The Insanity of American Foreign Policy: CIA-Backed Rebels Are Fighting Pentagon-Backed Rebels

CIA-backed Islamic rebels are fighting against Pentagon-backed Kurish rebels in Syria.

Buzzfeed notes:

Officials with Syrian rebel battalions that receive covert backing from one arm of the U.S. government told BuzzFeed News that they recently began fighting rival rebels supported by another arm of the U.S. government.

The infighting between American proxies is the latest setback for the Obama administration’s Syria policy and lays bare its contradictions as violence in the country gets worse.

The confusion is playing out on the battlefield — with the U.S. effectively engaged in a proxy war with itself.


Furqa al-Sultan Murad receives weapons from the U.S. and its allies as part of a covert program, overseen by the CIA, that aids rebel groups struggling to overthrow the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, according to rebel officials and analysts tracking the conflict.

The Kurdish militants, on the other hand, receive weapons and support from the Pentagon as part of U.S. efforts to fight ISIS. Known as the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, they are the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s strategy against the extremists in Syria and coordinate regularly with U.S. airstrikes.

(And see this story from the Telegraph.)

The Daily Beast also reports that U.S. allies are fighting CIA-backed rebels.

The U.S. is supporting the Kurds,  who are the best on-the-ground fighters against ISIS … yet America’s close ally Turkey is trying to wipe out the Kurds.

Moreover, the U.S., Turkey and Saudi Arabia are all using the Incerlik air base in Adana, Turkey, on the border with Syria to launch military operations in Syria.

The U.S. is using Incerlik to SUPPORT the Kurds, but Turkey is using the EXACT SAME air base to BOMB the Kurds.

In addition, the U.S. is supporting Shia Muslims in Iraq … but supporting their arch-enemy – Sunnis Muslims – in neighboring Syria.

And the U.S. claims to be fighting the war on terror AGAINST the exact same groups – ISIS and Al Qaeda – that our closest allies are SUPPORTING.

Absolutely insane …

Unless the U.S. is really pursuing an agenda in which chaos is the goal.

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  • slorter

    This is all in keeping with American policy complete chaos!

    • Southern

      Comes a time when the term ”American” can be substituted with ”corporate masters” and you would still be accurate.

  • Southern

    The Absolute Insanity of American Foreign Policy: US-Backed Groups Fight Each Other In Syria

    Divide and conquer — all the more profits for the MIC.

    And whatever is left over will be easily dealt with.

  • kimo

    This what happens when we get a two bit con-artists thug, who has no commonsense on running this country. This man needs to go back on the streets and do what he does best and that is pimping and selling crack.

    • KA

      You sound like a two-bit crack head yourself. I don’t think the president originated the rush to fight in Syria. That’s more of the CIA and republicans who goes behind the presidents back trying to maintain a foreign war support policy that the president halted in his coming into office.

  • cstahnke

    This situation mirrors what was going on at the height of U.S. Involvement in Iraq. Various factions supported by rival factions in the U.S. British, and other governments each had their pet projects. Even rival commanders in the field had different policies, strategies and tactics. There was chaos because there was no coherence. The reason for this need for chaos is corruption–things are no different with Obama. Washington at this point in time is a nest of rival criminal gangs. This is why Trump is popular now people imagine they need a caudillo to clean things up.