Bush Official: U.S. Still Faking WMD Claims (Against Syria), Military-Industrial Complex Motivated By Corruption (Not Security), “America’s Ship Is Sinking”, It May Take a Revolution to Fix America

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – former chief of staff to Colin Powell, the guy who wrote Powell’s famous speech on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and now distinguished adjunct professor of Government and Public Policy at William & Mary – is no stranger to controversy.

In a new, wide-ranging interview, Wilkerson says:

  • “I went to every person I knew in the intelligence community, and everyone I knew outside of the United States, including two people who knew Syria at the time, and I knew … None of them could confirm for me that Assad used the chemical weapons. And frankly, the evidence looked more strongly for other parties than the president [Assad].]”
  • The military-industrial-congressional complex doesn’t act to protect America … they protect to line their pockets with money
  • America’s “ship is sinking”
  • It may take a revolution to fix America


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  • andrew1212

    maybe we can start out with SUSTAINED ACTS OF DISOBEDIENCE after X-mas???

    (plenty to be sustained about)

  • mulga mumblebrain

    The best outcome for humanity would be the USA broken up, like the USSR and Yugoslavia, so that Nemesis could have its due. Fifty separate entities would be ideal.

  • basho

    “It may take a revolution to fix America”

    unfortunately there is no one there that will revolt.
    oh sure everyone has got enough weapons to carry off a small war on their own.
    but you are not organised. you have no common cause. you are infiltrated. and most of you couldn’t survive w/o your daily dose of meds.
    revolt, not hardly.

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    Trump is popular not so much for his stance on issues as for the fact that he is not another Washington politican, and he is respected for not backing down and apologizing when he makes strong statements for which he is criticized. Trump’s problem is he does not understand the issues. Trump has learned that forceful statements are appreciated by voters. Therefore, he doesn’t differentiate intelligent forceful statements from insane statements. As long as his statements are forceful, Trump thinks that they work.