Religious Studies Prof: ISIS is ‘Eerily like’ the US

Ira Chernus, professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder:

To sustain our image of ourselves as innocents in the whole affair, we have to blot out this empirical history and replace it with a myth (not so surprising, given that any war against evil is a mythic enterprise). That’s not to say that we deny all the facts. We just pick and choose the ones that fit our myth best….

We assume that the enemy, like Lucifer himself, does evil just for the sake of doing it. Even the most liberal parts of the media often can’t see IS fighters as more than “lunatics” bent on “slaughter for its own sake”.

[In reality, a study at George Washington University finds that ISIS’s] “motivations are diverse and defy easy analysis.”

Add up this sort of evidence and you’re likely to come to a startling and, in our present context, deeply unsettling conclusion. It’s not just that IS fighters are distinctly human, but that in some ways they are eerily like us. After all, we, too, have a military that uses an ideological narrative to recruit young people and prepare them to be willing to die for it.

Our military, too, is savvy in using social media and various forms of advertising and publicity to deploy its narrative effectively.

The[re is a] belief that we have only one option: annihilation. Or if that proves impossible, despite the military forces at our disposal, then at least containing them forever. In fact, the presidential candidates of this moment all demand annihilation and nothing less. In Donald Trump’s words, “bomb the shit out of ‘em.” In Hillary Clinton’s more demure formulation, “crush ISIS… break the group’s momentum and then its back.” Even Bernie Sanders agrees: “Our priority must be… to destroy the brutal and barbaric ISIS regime.”  [Crush the barbarians; rhetoric has really progressed since the Middle Ages.]

The dream of a war of annihilation against evil has a long, long history in white America. It began in 1636 when Puritans in New England wiped out the Pequot tribe, … [using] a war-against-evil template that the country still follows nearly four centuries later in its “war on terror.”

Indeed, the US empire is still on the bloody path of expansion:

Pentagon Announces Worldwide Expansion of US Military Bases

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  • ISIS is ‘Eerily like’ the US, in that they also claim to be exceptional and above any scrutiny.

    I’ve noticed this more often — This is standard fare for Straussians and Neo-Cons alike –including any nation where Straussianism thrives among politicians that falsely use religion for personal and political advancements.

    All Straussian are Neo-Cons and All Neocons are Zionist, including Al Saud and Deash and then some.

  • Nov 20, 2015 The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS

    Americans: please wake up!

  • jo6pac
    • Thanks, I have my doubts about the Daily Mirror. (DM)

      Interesting to see how that article paints a certain landscape, that is maybe not all that accurate.

      Why is Deash only ever attacking the traditional enemies of Israel — And why do they in return give wounded terrorist life saving medical aid.

      I believe that there’s far more to this, IMO, Deash are the modern Gladio, that would justify giving them medical aid.

      DM also stated the following, The Obama administration failed to attack Assad when he crossed the ‘red line’ of using chemical weapons in 2014.

      It was not proven that Assad was responsible, it was an unsupported claim.

      False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack on Syria. Pretext for All Out War?

      • mulga mumblebrain

        Daash is a death-squad army. The USA has been raising, training, financing and letting loose death-squads to do their dirty work for decades. The Nicaraguan Contras, Operation Phoenix,al-Qaeda, UNITA, RENAMO, the graduates of The School of the Americas, Operation Condor, the ‘Salvador Option’ in Iraq, and now Daash. The US regime has also spent billions on psychological research programs, MKULTRA etc to discover how to produce robopathic killers, merciless, psychopathic and insatiable. Daash is the future, a future of pitiless terrorist violence working for the USA and its fellow ‘states of exception’ to all moral law and human decency.