To Avert Worst Crisis, 3/4ths of World’s Oil Must Stay in Ground

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  • kimyo

    please consider providing a brief synopsis for those of us who prefer to avoid youtube/google.

    • jadan

      OK. Oil companies bad. Destroy environment. Control political process with $$. Must switch to renewable energy, fast. Abby Martin voice dramatic, full of portent. Pleasant female to look at.

      • kimyo

        one (ie: me) must commend rt on their choice of eye/mind candy.

        visually appealing, indeed. (remember alyona?!!?!!) and yet, they can form full sentences and thoughtful follow-ups. if trump really wants to make america great again, my advice would be to ditch the pageant fodder and instead promote cogent, quick and brainy women.

  • Silverado

    We have much more to fear from the tyranny of big govt then the tyranny of big oil. At least the market controls big oil up to a point. What protects us from big govt besides gold, grub, guns and God?? Like I said…we have more to fear from big govt. Much more. Catchy title though…