Huffington Post Whines that Sanders Won New Hampshire

Clinton is a warmonger and Wall Street lackey.

So it’s disgusting that Huffington Post is running this huge, front-page, top-of-the-mast headline after Sanders destroyed her in the New Hampshire primary (making Eric Zuesse look rather prophetic):


Nominally, the article was focused on Donald Trump. But the strong implication is that Sanders and his supporters are irrational and sexist.

HuffPost claims that it’s a liberal site. So why not a headline like, oh, I don’t know:

Candidate Who Wants To Keep Us Out Of Stupid Wars And Rein In Wall Street Destroys  Mainstream, Sell-Out, Warmonger, Dynastic Candidate!

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  • jadan

    I thought the headline refers to Trump’s win. Just below it is the story of a “democratic socialist” winning in NH. That’s a term of abuse from Ariana Huffington. I haven’t heard anyone accuse Bernie of racism, sexism, or xenophobia. These are Trump’s defining characteristics. He’s not into wife swapping, anal sex, or group groping, so Ariana hates him.

    • Is that alluding to Arianna’s previous husband?

  • kimyo

    Candidate Who Wants To Keep Us Out Of Stupid Wars And Rein In Wall
    Street Destroys Mainstream, Sell-Out, Warmonger, Dynastic Candidate!

    that headline would also have worked back in 2008 re: obama v. mccain.

    and yet, look at where we are today.

    • Jim G

      Vote for change! Yah, I was part of that charge. I knew Hillary was a sell out then. Little did I know how little I could trust the Democrats and the media to inform us Obama was CIA from birth. Of all the compromised institutions, the corporate media has been the most destructive. Thank God for the internet. Imagine if we could stop all the wars started by covert action by informing the public and getting people elected. I know where “Washington’s Blog” stands, and I stand similar. Obama should have been impeached. I think Hillary is still popular as long as Obama is still popular. We need to go after Obama as well. He is the yes man for all these covert wars.

      • HUH??

        • Robert Colescott

          Obama is just the latest in a long string of Chief Executives who’ve engaged in secret, and probably highly illegal, activities. At least that’s how we would consider them. It’s not that I think Obama is 100% innocent, but the president acts with the full support of the very system which is supposed to hold him accountable for his actions.

    • Anti Everything

      Yaaa, so damn true.

    • demockracy

      It might be true that Obama was the “peace” candidate but it was apparent from the identity of his campaign’s funders (hint: Goldman Sachs) that Obama was an empty suit, a big ol’ phony who would tell you anything you want to hear, then do whatever he wants. Where, for just one of many examples, are all the promised prosecutions of the banksters?

      Bernie’s just a little bit different. He’s been reliably on the correct side of many, many issues, not just the war in Iraq. He’s what the plutocrats and military-industrial-media-prison-financial complex fear, and even if he ultimately loses, he’s changed the political conversation that the Kochs and others have been driving rightward for decades now.

    • The difference between Obama and Sanders is, and keep in mind I think “elections” are rigged…this comment has nothing to do with that, Sanders has a 40 years voting track record in Congress you can examine and Obama literally came out of nowhere with no track record to examine.

      • kimyo

        having examined sanders voting record, i cannot support him. a token vote against the iraq war followed by numerous yay’s to fund it doesn’t cut the mustard for me.

        trump is going to destroy him on the va issue. it’s quite likely that more veterans died awaiting healthcare during sander’s tenure on the veterans affair committee than during the iraq war. how could he be so dense? (like, uncle-billy-strings-around-the-fingers-dense)

        he keeps on saying it’s ‘impractical’ to charge bush/cheney with war crimes. likewise, reparations (slavery may indeed have ended more than a 100 years ago, but the injustices dealt on black people continue in the present day – for instance the u.s. army spraying of predominantly black neighborhoods in st louis with radioactive particles in the 50’s – do they deserve compensation?).

        his statements on clinton’s email seem designed to deflect attention away from multiple, significant felonies.

        drone-wise – what is the difference between obama and sanders? isn’t extra-judicial murder based on one’s cell phone number a war crime? he doesn’t appear to have a problem with that.

  • HarryLola

    Clinton Lost! Go tell it on the Mountain!

  • Ben William

    Don’t you worry Huff Post. Once HillDog get’s a free pass on her email dog and pony show by the establishment, the corporate media pity party will begin, followed by well timed voter fraud and the we we all hear the ‘triumphant’ horns blasting out HillDog’s ‘fake’ bought and paid for rise to the top.

  • Pravda01

    Oh please, any woman, but please a woman with a sane personality! Not a woman who wants to be tougher than the worst war criminals.

    • RepPress

      EXACTLY. She is horrible and we need to prevent her from winning the nomination.

      • somrotden

        is she really asking for her supporters to send her 3$ so she can continue her charade? Isn’t it about time she starts dipping into her own pockets? They sure seem deep enough….

        • Tark McCoy

          Send it to her in 3$ bills…
          FBI: Hey lady, where did this come from?
          Billery: Probably China. State secrets just don’t go for what Bill use to get for them!

    • Ezra Pound

      Eh, women shouldn’t vote, let alone hold office.

  • somrotden

    to all of you who are expecting free college, a “free to stay in the USA” experience-forget about it. The freebies are going to all of the immigrants you also wanted. I’ll bet it was equally shocking to find out that pets also require an outlay of money in addition to care.

  • RepPress

    No, the headline was clearly about Trump. People don’t call Bernie those things:
    There was no “strong implication” about Sanders. You didn’t evaluate this accurately.

  • somrotden

    wow-I bet NH is just gonna love huffington post now–hey arianna-just the facts, mam

  • rawhunger .

    Boy you really know how to convolute.

  • Jim G

    Bernie has been writing me telling me he is a “revolutionary.” I wrote back and told him if he was a revolutionary, he needed to use stronger language in insulting Hillary. I gave some brief examples, not dissimilar from your reasoned headline. The next day Bernie and Hillary were saying people needed to “calm down.” Bernie wants to beat Hillary, but he doesn’t want to take down Obama his Mid-Eastern plan. Bernie says he wants Saudi Arabia to run the Middle East. The hope is he can change the focus of the government back to supporting its people domestically rather than spending money abroad killing people. I can’t think of a better reason that the US economy hasn’t taken off with all this deficit spending is that it is being wasted abroad. Has Bernie called for cutting back the billions just earmarked for our new, and more costly, cold war stand off in the Balkans. What a waste of money! But I think Trump implied it was wasted. He wants better relations with Russia. I could see Trump cutting back on US military bases around the world, yet saying he was making America stronger, before Sanders would touch them. I think Sanders would pander to Brezinski and the military establishment, as he always has. When has he voted down an Obama defense budget? The question is, how much lee way do we give Sanders for supporting the new “New Deal?”

  • hyperbola

    Huffington Post has NEVER been a “liberal” media. It is for “progressives” the same thing as FOX for conservatives – a propaganda site designed to favor the interests of a corrupt, racist, foreign sect that abuses Americans.

    This is one of the “owners” of HuffPuff
    (google: shame project huffington profile )

    The other main one is a french/german jew called Berggruen who is a total lackey of Goldman Sachs.

    (google: Huffington, Greenwald and the Birth of the Purple Pill Media )
    In order to neuter the raging cobra of the alternative media, the globalists seem to be launching several new platforms of their newest mongoose, what I will call the “purple pill media.” This most recent ploy aims to make the outrageous behaviors of the ruling class. food for polite discussions rather than the shameful affronts to humanity and civilization that they really are.

    Based on a conceptualization hatched by brilliant Irish thinker and artist, Thomas Sheridan,[1] his notion of the “purple pill” is a take off of the red pill and blue pill idea birthed in the original Matrix movie. Thomas astutely observed that when new ideas, edgy trends or expressions of authentic rage emerge organically from the populace (the red pill of reality), the movements are quickly infiltrated, watered down and sterilized by the powers that be.

    Over the past few weeks, major globalist money has been thrown into partnerships with media trendies and supposed “pals of the people,” to begin new “alternative” media networks. Arianna Huffington, the famous conservative turned liberal and Glamour Magazine’s woman of the year, signed a deal with billionaire Nicolas Berggruen to start a new media company, World Post news website.[2]

    • Bob

      HuffPost did veer towards corporate conservatism (and zionism) after Huffington sold to AOL. Progressives and liberals are treated like lepers now.

  • cstahnke

    HuffPost as all of us should know is center left in the American context. It does offer space for leftists who aren’t too scary. I believe that is their marketing niche. But when push comes to shove they are corporate democrats at heart. I was insulted by their headline because Sanders got three time more votes than Trump and should have been on the masthead.

    • marxmarv

      As we all know, the American context is meaningless unless one is willing to put their Americanism before their humanity, just like a snot-nosed short-trousered high school child.

    • Infidel

      You do realize the Left has only two candidates running? Just sayin’.

  • Feb 10, 2016 Out-of-state voters and non-residents offered ballots in New Hampshire presidential primary

    Four years ago, James O’Keefe released a video which showed how easy it would be for people to vote in New Hampshire using the names of deceased people. As a result of that video, New Hampshire changed its voter ID laws. Project Veritas Action revisited New Hampshire during Tuesday’s presidential primary election and again showed how easy it is to cast fraudulent votes with the new law fully in place. In this new video, multiple election officials and Bernie Sanders presidential campaign staffers offered advice to journalists using hidden cameras about how to circumvent the law.

  • Robert Colescott

    I read that article. It was total establishment BS. They said Trump won, as the voters rejected “more experienced and accomplished” candidates. Sorry HuffPost, the joke’s on you. These people were rejected because of their experience and accomplishments.

    • marxmarv

      Bourgeois infallibility…

  • Catherine Maxwell

    What a ridiculous headline!!! Bernie is more of a feminist than Hillary can EVER hope to be 🙂 She is only using that feminist line because she thinks it will garner her some sympathy votes. Remarks by Steinham and Albright were an insult to ALL women. HRC is getting to be so predictable!!

  • FredJ11

    I’m not sure whether this is an Onion post but Sander is no socialist dove He’s a neocon warmongering fraud

  • This is a great article:

    After Sanders’ Big Win in New Hampshire, Establishment Figures Want to Scare You with Superdelegates. Here’s Why It’s Bullshit

  • Infidel

    The Huffington n Puffington Post article was for Trump not Sanders. The left wouldn’t dare alienate their base.