Propaganda Can’t Melt Steel Beams

Eleven years ago, I initiated a discussion about the fact that jet fuel fires could not have melted steel at the World Trade Center. The government agency investigating the WTC destruction responded by holding “some of its deliberations in secret.” Although it’s not a secret that jet fuel can’t melt steel, due to propaganda from sources like The Washington Post and The Huffington Post, Americans often get confused about what facts like that mean to any national discussion. In a nutshell, what it means is that the molten metal found at the WTC, for which there is a great deal of evidence, cannot be explained by the official 9/11 myth.

No one thinks that jet fuel fires can melt steel beams—not even The Posts’ new science champion, who doesn’t bother to actually use jet fuel or steel beams to teach us about “retarded metallurgical things.” Instead, he uses a thin metal rod and a blacksmith forge to imply that, if the WTC buildings were made of thin metal rods and there were lots of blacksmith forges there, the thin metal rods would have lost strength and this would be the result. If you buy that as an explanation for what happened at the WTC, you might agree that everyone should just stop questioning 9/11.

st_spout3sThis absurd demonstration highlights at least two major problems with America’s ongoing struggle to understand 9/11. The first is that there was a great deal of molten metal at the WTC. Those who know that fact sometimes share internet memes that say “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams” when they want to convey that “Thermite Melted Steel at the WTC.” The second major problem is that certain mainstream media sources continue to put a lot of energy into dis-informing the public about 9/11.

Sources like The Posts, The New York Times and some “alternative media” continue to work hard to support the official myth of 9/11. That effort is not easy because they must do so while providing as little actual information about 9/11 as possible. The dumbing down of the average citizen is a full time job for such propagandists. Luckily for them, American students receive almost no historical context that encourages them to think critically or consider ideas that conflict with blind allegiance to their government. When it comes to the WTC, it also helps that almost 80% of Americans are scientifically illiterate.

As media companies attempt to confuse the public about 9/11, they must avoid relating details that might actually get citizens interested in the subject. For example, it’s imperative that they never mention any of these fourteen facts about 9/11. It is also important to never reference certain people, like the ordnance distribution expert (and Iran-Contra suspect) who managed security at the WTC or the tortured top al Qaeda leader who turned out to have nothing to do with al Qaeda. In fact, to support the official myth of 9/11 these days, media must ignore almost every aspect of the crimes while promoting only the most mindless nonsense they can find. Unfortunately, that bewildering strategy becomes more obvious every day.

Kevin Ryan blogs at Dig Within.

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  • kimyo

    even if you pretend that jet fuel CAN melt steel beams you still can’t explain the collapse of building 7.

    • andy

      Yo,Kim,the collapse of your Sacred Tower is easily explained.Impacts and raging fires.Pay no attention to this Controlled Demolition Cult.They lie through their teefus.

      A) they say “only a few small fires”.

      B) they say “no plane hit it”.

      C) they say “it fell in 6.5 seconds into its footprint at free fall speed”.

      All exciting,stimulating and amazing…..but totally untrue.

      In order to extricate you from the tar pit that these clowns are trying to stick you in start by reading this paper:

  • jadan

    The collapse of the two towers, plus WTC 3,4,5,6, & 7, cannot be explained by any means we are currently familiar with. The entire world trade center complex was destroyed by two airliners. Joke! Get it?

    • Michael Valentine

      And the punch line is uncontrollable wars in the Middle East ….

    • andy

      No,elaborate please.

  • Silverado

    What happens when aluminum say from a crashed air liner is added to that fuel/fire mix? I think the Discovery or History Channels had a what I thought to be…believable 1 hour program on the subject not too long ago hosted by credentialed scientists who also had some..questions on the subject. Jet fuel on fire definitely can not melt steel beams. But add in some aluminum and apparently and according to these guys that is entirely possible. In the name of fairness (and playing Devil’s advocate) why no mention of this possibility?? Their tests should be easy to replicate…

    • andy

      Remember,it’s a cult.They only hammer one side of the argument.

      • mulga mumblebrain

        The pot calling the kettle black. You’d have to be a cultist to believe ANYTHING the elite say, after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, yellow-rain in Indochina, Lockerbie, the KGB plot to kill the Pope (Wojtyla), KAL 007, Saddam’s WMD, Gaddafi’s container-loads of Viagra, Assad’s chemical weapons attack, MH17 etc, etc. But the loyal dupes never question authority, They just salute and yell, ‘Sir! How high Sir!!’.

        • andy

          Ridiculous pap.I’m down with your citations,there are a million propaganda lies but the Controlled Demolition Cult is different.It is chock full of easily discerned and debunkable errors/lies/disinfo/misinfo.
          Sorry,but the demolition cult does more to taint the actual provable conspiracy points than any government lies could.
          In my opinion this entire wing of truth seekers is a contrived fraud meant to poison the well.
          In the example of Building 7 it is easily ascertained by reading the oral testimonies,in their entirety,that nothing but impacts and the ensuing unfought fires caused the tower to collapse.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      And it only took them fifteen years to come up with that one. A ‘credentialed’ scientist, too. Very impressive!

  • sisterlauren

    Please ask Hillary Clinton why she believes the official story when it is so obviously false. Is she stupid or a part of a massive criminal cover up? Or both?

    • Michael Valentine

      You know and I know it’s like Wanda Sykes said, “You gotta stick to the lie”.

      • mulga mumblebrain

        The entire elite and their MSM droogs still stick to the Lee Harvey Oswald, lone assassin, wheeze, so 9/11 is easy. When your well-paid job in a world of slave-wages depends on it, it becomes easy.

  • Physicsnerd

    No need for building demolition contractors. Just start some jet fuel (or diesel) fires under future buildings to be demolished and watch them fall in their own foot prints.

    There is no intelligent life on planet earth!

    • andy

      None denser than you,tiger!

      • Physicsnerd

        andy exemplifies no intelligent life on earth. Well done!

        • andy

          I’m pulling for you,tiger!

    • Thor

      You forgot having to ram the building at 500 mph with fully loaded jet planes first…

    • andy

      The Controlled Demolition Cult is simply crawling with retarded people.

      To say that their Sacred Tower wasn’t hit by a jet is absolutely moronic.It WAS hit and hit hard by Tower 1 during its collapse.

      How cowardly do you have to be to avoid reading the FDNY testimonies regarding #7?

      The balloon’s gone up,the fat lady has sung and the cookie is crumbled.Give it up,liars.It is irrefutable that Building 7 wasn’t blown up by explosives or death rays from Judy Wood’s spaceship.All of the relevant information is included in those testimonies.
      The FDNY is not in on the conspiracy and if you even suppose that you need to go get yourself a geisha girl,you’re not functioning properly.

      • mulga mumblebrain

        The loyal Imperial Dittoheads have a lurid line in insulting prattle. How DARE anyone disbelieve our glorious Masters??!!

        • andy

          It’s not about belief,Goober.It’s about thinking things through and including all relevant information.Something your cult fails to do every time they insist that nothing hit your Sacred Tower.

      • I’m not really sure what your point is (?). But the bottom line of what I posted above, is that there’s a viral video going around “mainstream” “news” internet sites, a “metalworker” claims he proves jet fuel caused the Twin Towers to fall.
        The above video says, in short, WHAT ABOUT BUILDING 7??? That wasn’t hit by a plane. Therefore, there was no jet fuel in WTC7.

        Are you saying WTC7 was hit by a plane? Because it wasn’t. I’m talking about WTC7, not WTC1 & 2 (the Twin Towers).

        What is your point? I’m not sure I know what it is.

        • andy

          The argument that no plane hit #7 is a red herring because the tower was smashed into by heavy debris and steel beams during the collapse of Tower #1.That’s how the fires started and why when in certain videos you can see the building topple in a southerly direction as it finishes its collapse.
          This is because a huge hole about 10 stories high was gouged out of the southern face.

          It is dishonest,stupid and childish to fluff up the story with the no=plane rubbish.It’s something a 5th grader would dispense with in a minute but for some reason the dunderheads spearheading the cult offer up as one of their planks.

          If you are truly interested in knowing what happened to #7 you’ll read this:

          And watch this

          • Physicsnerd

            andy, you are one dumb cus from Podunk. Timothy McVeigh blew up a large portion of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and yet it didn’t fall. Buildings don’t fall easily, ask a demolition expert.

            Once again, andy exemplifies no intelligent life on earth.

          • andy

            Poor schnook,how many buildings have burned uncontrollably after being smashed into by jumbo jets and heavy debris?

          • Physicsnerd

            andy, if all of us 9/11 truthers are just some dumb cult, if we are so insignificant, why do you bother with us?

            You are just some dumb cus from Podunk.

          • andy

            Because your demolition cult spreads some of the worst lies I have ever seen.

            Larry the Jew and the FDNY blew up #7.Do you realize how offensive that is?

            I don’t think that the cult is a bunch of stupid people,just completely wrong, willing to lie and weak minded enough to follow leaders with strange motivations.

          • Physicsnerd

            andy, your government spreads far worse lies. Like Saddam Hussain possesses WMD’s, and, Saddam Hussain has ties to Al Qiada. In a fact gov. weapons inspector was speaking out about Saddam not having any WMD’s, and this before the your illustrious ‘Shock and Aw’. Or how about the CIA outing one of their own agents to try and hush an ex-U.S. ambassador trying to tell the public about the G. Bush lie about Saddam seeking yellow cake uranium from Niger.

            I find those lies to be offensive!

            andy, you are living proof to the fact that there is no intelligent life on earth.

          • andy

            Oh,you mean I’m either with you or against you,dumbass?

            Thanks for putting words in my mouth and assuming that I’m OK with any of those vile lies.
            Two wrongs don’t make a right,knucklehead.

            Guess what,you’re in a cult.Hurry up and start thinking for yourself,your slip is showing.

            And try to come up with some more original lines,you sound like an 8th grader.

          • Physicsnerd

            andy, “Oh,you mean I’m either with you or against you,dumbass?”

            No, that is not what I mean. I merely stated that there are far worse lies to chase after. And I am not saying that the 9/11 truthers lie, you are.

            andy, “Thanks for putting words in my mouth and assuming that I’m OK with any of those vile lies”

            I did not put any words into your mouth nor did I state that you were OK with those lies. That’s nonsense.

            andy, “Guess what,you’re in a cult.Hurry up and start thinking for yourself,your slip is showing.”

            What is it with you and the cult mantra. I have never joined anything nor have I signed up for anything. There are no meetings I have attended, nor have I sacrificed any live stock for truth.

            I have however been in construction for many years and I hold a degree in Physics. All the conclusions I make about 9/11 are my own, nobody else. As far as my “slip is showing”, I haven’t heard that in a while. You must be older, and yes andy, now I am assuming.

            andy, “And try to come up with some more original lines,you sound like an 8th grader.”

            If I sound like an 8th grader, it must be the ears that are listening. Am I to assume that to be the last grade you completed.

            As someone else pointed out in these comments, andy you are a complete waste of time. Enjoy your psychosis!

          • andy


  • logmein1

    why is andy defending the official conspiracy theory?

    • andy

      Why is dim bulb “logmein1” putting words in my mouth?

      I’m only pointing out the utter shambles you demolition cultists make out of the entire conspiracy argument.

      • sandberg

        Andy appears to be one of those people that suffers from science illiteracy. I give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
        Come on Andy, look at WTC7 one more time and use whatever thinking skills you have. What are the odds that random burning fires would cause all four walls to drop at exactly the same instant and then showing virtually no resistance on the way straight down?
        That’s for starters of course….

    • Jones Eiry

      Because he’s paid to do so.. He’s just looking for a fight, that’s why he resorts to an abrasive tone in the hope that you stoop to the same level.

      Just ignore people like him, you can’t really be sure you’e not talking to a computer program anyway.

      • andy

        Yet another paranoid loon weighs in.If only I could get paid to goof on dim bulbs like you.

        For the record,Jew hating gets my Irish up.

  • Dow Jones

    Remember oh protoplasmic sons of Merca and this Anglozionazi Empire of Carnage the WASPish doctrinal trinity of sacred tenets upon which the religion of the Holy Hubris is erected.

    ONE: Harvey Lee did smite John F Kennedy, womanizing playboy Knight of Camelot and said sneaky
    malcontent commie bastud Patsy Harvey did so all on his own using “magic bullets” and ancient wop rifle (because said knight wanted to give away our Mercan stuff to the poor and lesser tribes upon which we feed).

    TWO: NaSA and Pentacon Kill Industries NAZI rocket meisters then proceeded to “land” tin can on moon (dark side thereof when no one was looking) using fred flintstone technology and Hollyweird magic light box wizzardy to get all red blooded Mercans wet and gasping in awe at our prowess. Brave moononauts then shot a round of hoppy golf, snapped some kodak for the kids, pissed off back up in the “sky” in cool tin can and got home just in time for Archie Bunker.

    THREE: terrist camel herders from Bush’s Saudi oil patch did with terrible cunning and immeasurable guile using only box cutters, strippers, coke and fanatical hatred of our “freedums” did tear down our phallic boxes of bizness as usual in Manhattan, blow up Pentacon Kill Industries head office, knocked plane out of sky using nail clippers and then finished off WTC 7 20 mins too late after the BBC talking head skipped a page of script and almost blew the whole scam.

    These are the holy doctrines of the troika of miracles upon which our cultural sanity rests. Now let US continue preying coz that’s all we are capable of.

    Ah men!

    • andy

      Cute,but only idiots fall for the “BBC was reading a script” nonsense.Everyone involved as a first responder down there knew by 5 P.M. that the building would collapse eventually.
      Simple error was made by Jane Stanley in announcing it.
      The FDNY had created a perimeter earlier in anticipation of what did happen.

      • sandberg

        OK Andy, pay attention if you will….
        You know NIST’s explanation for the total collapse of WTC7, right?
        Sunder himself said that it was a (the first in history of course!) total collapse of a steel skyscraper due to fires fueled by office furnishings. So it was a first time in history.
        Now, it this was a first time in history, how could anyone expect that to happen? In other words, how could anyone expect a total collapse of WTC7, let alone imploding into it’s own footprint at near the acceleration of gravity? You see the problem a lot of people have with this?
        Now if anyone would expect any kind of collapse, it would be some sort of partial collapse, maybe where the building was weakened due to debris damage courtesy of WTC1.
        Funny enough, very few firemen are willing tot alk about this.
        The reason a perimeter was created I think, was because some people knew it was going to be “taken down”, that is, taken down by some form of CD.
        Surely this will make some sense to you, right?

  • Physicsnerd

    Project for the New American Century (PNAC) organized by the Neo-Consevatives (Neo-Cons) Written before the 9/11 attacks (1997), advocated regime change in Iraq, disarmament, etc. The authors also wrote about the need for “some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and many others on the Bush Jr.s Admin. are the authors and supporters of this Neo-Con agenda.

    They brought you 9/11!

    • andy

      But the buildings weren’t blown up by Jews.

  • Thor

    this article seems to be based on a false premise…no steel had to melt to initiate collapse…and molten metal does not necessarily mean melted steel.