CISA: “Just Another Example Of Corruption”

Last week, Congress passed CISA by hiding it in the middle of a sure-to-pass spending bill, and Obama signed it into law … even though the Department of Homeland Security had previously said that the bill will HURT national security and destroy privacy (numerous experts agreed).

And – just like with previous spying laws – the government has a secret interpretation of CISA which will make it even worse.

So why was the bill passed?

As the American public is starting to learn  – and politicians from both side of the aisle admitcorruption has thoroughly destroyed America.

The highest-level NSA whistleblower in history – William Binney – the high-level NSA executive who created the agency’s mass surveillance program for digital information, 36-year NSA veteran widely regarded as a “legend” within the agency, who served as the senior technical director within the agency, and managed thousands of NSA employees –  explains that corruption is what’s motivating mass surveillance against the American people … and it’s what’s making us vulnerable to terrorism.

Washington’s Blog asked Binney what he thought of CISA, and he said:

This is just another example of the White House, leadership (if you want to call it that) in Congress, the intelligence committees, and the intelligence agencies manipulating the system to get what they want (more money and more knowledge to control).

Clearly, CISA would not stand on it’s own; so, they had to sneak it through buried inside a massive funding bill at the end of the year.

Again, we see just another example of corruption in our government in Washington DC. They don’t have the courage or backbone to stand for what they want out in the open where there can be an honest debate like we are suppose to have in a democracy.

The established political parties should not be confused as to why citizens are sick of them. Our only solution is to fire them all in the next election and try to get honest citizens in these jobs.

Binney points out:

It would be good if most people in DC read the [articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon].  Nixon did only a miniscule amount of what the last two presidents and their co-conspirators have done and continue to do.

He’s right

And it’s not just the politicos … Binney says we also have to fire the bums running the intelligence agencies. And see this.

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  • Carl_Herman

    Yup, thanks, GW. This is how our “leaders” roll: Orwellian opposite of their Constitutional limits, and in complete violation of their Oaths of service.

    They only go in one direction; the gap between what “We the People” are lawfully promised and what the .01% do will only widen. We approach a final showdown. The winner will be whoever the 99.99% support.

    Game on.

    • Don Robertson

      Game on… yeah, right, Carl. Game on.

      For every rabble-roused loser you’ll coax into the street to riot after the rigged election results are announced, there’ll fifty riot-trained police ready to bash in the skulls of those who don’t run fast enough and disappear into the shadows.

      You and Ellen Brown be sure and wear your sneakers and some pedestrian expression on your faces for after the massacre subsides into a clean-up operation looking for the trouble makers with the pamphlets and the altruist-idiot-driven blogs.

      If you really want to change things, you’ve got to start talking in a language the police understand. They’re clearly ready to murder some people. What you need to do is to get them focused on murdering the right people, the progressive slime-balls who talk endlessly like they have a solution, where a solution has been impossible for ten thousand years.

      Then we can get on with the change that is needed, a change that will resurrect feudalism and destroy forever the moronic idea that humanity can vote itself a better future. 99% of the population was born to be slaves, one way or another.dangerously

      That dangerously delusional democracy idea came blown out of some asshole with a mug that looks a lot like yours, Carl. God bless the American elite, who are the only ones who will be heralded as responsible for keeping some other group of assholes somewhere else in the world from claiming the mantle of superpower, reserve currency, empires.

      Someone from the American elite will again be properly popularly elected. And the 99% will again be given their cheesecake and pot. Marijuana cures everything. Just ask any fucking pothead, Carl.

      Great post, btw.

      • MCB

        How can we “speak” to the police Don when they’re not only illiterate, but deaf, dumb and blind too?

        • Don Robertson

          First of all, MCB, the Constitution was designed to get the leaders in individual states to sign onto the syndicate of the whole, a syndicate from which from which there has thus far proven no escape. The high-minded machinations of lofty Eighteenth Century men couldn’t anticipate your putrid Constitution-citing ilk.

          Slandering law enforcement is like every other slander. Its effects spread like a drop of oil on water. And for whimpering, whining America haters like you and Carl, the ubiquitous effects of all this slanderous oil floating on the top of water, water being like your perverse consciousnesses, is the commonality of the infantile logic constructs of hack alternative media writers like Carl, and ill-informed comment posters like yourself. Twaddle and ignorance are the product of bad a education and the inattention of your parentage.

          You all bathe in the idiocy so commonly expressed here. and the bath water you all share, has run fetid and putrid.

          Where, George Washington’s Blog, is the article about the rising menace of Chinese manufactured weaponry that is saturating the world’s disaffected boneheads who would topple order in the world in favor of encroachment, rapine, war, anarchy and exponentially increasing despotism all in an effort by the Chinese (and others) to eek a living out on this planet’s increasingly polluted and overpopulated surface for the unfed and unwashed seething masses of ravenous upstarts by cultivating a mercurial military business with all the ill-bred upstart fanatics of the world?

          The America haters are all cheering this development. Hooray for anarchy! Hooray for the militancy of the uncivil hordes everywhere that want a never-ending, unrequited reward for their desire for what nothing less than what they have not! They are marching into Europe right now, seeking entitlement. And they are being flown into the U.S. on the promise of entitlements. It is treason.

          And where is the article about the need to present an undivided front against this rising cultural menace?

          There is no such article. The despicable and vile alternative media America haters cite the Constitution, feign patriotism and proclaim a God-given right to buy, sell and traffic illegal drugs which they claim is the source of their great knowledge and enlightenment. LoL

          Real Americans recognize the shit-sucking idiocy that goes on here for what it is, an aberrant clique of morons wasting their lives away puffing themselves up while the world passes them by. They all think they will vote a better future.

          Work for a better future? Don’t make me laugh!

    • MCB

      Exactly Carl. The Constitution was designed to restrain the powers of government, not do the opposite which is to expand government powers while placing ever increasing limits on liberty.

      “All government is of course against liberty.” – H. L. Mencken

  • Trinley

    It’s interesting to read that they “snuck” in CISA. No, they didn’t do this without our knowledge. The Senate passed this back in October… they were just waiting for the right bill to stick it to us. Honestly, WE knew about this for weeks now, and yet, what were we going to really do about it? None of US has any say any more. Congress, for years now, has consistently had the lowest approval rating in our history. Why do we continue to act so surprised? I’m disgusted by this nation, the people, our government. We go around the world shoving our “democracy” down the throats of others, and yet, we don’t even have a democracy of our own any longer.