The irony of the phrase “may the odds be ever in your favor” is not lost on the readers of the Hunger Games trilogy of novels or the film adaption. Despite the grimness of the story, over 65 million copies of the books have been sold. The total box office take so far has exceeded $1.4 billion for the four movies. The dystopian series tackles real issues like severe poverty, starvation, torture, oppression, betrayal and the brutality of war. It doesn’t fit into the standard film making success recipe of feel good fluff, politically correct storylines and happy endings. Each film in the series gets progressively darker, with the final episode permeating doom and gloom. The books and the movies capture the deepening crisis mood engulfing the world today. And they realistically portray the world as a place where there are no good guys in positions of power. The ruling class, in all cases, is driven by a voracious appetite for supremacy, wealth, and control.

An Ambiguous, Confusing, Dangerous World

The world is a morally ambiguous place where those in power and those seeking power utilize the influence of media propaganda and PR campaigns built around “heroes” and “icons” to psychologically control the masses, while enriching themselves and their crony capitalist sponsors. Endless war against the latest “bad guys” further enriches the arms dealers and their political lackeys who joyfully use faux patriotism and nationalistic fervor to insist upon more boots on the ground, drones in the air, bombs dropped, and missiles launched.

War is good for business and keeps the masses distracted, while the Wall Street financiers harvest the wealth of the citizens. The division of the country into 12 districts, sending their bounty to the capital of Panem at the point of a gun, while they are allocated a pittance to survive, is no different than our corporate fascist government as they extract hundreds of billions in taxes, fees, levies, tolls, and fines from the productive class, while regulating, enforcing, mandating, and authorizing the plebs to death.


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  • Carl_Herman

    This is an excellent article; thank you, Jim Q. Just as those of us in alternative media speak the truth, there are those in a controlled Hollywood who communicate in stories: The Matrix, V for Vendetta, Wag the Dog, Manchurian Candidate, JFK, and more.

    We need people to be reached through right and left brain (art and reason) if we are to win.

  • This is what folks need to realize the most. Aug 28, 2014 The Prussian Connection to American Schooling (Part 1), by John Taylor Gatto

    Where did the American school system come from? And what are its true purposes?

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      To Understand the “PRUSSIAN Totalitarianism” , Not the “Sympathetic or Emphatic MATERIALISM” , but the KNOWLEDGE of ARISTOTELES’S “ENERGAIA” is Necessary !!!

  • Dec 28, 2015 Ayn Rand – How to Rule Mankind

    From Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead,” Ellsworth Toohey explains the primary technique used by politicians and government officials to wrestle power from the people.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      As Already Mentioned in my Reply to > “PRUSSIAN” Connection < in "How the Aristocracy Revs Up it's Suckers" , is PROPAGANDA the Result of a Failed ATTEMPT of the Khazarian CREME of Intellectuals , to Lift the Mysterious SECRET of the "PRUSSIAN SPIRIT" ! By Misreading / Misinterpreting the Divine Prussian "IDEALISM" , for a "Metaphysical , Universal Usable METHODOLOGY" , they "Created a New Science" , "PSYCHOLOGY" ! With FREUD'S Arrival in U.S.A. , the USABILITY of his Science , was Explored & TESTED ! Since THEN , Americans are Prepared , to be Willing & Generous CONSUMERS , as Ayn Rand Explained !!!

      • Time to look behind the curtain! Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          First Thanks , for this DOCUMENT ; Revealing , How the Khazars used the new Science to Deceitful MANIPULATE the CITIZENRY , by PRETENDING , to Deliver the American MOOD , Naming MANIPULATION simply “Public RELATION” ! Second , there is on Fort Russ a Soviet-Video “The Target is your Brain” ( “1984” a Soviet Documentary Film , Predicting Interesting Issues !

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            What the “RKM – INTELLECTUAL elite” Percepted as “Weaponized LANGUAGE” , Used by the “National – Socialist LEADERSHIP” , Was “NOTHING ELSE” , than the CONTRADICTORY CONTENT of the Further DEVELOPED Greek Philosophical “NOUS / Word” , the “IDEA” ! (To Identify “SOMETHING” as Real Something , it is Absolutely Necessary , to Reflect it , in it’s “BEING or Non-BEING” e.g. DAY / Nonbeing of Day = NIGHT) So Everything is Determined , by It’s own Non-Being ! The German LANGUAGE is famous for these Contradictory TERMS (CATEGORIES :Good/Evil ; Open/Closed , Above/Below , Love/Hate , ad.Inf.) German Leadership had this Knowledge from Public Schools ! This Contradiction is Plato’s “DYNAMIS” ! ARISTOTLE Expanded “DYNAMIS” , by Adding the Logical SELF , to “ENERGAIA” ! For Fixing the BEING of Something , All Obstacles for the “BEING” , have to be Removed / Negated / Destroyed !!! GERMANS , had not to be Lied on the Khazars , They had Personally Experienced their EVILNESS !

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            Go to “” and Read Prof. Alan HART’S Article : “The Academy’s Complicity in the Global War on False Flag Terrorism !!! “TRUTH” ALWAYS PREVAILS !!!

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