Fukushima Radiation Increasing In North American Waters … Detected Along a Stretch of More Than 1,000 Miles

Painting by Jonathan Raddatz

Ken Buesseler – head scientist at Woods Hole in Massachusetts,  one of the world’s top ocean science institutions – has been measuring Fukushima radiation off of the coasts of Japan and North America.

Because governments ditched their radiation testing programs after the Fukushima nuclear accident, Buesseler has to crowdfund his monitoring efforts.

Woods Hole announced last week:

Scientists monitoring the spread of radiation in the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear accident report finding an increased number of sites off the US West Coast showing signs of contamination from Fukushima. This includes the highest detected level to date from a sample collected about 1,600 miles west of San Francisco. [Fukushima is a little more than 5,000 miles from San Francisco. So this bit of radiation has already made it some 68% of the way from Fukushima to the West Coast of California] The level of radioactive cesium isotopes in the sample, 11 Becquerel’s per cubic meter of seawater (about 264 gallons), is 50 percent higher than other samples collected along the West Coast so far, but is still more than 500 times lower than US government safety limits for drinking water, and well below limits of concern for direct exposure while swimming, boating, or other recreational activities. [However, the government raised allowable radiation levels after Fukushima … “moving the goalposts” on what is safe.  A well-developed body of science actually says that no amount of radiation exposure is safe.]


Through a citizen science sampling effort, Our Radioactive Ocean, that [Buesseler] launched in 2014, as well as research funded by the National Science Foundation, Buesseler and his colleagues are using sophisticated sensors to look for minute levels of ocean-borne radioactivity from Fukushima. In 2015, they have added more than 110 new samples in the Pacific to the more than 135 previously collected and posted on the Our Radioactive Ocean web site.


The recent findings reported by Buesseler agree with those reported by scientists who are part of the group Kelp Watch and by the team of Canadian scientists working under the InFORM umbrella. While Buesseler’s work focuses on ocean chemistry and does not involve sampling of biological organisms, the InFORM scientists have done sampling of fish and have not seen any Fukushima cesium in fish collected in British Columbia.

Reuters points out:

Radiation from Japan nuclear disaster spreads off U.S. shores… and contamination is increasing at previously identified sites… Tests of hundreds of samples of Pacific Ocean water confirmed that Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to leak… The latest readings measured the highest radiation levels outside Japanese waters to date some 1,600 miles (2,574 km) west of San Francisco. The figures also confirm that the spread of radiation to North American waters is not isolated to a handful of locations, but can be detected along a stretch of more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) offshore.

Indeed, the West Coast of North American could be slammed by Fukushima radiation in the near future.

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  • jadan

    The mass death of Pacific Ocean life suggests that Fukushima radiation is the proximate cause. Elevated water pH of 7.8 and some warming does not account for the destruction of sardines & krill. Starvation of the sea mammals follows. The eco-immune system is damaged and evil bugs proliferate so that you can’t eat the crabs, star fish turn to goo. Thanks for keeping up with this issue GW. It is ignored and the government betrays the purpose for its existence when it does not monitor for radiation.

    • diogenes

      The American government betrays the right & proper purpose of its existence — see the Preamble of the Constitution — EVERY TIME IT MOVES. Time to dump these hireling puppet nazis.

    • whole2th

      3/11 is Japan’s 9/11 … and the proximate cause of the “false flags designed to blame mother nature” is explored here: http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima1.html

  • diogenes

    THANK YOU WASHINGTONSBLOG for reporting on this crucial subject — especially because NO ONE ELSE IS. Please continue to do so.

    Germany, whose government evidently consults the interests of German citizens, at least in some respects, has committed to a total shift to renewable energy. America, which is controlled by the likes of General Electric, which makes nuclear reactors, gags its press. Who is the nazi?

    • Compound F

      Diogenes has found an honest man. May your lamplight remain strong.

  • Here is what I had found in June of 2015.

    June 22nd, 2015 TV: Emergency survey underway along West Coast, marine life being affected “in ways never seen before”

    CBS: “Unusual increase in dolphin, sea lion, and seabird deaths” — Thought to be largest toxic bloom “anywhere, ever” — Worry that impacts on fish to last several years (VIDEO)


    Jun 5, 2015 California’s Sea Lion Die-Off

    Thousands of sick sea lion pups are washing up ashore and dying along the California coast, with over 3,100 pups reportedly becoming stranded in 2015 so far — an amount greater than the reported strandings from 2004 to 2012 combined.


    • jadan

      This distresses me more than the plight of Syrian refugees because these innocent creatures can do nothing to save their own lives.

    • diogenes

      “the largest toxic bloom” sounds like a cover-story, which is exactly what is to be expected from the likes of CBS — Corporate Bull Shit.

  • JerseyCynic

    wonder how this one’s going to play out – the plant is up for it’s 20-year license renewal


    May, 2015
    “Gov. Andrew Cuomo held two press conferences with the Buchanan facility as a backdrop, reiterating his longtime stand that the plant should be closed and promising an investigation”



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  • Gerold

    It’s far worse than reported. The Pacific Ocean is dying.

  • diogenes