US Made ‘Cold War’ Plans Wipe Out Much of Planet’s Population

Given the US’s long history of wiping out huge numbers of people in the service of physical and hegemonic expansion, it may be unsurprising that the nation planned ‘a wholesale slaughter of much of the planet’s population’ during the Cold War, as newly declassified documents reveal.

Jason Ditz summarizes that the US goal was to first ‘prevent Soviet retaliation as much as possible’ then ‘eliminate the ability of the Soviets to fight,’ and finally expand ‘to places whose lone value was that a lot of people lived there.

…all-told there were some 1,200 cities to be targeted with nuclear strikes specifically to try to kill as many people as possible. Cities like Moscow and Leningrad, which also had military or government targets, were to be hit dozens of times.’

Analysts at George Washington University write:

‘The SAC study does not include any explanation for population targeting, but it was likely a legacy of earlier Air Force and Army Air Force thinking about the impact of bombing raids on civilian morale. For example, in a 1940 Air Corps Tactical School lecture, Major Muir Fairchild argued that an attack on a country’s economic structure “must be to so reduce the morale of the enemy civilian population through fear—of death or injury for themselves or loved ones, [so] that they would prefer our terms of peace to continuing the struggle, and that they would force their government to capitulate.”’

One of the authors of the Cold War nuclear bombing plans was Curtis Lemay, the war criminal notorious for massive bombings of Japanese population centers.

The plans are also reminiscent of a recently declassified US instructional film from the same era, which states:

“Where can the navy attack? As long as the navy commands the seas, it can deliver a biological or chemical attack anywhere on that three quarters of the Earth’s surface that’s covered by water” as well as deliver bio/chem agents “hundreds of miles inland from any coastline” to “attack a large portion of an enemy’s population.”  The film then shows a cartoon with US bio/chem weapons agents spreading over huge swathes of China and Russia.

Reporter focuses on force dynamics, national and global, and also writes professionally for the film industry.  Updates on Twitter.  Author’s review of the historical background to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. 

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  • daretelltruth

    the DEMONCRATIC perverts in permanent violation of the US Constitution have never ceased with their New World Order, obviously.
    Presuming the coming carnage in the NA-tional ZI-onist dictatorship in Europe, going by the Name of EU, with the ongoing preparations for pan-European civil war in the not so distant future, one cannot really be surprised.
    On the one hand the Obama Administration (to call them “global henchmen” would be more appropriate) is modernizing nuclear weapons still stationed in the occupied Western economic zone of the Federal Republic of Germany to the effect that those nuclear stockpiles will be more lethal then ever with reduced numbers.
    On the other hand the US, UK and NA-tional ZI-onist forces continue the program of 1919 for the annihilation of the German people by wars forced upon them (such as WW2 and, perhaps WW3 within the context of a Russian “theatre”)
    or the forced massive influx of tens of millions of Muslim and African “refugees” in order to make Germans a minority in their anchestral lands.
    At some point, even the most psychopathic puppet masters may realize that this kind of carnage will not be contained in “theatres” such as Europe or Russia, or for that matter, Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria – it will be only a matter of time when the effects turn to the US&UK&Zionist aggressors:
    As with any nuclear global war, no state is an island, however mighty any state may appear. For example, Israel may pride itself with setting the political agenda in Washington, but at some point the Zionists are bound to lose the momentum or not survive the consequences: be it nuclear retaliation or the fallout of continued global genocide in the Name of demo(n)cracy.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      The TERM “NAZI” was Branded by the Zionist “CHURCHILL” , and is a REMINISCENCE to the “Khazarian TRIBE” of ASHKE – “NAZI” !!!

      • daretelltruth

        oh, could you please explain more on this topic, please?
        Thanks in advance – greetings from an occupied economic zone called Bundesrepublik – a zone soon to be anything but the land where Germans used to live…

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          Good SOURCES for this “Kind of History” ! GOOGLE for : “The 4th” “Fort Russ” “Asia Times” “Information Clearing House” “Veteranstoday” !!!

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    KILLING OFF CIVILIAN POPULATION , Dates Back to “Khazarian FOREFATHERS” , the “Ancient MONGOLS” !!!

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang


  • Tecumseh1768

    I hope those Russians and Chinese remember to do their part and not retaliate for those attacks on their population centers.

  • Silverado

    There’s your military/industrial complex at work. First knock-off a president or two. Then plan for the future of Earth without you. I say we wait till these psychotic, criminal, war mongering neocons (did I miss anything?) split off from the Republican party when Trump goes after the nomination like they’ve threatened to do and then launch a surprise attack and arrest them all while they’re in one place and would be easy to…manage. Whisk them off to the slammer, disappear the founders, jail the remaining leaders on crimes against humanity & war crimes, seize assets from the ones that are left and make them swear in public to do what it was they forgot to do when they were in power before, at the point of the guns they so hate. Just look at what they’ve done. We have got to find the will to keep these traitorous enemies of freedom & liberty under better control or they’ll be the death of us all.

    • Strider73

      It would have to be done very quickly, before they can escape to political asylum in Israel. The one exception would be the Bush clan, who would attempt to flee to that large tract of land in Paraguay that W purchased during his 2nd term.

      Also do not forget the neocon Democrats, especially Joe Lieberman (who would have been the post-9/11 de facto president in a Gore administration) and Hillary.

  • If you really understood planners you would know that cities would not be nuked. What the plan was in the 1970’s was to nuke nuclear power plants. You can take a 50kt bomb and hit a nuke power plant and make 100 miles by 500 miles completely uninhabitable. This is from the massive amounts of extra radiation from the power plant being let loose. The radiation will be so intense those inside the zones will die in a few days with no chance of habitation for around 10k-20K years.

    Just count up the nuke power plants and lay down kill zones and you can see how easy it is to kill large numbers of people and animals with about 450 or so small yield bombs.

    The planners are well aware of what will happen when you nuke a nuclear power plant. The problem revolves around the fact that the vast majority of such plants are in the US, Japan, France, India, Canada, Korea, and UK.

    So now you understand why we are so scared of terrorists getting their hands on a nuke. Set it off by a nuke power plant and you can kill 100’s of millions of people.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      That’s why they invented the neutron bomb. Kills ‘useless eaters’ but leaves the property intact for the new owners.

  • One of the authors of the Cold War nuclear bombing plans was Curtis Lemay, the war criminal notorious for massive bombings of Japanese population centers.

    Of course it was nothing but genocide, targeting non-combatant civilians, so as atomic bombs dropping.
    Lives of less than a hundred American civilians was what Washington deemed of the number competing with those of 100,000 and more Japanese civilians, and still have no bit of regret or pain on conscience.
    How come?
    I truly believe that the basic function of mathematics has a serious problem with every American white.
    Brain damage.
    No American President ever visited the ground zeros of atomic bombs.
    Likewise it took 65 years unless we had a US ambassador in a peace ceremony in Hiroshima for the first time.

    American whites are bunch of sick enthusiasts of demography, since its foundation, really really sick.
    Primal agenda that American whites are taking care of for late 200 some years is how to lessen non-white non-Christian populace.
    Like a cartoon published in here is omitting native American.
    Genocide is really a traditional business of American whites, nothing more, nothing less, in knowing how to cover it up for sure.
    “Never mention anything that may remind people of the genocide committed”.

    Definitely USA is a cancer of the world, biohazard on the earth.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      The US carefully planned the incendiary genocide against Japan for years in the 1930s and 40s, studying wildfires and practising on mock Japanese cities in the desert. The A-bomb was just a bonus, and killed fewer civilians. The recommendation of US Air-Force General Chennault was for incendiary raids, ‘ burn out the industrial heart of the Empire with fire-bombing attacks on the teeming bamboo ant-heaps’, from Hawaiian and Philippine bases, using the new B-17s, and ‘simply delighted’ FDR, and was pre Pearl Harbor. The US ruling elite has bathed in blood and gore throughout the entire two hundred years plus of US history, and like serial killers, they need greater and greater ‘fixes’ to get their pathopsychological rewards. I’m certain global genocide of 90% or so of the now redundant ‘useless eaters’ has been carefully planned and gamed many, many, times.

      • You are a CIA hired troll.
        Aiming at deluding the seriousness of atomic bombs.

        “A-bomb was just a bonus, and killed fewer civilians”
        And it is totally different in its toxic particularity.
        Nothing can cover up the grave sin of America.
        Go back to your boss and tell them there’s no way for you to get away with it.
        We will keep accusing you of the sin forever, unless you get it right, because we are not benevolent like Chinese people are.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI , were Bombed , to Deter STALIN from Complete CONQUERING EUROPE !

          • They needed a real experiment for the new bomb first.
            And needed to show off the power to Soviet so to take hegemony in the post war era too.
            Japanese women and children were seen like good guinea pigs that can be wasted.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang


          • I read something about rape cases too, Russian soldiers, German women.
            British people can justify the bombing on German civilians as they were bombed too.
            But Americans were not.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            War , Always is CRUEL , but We “DESCENDANTS” , Can MAKE NOTHING , “UNDONE” ! FIRST & FOREMOST , We have to RESIST the Natural REACTION , to become as evil , as “EVIL” is !!!

          • Cruelty is not convincing the dead, that is the problem.
            No dead is convinced of “your death is inevitable as war is always cruel”, so as the women assaulted.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang


        • mulga mumblebrain

          Michiko, I entirely agree that A-bombs were Evil, and long-lastingly toxic, but I was just mentioning the incendiary raids so that they not be forgotten, and their long planning, indicating genocidal US intent from the 1930s, not be covered up. As for working for the CIA-sorry. They don’t pay enough.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      By GENERALIZING the DEEDS of the Murderous governing “ELITE” , to ALL , You “UNKNOWINGLY” Mix the “EVIL” & “Not-Evil Ones” ! This “EMOTION-Induced UNTRUTH” Perpetuates Itself “Psychologically” “AD INFINITUM” ! Your “WILL” ???

      • I’m not hoping to generalize but US citizens need to be offended to get notice of what is wrong.
        As they are deeply brainwashed.
        They need to be offended and terrified of being hated, for getting aware of what is wrong, otherwise they just call me Chinese as always, because no Japanese is supposed to be against USA, story ends, no one is going to listen, no one is going to think anything if there’s something fundamentally wrong in their country.
        I need them just to stop their government abusing my country, or else I am not interested in the flippant people like Americans at all and they need to get offended and scared, for making any action viable to stop the wrong doing.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          For Washing a BRAIN , or CHANGING a CONSCIOUSNESS , in the Sense , to REMOVE Something like “TRUTH” , It has to be SAID , that there Never was any Truth in those “Indoctrinated & Believed NARRATIVES” !!!

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          GENERALIZATION = ABE , a Japanese , is Evil ! ERGO , ALL Japanese , are EVIL ! For Easier Understanding !

          • I ever tried making them listen to me, in a modest way, and it totally failed.
            They need shock an awe, then they will start thinking “what is wrong?” only when they realized of animosity meant for themselves.
            Sad but it’s the truth.
            I know there are few American people those feel guilt in conscience, that’s right, but the people those can have a feeling such are really few.
            Without shock and awe, most people never think.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            Sorry for Having to DISAPPOINT You ! To RE-EDUCATE Them , is Impossible ! Their “BELIEVE” is a “SORT of RELIGION” ! They Do not Have , What WE Call “FREE WILL” ! Therefore , they Misread Everything as god’s WILL ! They are “FATALISTS” !!!

          • Yes that’s the great wall that I need to get over.
            Not sure how to do lol.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            1. REFLECT Emotional Terms , Measure their INFLUENCE , then 2. SPEAK ; WRITE

          • I am really not sure what the first phrase means sorry.
            I can tell almost meaning of what the writer meant to be when it has certain length, rather feel it difficult as much as it is short or something like poetry.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            EMOTIONAL TERM / Word Causing Emotional REACTION in “You” !!! MEASURE INFLUENCE / Who Justifies , Who Damns the DEED ! IS it JUSTIFIABLE from the Standpoint of “HUMANITY / JUSTICE” !!! “CONCLUSION” !!! :

          • Sorry I can’t stop doing it.
            You can ignore me, that’s okay.
            Thanks anyway.

  • Maybe this is why nobody in the faux free press has mentioned anything about this event in California.

    12/24/15 Greens release video of massive California methane leak

    Environmentalists have published new footage of a major natural gas leak pumping methane into the atmosphere in Southern California. The footage, released Wednesday by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), uses an infrared camera to show the “massive scale of pollution flowing from the ruptured underground gas well” near Los Angeles, EDF said in a blog post.

    Dec 20, 2015 First Aerial Footage of Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

    Aerial footage filmed Dec. 17, 2015, shows potent, climate-damaging methane gases escaping from a massive natural gas leak at a storage facility in California’s Aliso Canyon, with the San Fernando valley pictured in the background. The giant methane plumes were made visible by a specialized infrared camera operated by an Earthworks ITC-certified thermographer.

  • Barack Obama avoided visiting the ground zeroes of the atomic bombs in last year April while he did has a time to visit US base in Okinawa.
    He ignored the places where his country ever committed genocide.
    American people, this is your President, let yourself PROUD of having this hypocrite as your TOP LEADER.

    OF COURSE I am ashamed of everything about our leader SHINZO ABE, I need him to resign ASAP, while have no idea WHEN I chose him at all.

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    The Latest of VT ! Alan HART , Prof. on “The Academy Complicity in the Global War on False Flag Terrorism !