The Heat: Wealth Inequality Explodes in the United States

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  • diogenes

    Thanks David Swanson.

  • Robert Colescott

    The things you won’t hear from Rockefeller shills are the real causes of the wealth disparity. They would never blame free trade deals, effective tax rates, military spending, market manipulation, offshore tax havens, labor policies, or monetary policies because these are the areas where the oligarchs have successfully concentrated their efforts over the last 50 years. While it’s true labor is not in a good bargaining position when asking for higher wages, they can hardly be blamed for it. Not when the situation itself was engineered by the financial oligarchy. Current “capitalist” philosophy glorifies ROI and stock price, not the societal benefits of who they employ or where their products are made. The offshoring of manufacturing just makes it easier to increase profits and keep them away from the IRS and they know it. Our crumbling infrastructure, poor job market, and low wages are an inevitable result of such policies. We’ve been taught taxes are bad, welfare is bad, and our economic plight is our own fault. While the 99% surely shoulder some of the blame, they lack the resources to do anything about it, short of mass civil disobedience. But don’t hold your breath, the vast majority of Americans are uneducated in such matters. Too bad the oligarchs also control education and the media.