Obama Goes to Havana; Bag Man Noah B. Mamet Pretends to Be a Diplomat

Guest author “No Passport” American Daniel Bruno reports from Buenos Aires. Daniel is from NYC, is an author, inventor, specialist in 9/11 studies, and the interview host at www.hpub.org

Obama to be first U.S. President to Visit Cuba since 1928

In my 2009 book Cuba at A Crossroads, the New American Strategy, I explained to Obama that there is no coincidence between the half century embargo and the legendary political longevity of the Castro brothers.  U.S. policy ensures that the Cuban Revolution cannot make it without the autocracy of the Castros, and any disaffected Cuban will make it to Florida long before participating in Cuban politics where he might influence the outcome of events on the island.   Now that the limits of human longevity are in play, Obama has taken my book to heart.  He´s rolling dice for the Empire in Cuba and the wily Castros are betting they will continue to outfox U.S. administrations, even from their graves.  My 7-minute interview with RT’s Venture Capital:

This week marks the third anniversary of Hugo Chavez´s untimely and suspicious demise.  All across the continent, the pink tide is in retreat, overtaken by red ink.  Commodity prices and currencies have collapsed while inflation soars, putting pressure on incumbents.   Scandals hound Correa, Evo and Dilma; just yesterday, teflon Lula was interrogated by police in his own home.   Maduro barely hangs on in Venezuela while Macri occupies the Pink House.

Uruguay´s legendary Leftist Jose Mujica summed it up best: Macri didn’t win the 2015 Argentina presidential elections…  rather, Peronism lost and frankly, real progressives are not mourning the loss.  Kirchner´s hyper protectionism and pursuit of autarky made a frivolous pursuit of production and trade in this country.  Argentina is in perennial disputes with all its trading partners, not to mention the vulture (hedge) funds and of course, the U.K. over the Falklands.

Few Argentines can explain Peronism in words.  It is inherently incoherent, fusing Che Guevara with Juan Domingo Peron into a catch-all nationalism and bombastic populism that promises all things to all people all the time..   But the Peronists, known as Kirchnerites, maintain control of the congress, just a block from where I sit, watching it all unfold.

Political deadlock is all but assured for the next two years and gridlock is planned for March 24 when Obama will be here to welcome Argentina back into the fold of Empire.  The protest against Obama can not be dismissed as anti-Americanism nor is “the fold of Empire” me-lo-dramatic prose on my part.  Obama chose as the date of his trip to Buenos Aires, none other than the 40th anniversary of Argentina’s last military coup. U.S. bagman/envoy Noah Mamet insists that this is just a coincidence but Argentines know March 24 as the date the military junta seized power in 1976, launching a reign of terror that killed tens of thousands in Argentina´s “dirty war.”

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo are not amused.

Macri is portrayed as the right wing apologist for the dictatorship, but the sad fact is that Kirchner´s economic policies frustrated most of the electorate and it´s not right wing to set things straight, it´s just common sense.  Macri is however, an errand boy for the Empire; his pathetic, bug-eyed pose with Mick Jagger said it all.

Predictably, Macri´s scripted hostility to Iran is paying huge dividends with the mighty Jewish Lobby and the Jewish owned mass media here.  Hedge fund honchos in New York, all of them associates of King Netanyahoo, are allowing Argentina a way out of default now that Kirchner is gone and a rapprochement with Iran is off the table.   Washington has used Argentina´s 2001 bond default as a whip but cleverly, let the hedge funds do the cracking.

Obama is Coming, Obama is Coming.  Grab the Eggs.

More Americans should learn about the 1994 AMIA bombing.  A car bomb went off in front of the Jewish Center here in Buenos Aires, killing 85 and injuring hundreds in the worst terrorist attack in Argentine history.  Since then, Israel and the U.S. have worked tirelessly to pin the blame on Iranian Mullahs, but there is insufficient evidence, and international tribunals will not hear the case anymore.  In fact, evidence points to bombs going off inside the AMIA simultaneously with the car bomb detonation.  How could Iran or other swarthy Muslims plant bombs inside the Jewish center undetected, and why would they want to since they allegedly hired the car bomb?  The parallels to September 11 are striking, no pun intended.  But the circumstances around the AMIA bombing resemble OK City even more.

Timothy McVeigh was fingered by the mass media and later sentenced to death as a lone wolf wack job: a decorated Iraq War vet sick with hate for our federal government in the wake of Waco.

Gore Vidal found otherwise.

Evidence easily available today shows that bombs exploded deep within the Murrah Federal building.  Are we to believe that McVeigh did that too?

It just so happens that documents related to the Billary Clinton, Mena, Arkansas cocaine trafficking investigation were destroyed in the blasts.

Kinda like when the Enron files went up in smoke at World Trade Center 7.   But tons of gold escaped unscathed before the three towers fell and Kurt Sonnenfeld blew the whistle.  He now lives here in Argentina in exile at an undisclosed location after years of U.S. government insistence that he be extradited to the United States for a crime he was already acquitted of.  Cristina Kirchner gave him political asylum, yet another reason to get rid of her.

Enter Noah Mamet

Noah Mamet is the U.S. envoy to Argentina. His only qualification is the money he raised for Obama 2012, which is arguably a social function of his race as well.

According to Buzzfeed, in 2014 Democratic Party insiders complained privately that Noah Mamet, founder and president of Noah Mamet Associates, abused his clients and cashed in on his ties to Jim Messina to snag the Buenos Aires ambassadorship, a job he is woefully unqualified for.

The Huffington Post Club alleges that Mamet leveraged his connections to the Hollywood billionaire Wasserman family and made questionable campaign contributions using family members and pseudonyms of other people during the Obama 2012 campaign.

Mamet had also consulted at least one client specifically on how best to pursue an ambassadorship before ending up with one himself.

A list of clients at www.nmapartners.com, a link to which was removed, includes businessman Stephen Cloobeck, philanthropist Jay Snyder and City National Bank head Russell Goldsmith.

Visitor logs show that Mamet visited the White House 28 times between 2009 and 2015. On at least four of those occasions, Cloobeck, Snyder, and philanthropist Lynda Thomas accompanied him to meetings with White House officials.

The Association of American Foreign Service Officers sued to block Noah Mamet from gaining the ambassadorship.

This writer speculates what role Mamet and his staff had in the recent Argentine presidential elections.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry list of diplomats includes those who may have carried out subversive activities in other countries. Political and economic bureaus may be providing cover to CIA operatives such as Timothy Murdoch Stater, who is not only a practitioner but a theoretician of subversive activities.  Kenneth Roy, Yordanka Roy, Brendan O´Brien, Michael Lance Eckel and others may also be working to influence events in Argentina.  Anaida K. Haas, O´Brien´s wife, worked with him in Afghanistan and was then transferred to the State Department Office of Russian Affairs.  She is also here.  Unlike Noah Mamet, she speaks Spanish.  It is plausible that Haas´s work in Argentina focuses on trade between Argentina, Iran and Russia.  Washington was furious that ex-president Cristina Fernández was on good terms with Vladimir Putin and pledged to supply Argentine goods to the Russian market in defiance of Western sanctions.

  Bad Boy, No Passport

Speaking of Brendan O´Brien, he wrote a letter to my lawyer that questions my entitlement to a U.S. passport.  I have been unable to leave Argentina for 2 years and counting.   I’m not wanted for back taxes or child support.  I’m not a kiddie diddler or a drug dealer.  I’m being told to report to the U.S. embassy to clarify my name, Daniel Bruno, and any other names I may have used as if they don´t keep a dossier on me and don´t know.  And they want emergency contacts, so I´m reaching out to you, dear reader, to be one for me and inquire about my welfare at the U.S. embassy, Buenos Aires.   I am currently schooling O´Brien and his Israeli citizen (?) boss Noah Mamet about the 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments to our American Constitution.

Wish me luck and keep in touch.

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  • Brockland A.T.

    Not all Muslims are swarthy; some of the Middle Eastern refugees on various media could pass for Europeans or European Jews.

    As for Cuba, there goes the neighborhood. Obama’s last term seems to be about securing North America for war with Eurasia, and this would include re-integrating Cuba into the melting pot now that Mexico is nicely stewing.

    Western Imperialism, a history to be proud of, for its latest heirs, the Anglo Zionists, a legacy to be perpetuated upon a new generation.


  • Carl_Herman

    Daniel: when do you report to the US Embassy regarding your passport renewal?

  • Pavlo Trance

    Tell Ambassador Noah Bryson Mamet He Can’t Deny Americans Our Passports:


  • Julián Luis Ortuondo

    Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 26, 2016

    United States Government
    Mr. Secretary of Justice, Mr. Secretary of State, Supreme Court, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Mr. Donald Trump

    Mr. Ban Ki-moon, United Nations
    Local Argentina and U.S.A media, other

    Dear all,

    As we all know, the First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law abridging the freedom of speech, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.
    In Borough of Duryea v. Guarnieri (2011), [230] the Supreme Court stated regarding the Free Speech Clause and the Petition Clause:
    “…The right to petition allows citizens to express their ideas, hopes, and concerns to their government and their elected representatives, whereas the right to speak fosters the public exchange of ideas that is integral to deliberative democracy as well as to the whole realm of ideas and human affairs. Beyond the political sphere, both speech and petition advance personal expression, although the right to petition is generally concerned with expression directed to the government seeking redress of a grievance.”
    Our American passports clearly read: “The Secretary of the United States of America hereby requests all who it may concern permit the citizen/national of the United States named herein to pass without delay or hindrance and in case of need to give all lawful aid and protection.”
    In his “vibrant” SOTU speeches, president Barack Obama said he especially supports teachers (“…Teachers matter”) and also protesters, citizens exercising their freedom of speech.
    Regarding the “professional career” of the present ambassador to Argentina, Mr. Noah Mamet, at age 21, he entered politics by working as a driver and a bodyguard during the 1992 U.S. Senate primary bid by onetime U.S. Rep. Mel Levine, and then he also worked for the California Democratic Party helping with Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign in 2004. He founded Noah Mamet and Associates, a Los Angeles-based political consulting firm with offices in San Francisco and New York City. Mamet raised $3,200,000 for Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012. He is a member of the National Jewish Democratic Council. I could not find a real “professional diplomat career” in his professional credentials: just politics and religious contacts.
    Nomination as U.S. Ambassador to Argentina: On July 30, 2013, President Obama announced his intent to nominate Mamet to be the U.S. ambassador to Argentina, despite the fact that Mamet has never been to Argentina. There was a lot of opposition to Mamet’s nomination. On July 31, 2013, Obama, his good friend, formally nominated Mamet to the post. Mamet’s nomination languished for months after his United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. He speaks very basic Spanish, as I found talking to him once. He arrived in Argentina on January 16, 2015 and presented his credentials that same day. As far as I know, again, Mr. Noah Mamet, present Ambassador to Argentina, is not a “career diplomat”, but a politician with tight laces with the Jewish Community and the Democratic party, mainly as a fundraising person. That’s it. May be that is why Mr. Mamet is not fond of rules and does not respect our passports, while he does not totally abide by laws, and ignores his responsibility as a professional ambassador, a totally serious, mature, U.S. officer. Actually, respectfully, I think he acts more as a media person, resembling the “Easy Rider” character on the movie. He shows himself and on the local media riding his Harley Davidson with friends all over the place, while he ignores my desperate requests to let my spouse (under the Buenos Aires city law) visit with me, my family in the U.S. with a simple tourist visa. Why? He wouldn´t say, but it obviously is because María is Colombian, since the consuls did not even check their documentation, process sponsored by the local American Chamber of Commerce. However, the Embassy kept the filing monies… I hereby attach the former denounce to Secretary John Kerry. A few days ago María became an Argentinean citizen, a process she started a long time ago; let´s see what the excuse is now not to grant her a tourist visa, since Mr. Mamet is bragging that almost all visas for Argentineans are granted.

    Since his appointment as U.S. ambassador to Argentina, Mamet has been criticized for being part of a group of nominated “ambassadors that raised six-figure sums” for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. On December 2013, BuzzFeed reported that Mamet’s nomination as ambassador to Argentina was “met with surprise, and in some cases anger, by his peers in the donor class. Democratic Party donors complain privately that Mamet unfairly leveraged his clients’ work for his own political gain and benefited from a close personal relationship with President Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina.” A group of retired United States Foreign Service officers have since called for an end to the practice of appointing political contributors and supporters as ambassadors. Mamet has also been criticized for lack of “major diplomatic experience” and not visiting Argentina prior to his nomination. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noah_Mamet, also see the interesting article:
    I would add that Mr. Mamet´s appointment is dangerous to democracy, the prestige of our Country and Human Rights…
    In 2014, fifteen former presidents of the State Department Employees Union (AFSA) made an official request to reject Mamet’s nomination to ambassadorship, which also included George Tsunis (for Norway) and Colleen Bell (for Hungary), on account that “they showed limited knowledge of the countries to which they’d been nominated” at their Senate committee hearings.
    AFSA issued a letter to the U.S. State Department urging to “oppose granting of Senate consent to these three candidates.” The letter was the first of its kind, which set a new historical precedent to ambassadorial designations in the U.S.
    As of April, 2016, over 1,100 people have signed a petition against Noah Mamet and the State Department. The signatories to the petition are protesting the loss of civil liberties in general and passport denials in particular. The petition was started by author Daniel Bruno.

    Now, I am a senior American citizen, a teacher, presently in Argentina where my mother, old and sick, is. María´s mother is in Colombia, also old and with cancer. My own family, children and grandchildren, is in the U.S., all of them American citizens. María and I are both professionals, decent old timers who have worked all our lives and paid our taxes (myself mainly in the U.S.), now close to retirement. We deserve to move freely back home and visit our relatives as any civilized cultures allow to! This is not what Mr. Mamet thinks, apparently…

    I wrote on the blog ILW, International Immigration Lawyers:
    “I went to a voting event called by the American Embassy in Buenos Aires. When I got there, I was banned to get in to vote, against what even our passport reads, first page: “The Secretary of State… permit to pass without delay…” Actually, ambassador Mamet with his gang harassed me and even asked for the help of the local Federal Police to do so, by whom I was hit, and my passport temporarily confiscated by them, while my spouse was being harassed by a member of the Embassy security across the street (I have the photos), who tried to confiscate her cell phone! Every person of the Embassy hid their badges, knowing their wrongdoings but, again, I have the photos.
    Bottom line, since Mr. Obama and his friend Mamet seem to try to hide the scam to my spouse and all their dirty tricks, sweeping the dirt under the carpet, I will denounce this violation of our human rights in our own soil, Argentina, to the Argentina Minister of Security and Human Rights and the local Congress, explaining the mafia behavior of the Ambassador with the complicity of the Police, in violation even to our American law.
    And, FEDEX this denounce to the Supreme Court of the United States, also my Country of citizenship, our Congressmen, and Mr. Donald Trump, explaining how the present Democrat Executive Power exercises violence against Senior American citizens overseas.
    American employees in the Argentina Embassy walk the streets of my Country every day; we are the hosts and they should be good guests, since we may face each other on the streets as it happened with Mr. Mamet lately, when I had the chance to tell my compatriots in front of him of how they mistreat and scam us in the Buenos Aires American Embassy. I will also let the local press know. It’s a matter of time. Justice shall prevail. It is a bad move to mistreat locals, trust me.
    God bless America.
    Julian Ortuondo
    Senior American Citizen”

    Bottom line, we Americans brag all the time we are the champions of the law and order, we show off with our Statue of Liberty, we criticize non democratic regimes worldwide, we give “vibrant and educational” presidential speeches, etc.
    But, Embassies mistreat senior compatriots, scam them and spouses keeping their visa money and ignoring the law and human rights, they ban fellow American citizens from entering the American soil of our worldwide embassies and finally force the local Police to violate the law, harassing two defenseless inoffensive elderlies while we were just standing with a banner peacefully at the sidewalk of our own Country, after the Embassy disobeyed what the passport clearly states (Secretary of State).
    Enough is enough, I accused both the Federal Police and the American Embassy in Buenos Aires in complicity of crimes via the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It´s the law (attached).

    Finally, as a senior citizen and taxpayer, I think it is time to stop the arrogance and unjustified omnipotence with harassment of the American Consuls and Ambassadors, especially at the Buenos Aires office and Mr. Noah Mamet. Reality is showing that terrorists and criminals are allowed into our Country, with incredible lack of professional judgment by consuls, and with horrible consequences such as 911, while two harmless elderlies just trying to go home as tourists for humanitarian reasons are illegally harassed overseas by the Embassy officers and their Gestapo private security on the streets of Buenos Aires. Also, and as a result of this illegal banning of the access to my Embassy, I could not vote.
    I remember every early morning reciting with my kids (Vicky heads, as the President of the Washington at River Glenn School): “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    God bless America.


    Julian L. Ortuondo, Senior American Citizen, (California resident, DMV A9916536)
    In Argentina: M. T. de Alvear 1675, 3 “I”, Buenos Aires, CABA, C.P. 1060
    Phone. +54114837287, +5491164364608, julianort@gmail.com