US Marine who Invaded Iraq: Only Iraqis can Understand Pure Evil, Genocide US has Waged on their Nation

By participating in what he now calls the US’s ‘genocidal military campaign’ against Iraq, former marine Vincent Emanuele says he ‘helped create ISIS‘:

I think about the hundreds of prisoners we took captive and tortured in makeshift detention facilities staffed by teenagers from Tennessee, New York and Oregon.

[Prisoners who got released were dropped off in] the middle of the desert … several miles from their homes…

Who knows how long they survived… no one cared.

…one former U.S. prisoner who survived: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

I could recall countless horrific anecdotes from my time in Iraq. Innocent people were not only routinely rounded-up, tortured and imprisoned, they were also incinerated by the hundreds of thousands, some studies suggest by the millions.

Only the Iraqis understand the pure evil that’s been waged on their nation. They remember the West’s role in the eight year war between Iraq and Iran; they remember Clinton’s sanctions in the 1990s, policies which resulted in the deaths of well over 500,000 people, largely women and children. Then, 2003 came and the West finished the job. Today, Iraq is an utterly devastated nation. The people are poisoned and maimed, and the natural environment is toxic from bombs laced with depleted uranium.

This point can never be overstated… the scale of destruction the West has inflicted in the Middle East is absolutely unimaginable to the vast majority of … Westerners[, who] consistently and naively ask, “Why do they hate us?”

…how the West deals with terrorism will largely depend on whether or not the West continues their terroristic behavior. The obvious way to prevent future ISIS-style organizations from forming is to oppose Western militarism in all its dreadful forms…

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  • Jo

    It will all come back to USSA. For every city destroyed by the Washing town thugocracy in the last century of global genocide for the profit of the anglozionazi aristocracy, a Mercan city will burn. Like our great war, the first Civil War, remains our most “successful” war to date in terms of destruction, expense and bodies bagged at home. In our foreign bouts of slaughter USSAN casualties never came close to what we are capable of doing to each other here at home. Close your eyes and imagine USSA in ruins and burning; all the major cities in different stages of siege, ruin, disease and rampant criminal terror, rag tag armies, private and militias all at each others’ throats with the civilian population being genocided…like our handiwork in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine and Syria.

    We too will inevitably reap the Satanic harvest that we have spread across the planet. Look around at the obvious signs of a future guaranteed; the police state drug-addled armed goons that we call law enforcement, the loud mouthed buffoons and shrieking herpes we call our politicians, the vapid air headed bimbos and puffs we call our entertainers and presstitutes….the rot is to be seen everywhere as the protoplasmic masses of meat waddle on to their graves in oblivion of the evil they have permitted to be unleashed in their name. That anyone should in anyway be surprised that we will have to pay for our crimes is astounding indeed, another symptom of the disconnect, the cognitive dissonance of an elite so far up its ass.

    We are I$I$ and I$I$ is as Mercan as the rotten apple pie hubris be have been forced fed since this Anglozionazi Empire of Carnage first slithered out of the primeval slime of the exceptional psychopaths that own us.

    • billylove

      I do believe in Karma and what we will suffer for our atrocities is truly frightening.

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang


  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    As Already MENTIONED in a “Historic New Harpers ….” – Comment , “NEMESIS” , Already is at Work !!!

  • Any American who’s asking “Why do they hate us?” is NOT BAD, because he/she is aware of being hated.
    It is not only those people like Iraqis who are hating them, but also someone from a “so-called ally” as well.
    I’m Japanese, which they see “someone who must be grateful to us”, but I’m never.
    I have REALLY NOTHING to be grateful to USA, have all the features to hold grudges.
    I am always getting mad at American individual asking me “Why are you not grateful?””You should be” I have no word but to say “Go to hell”.
    I am not confident if I can really save myself so not to beat them asking so, by something that I can grab, when this is a real meeting.
    Why did I end up in hating Americans this much because their country is abusing my country, squeezing up anything they can for late 70 years, finally started forcing us to have a war, meanwhile stealing our land, Henoko Shore Okinawa despite hella total protest of local Okinawans.

    • Deanna Clark

      My father saw his buddies killed by Kamakase in the war. He made the landings all over the Pacific. But he never, ever hated your country. He knew that hatred of ordinary citizens goaded by their governments into horrible situations is itself evil.
      This new hatred for America is too one sided…it must be paid propaganda. Why? Even in the Cold War at its worst people admired many things about Russia and said so openly.
      So the good things about my country…the literature, the freedom, the free association of many races, religions, and incomes, the huge charity efforts…nobody mentions online. That’s a dead giveaway of corrupt propaganda.
      And hence, no better than Washington’s lies. “A plague on BOTH your houses” as Shakespeare wrote.

      • Kamakase ←Check this again if this is ACCURATE, BEFORE you talk to me.
        As far I’m concerned, there’s no such thing called KAMAKASE.
        What is that.
        You do something with your government STILL killing CIVILIANS abroad.
        GO TO HELL.

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        Without the Concrete Geopolitical Intrigues , played by London – based Zionist PUPPETEER ROTHSCHILD , your Owner , your Story is just a Truthless Fictional One !!!

        • Deanna Clark

          Every country has decent people and rotters. The hateful tone here smells of paid trolls. Intelligent, honest people don’t use such poor grammar and unalloyed hate.
          You give yourselves away. The US government is not the only criminals who murdered in the past or today. If you want to write on the net, you need to find a tutor to make yourself believable as a sincere soul who wants what is best for the world.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            CONGRATS TO YOUR NOSE !!! Goyim are not “Blessed , as You EFFENDIS” ! SHALON !!!

  • Carl_Herman

    Yup; you nail it, Robert; thank you. So, given the evil of the US/UK/Israel and “former” colonial nations’ to kill, loot, and lie, what is the most powerful public response? Anyone have a better one than pointing to the “Emperor’s New Clothes” obvious War Crimes connected to a demand for arrests of .01% leaders???

  • mulga mumblebrain

    All American wars are genocidal. From the extermination of the Native Americans, slavery, the brutal Civil War, lynchings, and through the genocide in the Philippines, the centuries of horror in Latin America, terror-bombing, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Korea, Indochina, chemical warfare, bacteriological warfare, massacre upon massacre, murderous sanctions and the genocidal Washington Consensus of global Free Market capitalist exploitation. Undoubtedly the most monstrous and murderous force for Evil in human history, yet is poses as the source of all moral goodness.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      The QUESTION Culminates in the ARTIFICIAL or “ENFORCED CREATION” of “SOMETHING , like “A JUDEO – CHRISTIAN SpIriT” !!! To MINGLE Two “DIFFERENT PRINCIPLED RELIGIONS” into “ONE” uNIty , is more than “SICK” !!! “JUDAISM” , based on the “SINGLING-Out , Individualizing PRINCIPLE” of the “10 COMMANDMENTS” , runs “Absolutely CONTRARY” to “CHRISTIANITY” , Which is based on the “UNIFYING PRINCIPLE” of “HUMANITY” !!! While the “JEW” , “Everytime can ASSERT” , to be a “GOOD” JEW , A CHRISTIAN , Always faces the Problem , to be Measured on his “more or less” Christian BEHAVIOR ! The “Two – CLASS – SOCIETY” , is “PREPROGRAMMED” !

      • Keet Hensley

        Each of the 3 Major Religions has those that have taken the Faith away from the real believers. Islam was Peace, until Muhammad conquered it by storming Mecca. The Catholic Jesuits Stole Christianity and Hired Muhammad to capture Jerusalem for them, but could not get it from the Muslims. Thus the Crusades . Zionist are the Fake Jews, you don’t even have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.

        I am a Christian of the Book, they all fear my kind, because we don’t worship a Church, Pope, Imam only GOD, in the Spirit with the Covenant of Jesus Christ. It is about time the people of this planet, WAKE UP !

        Lucifer is Real, The Holy Spirit is Real, and GOD is very Real and Alive in each and every one of us, even our enemies, yes even in Atheist.

        The secret is, that GOD gives you a free will to choose what you want to believe, or not.

        Anybody that tries to force you to believe anything, wants a Slave.

        That is why they fear and hate anything that lets them think that there might be a better choice, and it must be destroyed or the one tempted must die.

        This New World Order has been around for thousands of years, but keeps failing, this time, they are making an all out run for the goal, but as the last book in the Bible is called “Revelations” so it is now being Revealed thru the Information Highway, The Internet.

        The Evil followers of Lucifer have money and power gained by their evil ways and deceptions, and they would rather Murder the whole population of this planet, than to relinquish their wealth and power.

        With this Spiritual awakening, that is coming quickly, there will be quite a change, but not the one that they are planning.

        I pray this Prayer, Father GOD in the name of Jesus, please open their eyes that they may see, open their ears that they may hear, please remove the veil of blindness from their Heart, waken the Spirit within All in the world, let them see the evil, feel the pains of guilt and hear the cries that their lies have created and open their Consciences to hear the Guilt of their evil ways, Thank you Father GOD, in the Holy name of Jesus, and the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom, Proverbs 8;1-36, Amen.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang


  • sibkiss

    I think the real Americans are those who are looking deeper than patriotic platitudes of politicians who are representing those who make a profit from the new world order. We want peace with all humanity, and ensue it. Like the song says “peace sells, who’s buying?”

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      “PRICE FOR PEACE” ? “NEGATE / DESTROY” “EVERYTHING” , “Hindering PEACE” !!! Always Keep in MIND , “Word & REALITY is an Indivisible (Spiritual !) UNITY” !!!

  • Deanna Clark

    It isn’t enough to rant and rave…we as citizens of the US must at least remember the horrible cost of every tank of gas in our cars. And people who “hate us” know that the ordinary citizens of the US are seduced from knowing the truth today. I remember the WWII generation going on for hours about the government and the lies. But suddenly that was supplanted with celebrity worship and cover ups.

    Americans are the most generous people on the planet helping others in every country. That is fact. We are a soft hearted, open handed nation. How ironic that the need is so great because of our own corporate predators and State Department.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      You are just One Generous Victim more of the RKM – Controlled Major Mass Media , which are Owned by 6 Zionist CORPORATIONS !!! Try , and Google for “Veteranstoday” !!!

      • Deanna Clark

        Zionist? Who’s the dummy now?

        • Keet Hensley

          yes Zionists, the Fake Jews, try Rothchild. I answer your ? with you!

          • Deanna Clark

            I never thought of the Rothchilds as Jews (The redshield name, for a start)…I’ve know too many kind, friendly Jews in classical music and in my own neighborhood. Very little similarity! Good, we agree.
            The world today is a Venetian masked ball. There’s more sincerity in Hollywood agents!

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            When the EAST – EUROPEAN Khazarian EMPIRE , 1200 A.D., was DESTROYED by the IRANIANS & RUSSIANS , the ROYAL COURT & ADMINISTRATION fled to CENTRAL EUROPE , under the GUISE of Being the 13th TRIBE of JUDAH ! KHAGAN “ROTHSCHILD(?)” Was Invited by O. CROMWELL to “BRITANNIA” , and founded the COLONIAL EMPIRE “Great BRITAIN” !!! 1913 He Overtook REPUBLIC USA , by founding “TREASURY & FED” !!! AMERICANS , were Misused as Cheap MERCENARIES in WW I + WW II ! TODAY , He SEEKS WORLD DOMINATION !!!

          • Deanna Clark

            Thanks…I’ll look it up. The BBC history documentary on WWI should cure anyone enchanted with the 20th century. And that’s the BBC!!

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            For “KHAZARS” , Recommend “YOUTUBE” !!!