Former Hiroshima Mayor: The Nine Nuclear Weapons States Lack Moral Leadership

Afshin Rattansi interviews former mayor of Hiroshima Dr Tadatosh Akiba.

  • The two most important events of WW2 were the Holocaust and nuclear bombings.  Nazi-style concentration camps are now almost universally condemned.  That nuclear weapons continue to exist in nine states is atrocious.
  • With its nuclear testing, the US “created a Hell out the beautiful South Pacific islands”, which are now bringing an ICJ lawsuit against the nine nuclear weapons states to attempt to push them towards their legal duty to disarm.
  • “Having a nuclear button should be a shame for that country. … [The] nine nuclear weapons states should be categorized as countries that clearly lack moral leadership…”
  • “The thinking that says pushing the button is a manly act, a courageous act, should be attacked. … The existence of the button itself is contrary to human values.”

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  • Sumit Kumar
  • Rick

    > The two most important events of WW2 were the Holocaust and nuclear bombings.

    OK, nothing wrong with humor, but let’s get serious for a moment … people need to look into the scientific evidence of these things, facts that are independently verifiable, and if they are insightful and have a modest degree of intelligence, they will find these 2 items are founded, rooted in, and promoted by, the same clique that operates the financial (wealth extraction) and propaganda (mind control) machinery. Those aiming for the centralization of full-spectrum global powers (and their greedy lustful minions).

    DuckDuckGo (the search engine that doesn’t track you) has some good results for nuclear+bomb+lies+fraud, and if the truth of the topic is important to you, you should do a little studying …

    > That nuclear weapons continue to exist in nine states is atrocious.

    Absolute rubbish, and I have more than enough education to make scientific determinations on the subject. Of course, “dirty bombs” are absolutely viable … But chain reactions? Never found any science to support them. Don’t believe what you can’t verify – this world is so full of lies now – you can spend an entire lifetime trying to dig your way out, and you will die before you accomplish the task in full.

    > “The thinking that says pushing the button is a manly act, a courageous act, should be attacked. … The existence of the button itself is contrary to human values.”

    Caution: propaganda at work …

    Some fairly interesting insights by a decent engineer are here:

  • Jan 20, 2016 Asia-Pacific Rebalance 2025: Capabilities, Presence and Partnerships – Report Findings

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies was tasked by Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 with conducting an independent assessment of the Asia-Pacific rebalance first announced by President Obama in 2011.

  • guest

    Till this day there are still outbreaks of plague in China as a result of Japanese WMD experiments 75 years ago. Entire towns were cordoned off and subjected to bombardment with bioweapons by Unit 731. Japan was within weeks of launching bio weapons attacks against the U. S. Millions of Chinese civilians and POW’s were murdered by the Japanese on a scale every bit equal to the death tolls at the hands of the NAZI’s and the other socialist regimes of the time. The first country in WW2 to indiscriminately bomb defenseless civilian populations wasn’t the U. S., Britain, Russia or Germany. It was Japan before the war in Europe even began. Until the formation of the AVG. the Chinese were utterly defenseless. Japan has never been held accountable for it’s war crimes and has cultivated a victim status since 1945. Rattansi is a holocaust denier who begins this article with a racist, deeply flawed premise that the holocaust in Asia was less of a crime or didn’t happen and was less important than the holocaust in Europe.

    • Rick

      The Russians still lost 25 million compared to China’s 20 million. The US dropped 2.5+ million tons of bombs on little Buddhist Laos (pop:6-7million, most heavily bombed country on earth) from 1964-1973; 80 million bomblets, about 1/3, still remain, killing 20,000 since, 1 execution/day. And what did they ever do to anyone? Is Guantanamo something less/better than the worst Nazi nightmare?

      The US has got to be the most warmongering nation that ever existed, and most Americans probably have no idea … for a list of overseas military operations since 1890: And all of this killing, all of these “Holocausts” upon other peoples and nations certainly isn’t due to Americans themselves, no – it’s due to the ones holding the reigns of the monetary and propaganda machinery – those seeking global domination and centralization of powers, those promoting “ever-increasing” paradigms.

      Who is responsible for aerosolizing the atmosphere of Earth, forcing everyone ot breathe toxic chemicals, look at gray skies, and die with cardiovascular and dementia-related disease? And why won’t any commercial labs perform GC/MS tests on samples? Who is controlling them, and suppressing the media coverage on it? They must hold a rank higher than any Holocaust or Nazi POW camp.

      Some other countries have a clue: Bhutan forbid Christian “witnesses” until 1965 (what Burma calls the C-virus) and outlaws “churches” to this day, judging it’s success with Gross National Happiness instead of the Gross National Product. If you want to visit, they charge $200/day.

    • Joffan

      Yes, I have to say that any Japanese public figure discussing the atrocities committed in World War 2 should start with those committed by Japan.

      Including nuclear weapons in the top five would be ridiculous. Saying they’re in the top two is ludicrous.

  • Gary Youree

    This new small nuke likelihood of a new arms race – or return to the profitability of the cold war is of course troubling. I wonder where the neutron bomb tech and/or build up is at?
    Gut feeling is our countries leadership and its owners are prepared to destroy the world, as long as a few loved ones and those needed to clean, cook, and make sure the rest of the worlds destruction is complete, before they will give up their power. It is hardly even another step when they are unwilling to go to bended knee, apologize, and take a huge symbolic step in order to not only preserve our species actually create hope by restricting all technology unless it is used for the benefit of all humanity.
    I mean we actually have the tools to fix, improve, and instill hope throughout the world, but the scrotal sacs of a non-diverse tiny percentage are making us the definition of failure of an emerging tech able species throughout the galaxy. Our sacrifice may save many a civilization in other world’s pasts – giving time enough time … o well I guess the message will be wasted. You either have a few more things “perfect’ in your world or you dont survive the singularity of technology.
    A generation with an empathetic king would be far better than our freedom to just endure without hope and a future out of reach.
    In other words we need to a dictatorial messiah to impose some rules upon humanity if we are to survive. We need a reset. A huge natural disaster might help. Clearly something in our DNA or determined destiny will end our timeline – and there is the only hope – there are multiple timelines of our existence and our fate is to live out this dead end.