National security whistleblower interview: NSA spies on absolutely everything, will never stop, and will only expand

Kerry Cassidy’s 2013 2-hour interview of Mark Novitsky:

Statement from Mark (to me via e-mail and published with his permission):

Tragically, I am a National Security whistleblower. With all due respect to crab fishermen, clearly without question, the world’s most dangerous vocation. MANY years ago (years PRE-SNOWDEN), I spoke with 60 Minutes Sr. Exec. Producer Bob Anderson about my former employer and MASSIVE USG contractor, Denver-based Tele Tech Holdings (TTEC) / Tele Tech Government Solutions. TTEC is an international IT/TeleCom/ECRM (Electronic Customer Relations Management) BPO (Business Process Outsourcer). I warned Congress, USG LE, and media that Tele Tech Holdings, a joint commercial (Verizon, Bank of America, United Healthcare, Ford Motor Company, Cisco, HP, Best Buy+++) and USG (DHS, FEMA, FBI, US Census+++), and of TTEC’s incontrovertible relationship not only to DARPA but based upon all available evidence (Congressional, Fed Court, FBI, SEC & public records) was a likely 1981 (Reagan) Executive Order 12333 entity.

I warned that in addition to serial Securities Law Violations and TTEC’s illegal/failed lawsuit directed at me that TTEC was STEALING, dealing, sharing, EXPLOITING assumed private, personal, confidential, proprietary customer information with MULTIPLE (Multi-Nat) 3rd Parties without the “commodity customers’” full understanding, informed knowledge or consent. It’s not a stretch to assume you are somewhere in a TTEC Dbase…. and it’s hard to opt out of something when you don’t know you have opted in! This is obviously FAR beyond any cognizable, reasonable, recognized LEGITIMATE “legal” framework.

I call TTEC the USG (ET AL) META-DATA MEGA MALL. Now we also talked about TTEC’s/DARPA’s involvement with AI/Artificial Intelligence which Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Elon Musk all recently described AI as the BIGGEST threat to humanity, a demon, and they wondered why more people weren’t concerned.

SO MUCH (despite the 60 Minutes Thomas Drake story) is still being hidden.

BTW: I was told by Bob Anderson that my story was “too complicated’ for 60 Minutes. This was the media (NYT, WAPO, AP, Bloomberg, etc.) consensus/excuse. “Too complicated” is subject to a broad interpretation. You might also want to ask why this technology was in large part developed to monitor/track global financial transactions and why by all appearances “we” are failing to do so! (HSBC is a UK Bank…not Swiss bank: Standard Poors)

While you were sleeping, the U.S. Congress enacted through the backdoor an “All Seeing Eye” surveillance bill that in large part repealed MUCH of the United States Bill of Rights. At the same time we are told we must fight constant wars overseas to establish democracies, liberty, freedom and provide for them a constitution against a force funded and materially supported by our own “allies.”

Speaking of Constitutions… they can have ours…we aren’t using it.

I believe the iconic George Orwell book 1984 was off by 3 years. I think it should have been called 1981 because that is when the 1981 Reagan Executive Order 12333 quietly and covertly established an ACTUAL BIG BROTHER/Military Industrial Surveillance Complex. And instead of Big Brother…we should really be afraid of our Big Pervy Uncle.

Just a suggestion… but perhaps if you all weren’t so busy and focused spying on US…you might start focusing on the bad guys. WE the people are NOT your most strategic target-rich environment. I offered you all my help on this. Now we have the so-called CISA (they removed the word “protection” associated to previous failed attempts at passage: CISPA – RIP Aaron Swartz) “Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act.” Instead, we should really call it what it is: “Corporate Immunity for Spying on Americans” backdoored into the Christmas omnibus spending bill. And if you had been paying attention, an event in San Bernardino, California seemed perfectly timed and executed to scare politicians and people into thinking (or not thinking) CISA was a good idea. Which, if you consider that and previous events like 9-11 (and here), Aurora Colorado, Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook and some may say go back as far as Oklahoma City (XO 12333 1981!) went undetected.

Or what about focusing on the biggest data breach in US Government history: the Office of Personal Management Hack, despite the past OPM OIG’s specific warnings regarding inadequate, deficient security systems and protocols or how the TSA missed 90+% of threats when tested. Only in government do you acquire more money and power and less accountability for failing. That is like using the Hindenburg to promote airship travel.

I have documented evidence within Federal Court, Congressional, FBI FOIA-DOJ, SEC FOIA & OIG of being on the receiving end of Illegal, Malicious Domestic Surveillance and Harassment since March of 2002. Despite the documented and long ago warnings of massive and systemic targeting of innocent American citizens being in no way, shape or form associated to terrorism… unless you count being on the receiving end… it is IMPOSSIBLE to seek out help from government officials and the private sector because it is ILLEGAL.

There is a VERY good reason why FBI-National Security Letters (NSL) start with “Under the authority of Executive Order 12333, dated December4, 1981, United States Code (U.S.C.), Section 2709 (as amended, October 26, 2001).”

Can you hear me now?

“It is extremely likely that your personal META-DATA information is within a Tele Tech Holdings database. Tele Tech Holdings/Tele Tech Government Solutions offers integrated customer experience solutions customer monitoring & and consumer behavior analysis within the Financial Services, Healthcare, Communications, Media, & Technology, Government, Retail, Automotive, Travel & Hospitality segments.”

A good whistleblower  never comes only with “problems”…but also with solutions. For now approaching a decade I have fought for the creation of a whole new (1976) Church Commission. In 1976, then U.S. Senator Frank Church (D – Idaho) uncovered the government, FBI, CIA, State Department, Intelligence community involved in thinks like MASSIVE suspect Domestic Surveillance activities (Operation Chaos), covert regime change and assassinations squads, COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Programs), Mind Control/MK Ultra and the like that can be easily researched via your preferred internet search. In fact, FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) was a direct result of the Church Commission. We NEED a new “Church Commission,” or simply a public interest hearing seated with experts in the arena such as actual Senior NSA analysts William Binney, Thomas Drake and Russell Tice, and those from the public sector such as Mark Klein (ATT) and myself.


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  – Orwell.

PEACE. Mark J. Novitsky

Note: Mark worked with Karen Hudes for several years. Both of us are unsure who she works for.

Analysis: The rabbit hole goes deep. Mark’s ordeal of harassment, being sued by Teletech with apparent intent to destroy his reputation, and apparent placement on a “no hire” list demonstrate the heroism and peril of whistleblowers in a corrupt US system.

Washington’s Blog has many articles concerning NSA spying.

Mark’s case study also demonstrates the importance of the US 99% recognizing and ending the Emperor’s New Clothes obvious crimes:

The massive crimes end whenever we say we’re ready.

What kind of American do you call yourself if you’re not demanding arrests to lawfully stop obvious crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions?

Are you an American defending limited government under our Constitution, or subject of dictators to continue these sadistic and evil crimes with your submission?


Note: I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History, with all economics factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences. I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.


Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History; also credentialed in Mathematics. He worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at

Note: has blocked public access to my articles on their site (and from other whistleblowers), so some links in my previous work are blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to, paste the expired link into the box, click “Browse history,” then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive. I’ll update as “hobby time” allows; including my earliest work from 2009 to 2011 (blocked author pages: here, here).


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  • wehaveseenthisb4

    Are these the guys who just happen to be driving by when I feed the neighborhood cat on our front porch? Are these the guys who just happen to be driving by when my wife comes home? Are these the guys who park an SUV on our tree lawn w/a license plate that reads “PSYCH”? Are these they guys who hung a garrotte on the tree in our front yard? Are these the guys who always make it thru the light in front of me just before it turns red? Are these the guys who threaten head-on collisions or being side-swiped or illegal backing from driveways? Are the guys who just as we come upon slower traffic or a stopped vehicle (for no apparent reason) are in the lane next to us? While waiting to make a left hand turn, are these the guys coming through last in the curb lane, hidden behind the vehicle passing through in the near lane? Are these the guys who’s previously mentioned road way harassments are often preceeded or followed by the appearance of local PD cruisers? Are these the guys who perform such events at such a high and predictable frequency rate that there can be no other explanation but organized criminal activity?

  • Silverado

    What a criminal enterprise this administration has turned out to be, huh?? Lying, thieving, traitorous and absolute SCANDALOUS behavior at all levels of govt but especially in the federal govt. They’re still spying so they still don’t trust…leaders they say one thing to in person and then turn right around and secretly spy on them too. They need to be thrown out on their ear and have their proverbial asses beat. I’d expel these criminals from stepping foot in my country until that God dammed Obama leaves office and takes the majority of the psychotic neocons with him. Anyway this shit just DISGUSTS me to no end and about the only thing I could say to the criminals in the US govt would be to consider themselves fortunate that it isn’t me in a position of power and my finger was on some kind of button magically reducing the amount of govt and bankster activities in this country. Because I would have pushed that mother-fucker a long time ago… even the WSJ is disgusted…

    • wehaveseenthisb4

      This administration? Oh, dude wake up! Incidentally, f – – k the WSJ.

  • Hyperbole makes us look foolish. If the NSA spys on “everything” obviously it can’t “expand”.

    • Carl_Herman

      Thanks for your contribution to best understanding humanity’s tremendous problems, potential responses, and how best to not be foolish victims of our .01% would-be “masters.”

      Your comment also honors Mark’s heroism as a whistleblower; I’m sure he also appreciates your point as important to voice.

      You’ll receive the quality of Life that you give; no one is special to escape that justice.

      • Don Robertson

        The obviously unrecognized danger is that, NSA can now readily provide a dossier on any American at any time, backed up by reams of material gleaned from data storage unscanned until the moment the dossier is needed to be created for a specific purpose.

        Why is this a danger? Because there are those in government who lie, those who would and will create great dossiers that have been embellished with their small but convincing lies. Such a dossier that is now possible to be created concerning just about anyone is incredibly believable, because of its great depth.

        We live in a society that boasts we have a justice system, that will let ninety-nine guilty men go free, to protect one innocent man from being convicted. Few understand why, this is the embellished credo of American justice. It is not just to save the one innocent man from his unwarranted conviction. Our justice system is this way, because if government could convict citizens willy-nillie there are liars in our government who would willingly convict plenty of innocent men. Such convictions happen all the time in our American legal system.

        We should be rightly alarmed to hear about the great depth of the FBI dossier kept concerning the banjo-picking folk singer Pete Seeger. But the truth is, the dossier that can be built concerning virtually any American today is far greater than the tens of thousands of pages of Seeger-notes made by a bunch of lazy, clueless, bumbling, halfwit FBI agents during the Nineteen Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.

        NSA has completely subverted our justice system’s already dubious legitimacy. And our justice system is becoming even more dubious in its efficacy as long as these NSA scoundrels are not prosecuted for their obvious crimes against the civil liberties of every American.

        • Mark J. Novitsky

          Don…last summer the WSJ reported 1 in 3 Americans existed within an FBI Criminal Database. In the 1980’s investigative journalist Chris Ketcham wrote “The Last RoundUp” about the MAINCORE Database. (Now remember, this was the 1980’s Walkman’s, VCR’s and a cell phone was a brick and a “luxury”) It was then estimated the MAINCORE Dbase contained 8+Million Americans…about 1 in 30. Today, literally EVERYONE is being monitored / tracked / profiled… and places within a Threat Data Matrix. The VERY troubling thing is TTEC’s association with Artificial Intelligence / AI called “Humanify”. Think “Pre-Crime” Minority Report meets “Enemy of the State” (Fun Fact: if you look closely in 1998 Will Smith “Enemy of the State” the covert Black-OPs team’s cover is “TELE TECH”. VERY good “Continuity” staff or they think this is funny. BTW: as long as I am making movie reviews 1980’s John Carpenter “THEY LIVE”. / I am all out of Bubblegum.

          • Mark J. Novitsky

            Sorry…WSJ / 2015 1 in 3 Adult Americans within an FBI Criminal Dbase. And this was 1998 “fiction” / DocuDrama “Enemy of the State” / “1998 National Telecommunications Surveillance Act” became “2015 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act” / CISA / Corporate Immunity for Spying on Americans. Enemy of the State trailer:

    • wehaveseenthisb4

      Nice try, no one.

  • Donald Truax


    Don’t forget that the TeleTech Contract mentioned above originated from SAIC:

    DENVER, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ — TeleTech Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTEC)
    today announced it has been awarded a base subcontract through February 4,
    2000, with four one-year renewal options, from Science Applications
    International Corporation (SAIC) to provide call center support for instant
    background checks of prospective firearm purchasers on behalf of the Federal
    Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI is required to provide a mechanism for
    conducting background checks under a provision of the “Brady Handgun Violence
    Prevention Act” which was signed into law on November 30, 1993.
    In order to comply with the Brady Bill’s November 30, 1998 deadline for
    implementation of a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS),
    SAIC has subcontracted to TeleTech the call center component of NICS.
    TeleTech expects to begin providing this service in 28 states during the
    fourth quarter of 1998 through two of its existing facilities. The program
    initially is expected to utilize over 120 positions and require over 180
    Kenneth D. Tuchman, TeleTech’s president and chief executive officer,
    commented, “We are excited about our second contract award this quarter from
    the governmental services sector. SAIC selected TeleTech as its partner due
    to our ability to meet a demanding implementation schedule and our ability to
    provide an integrated solution encompassing consulting services, call center
    operations, and network and systems integration.”
    “The SAIC/TeleTech team brings extensive criminal justice information
    services and expert call center operations experience to support the FBI’s
    National Instant Criminal Background Check System,” said Mark Hughes, SAIC’s
    sector vice president and Information and Technology Systems sector manager.
    Charlie Daniels, vice president for program management for SAIC added, “We are
    proud to be teamed with TeleTech to field the technical solutions that
    effectively and efficiently implement Brady Bill mandates. The SAIC/TeleTech
    team is fortunate to be participants in such an historic and nationally
    important endeavor.”

    Founded in 1982, TeleTech is a leading provider of customer care
    management solutions to Fortune 500 and international companies. TeleTech
    helps its clients acquire, serve and retain their customers by managing
    inbound telephone, Internet and PC-based video inquiries on their behalf.
    TeleTech typically establishes strategic relationships, formalized by
    multiyear contracts, with selected clients in targeted industries. TeleTech
    has 23 customer communication centers in the United States, Australia, Canada,
    Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil and the United Kingdom. TeleTech operates more
    than 8,200 communication center workstations and employs nearly 10,000 people.
    Information regarding TeleTech Holdings can be found on the worldwide web
    Employee-owned SAIC provides high-technology services and products to
    government and commercial customers in the areas of systems integration,
    information technology, telecommunications, health systems and services,
    national and international security, transportation, energy and environmental
    systems and engineering. With the recent acquisition of Bellcore, SAIC and
    its subsidiaries have estimated annual revenues of $4 billion and more than
    33,000 employees at offices in over 150 cities worldwide.
    More information about SAIC can be found on the worldwide web at Information regarding Bellcore can be found on the
    worldwide web at

    Statements herein regarding the expected duration of the SAIC subcontract,
    the time period in which TeleTech’s program for SAIC is expected to commence,
    the number of positions TeleTech expects to utilize in the program, the number
    of employees that will be dedicated to the SAIC program and the expected
    impact the SAIC subcontract will have on TeleTech’s operations are forward-
    looking statements that involve substantial risks and uncertainties. In
    accordance with the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995,
    following are important factors that could cause TeleTech’s actual results to
    differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking
    statements: TeleTech’s agreements with its clients, including the SAIC
    agreement, generally do not assure that TeleTech will generate a specific
    level of revenue, do not designate TeleTech as the client’s exclusive service
    provider, and are terminable by the client on relatively short notice. In
    addition, there can be no assurance that SAIC’s contract with the government
    will not be terminated, thereby eliminating SAIC’s need for TeleTech’s
    services. In addition, the amount of revenues TeleTech will generate from
    the SAIC program will be dependent upon use and volume of use of the instant
    background checks by Federal firearm licensees. Readers are encouraged to
    review TeleTech’s 1997 Annual Report on Form 10-K and Quarterly Reports on
    Form 10-Q for the first and second quarters of 1998, which describe other
    important factors that may impact TeleTech’s business, results of operations
    and financial condition.

    SOURCE TeleTech Holdings, Inc.


    • Mark J. Novitsky

      Donald. Good catch…Tele Tech Holdings / Tele Tech Government Solutions “partners” with the US State Department, FBI-DOJ, DHS, FEMA, IRS, GSA… But here is another TTEC / SAIC collaboration “CYBERCARE FINANCIAL SERVICES”. Here is a good idea…a company like TTEC that is obviously unable to defend themselves against these allegations / documented evidence across MANY levels…let’s give them 24 hour per day multi-channel access to everyone’s personal finances and financial transactions. Who needs a “backdoor” when the front door is wide open? Peace. Mark J. Novitsky

      • Carl_Herman

        or search: TeleTech Launches CyberCare Financial Services: An Around-the-Clock, Multi-channel Solution

        • Mark J. Novitsky

          FirstI would like to thank / commend Carl Herman and Washington’s Blog for having the courage to print what conventional corporate media was so afraid of. My acronym for MEDIA is Making Everyone Dumber In America. Since the article my access to Tele Tech’s Yahoo Financial Message Board has now been blocked / censored. That was the only way I had to fight back. You see YAHOO is also a part of PRISM and was threatened by the US Dept. of (in) justice with a $250,000.00 per day fine if they didn’t open a backdoor to Yahoo used data. You can still check out my previous messages at I am FPVSFF…inside joke between myself and TTEC CEO/COB Ken Tuchman. Stand for Fire Prevention vs. Fire Fighting. Peace. MarkJ. Novitsky

  • December 31, 2015 HTTP Error 451 now adopted as global standard for web pages that are censored by governments

    As noted by Motherboard, there is a new official Internet status code – HTTP 451 – developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the independent group that is responsible for the creation of many of the Internet’s operating standards. So now, when a website has been blocked for so-called “legal reasons” (in other words, the page has been censored by a government), web surfers will be presented with the 451 “error” rather than the more generic 403 “forbidden” error.

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  • 2015-12-30 Spying on Congress and Israel: NSA Cheerleaders Discover Value of Privacy Only When Their Own Is Violated

    The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the NSA under President Obama targeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top aides for surveillance. In the process, the agency ended up eavesdropping on “the contents of some of their private conversations with U.S. lawmakers and American-Jewish groups” about how to sabotage the Iran Deal.

  • Joseph Alexander

    Few understand why, this is the embellished credo of American justice. It is not just to save the one innocent man from his unwarranted conviction.Snapback Caps

  • juliaquinn951

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