fascism. They already drink the kool-aid.

  • Dow Jones

    As Maidan cookie monster and fatso shrew Nudelman says “Fukk the EU.” The only consideration of importance as the USSA, EUSSR push planet Anglozionazi to the brink is the question “Is it good for the jews?” Obviously dirt sack $oro$ is banking on it.

    • cettel

      And so too are lots of other people, including especially the Saudi royal family, the Qatari royal family, and the U.S. oil companies, which likewise are investors in those Sunni-controlled oil companies. People who think that “the Jews” (whatever that means) are behind every nefarious scheme are not merely idiots, they are bigots (which is a pejorative, whereas to be merely an idiot is not — to be merely an idiot is like to be merely disabled, and a disabled person isn’t necessarily an evil person, any more than to be a brilliant person is to be a good person). To be a bigot — regardless of what type of bigotry, against Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, or whatever — is to be the dregs of humanity.

      • Dow Jones

        If the kippa fits wear it. But pleeeeez don’t give me that hurt jew act.

        • cettel

          Do you think that I’d have responded any differently if you were expressing support for the KKK? Are you trying to rely here upon the defense that you’re an idiot and no bigot at all? You’re a bigot, even if you are too stupid to recognize the fact.

          • Dow Jones

            Normally I don’t indulge your sort and their paranoid rantings but since you are a persistent little defender of the indefensible, clouded in your twisted logic I will make a one off exception. But then as I say you are on your own. So keep your supremacist garbage under your kippa and vent it only when you are certain that you are among your ilk.

            Three wise Jews thank goodness just happen to have the answers for
            their Europeons dilemma; breed yourself to extinction!

            And some silly Goyim imagine that this invasion of kamel fikking
            ISIS mutts is due to Agent Merkill’s “Christian” love for those whose
            lands her Washing town masters have turned to rubble.




          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            Very REVEALING !!!

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            ZUESSE , Why are you Hiding behind “Cettel” ???

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    There’s just One little Problem , SYRIA Already has Given CONSENT to the IRANIAN PIPELINE , While the SAUDI – QUATAR PIPELINE ; the Core Reason for Sending their HEAD-CHOPPERS , Forever Will Remain a “Judeo-christian” PIPEDREAM !!!

  • Brockland A.T.

    … I’m not sure what the big deal is or what the cause-effect relationships are. Your previous article on Soros and Europe was much more coherent.

    Germany has been saying it can receive 500,000 a year for the last couple of years since Turkey opened the floodgates. This is likely Merkel’s last term as a result; Germans are furious and are unlikely to support her in 2017. Merkel has also lost the support of most of the EU.

    The Trans Adriatic Pipepline has been planned since 2003. Another source of natural gas or oil, competing with Russia, is a natural outcome of the existing monopoly.

    Syria is pulling together, albeit slowly. Russia has not retreated from Syria; the DAESH have gone to ground and there is little left for the Russian Air Force to hit that isn’t in civilian areas. The Syrian Air Force, has also been upgraded and is more able to fight than before the Russian intervention.

    Turkey looks like its going to break apart into civil war, and neither the EU or Turkey is likely to be able to implement their part of the refugee deal. Ultimately, the Euros do NOT want Turkey to join the EU and Erdogan is just extorting money for refugees.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      Since GERMANY has turned out , to be MORGENTHAU’S Envisioned VASSAL , Age – old RELATIONS ; Once Centered in “AUTRICHE , the REST” , Come into Play by “ÖSTERREICH’S Denial” , to Further Obey “BERLIN’S ORDERS” !!!

      • Brockland A.T.

        Again, TAP was always going to happen as a natural course of business. The 500,000 yearly invasion of Germany, is also a done deal unless Merkel and her supporters are removed by the 2017 elections.

        So, recalling Lord Hastings Ismay, First Secretary General of NATO’s, famous remark on the purpose of NATO, “To keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down”, consider that NATO now has the challenge of keeping “America up, the Russians down, and Germans in”.

        Keeping America up cannot be accomplished keeping the Germans down; America is a rather large burden. The Germany economy needs to grow in order to support Anglo-Zionism in the manner to which it would like to become even more accustomed, with or without Austria. Keeping the Russians out is no longer viable; otherwise why try and conquer Russia and reduce it to partioned puppet states. Russian resources are needed by Germany more than Russia needs Germany.

        The Morganthau plan wasn’t implemented; the Americans opted to give Britain a cut of the German industrial pie. Reading between the lines, it could be seen as postwar extortion; deindustrializing Germany would have left it to starve as an agrarian backwater with no ability to export manufactured goods for cash to import food. Allowing Germany to reindustrialize and rebuild its banking system with Britain tied to its coattails made much more sense. Either way, JCS 1067 (1945) was replaced by JCS 1779 (1947) removing even the stealth implementation of the Morgenthau plan by U.S. Occupation authorities.

        If the NATO plan is to force Russia to similarly accept a buy-in, that would explain Putin’s reluctance to nationalize the Russian Central Bank and implement needed financial autarchy.

        The only difference between a Morgenthou-style extortion for Russia and Germany, is that Russia can and presumes to dictate terms of Anglo-Zionist entry. Obviously this is unacceptable to Anglo-Zionism and only increases the grand strategic incentive to destroy Russia at some future point, regardless of Putin’s prematurely lauded ‘successful’ operational maneuvers in Ukraine and Syria. Germany, however, can not only be not destroyed, it has to be allowed to grow, even if it means closer ties with Russia, even if such growth invites the obvious threat of Germans leaving their NATO/Anglo-Zionist tormentors if ties cannot be forced.

        But this Russian observation is a digression not really directly relating to the article.

        Anyway, Clemenceau was never confirmed as having said “L’Autriche c’est qu’il reste” and no form of the quote is in the good French of an educated French diplomat. Austria was hit hard by the partition of its Slavic periphery, however, given the German-slavic ethinic division, Austria had little legitimate claim to Slavic parts of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire if the Slav’s wanted out.

        The cause effect relationship between the Trans Adriatic pipeline, Soros’ dominant role in EU financialization, and the EU’s refugee swapping wasn’t established.

        Does Soros have a large direct interest in the Trans Adriatic or an indirect one by being part of the finance capital machine? Legitimate business conspiracies are different from illegitimate business conspiracies and its not clear where Soros is placed in the picture other than being a muddied name.

        Is the Soros link the illegitimate sponsorship the destruction of Ukraine and Syria to ensure the otherwise legit Trans Adriatic would have a secure head start over its rivals? Not established in this particular article as being a real plan or incentive.

        The new EU-Turkey refugee plan seems like a clever way to make sure refugees stay in Turkey by rewarding those who stayed in Turkey and deporting those who jumped the queue. It also has the appearance of a misdirection, insofar as the German people don’t want 500,000 foreigners a year invading their country either way.

        Is the migrant crisis intended to dilute German democracy with new citizens that are German only by passport? If so, what makes the immigrants any more anti-Russian than the mostly-fine with Russia native Germans?

        A grand link between the migrant deal, Soros and the Trans Adriatic isn’t at all clear. Parallel interests/incentives are not necessarily causation.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          The Hungarian PLUTOCRAT “SCHWARTZ” , Today Better Known under the Curious PSEUDONYM “SOROS” is an Integral Member of “City of London” Based NWO – BOSS “ROTHSCHILD” !

          • Brockland A.T.

            Its possible you’re placing too much emphasis on personalities rather than systems and letting a paradigm of propaganda personalities overwhelm perception of the real systemic issues.

            The ‘Rothchild’ died decades ago. The system he popularized, , the ‘Rothschild’ banking system, may or may not have been invented by him but is owned and operated by more than just Rothschild’s many descendents.

            It does matter what Soros, or Schwartz, stands for and fronts for, and is not liberty and responsibility but tyranny and privilege. Soros himself is replaceable. A system of malfeasance is not so easily replaced when delegitimized.

            A Stalin-esque, “No man, no problem” philosophy didn’t help Russia and the Soviet Union in the least.

            The answer to Rothschild-style banking, is public banking. The answer to tyranny, is true democracy.



            First, I don’t agree with Yanis Varoufakis’ prescriptions – he’s too soft on migrants, and, he’s to soft on Brexit.

            Uncontrolled migration is a threat to indigenous European democracies, and Britain spent most of its modern history trying to prevent the emergence of a united Continental power.

            Varoufakis’ was also a key player in the government of Alexis Tsipras, and together they led the popular revolt of The People of Greece against EU authoritarianism, to a disastrous defeat.


            However, Varoufakis does raise an important issue (that he naturally cannot directly mention) – the EU was formed to cheat the popular will of Europe’s national democracies.

            A quick look at the three most crucial EU institutions reveals that the democratic EU Parliament is foiled by the the unelected, appointed, European Commission and European Council. The politicians making the appointments may have been elected, but democracy is clearly watered down and separated from real power in appointee institutions and any political realist can see that positions are open to the highest bidder.


            The most obvious solution, is to open up the ECom and ECoun to genuine pan-European democratic oversight.

            Varoufakis’ DiEM25 or something very much like it is needed to save European liberty, and itself protected from hijacking by Anglo-Zionism.

            Unlike the Americans, the Europeans have a default trust and respect for government, that while not naive, is not on the same effective level of attitude-to-liberty enforced idealism many Americans possess by default. Varoufokis must be treated with skepticism, but not the concept and system of democracy he may or may not be pretending to promote.


            Needless to say, an independent EU, sovereign democratic EU is not in the interests of Anglo-Zionism and they have all the American money the Fed can print to back them up.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang


          • Brockland A.T.

            The Rothschild system of private banking lives on; removing its legitimacy is far more important than hating on the people running it. People need to understand public banking and the need to run the monetary system like any other vital public utility.

            For example, cults of human sacrifice have absolutely no moral legitimacy in the West. No-one can sacrifice people on an altar by moonlight in blood sacrifice. There is no mysticism; adherents and priests so worshipping the destruction of human life are held in public revulsion and duly charged with murder.

            The metaphorical (and sometimes all too real) sacrifice, indeed, mass wastage, of lives via the Rothschild banking system similarly needs to be understood and so de-legitimized. The voodoo economics of the Fed and central banking is becoming generally recognized as unsafe. However, the need for credit and lack of popularly understood alternatives keeps the system going. Not to mention the intimidation of the Deep State.

            Its ridiculous that the State treasury cannot print money but instead, pretends to borrow it from private lenders, who then print the currency from thin air. Except its not thin air – currency becomes money because it stores the value of the real goods and services of real people represented by the State. The private lenders, especially with the demise of gold as real money, are in fact the borrowers of the wealth of the People.

            It doesn’t matter who’s running the system; the system can always replace lost people. That’s the whole point of institutionalization; people are just numbers plugged into its formalized formula.

            Replace the system, then the minions of evil have no vessel and no weapon. At least, not one so powerful as the late Mayer Amshel Rothschild’s creation.

  • Dow Jones


    Normally I don’t indulge your sort and their paranoid rantings but
    since you are a persistent little defender of the indefensible, clouded
    in your twisted logic I will make a one off exception. But then as I say
    you are on your own. So keep your supremacist garbage under your kippa
    and vent it only when you are certain that you are among your ilk.

    Three wise Jews thank goodness just happen to have the answers for
    their Europeons dilemma; breed yourself to extinction!

    And some silly Goyim imagine that this invasion of kamel fikking
    ISIS mutts is due to Agent Merkill’s “Christian” love for those whose
    lands her Washing town masters have turned to rubble.………

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      CURIOUS !!! Isn’t it ???

  • Dow Jones

    for cattle

    Read: “The 1976 interview with Mr. Harold Rosenthal” – a must read – at your fingertips.

    Then: Read: “The Jewish Problem and its Remedies – La Civilta
    Cattolica, Oct, Nov, Dec, of 1888.” Published under the authority of then
    Pope Leo XIII.

    Then: Read: “The Plot Against the Church” written under the pen
    name of “Maurice Pinay

    “To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to critcize.” Voltaire

  • The World Trade Organization is a self serving and undemocratic organization that operates outside of our control. The U.S. Constitution states that all treaties made under the authority of the United States become supreme law of the land (Article VI).

    The ‘WTO’ Now Controls Our Economy, Fate and Future. ‘The World Trade Organization’ is a self serving and undemocratic organization that operates outside of our control. We must renegotiate terms or completely withdraw from the WTO – immediately!

  • Nexusfast123

    So do these muppets think they are going to get a better deal from what would be another monopoly supplier if they cut off Russian gas supplies. Good thing is Soros is not long for this earth, Merkel is going to get chucked out by the German people, obama will be gone and the Turkish fascist will probably be ousted by the army.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      A good Article , showing SOROS’ BOYS in ACTION in SYRIA ; you Can Watch on “Fort Russ” , titled “How Easy Would it Be , to Fake an AIRSTRIKE in Syria” !!!

      • Nexusfast123

        The German people need to rise up and remove the invaders..

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          German MEDIA under CIA CONTROL ! Germans are fed the “One & Only Western NARRATIVE” , Determined by the “Council of Foreign Affairs” !!!

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    Curious SITE , Where Comments , Reporting Current “European MOOD” , DISAPPEAR Without a Trace ! Ominous “Hidden HAND” in ACTION !!!