The Koran v. The Bible

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  • abago

    Please, can you provide the references (Book/Chapter/Verse) for those “facts” you used in the video?

  • Rehmat

    Religious ignorance is the basic doctrine of the western religious extremists. The Islam’s Holy Book is Al-Qur’an just like its followers are Muslims and NOT Mohammadan. Jews took name Judah who slept with his widow daughter-in-law. Christian took name from New Testament which was authored by St. Paul who conspired to kill Christ.

    World’s most mass-killers happened to be Jewish.

    World’s all great wars were created by Christians, murdering over 300 million people in Americana, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Asia.

    After entering Jerusalem on July 15, 1099 – the Christian Franks under the command of Godfrey of Bouilion slaughtered the entire Muslim and Jewish population (over 70,000) during the next three days.

    Between 15th – 17th century, European settlers killed between 100 to 180 million Natives in Americana. Later, Europeans killed more than 80 million Africans in process of their Black slave trade.

    In 1492, when Crusaders captured the last Muslim state in Spain, Garanada – they killed 3-5 million Muslims and 173,000 Jews as part of Inquisition.

    Between 1891 and 1911 – some 10 million Africans perished in the course of Europe’s exploitation of Congolese ivory and rubber resources.

    “The same Europe that we are now trumpeting as a model of pacifism has been built by wars, down to the last stone. The two World Wars, only recently fought – caused 100 million deaths including 60 million civilians. The Russian and Chinese Revolutions caused at least 50 million more deaths; actually, historians have recently revised it upward to 100 million. As far the 146 little wars since 1945, they have discreetly exterminated close to 30 million people – 75% of them civilians in the name of world power….” – Phillipe Delmas writing in “The Rosy Future of War”.
    Bible says: “You cannot lie to fellow Jew, but it’s okay to lie to non-Jews.”