Karen Hudes’ lies, unprofessionalism & threats = her unreliable testimony anywhere

This is the second of my four articles responding to Karen Hudes, with general content communicated in the article titles:

  1. Karen Hudes claims I’m a ‘Vatican agent’: here’s her evidence, and my counter-claim of the challenge to know comprehensive facts and allies for victory over .01% empire
  2. Karen Hudes’ lies, unprofessionalism & threats = her unreliable testimony anywhere
  3. Karen Hudes REFUSES to provide ANY EVIDENCE for claims about gold as currency; says ‘no time or desire.’ Try that in your profession for factual claims and see what happens
  4. Was Karen Hudes assigned to attack after I wrote .01% will launch waves of false flag attacks to ‘justify’ martial law, arrest ‘truthers’?

I address two topics here:

  1. Karen Hudes’ factual claims and evidence for resolution of our global debt system fraudulently pretending to be money, a choice of amnesty or arrests for those working for this system.
  2. Karen Hudes’ ridiculously lie-infused and unprofessional written responses to my work for full factual disclosure of .01% crimes and lies centering in war, money, and media. This includes multiple comments and tweets of Karen Hudes’ unsubstantiated claims that I’m a “Vatican agent,” a “shill,” that I should be subject for arrest, and her lies to play a victim upon receiving a legitimate concerning question.

I recommend that Karen’s factual claims be considered, her unprofessional behavior recognized, and never to wait for Ms. Hudes or anyone else to impede We the People’s demand for truth, justice, and good-faith solutions in the face of ongoing horrific .01% crimes centering in war, what we use for money, and lies. My personal conclusion from her ridiculously unprofessional and lying responses to me is to consider her testimony on other areas as unreliable.

Requisite background:

After ~700 published articles, Karen Hudes either chose or was assigned to comment after I wrote this article about what I conclude is the central plan of the .01% at this endgame stage for the future for our planet:

.01% endgame plan: create ISIS, export ISIS as ‘refugees,’ horrific false flag terror attacks, martial law, FEMA camps for ‘truthers’

I suggest that We the People should be curious why this particular article drew attention. You may wish to read it to answer that question for yourself.

The first comment she posted was repeated in an e-mail she sent me that challenged me for public communication. Karen e-mailed:

Why are you spreading this information without informing people of the Global Debt Facility containing the world’s wealth and international monetary gold reserves that is administered by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Board of Governors? Or the Global Currency Reset that has been agreed? Are you trying to create confusion and chaos?… There is also an amnesty in effect to permit a transition.  Your article is so unhelpful that without a public acknowledgement of our correspondence and your attempt to deal with some of the issues I have raised I am going to call you out as a Network of Global Corporate Control disinformation agent.

Within three hours of receiving her e-mail, I responded to request one paper/article documented to substantiate factual claims on her work, and documentation for her claim of what she said is “amnesty in effect to permit a transition.” However, just 70 minutes after I requested this documentation and certainly without time to respond on a Wednesday workday, she publicly responded to me:

…This tells me all I need to know about you. You are a Vatican agent.

To be clear, I assume Karen as a lawyer means the term, agent, as an accusation that I’m an employed minion; and that being a Vatican agent means that I serve the .01% criminal oligarchs that I clearly document my position to arrest within the article that Karen chose to comment upon. I had also immediately provided this paper to Karen as my best explanation to my claims, documentation, and analysis (conference paper for 1,600 people at an academic conference at the Claremont Colleges). Rather than consider what I professionally provide as factual claims and analysis, Karen escalated her rhetoric. To date, she has failed to uphold basic professional standards to understand a position before attacking it. If her claim of my being a “Vatican agent” is literal, she provides no evidence; if it is ad hominem, that is clearly unprofessional juvenile name-calling.

I responded to Karen’s work in good-faith comprehensively complete professional response with this article on the following day:

Karen Hudes claims I’m a ‘Vatican agent’: here’s her evidence, and my counter-claim of the challenge to know comprehensive facts and allies for victory over .01% empire

Karen ensued with comments you can read in the original article, along with my responses (among several interested readers).

1. Karen Hudes’ factual claims and evidence: 

Karen’s website provides her testimony and documentary evidence of what she claims. She states:

…authority as Acting General Counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or Legal Counsel to the Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666…


The Global Debt Facility contains the world’s monetary gold reserves and is administered by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Board of Governors. You have not dealt with this fact or that the US is going to surrender unilaterally if we don’t switch before the planned demolition of Federal Reserve Notes. You have also forgotten to deal with the fact that I happen to be the lawyer for the Global Debt Facility and the Acting General Counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

… I am now something called the “overseer mandate trustee”. It was when I refused to sign over the Global Debt Facility to a group operating in Taiwan called YCT and succumb to a threat from a spook, that I found out I am one of the seven people authorized to go before the interbank screens to view the accounts of the Global Debt Facility https://s3.amazonaws.com/khude… and https://s3.amazonaws.com/khude… :

It is only when we use the Global Debt Facility to bankrupt the agents of the Network of Global Corporate Control that we can make any headway. But the fact is, unless we offer an amnesty program, we will not be able to access the Global Debt Facility.

I tried in multiple comments to clarify her position on money’s future, amnesty or arrests for .01% criminals, and how my articles are somehow unhelpful. On using gold for money in an e-mail, and her general tone:

We do not have mutual work.  You are sowing discord, frightening people, and refusing to inform them of the ready solution that has a time limit, and which if missed will have dire consequences for them.  If you insist on disseminating my work, please do me the courtesy of referencing the offices which I hold, and including my advice that we must transition from paper to currencies minted from the gold in the Global Debt Facility in a Global Currency Reset before the Federal Reserve Note crashes, bringing down the United States of America and the rest of the world with it.

Karen did not refute my final check of her position:

Ok, Karen, so I understand you correctly that your policy proposal is gold for currency, and that’s all. You do not support the creation of credit. You do not support the creation of debt-free money. These are preliminary policy positions that the 188 Ministers hold, and may be subject to variation upon their professional judgment. They’ll deal with other corruption as we move forward.

If I have misrepresented this, please let me know in the frame of your policy proposal for what is to be used for money.

Karen: I’ll take my understanding and your response as final unless you have correction to the above paragraph…

Karen had no correction.

Here is the best brief video interview I’ve found with Karen, and this is the best interview I found; both to allow her to express her claims.

2. Karen Hudes’ lies, unprofessionalism, and threats: a case study

As stated in the requisite history above, Karen asserted that I am a “Vatican agent;” either a factual claim without substantiation or a juvenile insult. She later repeatedly claimed that I am a shill. If we consider these claims as factual, both are that I’m a paid minion to .01% criminals. Neither claim has evidence. Therefore, both claims are lies. A statement of fact without evidence is a lie.

If we view Karen’s claims as a simple insult, then we establish an obvious unprofessional practice: refusing to address the message and focus on the messenger. As stated in the requisite history, as soon as Karen commented and e-mailed asking:

…public acknowledgement of our correspondence and your attempt to deal with some of the issues I have raised I am going to call you out as a Network of Global Corporate Control disinformation agent.

I immediately sent her my best single professional paper to explain and document my work for her clarity on the facts I assert. I asked for her best paper, and read it. I also looked further to best understand her work. Again, to date, Karen fails to state anything about actually doing her homework to read one paper to understand my work. For Karen to insult me without fairly representing my work is, of course, ridiculously unprofessional.

In fact, when professionals consider each other’s work, to insult someone without consideration of their work is a signal to remove that person from the discussion. Please imagine in your field of work if someone began insulting someone without knowing their work, and how professionals would respond to such lack of ethics.

Karen states I’m a candidate for arrest. With years of my professional documentation that US wars are not close to legal, and should be ended in arrests as the lawful tool to stop an obvious crime, Karen states in a comment:

Herman’s calls for arrests? Maybe he wants to be the first arrested.

Say what?!? For a lawyer to even hint another person is subject to arrest is serious business. Combined that I am a criminal suspect linked to my academic profession, according to Karen, borders on libel. Me:

And to be clear: you claim to work for this big-picture solution, and I conclude that it’s possible you’re telling the truth (I can’t refute your claims). You claim an amnesty program for those who cooperate that I’ve publicly advocated for since 2009, and my position is for We the People to demand arrests as the obvious lawful tool to stop ongoing crimes that for one example, kill a million children a month from preventable poverty (since 1995 this total exceeds all war deaths in all recorded Earth history). I also point-out that the IMF and World Bank’s capture by psychopaths are the principal agencies responsible for Crimes Against Humanity with intentional policy and clear understanding of causing these deaths. Those of us educated are comfortable with the paradox: yes, the top agencies of evil might just be the ones to most inspire internal revolt and cause game-changing justice 🙂

… Finally, Karen Hudes, I promise you forever that I will always represent you to others that you prefer arresting those calling for ending crimes that kill a million children every month, harm billions, and loot trillions in order to somehow trust the World Bank and IMF to change course. I understand, Karen, that we have splits within all our important institutions as this time of choosing Earth’s freedom or being minions to .01% psychopaths. I understand that our real history is closer to your version (or mine) than in any history textbook. What I don’t understand is your insistence to attack the most powerful allies working to reveal the .01%’s crimes, and to apply scholarship and policy experience to document pathways forward in good-faith effort. For the record, here is my best paper that documents my contribution, that Karen Hudes somehow concludes that I should be arrested for: http://www.washingtonsblog.com…

Here is my full response to Karen’s first claim that I’m a “Vatican agent”: http://www.washingtonsblog.com…

Ironically, Karen claims that “whistleblowers should be made whole” while employing the same tactics whereby whistleblowers are attacked. I notice this Karen, as do several other colleagues who’ve been in communication with me who are among Earth’s heroes to do exactly what you advocate: reveal these crimes and propose good-faith solutions.

Karen is an attorney and I’m an educator. Prosecuting attorneys often remove educators from jury panels because we tend to be more forgiving than others. Guilty as charged for my attempt to empathize with any human’s tremendous pressures living on Earth in 2015. Karen might be using a self-expression to really test people, she might be damaged in some way to so viciously attack others, she might herself suffer from disinformation (unintentional or intentional) and blackmail, I have no idea. I can be sure that she’s been harmed as all of us have, one way or another. This said, counselor Hudes, game on: you’ve attacked my work, accuse me of working with evil (I assume “Vatican agent” and “shill” mean my minionship to the psychopaths), and now fucking hint that I should be arrested??? Are you thinking Guantanamo on terrorist charges, solitary confinement, rendition for open torture?

Wow. All this from a person with strong academic background who won’t read the one paper I gave her that best summarizes my work. Ok, whatever, do what you want, and we notice. I’ll take the position at the present that Karen has a personality defect to lash-out; obviously without presenting factual substantiation for her outlandish claims of my agency for darkness and without any mention of my professional paper that best documents my position. We all have personality defects. If Karen is representing what is really happening behind the scenes, and she might be, I empathize with the pressures she faces. It might also be true that only someone with a bitchy personality would move forward with the courage Karen shows.

I like the work I see from you, Karen; that is far more important to me than your spurious accusations you make against me that as you as an attorney fully recognize as no more than name-calling.

Karen also lies to play a victim. A person commented that Karen purchased her $1.1 million home for $79,000 in 2010, which public records shows. I asked Karen:

Karen, we began this dialogue with your challenge for my public response to your questions, or you would call me out “as a Network of Global Corporate Control disinformation agent.” I gave you a detailed explanation in this article: http://www.washingtonsblog.com…

Ok: I have a concern with you. Your husband and you live in a $1.1 million dollar home that you apparently purchased in 2010 for just $79,000 with your husband, that is coincidentally just 2 miles across the Potomac River from CIA headquarters. My concern is that somehow you received a substantial gift. How did that happen? You said you decline bribes, and I know this interesting sale might have another explanation.


It was a refinance. I purchased that home just after my first daughter was born in 1989. Accuse me of accepting bribes?


Thank you, Karen; I found that you were the buyer and seller.

Karen lies in her follow-up:

In his latest comment, Carl Herman blamed a third bystander for his earlier accusation that I work for the CIA and am corrupt.

I gave Karen opportunity for self-correction on all the above:

I asked a question regarding a reader’s comment that you purchased a home valued at $1.1 million for $79,000 in 2010. You answered, and I verified that public records indicate that your husband and you were both buyer and seller. I thanked you for the clarification. How is that an “accusation of corruption?” Please either validate this claim by quoting me, or withdraw it.

I assume you wish to maintain your position after several opportunities that you will not respond to my public paper that best explains and documents my actual collection of factual assertions and analyses (link again provided below), and find my article directly addressing you (link also below) insufficient for you to either substantiate or withdraw your claims that I have agency with evil (“Vatican agent” and “shill”); active employment as a minion.

I’ll further assume that you’re comfortable hinting for my arrest, even from your position that such “hints” often preclude .01% assassinations, employment terminations, and other significant damages.


Carl Herman tries to prevent me from all attempts to withdraw from this conversation, which is generating much more heat than light, with further obfuscations. I can see I am just going to have to hold my nose and ignore his further affronts, no matter how outrageous, to get out of this quagmire.

These accumulated lies on my professional academic work, an attorney stating that I’m subject to arrest, and then inverting facts to accuse me of making a damning statement border on criminal assault.

An obvious question: if my case study reveals how Karen rolls, how reliable is her broader testimony on the largest and most important monetary issues?

My conclusion: Interested readers can invest the time to read all the comments among Karen, interested readers, and me.

A related fact: I’ve worked with literal thousands of outstanding human beings working to wrestle fact from spin, and enact policies for good-faith upgrades for humanity. The universal human response when we encountered serious and competent partners for factual understanding of complex issues was/is gratitude. Isn’t it true for you, the reader, that when you meet someone serious in an area of interest that your response is appreciation?

Conversely, those of us educated recognize the response of disinformation agents to do exactly how Karen began her commentary:

Are you trying to create confusion and chaos?

Then, to resort to fear and herd the sheeple into .01% policy. Karen:

Permanent gold backwardation MEANS THAT WE ARE GOING TO ALL STARVE AND ALL TRADE WILL CEASE if Vatican Agents like you manage to confound everyone before we take care of the Global Currency Reset….You are a Vatican agent because you are trying to confuse people when we have limited time to get the job done. You are a Vatican agent because you are working with other Vatican agents like Ellen Brown, all busy in the monetary field where the Network of Global Corporate Control likes to try and maintain its control.

Again, please appreciate that Karen’s response is without any response to my professional work offered her. She argues from ignorance and a straw man representation of my work. In addition, this insistence that without her one solution based on one factor of one commodity within a rigged-casino market would result in all of us starving and all trading ending is an epitome of .01% fear-mongering.

Make your own conclusion. My full conclusion is here, with this article’s amendments that Karen’s lies, unprofessionalism, and stating that I’m somehow a candidate for arrest while playing the victim has me no longer trust anything she says.

Although I bet Karen takes the polar opposite response, these are my terms to forgive her:

  1. Either present evidence I’m a “Vatican agent” and “shill,” or withdraw the claim with an apology.
  2. Apologize for extensive criticism of my work while ignoring the one paper I provided best documenting my work.
  3. Either present evidence I’ve committed a crime subject for arrest, or withdraw your statement suggesting I’m subject for arrest with apology.
  4. Either present my text that I somehow accused you of working for the CIA and are corrupt, or withdraw your statement with apology.

Again, my immediate response of what the public should do is expressed best in just 90 seconds: former US Marine Ken O’Keefe powerfully states the “very obvious solutions” to US/UK/Israel unlawful Wars of Aggression to arrest the obvious criminal leaders (video starts at 20:51, then finishes this episode of Cross Talk):


Note: I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History, with all economics factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences. I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.


Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History; also credentialed in Mathematics. He worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at Carl_Herman@post.harvard.edu

Note: Examiner.com has blocked public access to my articles on their site (and from other whistleblowers), so some links in my previous work are blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to http://archive.org/web/, paste the expired link into the box, click “Browse history,” then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive. I’ll update as “hobby time” allows; including my earliest work from 2009 to 2011 (blocked author pages: here, here).


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  • cettel

    Carl, I love your gutsiness, combined with your intelligence. It’s a rare combination.

    • Carl_Herman

      Thanks, Eric. I think I’ve fairly represented this situation.

  • I didn’t realize WashBlog had turned into a soap opera. Thanks for the amusement.

    • Carl_Herman

      Our world is a tragic-comedy space opera, quibuslicet; we’re just reporting on what we see of greatest interest for public scrutiny. The topic of who controls what we use for money is one of the longest-running soap operas in history. This particular show, I assert, is about the topic literally most valuable for We the People to understand.

      • Your humouring a troll. Possibly one who is certifiably insane.

        • Carl_Herman

          It’s time to receive her official argument for only gold as money. I really don’t know if she’s a troll or not. There might be a combination of the .01% using her to win the gold game for money in what they hope is “round 2” once they lose “round 1” to be discovered as psychopathic criminals.

    • wwobb.org

      Do you have children quibuslicet? Because if you do and if you really knew what was going on, you wouldn’t find this so amusing.
      I just watched a video of presentation by Catherine Austin Fitts on the financial coup de’tat, and was completely floored at the scope and depth of the missing money and this issue…: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0mimIp8mr8
      They are literally stealing it from everywhere. They have rendered governments powerless and almost pointless, and any political, financial, wall street, so called economic expert, or media analyst, who is not talking about the issue that Mr Herman and others are addressing here, IS WASTING THEIR BREATH! This is absolutely and unequivocally the most important issue in the World today… Period! And you cannot solve a problem if you pretend it doesn’t exist. Do people think its going to solve itself?
      So quibuslicet, if you are not are not offering something constructive towards solutions, then your words are pointless too. So go crawl back under your desk, or help.

      • Certainly those are serious issues. So why waste time being insulted by Hudes and subject your audience to a mudslinging party of 1000 messages of idiocy? This is not the WashBlog I knew and loved. I commented here because frankly the article where the original back-and-forth occurred is too pathetic to even comment on. And when I read some of it, yes, I laughed out loud out of disbelief. And frankly felt dirty for being subjected to it in the first place.

        • wwobb.org

          No one really knows for sure if she is lying, because no one has presented any absolute irrefutable facts yet. What if she’s telling the truth? So I imagine it was an exercise in trying to expose the truth.
          If you have “facts” to present, that would be constructive. Disrespecting the blog is not. This is pretty dirty business, so go take a shower and come back.

          • I’d say it’s the guest author who is doing the disrespecting. The founder of this blog would never engage in such hysterics with a hysterical woman calling him a shill and a vatican agent and spouting (and linking) ooga-booga lizard-man Icke theories. He’d tell her to fuck off and be done with it.

          • Carl_Herman

            The owner of this blog is far too polite to tell Karen to “fuck off” 🙂

            quibuslicet: if you have any evidence of my “hysterics,” please present them. I think I did my work to elicit her policy positions and now challenge her debate to defend those with evidence. This is a huge tens-of-trillions per year topic, so unless this is of no interest to you, I think you’d better pay attention.

            I factually assert that you have no other topic more valuable for your attention.

          • LMFAO I factually assert that from now on that my RSS feed will point to posts written by Washington’s Blog himself and no one else. Adieu.

          • Carl_Herman

            No evidence? That’s what I thought. No interest on what we use for money, whether only gold as Karen Hudes asserts or the literal rich history of obvious mechanical solutions such as Benjamin Franklin’s book how Pennsylvania operated its government without taxes? Strange you respond that topic is of no interest to you. Say “adieu” if you wish, and I ask: how is this topic of no interest to you?

          • wwobb.org

            Catherine Austin Fitts is not ooga-booga (Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing, Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration (Wikipedia))… she is on “the peoples” side, which likely includes you. And she is risking her life for all of us. Telling someone to “fuck off” solves nothing… and generally makes them defensive. So please… watch the video… is why it was put there, and come back and give an honest and intelligent opinion. That would help.
            And if Karen Hudes is being truthful with what she is trying to do, whether or not we, me, or any one agrees with her perspectives, she would be risking her life for all of us too. That means something, and is why it is important to try to discover what is true.

  • Charlie Primero

    Thank you Mr. Herman for this work. I don’t always agree with your analysis and proscriptions, but I very much appreciate your hard work on sorting out the truth on these issues.

    One job of Chaos Agents is simply to make sincere people waste precious time. Hudes has accomplished quite a lot of that in the last three years. It’s time to relegate her to the Sorcha Faal kiddie sandbox where she belongs.

  • Carl_Herman

    I alerted Karen Hudes to this article upon posting. Her response: “HOLDING MY NOSE”

    My challenge to her for public debate:

    You do that, Karen. But tell you what, I challenge you to this and will hold you publicly accountable:

    Please explain the process you see to your claim of gold backwardation and your capitalized consequences, and the future importance of using gold as money:

    “Permanent gold backwardation MEANS THAT WE ARE GOING TO ALL STARVE AND ALL TRADE WILL CEASE if Vatican Agents like you manage to confound everyone before we take care of the Global Currency Reset….You are a Vatican agent because you are trying to confuse people when we have limited time to get the job done. You are a Vatican agent because you are working with other Vatican agents like Ellen Brown, all busy in the monetary field where the Network of Global Corporate Control likes to try and maintain its control.”

    Here’s why I see this as a central point for professional and public scrutiny:

    The history of Earth (known and recorded within those limitations) has been manipulated for people to serve as debt-slave work animals to the .01% monsters through banksters creating what we use for money as debt owed to them. This scam only worked with related control of political, media, and academic “leaders” in an Emperor’s New Clothes tragic-comedy play.

    Those of us working for reforms who are willing and able to debate you right now to factually assert a literal rich history of solutions using debt-free money for direct payment of public goods and services, and public banking for at-cost and in-house credit. If, and you are so correct that this is the key to avoid capture by the .01% monsters, this is done in total transparency and for full professional and public consideration as tools of positive and negative numbers to regulate value/supply of money (imagine this as a real-world ongoing economics course topic rather than most of the bullshit models), professionals can engage in the first time in history with good-faith work in the public issue of money.

    Of course, this can only occur with arrests to stop ongoing lies in corporate media in elegant power of the conclusion of the Emperor’s New Clothes analogy: laughter, relief, and the beginning of honest solutions.

    So, I challenge you for an answer, Karen. If you’ve done your homework to back your claim, you likely have work already established with this answer. I’m cc-ing my fellow “Vatican agent,” Ellen Brown (as you call us) because I’m concerned that you’re a front-person to herd the sheeple into a gold monetary system once either the current system collapses, or We the People win with disclosure of the .01% control system. Again, for the nth time, I assert the actors in our Earth opera are working with severe limitations of what we’re able to clearly see, and absolutely apologize in advance if you’re working in good-faith effort and dancing with the same challenges of disinformation we are!

    This is an ongoing topic worth trillions, as you know, so it’s vital that the public have your best argument for gold as money. I’m going forward with my challenge. The ball’s in your court.

    Finally, in hope you’ll empathize with my response to you, Karen: you publicly claimed I’m in the agency of evil, hinted for my fucking arrest in an Earth history where assassinations happen upon such hints, and refuse the professional respect you fully understand to address my actual work. To contrast what you did with an acceptable response, I imagine you could have said something like:

    “Carl, I read your conference paper. Nice work to document the garden-variety crimes in war, money, and media. I have bigger fish to fry. Would you be so kind to alert your readers to my work? I looked you up with any mention of me. I see you reported in 2013 on an interview I did; thanks for that. Can you interview me for a full explanation of what I see, or repost my best shot with video???”

    With all respect and intentions for your most virtuous response as best you can imagine,


    • Carl_Herman

      Karen declined to offer documentation of her views or to debate on monetary economics. My final response to her, just e-mailed to her:

      Ok, silence it is from you to do exactly what you say is most important: work for the ethical future of monetary economics in a forum of educated opinion leaders by simply documenting your policy proposal!

      You initiated conversation with me, Karen, with a challenge that I publicly address your work. I have done so, and are you sure you wish to offer no documentation of your position, at least, and to do what those of us passionate and confident in our policies do: accept an invitation for debate?

      I offer you opportunity for decency; printed in my last article:

      Although I bet Karen takes the polar opposite response, these are my terms to forgive her:

      Either present evidence I’m a “Vatican agent” and “shill,” or withdraw the claim with an apology.

      Apologize for extensive criticism of my work while ignoring the one paper I provided best documenting my work.

      Either present evidence I’ve committed a crime subject for arrest, or withdraw a comment suggesting I’m subject for arrest with apology.

      Either present my text that I somehow accused you of working for the CIA and are corrupt, or withdraw your statement that I said that with apology.


    • Nigger

      Gold is the world economy.. A note or detb is a iou.. Have u gone to 6th grade… Yeah me niether why u think a loaf bread is 2.00$… Cause obama smoked one to many rocks?? Dosnt the vatican hold the bulk of it in the popes flat do he can get naked and bath ?…. ???

    • Nigger

      Arrest america , everyones guilty of something… Phycopaths are weeding out fat lazy people… Proof of all america crime is in the lies of the person … As america stand strong based on lies and freedom… This is makin me wanna pee….. Take the example to kate take away what she took and hidden give it to the c-link and hill-brothersfuck it makes me sick of her plubicity..

      • Nigger

        Dealing with a lier on open air world policy.. Theres no world policy a agent could use… As forth she wants what and wanted plubicity to bring a agent falsity of denial by the vatican..walk away and agaency isnt termed more cover ups and imbarresment from church leaders

  • Jerry Allen Test

    I smelled a RAT in Karen long, long ago! A lawyer whistle blower for the IMF… yea right.. and she’s still alive! Think about it!

  • joe

    what a time sink.

    • Carl_Herman

      What do you mean, joe?

      • joe

        It seems like you’ve spent a lot of time addressing her, without much of a payoff in terms of new understanding of what you were researching in the first place. I suspect you could spend a lot more time on her with similar results. I just wouldn’t want you to waste your time on someone who you probably won’t be able to openly engage with anyway.

        • Carl_Herman

          Thanks, Joe. I wanted to nail-down her positions on using gold for money, and either explain how my primary paper somehow reveals I’m a “Vatican agent” and shill. This step allows me to see that what’s needed is to have her fully defend her gold policy proposal. She declined to provide any work from anyone to defend that policy, despite claiming this and global law are ALL THAT SHE CARES ABOUT.

          So, because Karen is a strong public voice I feel it’s important now to reveal that her gold policy is without any evidence she’s willing to provide, and that she was willing to attack me for perhaps 5 hours of her time, but now claims no time to defend her policy either with a simple article or to debate me on this topic.

          • Nigger

            Shes a lier bold face but to those of her choosing that benifits her crime..she cant make shit up at debation shed probly get sick.phone call. Frustrsted and b 5 min.. Take away from her funds for advice and same belife self self rightious agents… Lucky u got the only truth she actualy didnt break agent code she could prove

          • Nigger

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  • diogenes

    Carl, I think it’s important to try — yes, sometimes it’s impossible — not to let characters like Karen Hudes get under your skin and distract you — and all of us — into shouting matches. That’s exactly what she wants — it’s her fundamental strategy. She doesn’t care about the truth, professional standards and decency do not matter to her in the slightest. What she aims to do is cause a big stink, turn discussion into a shouting match, thoughtful discourse into fire and smoke. She wants to cause an uproar that prevents thought and that deters and repels people from listening or thinking. And she wants to raise your — our — blood pressure to the point where we respond in kind, and shout back.

    I am personally very well aware that it is much harder to walk this walk than to talk it. But I think it’s very important to understand when what we are confronting is not a discussion but a diversionary operation — a rhetorical false flag.

    You, Mr. Herman, on the other hand, are excellent. Try to stay calm and focused and try to ignore the mosquitos.

    • Carl_Herman

      Thanks, diogenes. Karen Hudes is a huge deal among reformers, and has a lot of press coverage. It’s important now for me to challenge her to a debate on the info I have in the below comment. If she’s using the weapon of bluster to push gold currency on us, it’s time for her to defend that position and be exposed as having only bluster. If she has substance, it’s time that also be public (although I haven’t found any substantial defense in my search of her work, or even anyone else’s she supports).

      She asked for a public conversation. She’s got my full attention to have on with me.

      • diogenes

        An ostensible “American” in politics who wants to have people she disagrees with arrested? Since she has called you a “Vatican agent” are we permitted to inquire whether she works for Mossad or the Gestapo? Ah, but then she could call us “anti-semites” and move on to that shit-flinging contest. Anything to confuse issues!

        By the way, Brooks Adams published a 50 page pamphlet in the 1890s which DEMOLISHES the idea that a “gold standard” every actually operated or could operate to the advantage of anyone but holders of gold. ALL economists understand this today, and have for over 100 years. Anyone arguing for a gold currency is either trading in gold or delusional. Plainly Hudes is delusional, but, is she also trading in gold?

        “Vatican agent” is really hilarious — especially coming from the likes of Hudes. You should get a button to wear, or a badge, Carl, just to get it out in the open. Do you have a private line to the Pope?

        • Carl_Herman

          Well stated, diogenes; thank you.

          Karen declined a debate. Said she “doesn’t have time.” I offered to just show any link, any article, from her or anyone defending her position. Her response: silence.

          She had plenty of time to attack; no time to defend her claims!

          • diogenes

            Argument is a waste of time. It is self defeating. Discussion is different, mutual counsel is the core of civics and the fabric of the public life of a free people. Discussion and argument are mutually exclusive. You can’t have a discussion with someone looking for an argument, who is too focused on forwarding his own view to hear another, let alone think in terms of a common interest. Partisan politics is about argument. Its model is combat. It is, by definition, against the common interest, “the general welfare.” We have to stop behaving politically and start behaving civically, acting as citizens using the tools our constitution gives us outside of politics, going around politics, parties, and anything that requires money. Discussion doesn’t require money, and it can only happen in small groups, to maintain that “common vision” as something vital — about a dozen tops. Networking. Committees of correspondence by precincts … And so on. It’s possible. It takes smart systems design and smart methods and compelling objectives, and people having discussions and following up. If one in 20 adults volunteers four hours a month in common electoral action intelligently directed, how many hours a month is that among 300 million Americans. You can’t buy that. They say over two thirds of us backed single payer health insurance when congress sold another lien on our lives to Wall St. A dozen specific objectives like that would make the core of a strong network of interests.

          • Carl_Herman

            Again, well stated 🙂

            Perhaps after we win what you describe will evolve.

          • diogenes

            Re-read, Carl. I’m describing HOW to win. That’s what we need to figure out. Because the methods American progressives have been diverted into employing since the 1930s ARE COUNTER PRODUCTIVE, as history shows. Productive, succesful methods, are to be found in the history of American progressive civic action from 1890-1915. The way they are defeated was put into place in the 1920s. Until we learn better from THIS history we will continue to repeat it.

  • Michael Daush

    Carl, don’t sweat the haters.
    You have refuted her false claims fairly and firmly.
    Now please continue to help all of us by your sterling research and writing.
    Merry Christmas, Mike

    • Carl_Herman

      Thanks, Bro. I just need to publish that Karen refuses to provide any evidence to back her policy position of only gold for currency, refuses to debate (but has perhaps 5 hours of time to attack me, someone who should be an obvious ally), and that perhaps what sparked her being used as an apparent attack dog was my pointing-out what I see as the next .01% move: a flurry of false-flags to attempt marshall law: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/12/01-endgame-plan-create-isis-export-isis-refugees-horrific-false-flag-terror-attacks-martial-law-fema-camps-truthers.html

      • Michael Daush

        Agreed Carl, push back to illicit or demigog elitists is always warranted. Just looking out for you…..we can tell who the good guys are!

        • Carl_Herman

          Thanks, Michael 🙂

          The name of our game is to clearly discern real proposals from, yes, haters who use every means to distract from the data of what we offer as policy consideration. The “good” ones do good-faith effort to provide objective data, invite free speech to interpret the data (as well as refute parts and add others), and invite any policy position.

          This is academic professionalism and democracy in action.

          Karen might change her mind to join us. She’s definitely an insider who can help.

  • Nigger

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