Happy New Year!

May 2016 bring prosperity and joy – or at least stability and safety – for you and yours.

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  • jadan

    Same to ya, counselor! Let’s have a vivifying and productive catastrophe!

  • Happy New Year from the International Space Station

    Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly of NASA, Flight Engineer Tim Kopra of NASA and Flight Engineer Tim Peake of the European Space Agency wished the people of Earth a Happy New Year. Kelly is nearing the completion of the ninth month of a year-long mission on the orbital laboratory, while Kopra and Peake arrived Dec. 15 to begin a six-month mission on the complex.


  • This is Dubai bringing in the New Year with Fireworks, and a great fire!

    Dec 31, 2015 Dubai Fire in Address Downtown Hotel on New Year 2015 – 2016

    Fire in Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai on New Year 2016


    • jo6pac

      Funny the building didn’t fall down isn’t it.

      • “Simply because never in the history of the world has fire ever brought down a steel building, never!”

        May 25, 2014 FDNY 9/11 Survivor Witness and Whistleblower Speaks on WTC 7

        Listen very carefully starting at the ’50’ second mark!

        As a firefighter on 9/11, he was at Ground Zero and was there when Building 7 came down. In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, he relives his experience that day, recounting how he believes the buildings in New York were brought down in controlled demolitions.


  • JerseyCynic

    Thank you for all the superb posts here at Washington’s Blog

    • jo6pac

      I second that.

    • Fool me once twice shame on you. Fool me twice thrice, shame on me!

  • Bev

    Thank you for your topics and site. Thank you for your discussions with me and others. May good will prevail.

  • Jan 1, 2016 Random, Pointless 2015 Outtakes

    Why? Because we live in the matrix.


  • Dec 31, 2015 Top 5 Censored News Stories From 2015

    Top 5 most censored news stories from 2015. These are the stories that you did not hear on the main stream media but have a huge and profound affect on your life.