California Terror Attack PROVES Mass Spying Doesn’t Keep Us Safe

Top security experts agree that mass surveillance is ineffective … and actually makes us MORE vulnerable to terrorism.

For example, the former head of the NSA’s global intelligence gathering operations – Bill Binney – explained to Washington’s Blog that the mass surveillance INTERFERES with the government’s ability to catch bad guys, and that the government failed to stop 9/11, the Boston Bombing, the Texas shootings and other terror attacks is because it was overwhelmed with data from mass surveillance on Americans.

Binney told Washington’s Blog:

A good deal of the failure is, in my opinion, due to bulk data. So, I am calling all these attacks a result of “Data bulk failure.” Too much data and too many people for the 10-20 thousand analysts to follow. Simple as that. Especially when they make word match pulls (like Google) and get dumps of data selected from close to 4 billion people.

This is the same problem NSA had before 9/11. They had data that could have prevented 9/11 but did not know they had it in their data bases. This back then when the bulk collection was not going on. Now the problem is orders of magnitude greater. Result, it’s harder to succeed.

Expect more of the same from our deluded government that thinks more data improves possibilities of success. All this bulk data collection and storage does give law enforcement a great capability to retroactively analyze anyone they want. But, of course,that data cannot be used in court since it was not acquired with a warrant.

Binney also told us:

I always like to point to the obvious. Look at what is happening in France and Belgium after the attack in Paris. They are going after targeted individuals, who they knew were related to the killers before the attack. And, it’s working!!! So, this is what I have been saying they should do all along.

Do a targeted selection of data from the communications based on known people and their attributes and you can succeed (as now in France and Belgium) instead of the bulk collection on everyone which buries them in data and they fail. After the attack and people die, they do the right thing. This should make it obvious what route to take.

The same is true in California …

CNN reports:

Syed Rizwan Farook — who along with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, carried out the  San Bernardino shooting massacre — apparently was radicalized and in touch with people being investigated by the FBI for international terrorism, law enforcement officials said Thursday.

Huffington Post notes:

David Bowdich, assistant regional director of the FBI, said Thursday that the couple had made trips to Pakistan and that Malik was in the U.S. on a visa. Although authorities have not yet singled out a motive, a U.S. intelligence official told the Associated Press that Farook had been in touch with extremists on social media accounts, and that the FBI had been monitoring the situation.

If the intelligence and law enforcement agencies had focused their resources on tracking known bad guys – and those they associate with – we could have stopped all of these terror attacks. By instead spying on all Americans, they are spaced out, with no focus on the bad guys … and so terror attacks will keep on happening on their watch.

After the Paris terror attack, the New York Times correctly pointed out in a scathing editorial that mass surveillance won’t help to prevent terrorism:

As one French counterterrorism expert and former defense official said, this shows that “our intelligence is actually pretty good, but our ability to act on it is limited by the sheer numbers.” In other words, the problem in this case was not a lack of data, but a failure to act on information authorities already had.

In fact, indiscriminate bulk data sweeps have not been useful. In the more than two years since the N.S.A.’s data collection programs became known to the public, the intelligence community has failed to show that the phone program has thwarted a terrorist attack. Yet for years intelligence officials and members of Congress repeatedly misled the public by claiming that it was effective.

Binney and other high-level NSA whistleblowers noted last year:

On December 26, for example, The Wall Street Journal published a lengthy front-page article, quoting NSA’s former Senior Technical Director William Binney (undersigned) and former chief of NSA’s SIGINT Automation Research Center Edward Loomis (undersigned) warning that NSA is drowning in useless data lacking adequate privacy provisions, to the point where it cannot conduct effective terrorist-related surveillance and analysis.

A recently disclosed internal NSA briefing document corroborates the drowning, with the embarrassing admission, in bureaucratize, that NSA collection has been “outpacing” NSA’s ability to ingest, process, and store data – let alone analyze the take.

Indeed, the pro-spying NSA chief and NSA technicians admitted that the NSA was drowning in too much data 3 months BEFORE 9/11:

In an interview, Air Force Lt. Gen. Michael Hayden, the NSA’s director … suggested that access isn’t the problem. Rather, he said, the sheer volume and variety of today’s communications means “there’s simply too much out there, and it’s too hard to understand.”


“What we got was a blast of digital bits, like a fire hydrant spraying you in the face,” says one former NSA technician with knowledge of the project. “It was the classic needle-in-the-haystack pursuit, except here the haystack starts out huge and grows by the second,” the former technician says. NSA’s computers simply weren’t equipped to sort through so much data flying at them so fast.

And see this.

If more traditional anti-terror efforts had been used, these terror plots would have been stopped.

So why does the NSA collect so much information if it admits that it’s drowning in info?

Here are a few hints.

Postscript: Sadly, our government is not serious about stopping terrorism.

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  • Silverado

    California Terror Attack PROVES Psychopaths in Govt, Mass Spying & Gun Control Doesn’t Keep Us Safe

    Isn’t that what you meant??

  • hvaiallverden

    Its true, 99% is totally useless and shouldnt even Be there, the mayorety isnt The problem, whats ocuring is an selfinflicted idiocy, where even definitions of terrorist is been watered out and the inflow of infor becomes massive.
    This dont take an rocket science degree to find out.

    And secondly, no matter how you morph, twist, analyse it, sqiuce it, drive it thrue virtually all mathemathicaly probablistic complextey analysis computer programs,of this isnanly wast and influx of, complex info, you will never gett the result you want because the problems will be to great to handle anyway.
    Its NOT the variables that is The problem, the problem is Noice, witch hampers the math.

    And with parameters I mean the base, wars, and wars YOU inflict, creates enemys by it selfs, so all in all the equation becomes selfsutainable, aka an everlasting spiral of violence, since Peace is out of the math, its not in it.

    Stil, people are afraid of sharks, while more die of selfies.
    And your hospitals kills 230 000 and maims millions.
    And then the rest.

    Stop the wars, the rest comes by it self.


  • Pist-Off

    The latest mas shooting shows us all, that NSA, Homeland Security, the FBI, and local police, are not doing their jobs. Forget about gun control, this last shooting happened in a gun free zone. Yup all of the above mentioned are now at the scene, trying to cover their asses. I’m sure this is a great comfort to the wounded and relatives of those whom were killed. I foresee more gun sales to those whom are waking up and realize that they alone are responsible for their safety.

  • Dec 2, 2015 Have You Ever Wondered Why the Most Mass Shootings Ever Have Happened Under Obama?

    When compiling the data for mass shootings (where four or more people have died as per FBI definition of mass murder) under the last five presidents, clearly there’s a startling outlier under the Obama administration. Largest push for gun control in American history just so happens to coincide at a time when there are more mass shootings than ever before in American history. What are the odds?

    • Largest push for gun control in American history just so happens to coincide at a time when there are more mass shootings than ever before in American history.

      Isn’t it a logical course of action to suggest gun control after so many mass shootings?

      You know I’m not an apologist for Obama, IMO he is a war criminal.

      • February 28, 2014 FBI Preliminary 2013 Numbers Show Violent Crime Continues to Drop

        Taking another look at what gets coverage, firearms sales and public opinion. It has become almost an article of faith in the firearms industry that even reports from our federal government that show a continuing decline in crime will get little media attention. And so it was again with the release this month of the FBI’s preliminary Uniform Crime Statistics for the first half of 2013 that showed that murders fell by nearly 7 percent compared with the same period in 2012 while violent crime overall fell by 5.4 percent. Source: Dept. of Justice These crime reductions continue a 30-year trend as the Department of Justice reported last year, even while the public is largely unaware of this remarkable shift toward a safer society.

      • Why would government want your guns? Hitler had to be a fan of so called Gun control, and look at his outcome for starters.

        Jun 5, 2014 Gun Crimes Plummet Even as Gun Sales Rise across America

        A majority of Americans say they think gun crime has increased over the past 20 years, even though it has actually fallen dramatically, a recent Pew Research Center survey shows.

        Gun Quotations of the Founding Fathers, Who knows better what the Second Amendment means than the Founding Fathers? Here are some powerful gun quotations from the Founding Fathers themselves.

        “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined…” – George Washington, First Annual Address, to both House of Congress, January 8, 1790

        “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” – Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Constitution, Draft 1, 1776

        “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

        • George Evans

          and the US are against gun control…(??)..and look at the mess…worse than Hitler and the British ( both equally culpable ) combined…

      • Here is the history! Innocents Betrayed – The True Story of Gun Control

        Warning: Graphic Violence. This disturbing video clearly demonstrates the consequences of centralizing government power and disarming citizens. Genocide always follows, leaving millions of innocent victims dead.

      • “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” George Washington

        15 million plus women have decided to own a firearm, and I always thought the Political class was pro choice!

        • George Washington became a slave owner at the tender age of eleven.

          In 1789, Washington became the first president of the United States, a planter president who used and sanctioned black slavery. Washington needed slave labor to maintain his wealth, his lifestyle and his reputation. As he aged, Washington flirted with attempts to extricate himself from the murderous institution — “to get quit of Negroes,” as he famously wrote in 1778. But he never did.


          George Washington died on Dec. 14, 1799. At the time of his death, 318 enslaved people lived at Mount Vernon and fewer than half of them belonged to the former president. Washington’s will called for the emancipation of his slaves following the death of his wife. He completed in death what he had been unwilling to do while living, an act made easier because he had no biological children expecting an inheritance. Martha Washington lived until 1802 and upon her death all of her human property went to her inheritors. She emancipated none of her slaves.

          • Okay Democrat!

            The First Black Republicans

            Republicans Both Black and White sent these men to Congress!


            Democrats Lynching Killing Black & White ‘Radical Republicans’

            The Klu Klux Klan was founded as a Democrat proxy group. Many black Americans served in the U.S. Goverment in the 1800’s and beyond as part of the “Radical Republican” party. In 1912 the ‘Progressive’ Democrat, President Woodrow Wilson instituted racial segregation into the Federal Government. Many blacks were subsequently pushed out of the Federal Government.


            On the evening of March 21, 1915 President Woodrow Wilson attended a special screening at the White House of *THE BIRTH OF A NATION*, a film directed by D.W. Griffith and based on *THE CLANSMAN*, a novel written by Wilson’s good friend Thomas Dixon.


          • Strawman, I’ve never claimed to be a democrat — I’m strongly opposed to the US Duo-Poly.

            Yet how many times will you be replying to the same post?

          • You do not know your history as well as you believe, but I know government school’s taught you!

            Lesson 1! The Boston Massacre: America the Story of US and how The American Revolution began

            Shots fired by British soldiers in the streets of Boston in 1770 would spark the American Revolution.


            Crispus Attucks (1723-1770) Portrait of Crispus Attucks Remembered as the “First to Die in the American Revolution”


            Portion of trial documents in the case of the murder of Crispus Attucks.


          • George Washington and Slavery

            George Washington’s views on the subject of slavery shifted over the course of his life. As a young boy, Washington grew up in a society that reinforced the notion that slavery was both right and natural. His parents and neighbors owned slaves. By the time of Washington’s birth, slavery was an ingrained aspect of Virginia life for nearly a century and an indispensable part of the economic, social, legal, cultural, and political fabric of the colony.

            By the time George Washington took control of the Mount Vernon property in 1754, the population of Fairfax County was around 6,500 people, of whom a little more than 1,800 or about 28% were slaves of African origin. The proportion of slaves in the population as a whole rose throughout the century; by the end of the American Revolution, over 40% of the people living in Fairfax County were slaves.


      • August 2, 2014 The U.S. Holds the World Record of Killings of Innocent Civilians By Prof. John McMurtry and Kourosh Ziabari

        A world-renowned Canadian philosopher argues that the United States holds the world record of illegal killings of unarmed civilians and extrajudicial detention and torturing of prisoners who are detained without trial.

      • Here is some American history.

        Feb 24, 2013 [FULL VERSION] Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created to protect freed slaves

        • That’s over an hours worth of video, which is timely and expensive at my connection.

          in your own words?

          • The Klan and Fascist are Pro gun control, and how many have died by their collective ideologies through the centuries? Collectivism kills!

          • Guncontrol was historically about repressing black people, I don’t believe that is the case anymore.

            The massive numbers of these all too frequent shootings require a dramatic solution, arming up makes little sense.

            A significant reduction in the number and type of firearms ”out there” makes more sense than anything.

          • Just what I thought no answer, and then dancing off somewhere else!

          • It’s a perfectly good answer, you just don’t like the proposed solution to an ongoing gun problem.

  • TED2015 Trevor Aaronson on How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists

    There’s an organization responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and ISIS combined. The FBI. How? Why? In an eye-opening talk, investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson reveals a disturbing FBI practice that breeds terrorist plots by exploiting Muslim-Americans with mental health problems.

    • MrLiberty

      You have to keep the wheel in motion. The government learned very quickly when the Berlin Wall and the “Iron Curtain” fell that peace is not profitable, people left on their own actually want peace, people are expecting a “peace dividend” as previous war-free periods delivered, etc. Once they realized this they have never let that problem occur again. From a series of single boogeymen like OBL, Ghaddafi, Saddam, Assad to various group boogeymen like the “axis of evil”, Islamic terrorists, domestic terrorists, etc. Before the smoke has cleared from one “conflict” they are inciting the next. I am sure that the next false flag shooting is already well-planned and maybe has even been placed on the calendars of the crisis actors. After all, this is money and power we are talking about.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      Police provocation is a very old practise.

  • andrew1212

    Funny how DoD can oversee these computers systems to COLLECT EVERYTHING–
    yet can’t design a computer system that tracks the finances of the DoD (even after spending $15 billion on DoD computers since 2011).

  • Gina

    Sadly, our government is not serious about stopping terrorism.

    You’re REAL quick-witted! How can they have the slightest intent to ‘stop’ terrorism when they’re the ones doing it ?

  • cstahnke

    Most of the operations carried out by NSA are stupid, literally. In the National Security State, you are not allowed to think things through or make sense–it’s a peculiar world that few people understand. These are vast and I mean VAST bureaucracies that exist to exist–none of it has the slightest bit to do with protecting the public except by accident. And, frankly, it reflects the level of intelligence of the average American where most people are militantly ignorant–and not just Fox viewers either it involves all sides of the political spectrum.

  • studentlearn

    hey Washington’s Blog, I was interested to cite your article in an upcoming essay for my english class about domestic surveillance. My teacher wants us to provide author qualifications, so I was wondering what I can cite as your qualifications?? Thanks!

    • cluck

      excellent question, Timmy

    • That’s too bad, you will not find what you’re looking for on this site.

  • MrLiberty

    And let’s also not forget that criminals BY DEFINITION do NOT obey the laws put in place. Gun “control” will also NEVER work to achieve the supposed goals put forth by the government, but will certainly achieve goals such as disarmament, teaching compliance, teaching fear of government, providing easy excuses for the violation of other rights (as the war on drugs has provided – asset forfeiture, illegal stops, illegal searches, no-knock raids) etc.

    • George Evans

      yes,,but the criminals and terrorist weapons manage to stay submerged because there are just so many millions of weapons out there…

      the US are determined that there be NO nuclear states ..except for the ones that ” got away “…
      guns in the hands of citizens in such abundance are NO different….

      the over abundance of weapons is killing this country..( no pun intended )…

      • MrLiberty

        And you believe that the government is the right group to decide who should have what and how many weapons? The government that steals more in civil asset forfeiture each year than burglars, or the government that murders hundreds of people without due process in the middle east each week with drones and hellfire missiles? The govenrment that destroyed civilian infrastructure in Iraq then banned chlorine to disinfect their drinking water leading to the deaths of 1.5 million including 500,000 children? Or the ones who employ the police who are murdering unarmed people every week, kicking in doors because of plants, and stealing life savings because of the presence of too much cash? Or YOU are the right person to decide? Or should a list of people not created as a result of due process in a court of law be used to determine ineligibility? And once the government knows where all the guns are, what is to stop them from coming for all of them? ALL OF THEM – that’s what will stop them. And that IS the point.

        We have created the terrorists in the middle east with 100+ years of terrorism originating in the capitals of western europe and America. When we stop terrorizing them, the problem will slowly go away on its own.

        • George Evans

          I agree with everything you say…

          but if not the government..maybe the police or the judiciary..I think not…

          maybe the problem with the government AND the problem with the guns should both be tackled with some urgency…

          maybe we will finish up with a lawless situation worse than in the old wild west, eh…

        • Neither the mass spying program or the US public having many many guns will prevent another mass shooting.

          Something needs to be done, both need to be rolled back, if you like to see an significant reduction to these all to frequent shootings, consider giving up the guns and the second amendment that creates a civilian form of exceptionalism.

          Mass shootings have no due process whatsoever.

          The gun carrying crowd claims to be exceptional since the second amendment alloys them to carry and use firearms for self defense against a foe, real or imagined, meanwhile, the shootings are real and continue without any form of due process.

          The spying needs to end and IMO, the second amendment that enables US citizens the right to bear arms needs some serious consideration if not scrapped altogether.

          Anyway, how many civil rights are intact after Bush and Obama both claimed to be exceptional and above the law, their victims have not received any form of due process, when or should I write, will they be getting theirs, I do hope so but this requires a serious response, meanwhile the US defense forces have the power to arrest their own war criminals, we’re all waiting for that one.

          What’s left of the US constitution…..?

          Pop Quiz: How Many Constitutional Rights Have We Lost?

          • MrLiberty

            Mass shootings REQUIRE NO DUE PROCESS. If I am being threatened by another, being shot at, etc. I have the GOD-GIVEN right to stay alive. Don’t want to face return fire, don’t start shooting. Don’t try using that pathetic argument as some justification for why some BS political document like the “terror watch list” is OK. It most certainly IS NOT. Do you actually call yourself an American?? Are you NOT aware of the right to due process that is as old as the Magna Carta (1200’s) – and one of the foundations of Renaissance thinking and justice? How dare you put the US government above the people? Violence in society begins with the violence of government itself. We are NEVER given the choice of solving issues through voluntary means. The GOVERNMENT always intervenes. The government is founded on violence itself. It is funded through theft, its edicts are NEVER voluntary, and the punishment for non-cooperation is violence, being caged, or death. I have no idea why you even bring up Bush and Obama’s war crimes except to reinforce MY point that government is a failure and the last group that should be disarming anyone. They ONLY protect their own. A disarmed America will be a totalitarian’s dream come true. 300,000,000 slaves with NO means of fighting back. It is deeply sad that you are one of the many who can find problems with government but still believes in your heart that government is good – when it clearly is NOT. And yes, several people at that event with concealed carry weapons WOULD have stopped the mass shooting. If the alleged shooters had known that several guns were present the shooting might never have even been considered. Logic trumps emotion – or it should. But that concept seems to escape you too.

          • The concept of using line breaks appears to have eluded you so far, please consider using these, it would make the rubbish that you wrote slightly easier to read, then there are your strawman.

            IMO — The second amendment is at the roots, of what created the osmosis for US exceptionalism.

            IMO — The second amendment has turned the US into the complete and utter disaster that she is today, imagine that the killers of JFK and MLK would not have had easy access to weapons, and a whole lot more good people lives would not have been prematurely ended.

            The easy access to weapons only add’s to the problem, even worse is the second amendment that allows the public to use them on each other, in a way they have become exceptional just like their government, and perhaps that explains the US general public’s unwillingness to hold the Bush and Obama administrations accountable for their war crimes, after all, they’re also exceptional.

            If weapons are supposedly making the public safer than the US ought to be the safest place in the whole world, yet shooting after shooting only proves that this is not the case, the sheer number of firearms plus the right to use them only makes things worse.

            The US has already become a totalitarian police state, that will remain that way until Nuremberg principles will be applied to their war criminals.

            Who will be the one to serve them their due process,

  • California Terror Attack PROVES Mass Spying Doesn’t Keep Us Safe.

    Exactly how was it proven this was an organized terrorist attack, why not simply another mass shooting for whatever reason?

    The US has an ongoing problem with mass shootings that IMO has it’s roots in the second amendment.

    If guns are supposedly making the US safe than it ought to be safest place on earth, from Columbine to California, each new shooting confirms this is not the case.

    The demise of civil liberties could never make anyone safer, the demise of civil liberties only serves those currently in charge of the mass spying programs, the Straussians that run the security state itself.

  • Nothing makes you safe American citizens, unless you stop killing foreign people, stop stealing foreign property, treating a foreign country like a colony, stop being exceptional in doing so.
    American people, I feel no bit of sorry for any barbric affair happening on your soil, as it is what you are.
    You are barbarians, so you are enganged in something barbaric, always, that’s it.

    • MrLiberty

      Well, to be clear, these have been the actions of our un-accountable government who has for many decades, controlled the outcome of nearly all elections and most recently all elections through their unauditable electronic voting machines. That we as a people continue to allow these criminals to do these things “in our name” does ultimately make us just as guilty, but the perception of “democracy” and the mainstream media lies and propaganda has left most people grossly ignorant of what our government is doing or who they are doing it on behalf of.

      • You are stupid as to believe “in our name”.
        How did you come up with that idea, you are an average American really really brainwashed.
        Your name is NOT MATTERED to anything, what matters is some PHONY GOD that rules your BARBARIC COUNTRY which was FOUNDED BY KILLING AND ROBBING.
        These are all done by “a name of some PHONY GOD”, why don’t you see it.
        Any God is PHONY when he tells “You can steal anything you want” or “You can waste any people that you need” it’s nothing but phony.
        What matters is even not some PHONY GOD, but you people who are feeling nothing wrong with the awful commingling of religion and state affairs.
        USA is a state definitely PRIMITVE in this way.
        Don’t let them mixed.
        That is what you should start trying.
        It is always YOU PEOPLE to owe responsibility for all the killing and robbing on abroad, remember, you CAN’T get away with it.
        Make things right, get religion and state affairs separated NOW!