Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe that Both Parties Are Too Corrupt to Change Anything … “This, In Fact, Is A Revolution”

Why Americans Are Backing Trump and Sanders Over the Mainstream Candidates Backed By the Political Machines

We’ve previously noted that polls show that Americans are in a “pre-revolutionary” mood, that less than 1 in 5 Americans think that the government has the “consent of the governed”, that government corruption tops the list of Americans’ fears (gee, we wonder why), and that 3 times as many Americans supported King George during the Revolutionary War than support our OWN Congress today.

You might assume that such statements are over-the-top … or that the results come from partisan pollsters.

But a  group of Republican and Democratic pollsters and political strategists reviewed polling data last week, and revealed some stunning results:

  • 84% of all Americans believe political leaders are more interested in protecting their power and privilege than doing what is right
  • 81% percent believe the power of ordinary people to control our country is getting weaker every day as politicians of both parties fight to protect their own power and privilege
  • 80% believe the federal government is its own special interest primarily looking out for itself
  • 79% of all voters believe we need to recruit and support more candidates for office, at all levels of government, who are ordinary citizens, rather than professional politicians and lawyers
  • 78% believe that the Democratic and Republican Parties are essentially useless in changing anything, because both political parties are too beholden to special interests to create any meaningful change
  • 76% of Americans agree with the statement that America cannot succeed unless we take on and defeat the corruption and crony capitalism in our government
  • 75% believe that the US government is NOT working for the people’s best interest
  • 75% believe that powerful interests have used campaign and lobbying money to rig the system for themselves
  • 74% see the biased and slanted coverage of the media as part of the problem
  • 72% of Americans believe the U.S. has a two-track economy, where most Americans struggle every day, where good jobs are hard to find, and where huge corporations get all the rewards
  • 72% believe that the reason families in our middle class have not seen their economic condition improve for decades and economic growth is stalled is because of corruption and crony capitalism in Washington
  • 71% believe our government is not only dysfunctional, it is collapsing right before our eyes
  • 70% believe the government in Washington does not govern with the consent of the people
  • The majority – 56% – say they wish there were a third party with a chance of success to fight for their interests
  • Only 15% say the “values and principals of my political party are so important that I strongly prefer to vote for the candidates of my party…”

They concluded:

The country [is] in a prerevolutionary moment.


This election could mark the beginning of the end of two-party duopoly in the United States.


The people believe the real struggle for America is not between Democrats and Republicans, but between mainstream America and the ruling political elites of incumbent politicians, lobbyists, big business, big unions, big banks, big special interests and the big media. [The people are correct.]


The power elite asks, “When will this be over?” Although this is seen as a chaotic and temporary situation by most of the political and media establishment, our research shows a strong, evolving tidal wave of discontent and growing pressure for real and dramatic change.


Real change is what that the establishment fears most and fights hardest against. It is ultimately a losing battle.


This, in fact, is a revolution.

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  • Yep, you almost have to be in Coma not to be aware of the absolute corruption from the District of Corruption! Dec 21, 2015 Gaming the Public: The Parties’ Dirty Secret About Corruption in Politics

    Republican and Democratic politicians alike hold one dirty strategy close to the vest when it comes to the majority of the funds they receive throughout their political campaigns and their terms in office.


    • Klemens Wertt

      Americans are too obese to revolt against the Sovereign; instead these slobs depend so much on the government for their monthly welfare payments in order to buy more junk food and cheap beer.

      • Actually size does not matter except for this action. Jan 9, 2016 Nullify! Chapter 12: Defining Nullification

        *Courts Not Needed

        “When enough people say no to the federal government and enough states pass laws backing those people up, there’s not much the feds can do to force their so-called laws, regulations, or mandates down our throats.”


    • John

      Professor I agree !
      Ive stated this to many about both parties.
      And been call a hatter of my country because I wont take a side.

      • I use this children’s rhyme in a response for the pro-government trolls!

        Sticks and stones may break my bones

        Meaning: A response to an insult, implying that “You might be hurt able to hurt me by physical force but not by insults”.

        Origin: ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ is a stock response to verbal bullying in school playgrounds throughout the English-speaking world. It sounds a little antiquated these days and has no doubt been superseded by more streetwise comebacks.

        The earliest citation of it that I can find is from an American periodical with a largely black audience, The Christian Recorder, March 1862: Remember the old adage, ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me’. True courage consists in doing what is right, despite the jeers and sneers of our companions. That reference to the expression as an ‘old adage’ in 1862 suggests and earlier coinage.

  • Feb 2, 2016 Breaking The Neocon Stranglehold On Washington

    How do the neocons continue to be considered experts when they are wrong all the time? Robbie Martin, director of the three-part documentary “A Very Heavy Agenda,” will join today’s Liberty Report to discuss how no matter who is in power, the neocons remain on top.


    • wunsacon

      Yep. The rubes don’t recognize that *Trump* would be just another bastard in a succession of them.


      • I am finding more and more folks do not simply know how to use this internet as a tool, but I have been for decades! December 22nd, 2015 Donald Trump: An Evaluation

        Trump is popular not so much for his stance on issues as for the fact that he is not another Washington politican, and he is respected for not backing down and apologizing when he makes strong statements for which he is criticized. Trump’s problem is he does not understand the issues. Trump has learned that forceful statements are appreciated by voters. Therefore, he doesn’t differentiate intelligent forceful statements from insane statements. As long as his statements are forceful, Trump thinks that they work.


        • wunsacon

          I absolutely love PCR.

      • Here is another good article. October 28th, 2015 Donald Trump Says the U.S. Should Have Stolen Iraqis’ Oil After Destroying their Country

        On Sunday the 25th of October, Republican U.S. Presidential aspirant Donald Trump was interviewed onCNN’s “State of the Union” show, and was asked about Iraq. He said, “I told you very early on, if we’re going to leave, take the oil.” He then repeated this theme again, in this CNN interview: “And I said, take the oil when we leave.


        • animalogic

          “If we’re going to leave, take the oil” Sorry, but you have to laugh ! What was he thinking ? A big hose connected to oil wells pumping oil into the bowels of the 7th fleet ? A vision of the last days of Saigon, men in suits, ties askew, desperately lugging Jerry cans onto helicopters for frantic take-off ?
          Trump = the U.S political Samson option….maybe, a trump victory wouldn’t be so bad…if anyone could bring down the whole rotten shithouse, then trump could. No one said the revolution would be painless….

          • In there in your statement you said the answer, and remember his Birther movement? Clown car Donald!

      • Guillotine_ready

        I trust no one who wants into the office, they want to go there to have access to the trough and we all know it. I support none of them.

    • ukalally

      because they are jews who control the entire West

  • cholfrid

    George – I have enjoyed your insight over the past years since I sought the answer to ‘why lend in the knowledge that it wouldn’t be returned?’. And I’d like to thankyou for what I consider to be an extended free education.
    I think this piece of data, collated by the false gods themselves, is the sound of their Gjallarhorn, the lifting upon the waves of the Naglfar, the start of the false gods Ragnarok….
    I do not think you can rig elections with 75% against, you can’t win a war outnumbered 3 to 1. They’ve lost the narrative, as these results clearly show..and now events will occur
    (Alepo/Deutsche/Trump/immigration) over which they will exercise less and less control – and so it finally starts, Many thanks again for all your efforts, I hope you too take heart in what these figures reveal and their ramifications.
    “It sates itself on the life-blood of fated men,
    paints red the powers’ homes
    with crimson gore.
    Black become the sun’s beams
    in the summers that follow,
    weathers all treacherous.”
    Certainly rhymes for me……………

    • I would not go so far and say this government cannot rig elections when they clearly did and you can view for yourself.

      Jun 6, 2013 How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency

      A compilation of footage that shows how the establishment used illegal tactics to get Ron Paul out of the presidential running. Everything from bias to voter fraud. It makes us sick and we hope Ron Paul and his family have a bright future ahead.


      • cholfrid

        Thanks for the response Prof – I agree the method of selecting American presidents appears unique and entirely subject to the machinations of ‘private’ groups irrespective of the peoples will…..being english I’ve never had the opportunity -its the parties choice for the prime minister and the ‘crow and her murder’ remain on the top – Its no better.
        I think my point was in regard to tipping points, the results suggest that with a fulcrum point of 75% – the mass required on the other side of the balance is beyond them.
        I do hope that Ron is still with you all, when the black suns beams finally yield – he out of all the others carries the light of inspiration and honesty.

        • You are very welcome, and I have been plantation free thinking for well over a decade now!

  • Guillotine_ready

    The time has finally come to punish the corrupt and create real change which will help people everywhere.

    • ukalally

      not gonna happen to many americans getting govt check over half of the people. you would be shocked on how many big mouth cowards are on fake disability claim

      • John Walton

        That is until those government checks stop coming. $21T in debt (when Obama leaves office) and that is only the funded liabilities. We are currently seeing the market unwind in front of our very eyes. We are living on borrowed time. The reason you don’t see any urgency at the federal level to deal with the debt is because it is mathematically impossible to pay it back. They know it and they are trying to cusion the fall. There is only so much they can do and once the well runs dry, which will be soon, relatively speaking (a year two maybe more if they continue printing money effectively for a little longer). The inner cities and areas with the most reliance on government for survival will start the civil unrest. In the end it will be many of us middle classers that will end it sand put it all back together again. We are fast approaching our very own Dec. 26, 1991 moment.

    • SortingHat

      You mean like get rid of TSA security and finally go back to airports having their own armed police like the 1970s?

  • Westcoastliberal

    Trump wants to bring back waterboarding by “reclassifying it”. I think that provides us with a lot of insight into his character. Want another Dick Cheney? Vote for Trump.
    Meantime, Bernie Sanders “get’s it”. Which is why he’s calling for a revolution.

    • kimyo

      sanders doesn’t even remotely ‘get it’. while he fiddled about, 300,000 veterans died, waiting for healthcare. if he couldn’t see the obvious and horrific corruption going on in the v.a., why would anyone think his plans to audit the fed/dod are going to amount to anything?

      Faith in Agency Clouded Bernie Sanders’s V.A. Response

      But a review of his record in the job also shows that in a moment of crisis, his deep-seated faith in the fundamental goodness of government blinded him, at least at first, to a dangerous breakdown in the one corner of it he was supposed to police. Despite inspector general reports dating back a decade that documented a growing problem with wait times, Mr. Sanders, who had served on the committee for six years before he became its head, was quick to defend the agency and slow to aggressively question V.A. officials and demand accountability.

      IG report: 300,000 vets died while waiting for health care at VA

      More than 300,000 American military veterans likely died while waiting for health care — and nearly twice as many are still waiting — according to a new Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general report.

      But the findings would appear to confirm reports that first surfaced last year that many veterans died while awaiting care, as their applications got stuck in a system that the VA has struggled to overhaul. Some applications, the IG report says, go back nearly two decades.

      • truthtime

        Jill Stein is one of the few candidates that truly gets it, but receives very little coverage.

        Most plebs that see “Green” party on the ballot don’t even know anything about the person, even in today’s easily accessible information on the Internet either at Home, on mobile, or a Library – and feel an overwhelming need to vote for a Democrat or Republican instead, because that is what is drilled into their heads day after day by the corrupt, establishment media.

        Time after time I see the same fallacies that prevent the two party system from collapsing, “But If I don’t vote for Dem/Pub, and vote Third Party, my vote is wasted.” “But Politician X is the lesser evil than Politician Y.”

    • alan2102

      Trump is obviously a fascist.

      Web Tarpley on Trump: plus comment that explains briefly why Trump is a fascist:
      Gustavo Molvert 1 week ago (edited)
      +NwoDispatcher I will explain it to you. He is a fascist because he is a soldier of big capital AGAINST the overall interest of the Nation state. He promotes racism, instead of national cohesion. Nationalism is a healthy doctrine, as long as it is moderate. Fascism is a reactionary movement deployed by the rich elite against the conquests and advance of working masses. It uses national symbols and myths (above all, myths, since fascists like to create a history of their country and the world wich is false). But its whole purpose is to rescue the collapsing capital structures of the wealthy, and doing it by stripping the low mass of their benefits and rights (increase working hours, reduce wages, etc.) In other words, the difference between fascism and nationalism is that the first is essentially a mercenary movement to serve wealthy oligarchs (especially financiers) and the second is a legitimate political movement born out of the nation state and the traditions and culture of the people of a given geographical area. One is a money making movement… the other is a manifestation of the psyche of the community. VERY BIG DIFFERENCE.

      • SortingHat

        Trump is working for Hillary plane and simple. He will get MORE AND MORE extreme as the months go bye till nobody wants him and then Hillary will say “feel good” tactics that people will buy because she sounds so better then any of the other *bozos*.

        She’ll then do the final kick and we will live under a one world monolithic corporation owning everything with Windows 10 as a police state where you have to have it or *soldier cocks gun*

  • MyWikiDisQus

    I’m one of 320 million Americans of which 206 million are eligible to vote in America’s presidential election on November 8. I am only one person but I can personally stop these monsters in Washington, DC. cold. I can do it very easily without violence, without armed conflict, without performing Herculean feats of political hoopla
    or through the use of previously unknown secrets of spiritual incantation to command at my will.

    At first blush my one action will be criticized as insignificant, impractical to achieve any meaningful results and even condemned as laughable. But I am undeterred for I know the real power my act can accomplish if only others would do as I will do on that fateful day, that is those of us who know the congress, the presidency and the federal judiciary are completely and utterly corrupt and cannot be changed by conventional means.

    Gravity is said to be a weak force in nature and that is true. However in relation to a large massive body it keeps man grounded and spaceships from ascending into the heavens without the use of powerful chemical rockets to break free of earth’s gravitational pull. How easy is it though, for man to pick up his foot and put it down ahead of himself foot by foot, yard by yard, mile by mile until he walks across a great distance. He turns and looks back and says, “Look how far I’ve traveled, for I started with one small step.”

    One simple act is all I need to do to stop these evil men, to do my part to end the murder of innocent people who have never threatened me, my family, friends, neighbors and most likely have not harmed you as well for they do not know you as you do not know them, face to face. On that Tuesday when the polls open across our great country I will act. It will be swift yet appear not to be anything at all. Like gravity its real power can only be realized when it is part of a large mass. In this case a mass of people is needed to have the desired effect. Will you join me
    and become part of the mass to multiply the power to stop the killing wars? It won’t be hard to do, require any special skill, equipment, the expenditure of monies or even time. All you have to do is this one simple act:

    Don’t vote on November 8.

    That’s it, that’s all we have to do. I said it was simple and I was true to my word. No matter how powerful the government becomes they need our consent to legitimize their authority. Don’t give it to them. Let the
    system die an ignominious death. We will save the lives of countless Arabs, Persians, Russians as well as America’s youth if we shut off the elitist’s power. We accomplish this by not participating in the electoral system they abuse to continue their reign of terror around the planet. Like gravity weak to begin but grows exponentially in strength as more mass is added, so must we act by not acting, to save the world from Washington’s tyranny and despotism.

    • kimyo

      on nov 8, we’ll need footage documenting empty polling stations from coast to coast to prove that the diebold counts are fiction.

    • Silverado

      Voting one way or the other is simply giving your consent to the system. I don’t consent to anything they’re doing so I quit voting some years ago although I do vote in local “pocketbook issues” especially when those effect MY pocketbook. Otherwise voting accomplishes nothing whereas not voting says everything I want it to say. It’s not the act of voting that changes things. It’s the ones who count the votes that are changing things because like the economy this is a rigged system. And you participate to your own detriment because YOU sure ain’t going to…get ahead. Not the way these govt gangsters in DC are running things. They want your guns AND your cash and I’m betting they won’t get either…

    • abrealistwriter

      We have a chance read on , We have no credibility only intimidation in the international stage. our economy is dependent on war our government feeds us legal propaganda to reach that goal. The Bric’s are taking center stage as we side into third world status. Are own people on the streets yet we going to take in 250 k non vetted people and no resources we know how that’s going to work we have Europe as the perfect example. Thrid of our people are unemployed yeah 100k maybe building the wall it a good start to a New Deal. If the elite see someone they know trying to something to turn this nation around who has experience as a CEO who can building things and it can put thousands to work so those who want to be proud to be part of rebuilding this nation earning a paycheck rather than just sitting around waiting for welfare. Maybe other CEO,s willuse their resources. This could be the era of if you can’t do anything for your country stay out of Washington. That what the American people are saying this election.
      If you sit on the side line nothing will change.
      0 Edit Reply

      • MyWikiDisQus

        You wrote, “If you sit on the side line (sic) nothing will change.”

        I assume your meaning is that people should vote for Mr. Trump because he is a successful businessman and has the leadership qualities to turn the nation around. I would agree with you except for the fact he has not stated anything specific as to how he would accomplish the gargantuan task of putting America back to work, to return the country to the land of opportunity and not entitlement as it is today.

        Read his 5 step platform here (see: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions ). He stated very clearly his support for the second amendment, change the tax code, revise immigration policy, international trade with China and reform the Veterans Administration, He talks about implementing a policy of fair trade verses free trade with China to reduce the advantage of the lower cost of labor which is the biggest expense to any business. China provides government export subsidies and has virtually no environmental or employee safety standards as well. But in order to make fair trade happen, he will have to create some sort of importation tax to force
        China to comply and that requires congressional approval. He also mentions reducing the corporate income tax rate which is good but high taxes are only one reason why Bill Clinton sold
        out the country via NAFTA. It was all the other regulatory compliance burdens of OSHA, EPA, HHS, etc. that motivated business to search for lower cost labor markets. Trump has said nothing about reigning in the agencies under his control and jobs will not return to American shores until he (if elected) gets Congress to reduce the cost of federal compliance.

        Trump has said nothing about laying a foundation for creating jobs to spur the national economy, nothing about reducing military spending (currently 600+ billion dollars), nothing about the federal cost of healthcare and education and nothing about the monopoly of the central banking system. All of these categories will require the U.S. Congress to pass legislation to enact reforms. If you know anything about how Congress works, you know the corrupt political parties will attach special provisions that serve their major campaign contributors, in other words, “political repayment”. That’s what is wrong with Washington, today. Even though Mr. Trump himself will not be obligated to any person or PAC because he is spending his personal wealth to campaign, it is the Congress that will use its power to thwart Trump’s plans if it conflicts with their own self-serving interests.

        The Office of the President of the United States has national authority over federal agencies under its branch of government but such control is limited and can’t usurp the Congress or the federal judiciary. When a scheme is devised such as issuing executive orders or signing statements to circumvent the U.S. Constitution as is often done, then nothing will change.

        The only way to restore the republic is to let Washington, DC collapse completely and start over without national political parties, without corporations being allowed to fund campaigns, etc. and reclaim the separation of powers as was envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

        Dissolve it, start over!

    • Matthew Reece

      It is not enough to abstain from voting. We need to form anti-voting anarchist activist groups to get out and protest against democracy in particular and statism in general.

    • Steve Gresham

      That won’t work because you won’t get the critical mass necessary. I wish you could have gotten to the point more quickly, it was like reading a piece trying to sell health supplements, painful and boring, another reason you won’t get the followers you need.

      • MyWikiDisQus

        Mr. Gresham, what are you personally, going to do if I may ask? Vote for the “lesser of two evils” like so many other Americans who rush over the political cliff like a swarm of lemmings? What that accomplishes is to prolong the pain of a failed system of central government regardless of who is appointed or “elected” as the people foolishly believe..

        As far as being unable to persuade a significant number of the population to not vote as you wrote that’s true, as long as people don’t realize that disengagement is more powerful than participation which is what the elitists want the country to do.

        Participation = compliance = continuance of tyranny. Abstinence = a reset = a new government without the same entrenchment of established corruption. As I originally wrote, gravity is a weak force when the mass is small but very powerful when it is large. I and many others like myself choose to bring a peaceful end to the vileness of Washington, DC. Please consider joining the conscience movement to rebuild America from the ground up. Stay home on November 8, don’t grant your consent and legitimize a political system that no longer serves the people.

        Dissolve it, start over!

        • Bob Roper

          The system didn’t fail; it was undermined by corruption and an ignorant populace working hand in hand. Thanks to public education. Thanks to people voting for laws that deprive people of natural rights. And, most of all, thanks to the huge scam of private law enforced by a private corporation designed to run in bankruptcy, namely “UNITED STATES”, and all its many corporate subsidiaries like STATE OF OKLAHEE, et cetera, against the corporate entities represented by the names of people in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, which, according to EVERY style manual for the English language, denotes a dead corporate entity, and possibly a trust. This government CANNOT interact with living men lawfully or legally; it cannot “see” them. If people had the attention span (and here I invoke as an example of the Mr. Gresham) to hold more than one idea in their head at a time, we could go back to the now vacant Constitutional government that the founders designed, and was stolen when its Congress was ended in 1860 when the representatives of the Southern States walked out, ending the quorem, and adjourning Congress sine die (meaning without a voted on day to re-convene) which, under their operational rules (They had chosen “Robert’s Rules of Order”.) dissolved that organization, and with it, the de jure (lawful) government. Lincoln then gave us a military government to operate in the state of emergency that he’d declared and have to this day. It’s only a de facto government, having all the basis in law of a conquering army. Meanwhile, the de jure government’s offices stand vacant and all the states abandoned their original government when they incorporate UNDER the PRIVATE CORPORATE government incorporated in 1871 called UNITED STATES, which is just the District of Columbia and has no constitutionally backed land outside that besides ports and forts. We don’t need a new government less than we need a stupid population. You cannot be both ignorant and free, and EVERYTHING written these days about America and its government these days SCREAMS that sad fact. All thanks to the manipulation of special interests of the public education system.

        • joey Nelson

          You need a bloody revolution period.

      • SortingHat

        Pretty much spot on. The author of this blog is butthurt over your realistic statement. He needs to take a reality pill and learn from your comments instead of being spiteful and act like a paid troll.

    • TG

      just imagine — ZERO votes! what would they do??

    • Helen McElroy

      I agree and actually I have never voted. I am 63 and I stopped believing in the system during Vietnam. I stated on a Twitter feed several weeks ago for everyone to simply stop voting for anyone about anything. You are absolutely correct!

  • diogenes

    It is encouraging to think that so many Americans may be beginning to wake up to the corrupt fraud that has replaced our constitutional government, partly by means of the ridiculous corrupt charade of “two party politics.” But recognizing this and finding a practical and effective way forward to restoring our democracy and creating an America that IS AMERICA for all of us, instead of a plutocracy for the 160,000 families that own a controling interest in our country of 330 million — THIS IS THE CHALLENGE THAT CONFRONTS US. Its solution demands adult reflection and knowledge of America’s history of efforts to solve this problem. Both are very hard to come by (not accidentally).

  • DebL.

    So if the American people want a revolution, why are they not starting one? What a load of crap! What the American people (you know, the “I-am-oppressed-so-should-you-be” and “I-pay-taxes-so-should-you” crowd!) really want is just a better dog-and-pony-show than the ones they’ve witnessed in previous elections. In fact, most Americans are too damned cowardly to resist even if they are being raped by TSA. Remember that some Oregon ranchers were seeing their cattle burned up by BLM and did NOTHING to save their animals because BLM told them to stand down…. Revolution? Don’t hold your breath waiting for the “3 percenters” like LaVoy Finicum to show up and be murdered…

    • Tom

      LaVoy Finicum was not a member of the III Percenters. He was specifically singled out for assassination from all the other people in the ambushed vehicles because he was considered the most dangerous of them all: He actually had considerable expertise in the Constitution and was calmly and peacefully doing all he could to teach others about it! The government was never worried about the guns these people had — nobody does violence as well as the government — but the teaching moment presented to all Americans by the Hammond Ranch affair scared the hell out of them. Teaching and truth can spread across the land much faster and more powerfully than any bullets — that’s why LaVoy Finicum had to be murdered.

      • SortingHat

        I agree. The American Revolution was mostly won by teachings. The *shot* heard around the world is a prime example.

        • Tom

          Thomas Paine’s pamphleting comes to mind. The free press was how ideas were spread then; today it is the internet. Where is our Thomas Paine today when we need one? The answer is “everywhere”, including washingtonsblog.com

  • Grim Fandango

    OK so the vast majority know we are being screwed.

    What are YOU going to do about it?

    • Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified


      • Grim Fandango

        Hmmmm, voting for one of the two party’s is like choosing whether you want a firing squad, or the hangman’s noose.

        The whole system is completely corrupt and self-serving. Pitchforks and firebrands are in order

        • SortingHat

          That’s not going to work either. The reason it worked in the Revolution War is because most Americans had a sound mind and even if they were not a Christian in particular they had moral values knowing strongly right from wrong.

          People who did wrong were loudly called on it.

          Now the 60s generation onwards know less and less of right and wrong and feel that due to evolution we will just evolve. We don’t need right and wrong. We will always evolve and do right.

          Today’s generation is totally braindead and run the big corporations today that is ruining everything.

          A revolution will fall apart and people will just kill each other leaving things wide open for a martial law take down.

        • SortingHat

          Unlike the American Revolution you will today have a dozen different factions/groups all fighting for their own agenda when the revolution happens.

          It will be a mess. Think Occupy Wall Street on steroids. It will just give TPTB the excuse they needed to fully enforce martial law where now we have martial law *lite* edition.

      • ratso

        You, as a ‘Voter’ are factually, disenfranchised…if the powers thought it would make any difference, voting would be outlawed.
        In closing…even the Chinese are ‘allowed’ to vote.

  • spirittoo

    Do folks really want a revolution or is it all just talk. Backing Trump and Sanders is no indication of a revolution. Sanders is part of the establishment, but they want the war criminal and murder clinton instead. Trump agenda may be similar to the cabal’s and could be allowed to hold office. Time will tell whether or not they will tolerate Trump. The president is selected by the cabal … not elected by the people. Wake up.
    MAKE THIS VIRAL! Secret Space Programs Disclosure Petition

    A petition has been created for full disclosure of all Secret Space
    Programs and for release of all hidden technologies for the benefit of

    The Light forces have asked as many people as possible
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    You can sign the petition anonymously if you feel so guided. If we reach at
    least 25,000 signatures, I will try to get this petition to Putin’s
    desk through my contacts.

    Victory of the Light!

  • billylove

    There is massive unrest and TPTB know it. Could be prime time for another false flag.

    • truthtime

      But… but… the State of the Union address said that anyone that says the economy is doing poorly is “peddling fiction.” *Pleb promptly buries head in sand*

  • Gord Hicks

    Some revolution. Both of these guys are anything but revolutionary. They’re mainstream political candidates products of the establishment, who will bring you more of the same their predecessors brought you- war, torture, impoverishment, corruption, lies and tyranny

  • This is Ron Paul’s famous Predictions speech from April 24, 2002

    This is the original video compiling recent images and video to give his speech a chilling effect.


  • Alabama Mothman

    This is the last chance to work within the system. If this fails, it’s time to dust off the 2nd amendement

    • It is helpful to be positive, but today that is unrealistic if you view my other posts on this topic.

      February 21, 2013 Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost? How Many Constitutional Freedoms Do We Still Have?

      Preface: While a lot of people talk about the loss of our Constitutional liberties, people usually speak in a vague, generalized manner … or focus on only one issue and ignore the rest. This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right.


  • “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.” George Washington

    July 7, 2011 The Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us About the Threat From a Two-Party System

    Polls show that a majority of Americans say that both the Republicans and Democrats are doing such a poor job representing the people that a new, third party is needed.


  • Truth in Media “End Partisanship”

    Ben Swann explains how the new coalition of EndPartisanship org is working to break the 2 party hold on primary elections, which currently lock around 50% of voters out of the process. Plus, Ben details a lawsuit that has now been filed in the state of New Jersey to break that hold.


    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

  • Jimmy Z Williams

    The gang in the Capitol jumped the shark when they put a gun to the taxpayer’s heads in 2008 and demanded billions “or else.” It was a wake-up call for anyone paying attention. Unfortunately, there are still the under educated masses in the US that believe whatever talking head that agrees with them or their preacher. Yes, we have greedy oligarchs running things and many felons inhabit Congress, but only the educated see that we’ve become the United States of Wall Street.

  • Americans don’t know what has happened to them. They can’t understand the disconnect from their elementary school education of American mythology — “I can’t tell a lie; Freedom of speech; Lincoln freed the slaves, etc.” and the reality they experience.

    Americans can’t explain their sentiment and no pundit has done so. I alone can show you why in graphic details:


    As well, Americans have been indoctrinated into false beliefs about themselves. This too has them experiencing cognitive dissonance.


    • You nailed it right there S.M.D.! Feb 1, 2016 Obedience Training: The Truth about the Pledge of Allegiance

      A look into the origins of the pledge of allegiance – mandatory regurgitation for school children – reveals that it was actually created by a magazine in 1892 in order to sell flags to schools, and the pledge was created by Francis Bellamy to create a reason for schools to buy the flags.


    • dcohn

      The founders were in on it.

  • Oct 28, 2012 Who owns the media?

    The six corporations that collectively control U.S. media today are Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., CBS Corporation and NBC Universal. Together, the “big six” absolutely dominate news and entertainment in the United States.


  • diogenes

    And who owns these corporations? The 0.1% of Americans who own 28% of America, that’s who — 160,000 families, total, among 330 million. The same people who own “both” parties and the entire controlling core of American financial-corporate-industrial-commercial monopoly “enterprise.”

  • George Washington

    Every single congressman needs to hang for treason.

  • rosemerry

    All of these findings can surely be found to be objectively true. Recent studies showed that hardly any of the wishes of ordinary Americans feature in legislation passed, but lots which suits the top very rich and powerful. Look at the laws and their implementation, and see the people incarcerated and those swanning around giving speeches. Who has committed more crimes??

  • Doug Boone

    Bernie Sanders For President 2016.

  • SortingHat

    We saw it back in Clinton era when they forced banks to give housing loans to people even if they have crappy jobs or in some cases NO jobs at all. If banks didn’t comply they would be sued which lead to the housing bubble.

    Traditionally it has been you had to have 30,000$ in down payments for a 30 year payment plan to get a house and even though we had steady jobs we only had to have 5,000$ for a small house as a down payment due to the new rules.

    The left media TOTALLY ignored it and the right wing media sometimes mentioned it but refused to really address it.

  • pbr90

    Isn’t this sentiment what kings and dictators have been overthrown, and killed for, through the ages?

  • Suki Nixon

    you do know the technology exists to fabricate dreams and visions.

  • Suki Nixon

    you do know the technology exists to fabricate dreams and visions right.
    suki nixon

  • TG

    corruption is so rampant at many levels. we point out how endemic it is in the legal system in our book, Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor, (today is the last day to win a free copy, btw, at http://www.stloiyf.com). sadly, the US only leads the world in one good thing: the world’s top athlete’s, as showcased in this past olympics. everything else, not so much: obesity, incarceration rate, indebtedness, etc, etc. however, united, there is hope…..

  • Robert Jones

    “Establishment Republicans are trying to stop Trump, because not just “democrats”, but “republicans” too, also fear that if a Trump presidency entails, much of the establishment’s connections to corporate interests will be traced, and sabotage Congress, where they politically-stand: practically totalitarian, in nature.

    With their “free” press, whom is allowed to lie — for political deception, at all means — to acquire a resolution around the obstruction of the American Constitution, and subsequently obfuscate the American people at the cost of themselves, perpetuating the elite in further business.

    I was right all a long… But it is much worse than I could have imagined. The nation has met tyranny. And it didn’t do anything but sneak up along, under our noses. But not through direct confrontation, not through communications, but through our underlying culture — provided that this culture also endure policy — on which the American people are never given request!

    An all-out oligarchy of elitism. Not for the merit, one has committed and declared, but through the ultimate obtainment, provided by cronyism, through plutarchic channels, inspired by pure corporate greed…

    The concept is diabolical in nature. Originally a Marxist goal, but the complex annihlation of that
    reality, coming to a halt. Where progressivism, through socialism describes the hypocrisy of their plight. Enacting monopolies, operating on double-standards and setting themselves higher than any law. The application of Bolshevik progressivism is fed unto a never-ending slush fund, to generate the dedication required to deliberately castrate the nation into economic shambles, shifting branches of divisional authority, to compress, but extend power among the government’s elite.”

  • euriqa

    Where we are and how We the People got there. Factually: 1) US Population stands at 320 Million plus. 2) 595 elected and or appointed fellow citizens dictate how we survive. 1 Command in Chief, 9 Supreme Court Justices, 100 US Senators, 435 US House Members, and 50 State Governors. 3) Historical Fact–life of self governing nations are some 200 years; 1776 to 2016 is 240 years. 4) Our Founding Fathers gave us an Elected Representative Republic as Benjamin Franklin stated “if we can keep it”. 5) Founders did not contemplate corruption from within would gradually be achieved by career politicians “Gaming our System from within”. Notorious Sam Rayburn, long serving US Speaker of the House personal advice to newly elected US House members, “Son you Got to Go Along to Get Along.” 7) For any voter from the age of 60 on who actually knows our elected presidential politics and precisely Texans, know full well and Robert Cairo’s four volume of 20 plus years document, Land Slide Lyndon was made possible by his grand theft by ballot box stuffing in his 1948 Texas Senatorial race against Governor Coke Stevenson. The result of this voter theft by LBJ changed the course of world history that eventually led to US military casualties starting in Vietnam up to and including our bog down in the middle east. When the “Hounds of War are Unleashed” no body can predict their ultimate achievement or end. 8) Books have been written about the Clintons of Hope, Arkansas. Numerous researched books have detailed their lack of moral judgment in their personal behavior and or political behavior. With them there does not appear to be any separation between what is morally right from what is morally wrong. Being products of the 60’s, they make a perfect couple representing the “hippies of the 60’s” whose by word was “if it feels good do it or its not my fault somebody else made me do it.” The only time Hillary demonstrates her knowledge of past events or current events is when it served her purpose of the moment. When questioned by attorneys concerning her email security failures her stock reply , I can’t recall, I do not know. She is a master at evading legal entanglements by callous denials and I don’t know, I don’t recall. Yet, she can quote you chapter page and verse on alleged government policies. Her most disingenuous position is the matter of Benghazi were four Americans under attack by Radical Terrorist Muslims and calling her for help were murdered. Her public response was the attack was caused by a low grade video that attacked the profit Mohammad. The producer of the video was locked up. Ambassador Chris Stevens, allegedly Hillary’s friend and three would be rescuers were murdered.

  • Siegfried Hellring

    The key is to stop believing in either corrupt political party-the Democrat Party is led by communists and anarchists-the Republican Party is led by Boy Scout Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell (McConnell works as a ventriloquist’s dummy in his spare time)-2 crooks-it’s all about voting for patriots not politicians-the facts you’ll never hear on Fox or any other TV news show are here-